Chillstep Mix 2018 [2 Hours]

Night Sound
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Chillstep Mix 2018 [2 Hours]
my telegram channel: t.me/nightsoundchill
♫ Tracklist:

►0:00 - AK - Discovery
►3:24 - Wayr - Against Fate
►8:55 - Yal!X - Crystal Realm
►12:22 - Rameses B - Memoirs (Liquid Memoirs Remix)
►18:26 - Sappheiros - Escape (Remake)
►23:26 - Wayr - The Journey of Dreams
►26:39 - Sappheiros - Embrace
►31:01 - Fabled - First Light
►33:54 - Lookz - Childhood Dreams
►37:38 - AK & Mapps - Sonder
►40:27 - Sappheiros - Reaching Out
►44:56 - AK & Mapps - The Proposal
►48:44 - Lookz - Alone
►53:12 - Kojak - Standing Still
►56:19 - Fabled - Spirit
►59:50 - Day 7 - Fading Love
►01:02:36 - Killigrew - My Dying Star
►01:07:21 - Vexaic - Stellar
►01:10:48 - Killigrew - Human
►01:14:32 - Kojak & Vexaic - Can't Stay
►01:17:26 - ZKAVE - At The Edge
►01:20:38 - Wayr - Suspended In Time
►01:24:04 - Sappheiros - Dawn
►01:27:31 - Aurora B.Polaris - Oceans Apart
►01:33:04 - Kisnou - Vesper (Almaa Remix)
►01:37:41 - Amadeus - Interlude
►01:40:28 - Justin Jet Zorbas - A Moment of Peace
►01:42:42 - Poolz - Without You
►01:46:10 - Sappheiros - Falling (ft. eSoreni)
►01:49:59 - Wayr - Sleeping Forest
►01:55:27 - Sappheiros - In This Moment
#chillstep #chill #study #chillmix


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Feb 28, 2018




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Comments 140
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
NEW AMAZING CHILLSTEP MIX 8D ruvid.net/video/video-eXynvrPhG2o.html
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
@LoL Montage thanks ❤
LoL Montage
LoL Montage 3 months ago
Everyone should listen this mix!!!!
LoL Montage
LoL Montage 3 months ago
Oh my god, really amazing mix 😍😍😍😍
Levi Stokes
Levi Stokes 2 days ago
I absolutely love this mix!!!!
Post-Rock music is a religion!
Brace yourself for copyright strikes. You can't mix random tracks and not give credit to the artists who worked hard to make this happen
Night Sound
Night Sound 7 days ago
@Post-Rock music is a religion! Please send this to anyone who uses these tracks in their content.
Post-Rock music is a religion!
@Night Sound obviously coz they have no clue you're using them. Least you could do is list out their names with a link to their website/soundcloud
Night Sound
Night Sound 7 days ago
This video is not monetized. Also, the authors did not claim the copyright of their tracks.
William Matney II
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Markus Covi
Markus Covi 15 days ago
Just beautiful! 😊
Incog Nito
Incog Nito 15 days ago
nice mix
Bruno Velez
Bruno Velez 19 days ago
Excellent! Tnx!
Devesh Raut
Devesh Raut 22 days ago
link to background Image please
Lily freeflow
Lily freeflow Month ago
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Hector Lugo
Hector Lugo Month ago
Have you seen a show on netflix called Dark? i recommend you check it out
Milea Cristian
Milea Cristian Month ago
for each and every question my spirit has the audacity to wonder, it is mine to answer. even if the unique individual pattern of questions is the only aspect we all have in common, proves that , yes, We All have a story. enjoy your journey.
Djordje Paunovic
Listening to it everyday while studying. Thank you.
Кнос Month ago
Поля! я тут!
Tyson Derksen
Tyson Derksen Month ago
Dude you do amazing work! Just found your channel and I'm using this music to do work :)
Matthieu Sloutchansky
The sound is pretty bad... The stereo is very small.
