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Cherry Flavoured · The Neighbourhood
Cherry Flavoured
℗ 2020 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Released on: 2020-07-31
Composer, Lyricist: Jesse James Rutherford
Drums, Programmer, Composer, Assistant Engineer: Brandon Fried
Composer: Zachary Abels
Composer: Jeremiah Freedman
Synthesizer: Jeremy Freedman
Programmer, Vocal: Jesse Rutherford
Composer: Michael Margott
Programmer, Vocal, Composer, Co- Producer, Engineer: Danny Parra
Bass: Mikey Margott
Guitar: Zach Abels
Background Vocal: Paraj Jain
Keyboards, Misc. Prod.: Take A Daytrip
Programmer: Luke Wild
Assistant Engineer: Sean Dwyer
Mixing Engineer: Jeff Ellis
Assistant Engineer: Nathan Phillips
Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker
Assistant Engineer: Hector Vega
Assistant Engineer: Fili Filizzola
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100
wyd bezos
wyd bezos 4 days ago
Latinos donde estan???
Krishti Bhattacharjee
Missed this kinda music
ACID METAL 22 days ago
I enjoy this band, it’s a change of music once in awhile. It reminds me of Live Fast Die Young by Hollywood Undead
SNIKPOFilms 22 days ago
Aidan Badenhorst
Aidan Badenhorst 24 days ago
I didn't like this song when it came out initially but now I can't stop listening to it
arctic changos
arctic changos 27 days ago
Alisa Galloza
Alisa Galloza Month ago
What do you call this type lf music
Morgan S.
Morgan S. Month ago
When your songs end I get brought back to reality. I don't want it to end.
martha rose
martha rose Month ago
i love it
Luucass Suuaarez
Intensified no But that is incorrect
This makes me feel something but idk what it is
Robbie Del Rey
Robbie Del Rey Month ago
I’m not crying! you’re crying! PS: only people with the b e s t music taste are here:)
Daysi Nm
Daysi Nm Month ago
Your Comment Gets A Gold Star
I love the chord progressions these guys come up with.
Sinia Green
Sinia Green Month ago
🖤🖤makes me soul ooze black glitter✨
Tarciana Souza
Tarciana Souza Month ago
Mais uma música pra chorar ouvindo de madrugada, amei.
Sydney Renea
Sydney Renea Month ago
okay so this song makes me feel like a million things and I’m just SUPER thankful for this band🥺🥺 like they make me feel so much!!!! I’m completely and utterly in love with them🥴
zach rizzo
zach rizzo Month ago
Death Cab For Cutie inspired
Banana Fish
Banana Fish Month ago
everyone here has the best taste in music.
Follagallinas Month ago
c me puso tiesa
Andy Pancakes
Andy Pancakes Month ago
Istg this song is magical 😭💖
Amimo7W Month ago
really good
Michael Belsky
Michael Belsky 2 months ago
Diana 2 months ago
This song softly bites my soul...
Ritabrata Nag
Ritabrata Nag 2 months ago
The music(vocals) from 1:05 always gives me the chills. 😩😩
Sergio Abraham Pérez Medinacelli
206 People don't have cherry flavoured conversations.
Tatyana Dan
Tatyana Dan 2 months ago
I absolutely need version 10 hours - 3:00 neeedddd
Tatyana Dan
Tatyana Dan 2 months ago
ok. I found only an hour, but thus us already something-- ruvid.net/video/video-_-2f44apubk.html
bratty 2 months ago
amo sus canciones, me transmiten sensaciones únicas e inexplicables. gracias por tanto arte, the neighboourhood
arctic changos
arctic changos 2 months ago
Bryan V Duarte Hernandez
One of the guitars are from Garageband?
Luana Moraes
Luana Moraes 2 months ago
estou totalmente viciada
ydobon 2 months ago
i feel so tumblr whenever i listen to the nbhd but im not complaining.
commit oof
commit oof 2 months ago
if the whole album is like this i will never stop listening to it
rafhaela resende
rafhaela resende 2 months ago
brasileiro aq? que curte uma vibezinha indie
Sydney Renea
Sydney Renea 2 months ago
those 170 people are so unhappy with themselves, like how do you just NOT like this song
Ammy Franco
Ammy Franco 2 months ago
Esto me relaja, esto es lo mejor, siempre será mi banda favoritaaaa😭❤❤❤❤🇪🇨
Ammy Franco
Ammy Franco 2 months ago
Losss amoooo
Memebot 2 months ago
Cleah美 2 months ago
The feels while listening to this song on a gloomy day just walking on the street with your earphone on full volume and feeling like you're on a movie I'd like to relive this feeling everyday
Cleah美 2 months ago
I love this band so much!!!!!
Barbara Silva
Barbara Silva 2 months ago
kara ryan
kara ryan 2 months ago
I love you Jesse
Angela Pina
Angela Pina 2 months ago
Where's the other hot guy in the band the curly haired one? He's hot.
cl0ud 9
cl0ud 9 2 months ago
mikey? lmao i’m not sure if this is the album cover but there’s a photo with them all but the rest are wearing these mask things for the theme
ecan89 2 months ago
I can’t stop listening to this song 😌😌
Loucuma A
Loucuma A 2 months ago
Mariel Ranela
Mariel Ranela 2 months ago
This really calms me down, it's like this put myself together... Tnbh is the best for real.
