China Army ft. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

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Jun 29, 2013




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Eduardo Aguirre
Eduardo Aguirre 4 days ago
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William Warren
William Warren 4 days ago
They can march, but can they fight?
romerezecrew Day ago
most likely
yuhkuj tkuykl
yuhkuj tkuykl 5 days ago
This degree of unity can only be achieved by a country with no humanity and dictatorship, which is terrible for the military.
Dimon4ik Belov
Dimon4ik Belov 6 days ago
Русским далеко до них!
dark bongs
dark bongs 8 days ago
Ok im off the LSD for good wtf
Trigga_87 17 days ago
fuckyougoogle 19 days ago
man, I respect China and you making jokes about it, shame on you
romerezecrew 19 days ago
I respect China too, my g
OnChords 22 days ago
this is just terrible
romerezecrew 22 days ago
no u
Martin Kilpatrick
Martin Kilpatrick 27 days ago
Scary. They don't all look the same.
Boogaloo Fsjal Weed
Erriadbey Kerimov
Erriadbey Kerimov 29 days ago
Sleekgeek 36
Sleekgeek 36 Month ago
Me and the whole class going out the school while the terrifying master teacher watches us
Gandhi the Terrible
When you finally win that one solitaire game and the cards start jumping out
Anthony McAuliffe
Their heads don't move
João Vilaça
João Vilaça Month ago
Long live the PRC!
BluChickenStudios 2 months ago
So smooth it's almost as scary as the old Soviet army or German army
Protector2k8 2 months ago
😂😂😂 omg why is it soo funny
НикСон 2 months ago
Дружными рядами прямо в ад! Инша Аллах
Anonymous Poster
Anonymous Poster 2 months ago
The funny thing is they all have a tattoo the reads “ made in Taiwan “
Tom Howard
Tom Howard 2 months ago
I love Chinese marching , but an hour later I want to watch it again. ROFL...twice.....:]
Marouane Zakri
Marouane Zakri 2 months ago
Why ???
Marouane Zakri
Marouane Zakri 2 months ago
Exactly !
romerezecrew 2 months ago
Why not
Apache-Yaqui Brown
Apache-Yaqui Brown 2 months ago
Why are the ones in blue wearing the same helmets as the kids on the short yellow school buses?
Graavigala85 2 months ago
who says fear of death is not motivation enough
Graavigala85 2 months ago
@romerezecrew You have never been to North Korea, the best Korea, it seems!
romerezecrew 2 months ago
Nobody said that like ever
deanmoncaster 2 months ago
All I saw was one man cloned a few million times!
Leafey 2 months ago
Girls: ewww she's wearing the same outfit as me! Boys:
Caylum Butler
Caylum Butler 2 months ago
It just feels so photoshopped
Gerry Mcclarnon
Gerry Mcclarnon 2 months ago
Thats the Damn finest soldier'n I've ever seen! And the female company in red is incredible! Best video ever.
Rudolf Chada Baumgartner
🙏😜👻I Love this Video with Respekt Lucky the Funky Musik 1980 Mix end 2020 so cool Rudolf Chada Baumgartner Google 1960 so Lucky mi Lady
thecoletrain 111
thecoletrain 111 3 months ago
We’re robo-Mexican junkies
thecoletrain 111
thecoletrain 111 3 months ago
1,000th comment
Kommando 39
Kommando 39 4 months ago
Asians: We don't look the same
Altay 4 months ago
They are all the same height???
jin vujork
jin vujork 3 months ago
they were specially chosen and trained. for that day
scott besemer
scott besemer 5 months ago
Not one round in any of those weapons. Too dangerous for the CCP leadership. But impressive. Going to have nightmares about being trampled by Chinese people.
scott besemer
scott besemer 2 months ago
@romerezecrew no way. Too risky that a anti communist person(s) would open up on the CCP leadership in the review stand. Those guns are probably functional but not loaded.
romerezecrew 5 months ago
theyre all fully loaded
mime1926 5 months ago
Maybe Britney can give em a few hints...seriously
Brecklyn Benally
Brecklyn Benally 5 months ago
They are more in sync than the marching bands here. Then again, we're 11-18 so of course we're gonna mess up. But props to these people for being so in sync.
Bass Aviator
Bass Aviator 6 months ago
I expected them to sing
Canadian Hobo
Canadian Hobo 4 months ago
That was the Russians
Marc Herman
Marc Herman 6 months ago
The pink girls are the best.
__spencer__ 7 months ago
i don't even think they were singing
Daft Punk
Daft Punk 8 months ago
This is kinda making me laugh
Scp Tato
Scp Tato 8 months ago
Image if 1 guy triped
Canadian Hobo
Canadian Hobo 4 months ago
To be honest, they will just march over him
Sourabh Ghosh
Sourabh Ghosh 9 months ago
*_"They all look the same"_*
LuRiN 9 months ago
Ben Doverson
Ben Doverson 9 months ago
I knew asians don't have personality but damn
Ninjabear Press
Ninjabear Press 9 months ago
At the 2:38 mark, tell me they don't look like Spaceballs.
بو فارس بو فارس
A military parade amazed the world .
Verdun Heart
Verdun Heart 9 months ago
romerezecrew 9 months ago
Awatea Rapana
Awatea Rapana 9 months ago
When you realise the thumbnail isn‘t dupilcates but there own individual person
saravis56 10 months ago
You are nothing but cannon fodder for your leaders.
Anon Anonym
Anon Anonym 10 months ago
The army surely also can make their people into cannon fodders(Tienmen Massacre)
Zidorovich Burblyat'ya
Same as with Western armies though
CKR 11 months ago
They can march, but can they fight?
sinkingships offools
alex vorobyov
alex vorobyov 11 months ago
Jenny Goddard
Jenny Goddard 11 months ago
wow, what synchronicity, amazing. No doubt also trained to think as one..a Powerful army.
lulek marchewaski
lulek marchewaski 11 months ago
They look identical
MEMETRON 11 months ago
So what kind of CGi is this?
judson meraw
judson meraw 11 months ago
Tarcisio Dantas Cançado Dantas
Show de ordem unida! Um exemplo de marcialidade a ser seguido. Parabéns!!!!!
amedadamm Year ago
those are clone troopers made in a obscure lab in asia ready to comply the orders of the chancellor winnie the poo
Miguel_Carrasco 1
Absolutely incredible
luis ramos
luis ramos Year ago
Forças Armadas Chinesa é impecável.
Руслан Дёмин
Красиво. Наша школа! Soviet (Russian) military traditions on Chinese national pedantry and splendor. Молодцы, китайцы!
Antonluisre Year ago
OCD relief
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