Nicholas C Lonergan
I'm getting Destiny vibes from the image. Matches perfectly with the music.
Sono Sugoi Nazo
Sono Sugoi Nazo Month ago
I'm getting Destiny vibes from the image. Matches perfectly with the music.
Fritz Hartman
Fritz Hartman Month ago
A couple of these track so remind me of Stardew Valley
Ramiq Aqalarov
Ramiq Aqalarov Month ago
Azerbaijan Baku
The kantaral
The kantaral Month ago
I was listening to this song and the demon under my bed asked me why I was playing his mixtape
Shivam Chopra
Shivam Chopra Month ago
10:30 sounds good
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X minus plus
X minus plus Month ago
OH DAMN! ruvid.net/video/video-irhuTaYj8DI.html
Diona Antoshevskaya
Amazing! Thank you!
Анастасия Чекаль
Очень красивая подборка музыкальных композиций , большое спасибо)))
Barry Brandon
Barry Brandon Month ago
This is fantastic.
mike olsen
mike olsen Month ago
guys did you notice that song between 0:00 - 2:01:49 how well that sounded.
Chad Webb
Chad Webb Month ago
Honestly one of my favs!!
Jimmy Kang
Jimmy Kang Month ago
really cool
Enchanted Apple
Enchanted Apple Month ago
This mix makes me go Y E S S
Jason 2 months ago
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I AM TRINITY 2 months ago
DOSv1.05 2 months ago
emuse 2 months ago
so cool
A 2 months ago
been listening to this on repeat during work, fantastic for chill working without distracting lyrics or intense sounds, 10/10
Yafet Mulat
Yafet Mulat 2 months ago
loved it so much
Eik Sath TV
Eik Sath TV 2 months ago
can we use it in our animated movie??
Night Sound
Night Sound 2 months ago
Yes, it's free
Eik Sath TV
Eik Sath TV 2 months ago
Can we use it in 3d animated movie background sound.
Maxima Overdrive
Maxima Overdrive 2 months ago
nirmal bandara
nirmal bandara 2 months ago
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Snoochie Buchie
Snoochie Buchie 2 months ago
This one is pretty chill too ruvid.net/video/video-9rnPQhjZg-M.html
P1aym 2 months ago
true amazing :)
Jerry Door
Jerry Door 2 months ago
Jacob Tivis
Jacob Tivis 2 months ago
Great mix. Do you mind if I use it in my gaming video? Keep on going and keep the vibe going.
Zonktified 1
Zonktified 1 2 months ago
Yes! digging the segmented play timeline with titles and artists...good move!
Chilled Grooves
Chilled Grooves 2 months ago
Stop scrolling and get back to work ;) check my channel for more Chilled Grooves. Would really appreciate your feedback
theBurgerTunes 2 months ago
so nice!!
lowercasepeople49 2 months ago
This mix is perfect. Thanks for this. It's helping me focus.
GoBaGameplays CR
GoBaGameplays CR 2 months ago
Esto... es justamente lo que quería escuchar en estos días tan tristes...
Alex Thaxton
Alex Thaxton 2 months ago
I listen to these most days but this one was just right today. I find sometimes chillstep mixes can make me feel a but low and too thoughtful. This one had some nice uplifting songs which put me in a good mood for the day :) cheers!
Leonardo Meza
Leonardo Meza 3 months ago
Hey, if you wanna hear some pop and techno tracks, please visit my soundcloud. Thanks soundcloud.com/leiitomeza
888 Fuentes
888 Fuentes 3 months ago
¿where can i find the background image?
Sono Sugoi Nazo
Sono Sugoi Nazo Month ago
@Jabberwock LD I was thinking the same thing. D1 and D2 are some of my favorite games.
Mason Balcaceres
Mason Balcaceres 2 months ago
@Jabberwock LD Facts I love playing Destiny
Jabberwock LD
Jabberwock LD 2 months ago
Im not 100% sure but I would say that's the traveler from destiny. Used to be my favortie game, good memories, no worries, back from school and onwards to play, good times.
