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Scott's a terrible father. Happy Cyber Wednesday!
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Music Used:
"Hustle and Bustle" by Jack Beaver
"Waltzing Flutes" by Gerhard Narholz
"Busy Life" by Cedric-King Palmer
"Happy-Go-Lively" by Laurie Johnson
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 80
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 9 days ago
"No matter what I'm doing It feels like I'm drowning him or waterbording him so I'm just gonna put him in the bath"
william white
william white 9 days ago
Is that zoro
John the echidna
John the echidna 10 days ago
1:57 It was at this moment that he knew, He'd f***** up
wond ding dong
wond ding dong 11 days ago
2:18 does this guy work for peta
Bagel God
Bagel God 4 days ago
Video Gabes
Video Gabes 14 days ago
crystal the bean
crystal the bean 14 days ago
so these weren't a fever dream I had
Stephania Borg
Stephania Borg 14 days ago
hey scott why do you use the Thomas theme song in your "one call after a doctor visit later" and all the other times. you like the song?
Vaccine 15 days ago
Chia Pet sales skyrocket
Record Friction
Record Friction 16 days ago
Scott is howtobasic
Leather Boots
Leather Boots 21 day ago
I wonder if he got the yeast infection.....
Brendan Geier
Brendan Geier 22 days ago
LIKE AN RAT also rinrinabis
NeverMind Gaming
NeverMind Gaming 23 days ago
The whole video is him wasting money
PuttPuttTheTruck 25 days ago
i read the title as "china pet"
TheCrazyZeraora 25 days ago
3:03 when the chia seeds give you a yeast infection on your head
MonkeyMan 25500
MonkeyMan 25500 27 days ago
Not what I thought would happen when I clicked
John Marra
John Marra 28 days ago
How long before Scott posts a video of him just sitting in front of the camera while he sets fire to $20 bills?
Noah Malouf
Noah Malouf Month ago
Adoption deals!
Orson Jarrett
Orson Jarrett Month ago
Good morning Chia Lincoln.
Master farr
Master farr Month ago
i got one for christmas, i also got the simpsons movie for that christmas, so it's kinda like whiplash
Daniel Lagaly
Daniel Lagaly Month ago
"The chia seeds gave me a yeast infection on my head" My friend used this as his highschool yearbook quote.
Molester Mime
Molester Mime Month ago
Scott could review anything and I would watch it
matthew galer
matthew galer Month ago
Scott Wilkes Boothe
Matsuri Suri
Matsuri Suri Month ago
I've never laughed so hard. I've needed that thanks Scott
CommandoLando Month ago
This is the personification of jontron saying “we wouldn’t need flex tape if you didn’t keep on breaking shit” and it’s the funniest thing to me
Super Mario Pax
Super Mario Pax Month ago
Thomas The Tank Engine music playing 3:00 to 3:02
Rot Z
Rot Z Month ago
Here lies: A hedgehog, a unicorn, The Karate Kid and Abe Lincoln.
KRAK3N 0 Month ago
Why does scott always have a bottle of Pepto-bismol in the back around
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Month ago
2:15 Uh... Meow?
We all now that the scariest thing scott might say is "Bye yall" at the end of a video
JetInAJar Month ago
Comments on this video all boil down to: *A part of this funny video* “I died”
CutlassBeatz Month ago
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson Month ago
Lincoln died a second time! 3:06
H F Month ago
I have like severe panic attacks and this made me laugh so hard I almost shit myself. Completely calmed me down I think this is my new medication thanks Scott
Amitie Month ago
"You just put the gloves on. Take the hammer. *Destroys Lincoln's skull* DAMN IT!"
Loganmeme1986 2 months ago
I just got a raid shadow legends ad
EpicMelons 2 months ago
2:05 Scott’s gold fishes: tf is Lincoln doing down here
JoJo Anderson
JoJo Anderson 2 months ago
Scott, just admit you made this video to take out rage on chia pets. We aren't here to judge.
Nintendo Antarctica
Nintendo Antarctica 2 months ago
1:59 when uoy order a heppy meal n sk for by toyy but thre gril toi
Red Star
Red Star 2 months ago
I thought the title said "China Pet"
Tiquiando Kid
Tiquiando Kid 2 months ago
No game 👌🏻 k I still love it
Унчанский Картов
But it's not April...