Nayane Monteiro
Nayane Monteiro 2 months ago
Rana Hendy
Rana Hendy 2 months ago
The whole song is great but 1:05 : 1:25 is just so beautiful
Rana Hendy
Rana Hendy 2 months ago
This fits marion and harry from requiem for a dream
Samantha Lacerda
Samantha Lacerda 2 months ago
Alysa Avalos
Alysa Avalos 2 months ago
- amanda -
- amanda - 2 months ago
their music actually makes me feel something
Angelina 2 months ago
i’ve listened to this like 10 times today
especial song
especial song 2 months ago
yh badass
luna 2 months ago
João Victor Demarco
Hmmm Sweet and sour motivation Wish I could keep concentration I've been getting high It's keeping me low now I'm doing it alone now I think I gotta slow down And I know I I gotta take control now But I sold my soul A long time ago I feel like a ghost now Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Cherry flavoured conversations with you Got me hanging on Down to Earth from all the waiting Take me somewhere beyond I've been getting high But I don't ever stay up, nah, nah I feel like I'm fading, yeah Give me stimulation now Get me to the next level Come on give me levitation, God Slow dancin' with the devil Sent my soul on a lil' vacation I've been getting high It's keeping me low now I'm doing it alone now I think I gotta slow down And I know I I gotta take control now But I sold my soul A long time ago I feel like a ghost now Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Cherry flavoured conversations Devil boy Body toy Crow, crow Body toy Crow, crow I tried to drown All the pills, I wish they'd- Lover boy Crow
eagletmars 2 months ago
Why is The Neighbourhood able to be sexy and sad at the same time? They are literally so underrated
eagletmars 2 months ago
NBHD is underrated just like most of their fans, but we’ve made it in this life so far. And our reward is this beautiful art💕💕💕
Emma Mar
Emma Mar 2 months ago
ab time!!!
MvlMvl G
MvlMvl G 2 months ago
It's a vibe.
Leshae Briscoe
Leshae Briscoe 2 months ago
Yesssss we getting a new album! I'm here for IT
Abril Acevedo
Abril Acevedo 2 months ago
this is totally givin' me bittersweet spring sunset vibes
Abril Acevedo
Abril Acevedo 2 months ago
this is totally givin' me bittersweet spring sunset vibes
Mandy UwU
Mandy UwU 2 months ago
Ok... now I wanna be in love to listen to this music in the earphones with my girlfriend... Now I want to cry...
maria m
maria m 2 months ago
i love y’all sm:) 💕
Marbely Perez
Marbely Perez 2 months ago
I Love you guys 💕❣️
Hen?rique 2 months ago
musica linda fiquei com depressão
Lee Parker
Lee Parker 2 months ago
hey it would mean a lot if you guys could check out the fan edit I made for this song
The Neighbourhood made comeback so our summer deppression can officially start together everybody
Ella Alvarez
Ella Alvarez 2 months ago
Seti Seti
Seti Seti 2 months ago
I just want to say that I love you guys💜
Daniela Bastías
Daniela Bastías 2 months ago
aya2 2 months ago
how do i join this religion??
Sydney Renea
Sydney Renea 2 months ago
afeni 2 months ago
eu amo uma banda
Nestor Constantino
Nestor Constantino 2 months ago
amamos a esta obra de arte
baby shark
baby shark 2 months ago
brasilsilsil ❤
Joana Reis
Joana Reis 2 months ago
perfeitos nunca erraram
Rimas K
Rimas K 2 months ago
Iloveyou iloveyou Iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou
Allison Crawford
Allison Crawford 2 months ago
Legit can’t stop listening
David Hidayat
David Hidayat 2 months ago
Debuted in my weekly personal chart on August 2, 2020 edition :)
Ruim Noob
Ruim Noob 2 months ago
Marcelo Victor
Marcelo Victor 2 months ago
Linda musica, mas fiquei preocupado...
Mudremim Toxyko
Mudremim Toxyko 2 months ago
Pinche joya de canción
i4pjmz. 2 months ago
this is art bro
sadderdaze 2 months ago
why is all of this new shit pretending like the rest of the band doesn't exist
Fabiana Pagella
Fabiana Pagella 2 months ago
Amazing ♡
leyla xc
leyla xc 2 months ago
Hellen Mota
Hellen Mota 2 months ago
Love It
My Chemical Romance Will Pierce The Veil
Now this is the Neighbourhood I want to hear. Maybe I can finally come back to this band. Ever changing was a pile of s hit lmao. Though the hard ep was hitting, which is what made me so confused when you guys started putting out shit only a few months later.
– ana
– ana 2 months ago
don't be shy the nbhd... show us more 👁👄👁
mel.pomene 2 months ago
I like this song cherry much 🍒
aMooN S
aMooN S 2 months ago
am I supposed to cry over this song or is it just because I missed them so much? I'm so emotional
Anna Beatriz Santos
Anna Beatriz Santos 2 months ago
i'm so happy to see you guys back
motech ero
motech ero 2 months ago
I just love you guys😔🍒
belly; IC3PEAK
belly; IC3PEAK 2 months ago
views na lenda
revengeonray 2 months ago
Cherry Flavoured conversations with you.
Dasha Glomb
Dasha Glomb 2 months ago
Очень классная песня 😀🤧
White 3AM
White 3AM 2 months ago
Luz Flores Cuipal
Luz Flores Cuipal 2 months ago
Omaigash,i love it
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