Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.11

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Resident Sorted chefs Ben and James review another collection of kitchen gadgets. This time, some of them are perfect (?!) for the summer months. You know the drill by now. Useless or not? You decide!
You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Here are the gadgets we tested:
Ice Cream Ball: amzn.to/2k0h79a
2 in 1 Scoop Tongs - amzn.to/2k7dwpy
Automatic Potato Peeler: amzn.to/2jXCBn3
Windmill Watermelon Cutter: amzn.to/2k0eX9z
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 1 889
Bunny of Wonders
You should make Ben use those tongs for sure you could get some funny things from that experience.
Amaika16 2 days ago
"Open the flap, get your fingers in" "Why would you scoop a sausage!? You wanna tong a sausage!" Still to this day Ben is the pro of saying hilarious innuendos that he is completely unaware of saying 🤣 Loved them back when they started and still just as funny now!
Sushi Colabucci
Sushi Colabucci 4 days ago
Slap chop
Lilian 5 days ago
"Why would you scoop a sausage? You want to tongue a sausage." K ben
HeartsinNYC 5 days ago
the ice cream ball rattling in the background lolololololol
wtf is this
wtf is this 6 days ago
when is vol. 12 coming? i love these videos
Hey, I'd change the outro to something less seizure inducing
f3lispix3lus 9 days ago
James, you sassy bitch. Marry me.
Dale Adams
Dale Adams 10 days ago
i need more episodes.... please
benjymeyers5 11 days ago
rate the waffle bowl or double waffle bowl www.target.com/p/dash-waffle-bowl-maker-mint/-/A-53716010? www.amazon.com/Double-Waffle-Bowl-Maker-StarBlue/dp/B06WVBXLW1/ref=asc_df_B06WVBXLW1/?
jess m
jess m 12 days ago
Hilarious how Ben can get so pissed because of a pair of tongs 😂😂
whutzat 12 days ago
Ben is sexy.
Nicci Lunn
Nicci Lunn 13 days ago
Ben used the tongs wrong 😂😂
david lee
david lee 15 days ago
my home school group had the ice cream ball, it was great!
Cathy S.
Cathy S. 15 days ago
Ultra sassy Ben is my ultra favourite
anjo banjo
anjo banjo 15 days ago
Hey SORTED! Could you review the OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler and/or their Corn Prep Peeler please? I think one is for cooked corn and one is for fresh corn, but I'm not sure. Love you guys ☺️
Purple Widow
Purple Widow 16 days ago
Since you guys seems to like peelers so much maybe try this? 5econds.com/products/the-original-magic-slicer-trio-3-pieces?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvo_qBRDQARIsAE-bsH_1oJ-oEQI0RNaaGVr-jKu16fPb6dRHJ2BGE0pTrZBTFqWAY8usOvcaAor7EALw_wcB
Rachyrach 16 days ago
suna 173.6jm
suna 173.6jm 17 days ago
please review one of these make-your-own-tofu gadgets
Noosiekins 17 days ago
Lol I have one of those avocado slicers 😂
Jessica Mazur
Jessica Mazur 17 days ago
A cheaper, easier version of that ice cream ball is 'kick-the-can ice cream.' I learned how to make it in chemistry class....fill a clean baby food jar with your cream and ingredients, seal it up nice and tight, then place it in a coffee can layering salt and ice around the jar til the can is full, and duct tape it all closed. We spent about 20 minutes of class kicking and throwing our cans around, then opened them up to eat the ice cream straight from the jar. Cheap and more fun, and I've done it several times with my son and he loves it.
Soren Rasmussen
Soren Rasmussen 18 days ago
Great video as always. Why don’t you try the asparagus peeler: www.culinaris.eu/LURCH-Asparagus-Peeler-Set
Dominus Ghaul
Dominus Ghaul 19 days ago
Really miss the old intro song.
deadphoenixrising 19 days ago
Maybe an episode where the guys react to kitchen aids that are for people with disabilities would be cool. I just started using non slip silicone grips for my knives because my grip is terrible and have a visually impaired friend that uses kitchen scales that read out the weight to you. It's just an idea.
Miriam S.
Miriam S. 19 days ago
You guys are entertaining me as I’m making goats cheese and honey flammkuchen in Germany 🇩🇪 I’m sure you were desperate to know that! Gadgets all seemed a bit useless, but ordered by usefulness: 1. Watermelon slicer, because it does the horizontal cut as well as the vertical which can be a pain with just a knife. 2. Spud peeler, because I hate peeling spuds, but it is friggin huge 3. Ice cream ball. It works, but it’s making me do exercise. I am not making a big ball of ice cream for my health! 4. The tongues. They seem to manage to remove the wanted features of both tongues and spatula by combining them. I suppose that’s an achievement too, but I wouldn’t spend money on it... Oh! The oven is ready. Got to go!
