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The Chevy Suburban is America’s longest running automotive nameplates, serving families, businesses and the military since the mid-1930s. Join James as he explores the rich history of the Suburban, and why America has kept it around for so long!
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
Directed by Jesse Wood
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..
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Comments 100
Donut Media
Donut Media 3 months ago
What's up Car Nerds?? We finally did the Suburban! Can you find the Suburban at 4:52? If you stare at the screen and unfocus your eyes it will pop out in 3D!
The the end is coming make yee the way for the Lord
Repent and be born again be holy Jesus is coming
Ulises Moreno
Ulises Moreno 9 days ago
Donut Media up to speed Monte Carlo please!!!!
The Tim Ram
The Tim Ram Month ago
Please make a lexus is series video
Adrian Ibarra
Adrian Ibarra Month ago
Asshole stop tricking us. I don't see any suburban at all
Carter Whitfield
Found it!
Natsi Jaud
Natsi Jaud 21 hour ago
Hello, legit question: Is the Chevrolet Suburban and the GMC yukon XL basically the same car? We rented a yukon in the US, and it looked exactly like a suburban, only with a different grill and lights. If you can answer, please like the comment so I get a notification. Thanks!
Zack Smith
Zack Smith Day ago
The best car if you want depreciation
Mason St.Germain
11th 2015
Kuya Jochi
Kuya Jochi 2 days ago
Erick Urtes
Erick Urtes 2 days ago
2015 wasn't released until 2016 I was at the State Fair when announced
Brandon Pollard
Brandon Pollard 3 days ago
Disappointed you didn’t bring up the super rare dually suburban
antonio osorio
antonio osorio 3 days ago
Es interesante que cada año se incremento la producción de esta camioneta al dia de hoy uso una 1994 je je je la disfruto mucho y espero pronto llegar a comprar una 2007 saludos desde México.
asac5050 asac5050
Suburban = long tahoe
Daniel Fajardo
Daniel Fajardo 5 days ago
St. Peter Life Plans has added to the group chat.
Nguyễn Lê Đức Dương
I want a Toyota Starl3t video so bad
Alana's Take
Alana's Take 8 days ago
i fuckin love my suburban
Adam Bielinski
Adam Bielinski 9 days ago
Is that the s-10 from hotrod garage?
Konstantin 9 days ago
Mate please stop scream on the videos. The i am spamming the volume button down but the next second you start to whisper. wtf..
Mcyeet Yeet
Mcyeet Yeet 9 days ago
I’m the friend with the mom with the suburban
Ulises Moreno
Ulises Moreno 9 days ago
Up to speed Monte Carlo please!!!
Carly Fleming
Carly Fleming 11 days ago
Dangg breezed right over the OBS era...!!
Whistle Blower1
Whistle Blower1 12 days ago
The 2000 one was my favorite
Jumble Drops1029
Jumble Drops1029 12 days ago
Cartels: Imma take your Suburban Mom: Wait till dad gets home Dad: *Imma bout to end this mans whole career*
Denuț 12 days ago
lol 1:46
David Fox
David Fox 13 days ago
....that transmission gets replaced reeeeally soon, along with the axle, ...etc
Mamba 14 days ago
I have no idea about the generation, but it was introduced in 2015, for sure.
Shawnee Floyd
Shawnee Floyd 14 days ago
Thanks for the BJ ;)
Corban R
Corban R 14 days ago
Suburbans are amazing my dad had one and sold it but it still ran perfectly fine and it had 210,000 miles on it
Dave Hirons
Dave Hirons 14 days ago
I made the rims to those for awhile, they were heavy and I had my brains burnt one time from the metal for them
Strix Survival
Strix Survival 15 days ago
What Ching this at 12 am, have a midterm exam at 8 am
Bendacreator 15 days ago
What about the 2500 trim...
THOT PATROL 17 days ago
Aabid .Sk
Aabid .Sk 17 days ago
Hey why don't you make a video on Chevy Tahoe
logan wolf
logan wolf 17 days ago
Cartels got to have them!!! 😆,, It's true!!
