CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

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The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie




8 фев 2019

childs playchilds play moviechilds play movie 2019childs play remakechucky




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;Semi Collin;
;Semi Collin; Час назад
“Chucky’s back bitches. Hehehe”
RAS reggae
RAS reggae Час назад
look skynet meets chucky , BULLSHIT!!!
Fuck All Yall
Fuck All Yall Час назад
I can tell it will suck
JMG Universe
JMG Universe Час назад
Is nobody gonna talk about that kind of arc reactor in his chest😱😱😱
Jayla Johnson
Jayla Johnson 2 часа назад
I hate chucky he freaks me out but not bad for a trailer
Satheesh B
Satheesh B 2 часа назад
Did they just turn chucky into a AI or something
Morgancraze Gaming
Morgancraze Gaming 3 часа назад
Well chucky is the terminator now.
*ZomBre Pic*
*ZomBre Pic* 5 часов назад
God damn it !
Daniel Hegarty
Daniel Hegarty 5 часов назад
Did a break down of this trailer. Please subscribe to my channel. ruvid.net/video/видео-msVE8hlbaXI.html
scott 6 часов назад
Oh great another reboot from our brain dead heroin loving friends in Hollywood
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Igor Škrijelj
Igor Škrijelj 7 часов назад
I'm disapointed, Chucky is not Chucky without his recognizable voice and laugh
Any Ko Aniko
Any Ko Aniko Час назад
+BrickStudios 105 yea it will be Brad is in the series which is also going to come out in 2019 or 2020 i am not sure but yea
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 3 часа назад
+Igor Škrijelj, oh. Maybe they will reveal a different actor
Igor Škrijelj
Igor Škrijelj 3 часа назад
+BrickStudios 105 i checked the cast and Brad Dourif who voiced Chucky wasn't credited
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 3 часа назад
This Is a teaser. In sure his voice will apear in the official trailer
Peachie Mangoz
Peachie Mangoz 7 часов назад
Young Provel
Young Provel 7 часов назад
I hope they got the original voice to play chucky
Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Gonzales 7 часов назад
In all fairness, lets be honest, we're in 2019, so many things have been invented and ideas used, especially in movies, how many more originals ideas do you think there are? Even if it was "original" somebody would complain that its similar to something else. In all honesty these are inevitable and i personally prefer to have it be our favorite characters than someone nobody cares about, its not going to be the same, but things could always be worse, its hard to keep anybody happy, especially everyone, nobody is ever satisfied for the most part lol, especially if you're critiquing everything and comparing it to the originals, people dont live forever so our heroes, villains and icons will change over time, things never stay the same, me personally, id rather enjoy something than be disappointed so i dont compare things cause then you're setting yourself up for your own disappointment, you have to treat everything as its own thing cause even if its a part of the same story or series, chances are not everyone involved the first time will be there every single time to follow after. Yeah im more excited and interested about the show cause its brad dourif and following some characters we know, and new ones, but if you think about it, chucky in fact was a robotic toy back then though not as advanced at the time, only difference is, this one is more advanced and is technically possibly self aware and or malfunctioned or purposefully was altered, who knows, and back then it was a lower quality robot doll but with charles lee ray's soul put inside of it, chucky was high end back then, nobody thought of him as a robot cause he had a soul but the regular dolls responded when talked too and had phrases and such, a regular toy put together could not do that, it had to have some sort of intelligence or chip involved which yes does equal robot, it wasnt just toy parts alone, just my opinion though, the only real difference is just not having a soul this time in terms of chucky himself
Rici Mercury
Rici Mercury 7 часов назад
this is so stupid. the og franchise was in continuation with last year's Cult of Chucky. now they're remaking it. WHAT THE FUCK
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 7 часов назад
This does not look promising this looks more like Slappy from Goosebumps
xDreamer 10 часов назад
Are they just gunna keep making reboots? Like should we expect another one in 5 years?
S.E.G. 11 часов назад
*Read this while having You Got a Friend in Me on your head.* You got a Killer Doll. Chucky the Killer Doll. He's not your playtoy. You are HIS. Chucky the Killer Doll.
A AND L 11 часов назад
That kid is a bit old to be asking for a doll for his birthday 😅 why isn’t he 5 in this?
xDreamer 10 часов назад
A AND L its a robot
Cattical •w•
Cattical •w• 12 часов назад
Oooouuuuu he's baaaack
xDreamer 10 часов назад
Cattical •w• yeah for like the 12th time
Jayson Abion
Jayson Abion 12 часов назад
Oh my GOD!
milrckz 12 часов назад
No one can reenact Chucky’s crazy laugh 🤭
Kevon Melton
Kevon Melton 12 часов назад
So robotic chucky
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout 13 часов назад
It’s playtime again.