Jay 20 days ago
Here is an item that is absolutely useless and belongs in nobody's kitchen but is perfect in every way lol. FoodCycler FC-30 (US)
Mel Walmsley - Little Food Cakes & Co
OMG James was so depressed by the salad spinner! 🤣
Paul Sandhu
Paul Sandhu 20 days ago
All these guys are in severe debt
Lynne Bass
Lynne Bass 21 day ago
I feel like Ben is secretly ripped lol
MoreFirepower 21 day ago
Did anyone else hear about "you wanna tong a sausage"
Miss Lotus
Miss Lotus 21 day ago
Lol "we'll miss you" awwwee we will miss you too!!
joan mae gapuz
joan mae gapuz 21 day ago
I got stressed out watching ben getting stressed out on the clever tong 🤣
Element XXXI
Element XXXI 21 day ago
I wanna see if the stirmate automatic stirrer works, because it looks much more promising than the stirr
Autistic Temir
Autistic Temir 22 days ago
Super glad to hear the ice cream shaker off set
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 22 days ago
They sell big knives by the water melons where I am from.
Chris D
Chris D 22 days ago
Did you notice that when Ben took the rubber part off the tongs to "cut" open the packet he put the rubber part back on upside down that is why they would not work. Look at James' one and compare!
yugandhar tikam
yugandhar tikam 23 days ago
@Sorted, idea for a new episode. Requires the chefs and Jamie. Works on any dish. The chefs will make the first half of a dish and it is upto the Jamie (or maybe even Mike or Barry) to complete it. (Pass it on with a fixed order)
michael mcknight
michael mcknight 23 days ago
Made ice cream that way before but used two cans. A small coffee can and a big coffee can. Just rolled it back and forth
Erdie5 23 days ago
Let's be honest, how many of those potato peeler gizmos are going to be immediately banished to a cupboard, and thrown out the next time you go through your kitchen equipment? This is just eWaste. A lot like cheap Bluetooth speakers. You use them once, then straight into the landfill. We pretend to be so concerned with conservation, yet continue to crank out this dumpster bait. Just stop already!
cindy 23 days ago
Love these videos !!! Mr sniffles egg separator, motorized ice cream cone, noodle splatter shield, Chef’n Peel’n Onion Peeler, egg cuber, ice cream slider maker. strawberry stem remover, carrot peeler and sharpener, condiment gun, golden goose egg scrambler, citrus juice sprayer. prawn peeler and shrimp deveiner, spreadTHAT heating knife, trongs, .....Sorry if i listed something you reviewed. This seemed like an interesting bunch of gadgets.
Amber Higham
Amber Higham 24 days ago
IWILCS Microwave Cleaner, Angry Mama Microwave Oven Fast Action Steam Cleaner - Just Add Vinegar and Water www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01FS3VYU8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_I.BoDbZF1B4S6
Amber Higham
Amber Higham 24 days ago
Magiin 2 Pack Sandwich Bag Racks, Food Storage Bags Clip, Hands-Free Clip Food Storage Freezer Baggy Holder for Easy Transfer of Food, Green Kitchen Gadget www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MRJCV87/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_E7BoDbV8G569J
zoltan zachensky
zoltan zachensky 24 days ago
More gadgets please :D
Scumbigula 24 days ago
make a playlist for these
Kay Jacoby
Kay Jacoby 24 days ago
Tipping or Tilting Teacup Vantic Garlic Press Rocker Dumpling Cube Tomato + Grape Cutter Jalapeño Corer Ham Dogger Chef’n Slicester Cheese Slicer As Seen on TV: Piggy Pop Silicone Baking Pan Tater Mitts Rapid Slicer Ceracraft Aroma Lid Sorry if you've done any of these.
RB 24 days ago
"I'm not shocked... because I think that's physics." *heart eyes emoji!!!!*
Tinydash breakme
Tinydash breakme 24 days ago
Bacon nation bacon master cooker, grilled cheese toaster, cat egg shaper mold, bogeyman egg seperator, roll and pour container tray, chop and roll circular knife, square egg maker
Tinydash breakme
Tinydash breakme 24 days ago
Nachosauraus chip and dip set
Viktor Hierta Gustafsson
The electric potato pealer is fairly common in Sweden. Every summer swedes eat tonnes of "nypotatis", "new potatoes". They are these small dainty mostly round potatoes which if you want to peal rather than just wash the potatoes will just disappear. Also they take forever to peal being so small. That machine will peal the potatoes far far faster than anyone could ever peal them. And it sertainly doesn't take 3 minutes, you would have nothing left by then :P Though, for regular sized potatoes, you are correct. It's faster to just peal them by hand.