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez 17 days ago
I’m so gay for you donut
Josh Park
Josh Park 18 days ago
I have a huge family so all we owned was suburbans , at one time, we owned 3 , my favorite was the 2001 z71 , I think that’s where my love for chevy began.
Josh Park
Josh Park 18 days ago
I love chevy
Okeen Morris
Okeen Morris 18 days ago
Should have paired this up with the Cadillac escalade
FRANKINSTEIN 101 18 days ago
You mentioned the Tahoe can you do a up to speed on the Chevy Tahoe
jovian cabrera
jovian cabrera 19 days ago
When he said soldier and put a pvt marin
George McCarty
George McCarty 20 days ago
Lol i am 16 and i drive an 03 z71 suburban
Tommy Bradfield
Tommy Bradfield 20 days ago
4:51 wait, there was a suburban?
Chanclita 20 days ago
You can’t buy a suburban or even a Tahoe in my town or everyone will think you’re a Narco or a.... Narco soccer mom...
Mc Dirty Productions
I couldn’t find it
Nicholas Cannizzaro
You guys should do a video of the monte carlo :(
Tjhunt 97
Tjhunt 97 21 day ago
When i hear suburban or tahoe first thing come on my mind is mexican cartel!!
micky cadillac
micky cadillac 22 days ago
You have no post twat
micky cadillac
micky cadillac 22 days ago
Lol say that suburban again...is something wrong with your tonge
DolleDolf 22 days ago
4:50 wich suburban?
Blessed Murungi
Blessed Murungi 23 days ago
Hmmmm... It's not in Africa nor Asia ...
Timmy Huggins
Timmy Huggins 23 days ago
Pull up in ah all blacK suburban
shiheem brown
shiheem brown 23 days ago
What about the Callaway suburban or PPV
Nicky L
Nicky L 23 days ago
Like the vehicle Find Mr. Pumpfrey annoying Wish Chevy made a 2 door Suburban w/ swing out rear doors
Gusloco 1456g
Gusloco 1456g 23 days ago
This is also the pizza truck in pixar
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 24 days ago
sahil garg
sahil garg 24 days ago
all i want to know is why he has a tattoo of Bart Simpson 0.o
Brett Koster
Brett Koster 24 days ago
I like the cool facts and figures, but hate the delivery.
Lucas Ludwick
Lucas Ludwick 24 days ago
My ‘99 Suburban Texas edition is my baby
Jamie Jared
Jamie Jared 25 days ago
suburban/escalade drivers are always assholes
Eduardo Monroy
Eduardo Monroy 25 days ago
I thought RST meant Regency Sport Trucks
Blaze 165432
Blaze 165432 25 days ago
Really there was no suburban only tires and black fenders
Ben Scott
Ben Scott 25 days ago
I couldn't find the bourbon
KingBlax 26 days ago
Suburban is a long soldier i hope they never get rid of it like they did to chevy chase r.i.p
Fireguy4764 26 days ago
What about the suburban HD and the diesel suburbans.
Cammie BD
Cammie BD 26 days ago
Hands down the burb is the best SUV ever I grew up in a 1991 gmc suburban and my dad still has it.
Fit Sector
Fit Sector 27 days ago
Watched this episode again without audio and still it's fun and cool 😎 daam good material James keep it coming.!!
Justin Lawson
Justin Lawson 27 days ago
I paused @ 4:52 for a while, never could find the suburban..
Mario Ştefan
Mario Ştefan 28 days ago
My wife put the kids in the car(which is a suburban)and never came back.Help?
Booty Tickled
Booty Tickled 29 days ago
5:15 if only biggie had one😢
RubTheRock64 Month ago
Do the Chevy impala!!!!
Juanita Siers
Juanita Siers Month ago
I'm after a older suburban, I can't wait till the day I go to get one. I love Suburbans so much.