Sonio 90
Sonio 90 14 часов назад
Andy’s mom better live in this movie or I’m going to cry. She might actually live because of the original child’s play movie but we’ll see.
Melanie Brianne
Melanie Brianne 14 часов назад
This movie scared me so much when I was little, actually gave me anxiety attacks. Now that technology is improved with movies I’m even more scared to see more of this, lol
Kawaiichibi Bunny Bear Playz
Kawaiichibi Bunny Bear Playz 14 часов назад
They ruined the song 😢
Cedrah A
Cedrah A 14 часов назад
Wait... ain't that kid from the movie Benji? Chucky better not have killed Benji 😤
Son Of Thunder
Son Of Thunder 15 часов назад
I was waiting on chucky to say...Hi I'm chucky wanna play
Xxxtentaction IsTheLegend
Xxxtentaction IsTheLegend 15 часов назад
Chucky and springtrap have a lot in common
Foxy Game
Foxy Game 16 часов назад
El futuro es hoy oiste viejo XD
BloodMoon GachaLife
BloodMoon GachaLife 16 часов назад
They did it!
Lexi Lopez
Lexi Lopez 16 часов назад
I wanna know if it is Charles Lee Ray of chuck’s voice I hope because when he does the voice of chucky is kinda scary and I like it and I like the music it makes it scary and it goes with the movie because it’s about chucky being your friend
Lexi Lopez
Lexi Lopez 16 часов назад
And also what I think that he was upgraded because he had that electric thing that scanned the boy
Lexi Lopez
Lexi Lopez 16 часов назад
Dag I can’t wait to see this movie I feel like this movie is better than the other ones and I hope they have different trailers because I wanna see chuck’s face and more
IiPickleXx 17 часов назад
if alex vincent had a kid, they should have made him act as andy. also, this looks nothing like the original, but hey, dont judge a book by its cover!
tirol xx
tirol xx 17 часов назад
昔のチャッキーの顔が好き 映像が古いからホラーって怖く感じるんだろうなって映像綺麗なのを観て感じた
leanna dunson
leanna dunson 17 часов назад
I love chucky
Ashley.T 18 часов назад
BRO IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS like I love the orgionals but i miss chucky ya know its been a while but now it's gonna get remaked hope its good but only time will tell
RiAd ViDs
RiAd ViDs 18 часов назад
There’s a snake in my boot
William Hanekom
William Hanekom 18 часов назад
I know people are peeved about the changes, but I do think the *supernatural* killer doll has become rather outdated, the addition of AI though adds potential for commentary in how we let technology raise our children and an extra layer of unpredictability. We could also have a different dynamic to the kid in the original. Maybe instead of trying to switch bodies, the Chucky in this movie might be an over obsessive AI, killing anyone who stands in the way between him from the kid. Or maybe its about the dangers of refusing to grow up, how childhood can consume and destroy any future you had. I mean the kid look's like he's a bit old to be playing with a doll, ain't he? There's a lot of different ways to go in the realms of Science Fiction, I hope this at least explores it.
David ii
David ii 19 часов назад
Nothing better than the 88's Chucky... That was really scary for those kids This movie looks like Terminator. And smells like an epic FAIL
Leo Sax
Leo Sax 19 часов назад
April ludgate shall destroy chuckie
Kalila Medina
Kalila Medina 19 часов назад
Aw hell yeah
Fernando's Randimations
Fernando's Randimations 19 часов назад
So they haven't revealed how chucky looks interesting
Jarrick Fowler
Jarrick Fowler 20 часов назад
Why tf can’t ya just leave good movies alone 🙄
Christian Feijoo
Christian Feijoo 20 часов назад
L0l did we really not learn from first time
Austin Nelson
Austin Nelson 21 час назад
The fact that this comes out the same day as Toy Story 4 is pretty wild.
Kidd Terror
Kidd Terror 21 час назад
I feel like if they didn’t have any other new chucky movies prior to this one and just started off with this one,it would’ve been a better reveal
Xander Boi
Xander Boi 21 час назад
I love that they kept Chucky's design instead of completely changing it kind of like they did with Pennywise.
daniel gonzales
daniel gonzales 21 час назад
Top notch trailer. Really did its job as a teaser. Save me a seat in the theatres
Matthew Vecellio
Matthew Vecellio 22 часа назад
Sure they ruined it
thony H
thony H 23 часа назад
Geeee...How Original...