ArcangeluS 3 months ago
Spinning Away Music
Spinning Away Music 3 months ago
Nice Mix! We are also tryin' to promote and share selections of Electronic/Downtempo, Ambient, and Lo-Fi songs. Join Us! :)
James maddison
James maddison Month ago
Advertising on anothers work without permission....cmon
Titi JACK 3 months ago
Amazing ! Thanks 🙏 I discovered this recently : ruvid.net/video/video-AqekXJc-o5E.html
Spoogetboi521 3 months ago
Kuru Kuru
Kuru Kuru 3 months ago
I remember this mix was also uploaded by a channel called chillpanda or something. What happened to it, anybody knows?
Jaroslav Klička
Jaroslav Klička 2 months ago
MixHound, this video got stolen from him
c j
c j 3 months ago
@CrayCow uh you know both these channels just reuploaded mixhounds 2018 chillstep mix lol
CrayCow 3 months ago
@Kuru Kuru ahh yeah that sucks. I listen to it while doing work so it makes little difference to me :P
Kuru Kuru
Kuru Kuru 3 months ago
@CrayCow well I've been listening to that one for a long long time and to not be able to watch that same live wallpaper whilst listening to this mix is pretty depressing for me.
CrayCow 3 months ago
I favourited it and my playlist said it got removed. So probably got copyright striked somehow. Glad it's here though.
Johnathan Weeks
Johnathan Weeks 3 months ago
u did a shit job at this its the same beat over and over and over again really trash
Marcel Toktosunov
Marcel Toktosunov 3 months ago
Fernando INV
Fernando INV 3 months ago
great one
MusicMix 3 months ago
Please listen to my mix
LoL Montage
LoL Montage 3 months ago
Very nice mix 😍😍😍
Nas Wow
Nas Wow 3 months ago
best mix.. feel ease while working during lockdown.
EyeRex / Alt_Rex
EyeRex / Alt_Rex 3 months ago
Great! Nice to listen to whilst working in the middle of the lockdown! :)
Gift Kuto Great Moments
Hey @Night sound chillstep mix 2018 - Permission to use your track on my video edits or give a link for purchase I would buy ASAP
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
@Gift Kuto Great Moments your welcome)
Gift Kuto Great Moments
@Night Sound Perfect thanks
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
Hi :) You can use this full mix or tracks for free, as here are used no copyright materials
madmaniac2910 3 months ago
Amazing mix. Fixes my bad mood
Ziyad Mammadov
Ziyad Mammadov 3 months ago
Андрей Новиков
pls tell me what the music ( song ) start on 48 minute
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
@Андрей Новиков ❤❤❤
Андрей Новиков
@Night Sound thx a lot. u make my day more likely :)
Night Sound
Night Sound 3 months ago
Lookz - Alone
The Prometheus Report
Sorry.. really liking the music but youtube keeps asking "Continue Watching"? So I clicked off your vid. Too bad really was really enjoying the music as I did my evening chores.
Martin Month ago
"RUvid NonStop" Chrome plugin, will auto press the pop ups for you so you can leave it without worry!
Kuru Kuru
Kuru Kuru 3 months ago
I feel you. I like to just open some nice calming chillstep in a tab and let it play in the background but those "continue watching" sign keeps pausing the vid i keep on having to alt tab between windows.
MK 3 months ago
Sensational mix Night Sound Thnx so much.
Dreamer 3 months ago
Can I use in my vlog, very soothing music ..
Eazy Red
Eazy Red 2 months ago
@Sem FPV Damn lol, yeah they arent the most durable... but practice makes [erfect
Sem FPV 2 months ago
@Eazy Red , cooool :) and whats even more cool: i destroyed my tinywhoop. so i have to wait untill i got a new f4 board for it. not the most durable stuff! but its so cool!