LLincoln 2 months ago
He... He killed me
JetInAJar 2 months ago
“The Chia seeds gave me a yeast infection on my head.” That sounds extremely believable
Jacque Maloney
Jacque Maloney 2 months ago
scott you do realize you know have to reach into the toilet and and pick that up XD :P
Putindas Gaming
Putindas Gaming 2 months ago
Stephanie Dalton
Stephanie Dalton 2 months ago
Put the settings on 0.5 on playback sped on 1:59 😐😐🤫🤫😅😅
Airplane 64
Airplane 64 2 months ago
He sounds high, and hilarious.
Ballisticzombie7 2 months ago
This is the funniest episode of woz the scott
Michael R
Michael R 2 months ago
This is why the earth is dying. Scott is killing all plant life
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 2 months ago
Does anyone know the song at 3:01 ? I feel like it's really obvious
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 2 months ago
@57 Year Old James Bond I figured it after a minute. Thomas
57 Year Old James Bond
It is.
Braden Mitchell
Braden Mitchell 2 months ago
🎶Sc- Sc- Sc- Scotty!🎶
disneydork100 2 months ago
1:06 it’s good that you did research on your new pet, that means you’ll be a responsible own- and he killed them all.
Michael C Cole
Michael C Cole 2 months ago
Anyone else think he should do a video on skylander
The King of Antarctica
Double tap the right side of the screen at 2:14
BROJANGSTER 3 months ago
I just realized I accidentally disliked this video, so THAT’S why I’ve had this overwhelming feeling of shame and bloatedness!
Dissect it GaMiNg
Dissect it GaMiNg 3 months ago
I’m growing a chia pet right now
Super Sonic Bros.
Super Sonic Bros. 3 months ago
Green streak, grows by. Sonic the Chia
darkk 64
darkk 64 3 months ago
Very Cool Kid
Very Cool Kid 3 months ago
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 3 months ago
Scott:i have hedgehog and i wont kill him **hedgehog dies** Scott:i have a unicorn now
teh big whale teh big whale
0:15 me when I have to go to school
Snowy Icicle
Snowy Icicle 3 months ago
I have never laughed harder in my life
Imposter whale
Imposter whale 3 months ago
0:15 me when I buy a Wii U
poatato chip
poatato chip 3 months ago
My class had it
Game God
Game God 3 months ago
*hedgehog chia pet* shaymin!
Autism And Gaming
Autism And Gaming 3 months ago
Today, Scott buys children made out of pottery
SlimeBow22 TwitchTv
SlimeBow22 TwitchTv 3 months ago
Che cha cha chia
GiuseppeThe Goat
GiuseppeThe Goat 3 months ago
I was hoping you would have a bob ross chia pet
Comrade Weeble
Comrade Weeble 3 months ago
I have watched 4 times and im still laughing my ass off
Lincoln Exists
Lincoln Exists 3 months ago
Good morning chia Lincoln, ITS ALL CONNECTED
Federico Calello
Federico Calello 3 months ago
3:00 what song is it
LinkMaster Power
LinkMaster Power 3 months ago
Its from thomas the DANK engine the meme
unknown being
unknown being 3 months ago
what the hecc scott this isnt nintendo/sony/microsoft/atarii/sega
Brian Vaira
Brian Vaira 4 months ago
This is my favorite scott the woz video
Connor Wichman
Connor Wichman 4 months ago
Scott: 3 pets died today and my foot hurts Me: Lincoln is a pet?
bean man
bean man 4 months ago
If scott ever gets married this is proof he should never have a child for safety reasons.
Krupier X
Krupier X 4 months ago
*"I won't kill him"* ...yeah, about that...
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 months ago
2:17 looks like running couldn't save Sonic,I guess Eggman was right "You can't run forever"
LinkMaster Power
LinkMaster Power 3 months ago
Garlicozzy 4 months ago
Every comment: *CHA CHA CHA CHIA*
Chrisomatic Chaotix
Chrisomatic Chaotix 4 months ago
This is Hilarious
2DX DistorteD MaXX
2DX DistorteD MaXX 4 months ago
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