California Spot Check News Organization
Riddled with bullet holes...ask Biggie how the Burban worked out. RIP 🙏
AI3xZJE41 YT Month ago
Yeah cause it was a plan suburban.it didn't have al the protective equipment in it.why I don't know.al the money he had wouldn't be no problem to get it
ابو حيدر آل شاهين
What a fucking wirdo.
Cityoftrees1911 Month ago
AMEN! Yukon XL in dark blue NON Denali b/c i keeps it real.
Phatxam Month ago
Unreliable cars, my company has a fleet of 2015-2018 suburbans and they are always in the shop for electrical or transmission problems.
rohit chopra
rohit chopra Month ago
Maruti Suzuki - Everything you need to know | up to Speed
isaiah the hillbilly
No, don't skip the old low hrspr stuff, I love those bits
standardarmy63 Month ago
Can you get as many miles out of it as it cost in dollars before upkeep and insurance? Call it subsidized
Mark Ayers
Mark Ayers Month ago
They did Cummins why not the Ram trucks
Fernando Heredia
Where’s the Cadillac Escalade ?
regular dude
regular dude Month ago
V8 power
Ant Moreno
Ant Moreno Month ago
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren Month ago
Europeans be like, who would buy a car like this, you can’t park that thing anywhere
Jacob Villaphan
Jacob Villaphan Month ago
Scotty Kilmer is shook
Zack Smith
Zack Smith Day ago
Scotty became a millionaire bcz of gm and Chevy users
Vtec Banger
Vtec Banger Month ago
My 2005 z71 suburban has almost 240k miles and looks and rides mint aside from driver seat wear. I love this truck have not gotten sick of it and replace everything with ac delco parts. BEST TRUCK EVER MADE.
Leandro Escobar
Leandro Escobar Month ago
The HHR SS was my shit! The HHR came out in 2006 not 2011. Production stopped in 2012.
joecugo Month ago
These videos were good when you did good vehicles now you’re just doing every vehicles ever made pathetic
Robbin Banks
Robbin Banks Month ago
I've always loved the suburban. A class of it's own.
Manuel Flores
Manuel Flores Month ago
I have the 99 YUKON Suburban GMC everything original and I'm really love it ,pleany room for anything I want especially my kids,extra-long that's really sweet.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Tom Olofsson
Tom Olofsson Month ago
Great recap.
FAKE NEWS Month ago
I'm heading out to get me a suburban RST!!!! THANK'S AND GOD BLESS THE SUBURBAN!!!!!
TD_B Month ago
Jacob He
Jacob He Month ago
I couldn’t find the suburban where is it??🤣🤣 lol
Barrett Wissell
Barrett Wissell Month ago
My favorite vehicle!
Richard Pelser
Richard Pelser Month ago
Dude, please do chev lumina. I have 2008 sedan. thanks
Jeremy Plimpton
Jeremy Plimpton Month ago
Donut media- you sir could sell a guy on fire... Some more fire, and he'd say thanks, can my family have some too. Love the show
Omar Hajjar
Omar Hajjar Month ago
4:48 Where's the car? I can only see tires
Jerred Boshears
Jerred Boshears Month ago
When I was 14 I use to Jack my moms 03 suburban. That 5.3 made it seem allot less lame that thing would run pretty good
Cody Neitte
Cody Neitte Month ago
Bro this is my fav video of all time. Until i findd the tahoe one!!
J G Month ago
I would love a sports hybrid Suburban. Lol.
John Wolf
John Wolf Month ago
And the price tag is insane
Bryant Brewington
Lol I love it bruh lol to cool.
ScottaHemi Month ago
we had a 7th Gen Burban! a big grey monster that sat 9 people! and the 12th gen is on the horizon with IRS!
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders Month ago
My friends laughed at my car for being big until they all wanted to go somewhere and I could fit all six of us with nobody being in a middle seat and carry everything.
Levi Langley
Levi Langley Month ago
Next videos