Norkyn 25 days ago
Some ideas for the next one: - Boil Guard Spill Stopper - GarlicZoom garlic chopper - Mechanical Push-Action Whisk - Rollie Eggmaster - KitchenCraft Masterclass Meat Injector - Butter dispenser
Prjndigo 25 days ago
you can put two of the icecream makers in the dryer and set it on cold fluff too
Prjndigo 25 days ago
The real question for the potato spaller is... Are you ever going to actually cook potatoes in a way that you don't use a knife (and thus have the dex for the peeler) or boil them (and can towel squeeze the skins off)? If yes, you're gonna wrap them in foil and only eat the insides like a prawn anyway. I HAVE heard that it's good for getting a little extra pulp off fruit pits!
Kayla Magill
Kayla Magill 25 days ago
Loved when ebbers got all worked up over the tongs
Exquisite Meat
Exquisite Meat 25 days ago
Ultimate battles are the best don't @me
o0BlackDragon0o 25 days ago
Can you include the Eggstractor? would love to see you try to use it!
samainjoify 25 days ago
you should put an "Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher" in your next video!!! (And you should have everyone try and pronounce it!)
Lady Berd
Lady Berd 25 days ago
More Mike in front of the camera please :(
Georgina Harrison
Georgina Harrison 26 days ago
Im sure Ben would love this one m.createandcraft.com/gb/Product/461403/tefal-cake-factory?gclid=CjwKCAjw4NrpBRBsEiwAUcLcDE7iBg5Z0hMCAaaxwuysin0B06rUCPqdaVLtZFAgOzl_lEg5P9PrYRoCTTgQAvD_BwE
Harpreet Saini
Harpreet Saini 26 days ago
Do the instant pot review pls. I really wanna see if it is useful or not. I believe pressure cooker works bttr and quick
Kate 26 days ago
ball would be great if you have a lot of bored kids to watch over. get them involved, then get them to go outside and leave you alone for 20mins while they play with the ball.
CorneliaIH 26 days ago
please try the eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher! and also translate the name to english :)
Fiona Clapham Howard
For the next gadget review video - try the Brewstick! I was given one and thought it was completely useless, but have become a convert. ruvid.net/video/video-_jNRSWK-j1k.html
Ursula Martinez
Ursula Martinez 26 days ago
Here is another interesting one! pin.it/2btwiki4b6yx3x
Ursula Martinez
Ursula Martinez 26 days ago
pin.it/zpezbamm5olr4t here is a gadget you can try!
menigar 26 days ago
A cook off between a Thermomix and the chefs with blindtasting!
Katherine C Elliot
Katherine C Elliot 26 days ago
Tong a sausage. Ben, why.
Nothing New
Nothing New 26 days ago
"You want to tong a sausage." Jamie at 5:26 😏
Justin Hancock
Justin Hancock 26 days ago
They should do a vintages gadgets video.
Chimera 27 days ago
Just, get a bunch of 1 or 0 star gadgets from Amazon XD
Shari Lynn Smith
Shari Lynn Smith 27 days ago
Kick the can ice cream. Now that coffee cans are cardboard I was excited, but that is pretty expensive.
Dara McDonagh
Dara McDonagh 27 days ago
Could you do a review of the Roccbox portable pizza oven
Mr.Sneezy Anus
Mr.Sneezy Anus 27 days ago
this is dope
critterwatcher 27 days ago
Make jalapeno poppers and review a pepper corer. www.basspro.com/shop/en/bass-pro-shops-jalepeno-rack-with-corer
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 27 days ago
The electric peeler thing is why this planet is getting filled with junk plastic, government needs to impose a 2500% tax on these things
Chelsea Bartlett
Chelsea Bartlett 27 days ago
You want to tong a sausage, good info
528kgreen 27 days ago
Watching cuts back to Ben getting more and more irate over a set of tongs and James slowly keel over and die inside because of an electric salad spinner is why we keep asking for these videos. Top rate content boys. Cheers.
Afton Ennis
Afton Ennis 27 days ago
You should try coffee can ice cream. Same thing as the ball and, if you drink coffee, it's free.
Fallstar 27 days ago
"Open the flap, get your fingers in." - Ebbers, 2019
Patrick star
Patrick star 27 days ago
"Open the flap, get your fingers in" tHaats WhAT sH e SaiD
ShadowedSteel 28 days ago
More of these please :D i dont have any suggestions though :/
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