China’s Digital Economy: A Leading Global Force

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HOUSTON, December 12, 2017 - McKinsey Global Institute’s Jonathan Woetzel discusses the factors that will fuel continued growth in China and how the country could be the world’s digital frontier in the coming decades with Houston Chronicle Editor Al Lewis. (1 hr., 4 min.)



12 янв 2018




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jasmine Chen
jasmine Chen 2 месяца назад
Excellent talk, very informative, insightful, optimistic and philosophical!
Pardeep Tandon
Pardeep Tandon Год назад
China produces 4 times the number of engineers that USA produces and it is more difficult to get into Peaking university than MIT in America. That is why there are more unicorns in China than in America..
Chris PAN
Chris PAN Год назад
I wonder if this guy talking really been to China
Chris McGarry
Chris McGarry Год назад
Leave it in China
XJLCA Год назад
Oh man, this guy is a so-called China expert? Lots of vague generalization, sterortyping and a lot of misinformation in his talk, I wonder how he was able to get away with it. Well, It is an American talking to Americans about China, I guess the audience doesn't really know any better.
Fatty Acid
Fatty Acid 11 месяцев назад
XJLCA what I get from your comment is that you simply have a hard time believing in what the guy is sharing about china. And that I guess is you haven't been to china and spend any significant amount of time there in the past 10 years. I spent 5 of the past ten year working in china and I can testify that he is neither generalizing nor misrepresenting the situation in china for all of his talking points.
XJLCA Год назад
BRICSSCO First, you don’t know how much money I make, second, you don’t know how much he makes, so you are talking out of your stinky ass. Third, all the money in the world doesn’t automatically make you an expert on China. Last but not least, people like you who thinks the way you do, are usually lacking in both intellect and wealth. You are pathetic !
BRICS&SCO Год назад
XJLCA dude from McKinsey and Co. He make more money then you in your life time he knows what he talkings abt
Mustafa Genius
Mustafa Genius Год назад
Using the word catch up😕😟😏 ,, absolutely China much much ahead when it comes to internet of things or digital,so stop using catch up word when you're so much behind😟😕😏
Amy Ding
Amy Ding Год назад
Mustafa Genius let's be honest. China is still behind. But China is catching up really, really fast. Places like Shanghai or Shenzhen by themselves are perhaps more advanced digitally, but much more work still needs to be done for the country as a whole. Give it a few more years.
Hualun Shi
Hualun Shi Год назад
Jonathan has some good points about China, and he seems to understand the way china works and holds a unprejudiced eye for it. The present, however, is not. It's a shame
Merlin Young
Merlin Young Год назад
Yes, but I woundn't change my defination of " unprejudiced".
Hualun Shi
Hualun Shi Год назад
XJLCA watch some other Asia society videos. Other experts are even worse
XJLCA Год назад
"unprejudiced" you say? you don't get the condescending tone he uses throughout the talk?
Steven Guan
Steven Guan Год назад
I don't agree. The presenter makes many points that reflects current US problems to China and seek advice. He might just be a bit unknowledgeable about china to raise any very difficult questions.
Hualun Shi
Hualun Shi Год назад
Hualun Shi
Hualun Shi Год назад
the presenter is holding a poker face for the whole lecture...idk it is a very informative lecture imo
H CI Год назад
The fully automated port in China is operational, the Yangshan Port.
H CI Год назад
morib guy Yangshan is even more advanced. ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-yirTmHlINrg.html
morib guy
morib guy Год назад
I thought it is Qingdao Port?
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