Eazy Red
Eazy Red 2 months ago
@Sem FPV I saw your comment... along with the name "FPV" and i had to sub lol... I fly kwads myself, tho not for freestyle, (thatll be later hehe)
Sem FPV 2 months ago
@Eazy Red well, i guess he knows how to cut XD
Eazy Red
Eazy Red 2 months ago
thats a LOOOONG as vlog lmao
pop chen
pop chen 4 months ago
the best mix
シyes 4 months ago
really helps for studying :)
blgdinger3 4 months ago
yeah I'm the 1000th like, whadup
TOCSI Month ago
@Jeremy Shaft haha Savage
M1n3craftHack3r Month ago
@Jeremy Shaft yep he's going to Harvard
Jeremy Shaft
Jeremy Shaft 2 months ago
Better put that on your resume.
Arthur Zudin
Arthur Zudin 4 months ago
отличная подборка для работы
Space Trip
Space Trip 4 months ago
Wooow great Job )) If you like this kind of music look at my page
Abhi Kakumanu
Abhi Kakumanu 4 months ago
Omg so good
Алибек Иманов
I am a simple man Listen good music Take like to video
Remco F. Gerritsen
Remco F. Gerritsen 4 months ago
2 nice hours of great music :P
Olga Danneker
Olga Danneker 5 months ago
клевая музыка! я вот только начала писать свою и была бы супер рада отзыву ruvid.net/video/video-9bzgb4vPblc.html и подписке на канал
endless 5 months ago
where can i download photo
Sky Millz
Sky Millz 4 months ago
It's by AoiOgataArtist on Deviant Art www.deviantart.com/aoiogataartist/art/Moon-713132051
the3rdlung 5 months ago
dog act stealing this mix
Joe Hollifield
Joe Hollifield 5 months ago
this is the same playlist as mixhounds u copycat. I am gonna give this a dislike
Jay L
Jay L 4 months ago
lost stars _
lost stars _ 5 months ago
W T 6 months ago
any of this copyright free music?
Lucas Exequiel
Lucas Exequiel 6 months ago
Landyn Porvasnik
Landyn Porvasnik 6 months ago
I just want to say thankyou for this music, because this is truly helping me with my depression. This is beautiful. My grandma died last week. I'm bullied, and told to kill myself by people who I though were my friends. Its this type of beautiful music that keeps me going. Aside from a couple of my friends who are true to me. Whether they're online or not, they help. I want to give a shout out to my friend Victor who's youtube is ruvid.net/u-designtimerc. Once again thank you for this wonderful music that helped me.
malik jabaru
malik jabaru 3 months ago
Hang in there Brother!
Michael French
Michael French 5 months ago
Who you are, right now; And who you become. You get to decide these things, and no one else. Take heart in the power you have and love yourself. Believe in yourself. You are going to be okay. ^_^
Landyn Porvasnik
Landyn Porvasnik 5 months ago
@lost stars _ I apreaceate the help. Thank you
Kavya Rao
Kavya Rao 5 months ago
stay strong
lost stars _
lost stars _ 5 months ago
Stay strong dear
Kieran Sutton
Kieran Sutton 6 months ago
This is beautiful
Bapt Crt
Bapt Crt 6 months ago
Dope for working hours thanks !!
Den Dyukov
Den Dyukov 8 months ago
Отличная музыка для чтения книги)))
Artemsis 9 months ago
No credits given to Mixhound in the description or on the video itself? :c Sad. Downvoted...
L Year ago
this exact mix of music was ripped from another channel... the only thing YOU did was change the thumbnail. thief. ruvid.net/video/video-TDcJJYY5sms.html if you want to support the ACTUAL uploader.
Enley D
Enley D 2 years ago
Спасибо за подборку. Музыка классная, отдых слушая.
Blake Hendrickson
Blake Hendrickson 2 years ago
Great music for studying or just chilling :) Awesome!
Night Sound
Night Sound 2 years ago
Yeeess :3
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