Cristo Nombret
Cristo Nombret 23 часа назад
Andy is like 18
m_udwhitman 20 часов назад
TrillTrill74 23 часа назад
Tf does he say at 00:27
Jose Mayorga
Jose Mayorga День назад
At least aubrey won't have any trouble screaming "Andy"
BrianEspinoTV День назад
More views than alladin
Steven Johnston
Steven Johnston День назад
I'm so excited! !!!
richardVanwy Lopez
richardVanwy Lopez День назад
honestly saw Aubrey plaza and now im watching it
Ayyylmaoo День назад
*Nightmares has entered the chat*
Ayyylmaoo День назад
Axeliaa __
Axeliaa __ День назад
After all the stuff that's happened people are still making these dolls??
Katsuki Bokugo
Katsuki Bokugo День назад
Jamie Kohlhorst
Jamie Kohlhorst День назад
Awe hell nah
Joe Bowman
Joe Bowman День назад
*Micheal Myres has left the chat*
Sage Tails
Sage Tails День назад
I don’t like this idea i want it to continue with cult of chucky
Charles Martinez
Charles Martinez День назад
Trailer 2
Kayla4Lyfe День назад
Omg its the producers of it. I don’t think I wanna watch it anymore
TheDeceivingTopHat 111
TheDeceivingTopHat 111 20 часов назад
Didn't like it?
Froze DC
Froze DC День назад
Chucky is fuckin iron man
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams День назад
Yes!!! More chucky action!!!!
Kiing Miilk
Kiing Miilk День назад
“From the producers of it” Uhh that’s not something to brag about they need to stop this they ruined it when they released the 4th one and everyone after that was ass
Unknown День назад
karl the beast
karl the beast День назад
Black Star
Black Star День назад
Feel like it’ll be a let down but it looks like saw so that means good gore 👍🏾 hopefully better acting none that new Pokémon movie bullshit 😂
Dream Chaser97
Dream Chaser97 День назад
The kid says “Chucky” but I thought the doll name is Buddi
Jimineutron День назад
Who's here excited after reminiscing the first Child's Play our childhood? I even want to buy that doll just in case he's alive haha.
Vincent Vargas
Vincent Vargas День назад
If they can't pull this remake off the 2019 area has gone to shit
Menace 3CF
Menace 3CF День назад
Didnt he transfered himself into the little girl (Curse of Chucky movie) what happen to that story? Should of continued that..
Kaztisho :v
Kaztisho :v День назад
0:52, okay, this scene gonna scare me too much
Jesse Houston
Jesse Houston День назад
The cult of chucky was gay af. But the one before that explaims everything was ok
below offset
below offset День назад
This movie is trash. It is not chucky anymore, this is chuckynator. Where is the voodoo? Where is the mystic?. They deprived it from what made chucky famous back then. I will buy a bootleg copy when is out tough but i will not spend more than 25 cents.
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I День назад
Hoes on my dick
Unidentified God Of Dankstruction
Terminator 5: Shaggy’s Revenge against Moto Moto’s fortnite emote
Dante The Devil Hunter
Dante The Devil Hunter День назад
The Badass crazy Chucky I know is the real Chucky Child's play movies not this remake
Brodilly Bar
Brodilly Bar День назад
I think this movie is more of just a, modern day child’s play movie and not following any of the other chucky movies. Edit:I actually found out that the producers were only allowed to use lore from the first movie
Jake Hurlburt
Jake Hurlburt День назад
Ppl just need to stop they are ruining the movies 😡 not all movies but some remakes were good but rlly another child's play my God how many they got now?like 7🤔
Alex Moore
Alex Moore День назад
Is this real?
Anonymouslllx !!!
Anonymouslllx !!! День назад
Brooooo this movie better be good
Lion Cub
Lion Cub День назад
I like the old movie but I will also like the remake
Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher День назад
Jami Sade
Jami Sade День назад
Yet another garbage remake. The millenials can't come up with anything original
Mad Max
Mad Max День назад
if this movie doesnt contain dark humour im going to commit 3 million of jews at germany of the 40's
Shreddies 1101
Shreddies 1101 День назад
Oh boy, this summer.
Count Ingteeth
Count Ingteeth День назад
Unplug your router and hide the chargers, problem solved
Count Ingteeth
Count Ingteeth День назад
Is Charles Lee Ray a virus now?
Silent Shadow
Silent Shadow День назад
That song tho
Matthew Gibbs
Matthew Gibbs День назад
Chucky went and joined ISIS after this trailer
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump День назад
Oh shit. The new Toy Story took a dark turn.
softharriet День назад
highkey only want to watch this for aubrey ahhhhhhhhhhh
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