Chef Asks If He Should Put TUNA In A VEGETARIAN'S Salad | Hell's Kitchen

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A black jacket asking that is...not good.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 3 074
Michael Bergman
Michael Bergman 4 hours ago
"Fish meat is practically a vegetable" -- Ron Swanson
Abheek Dhara
Abheek Dhara 5 hours ago
1:47 the camera man knows what he is doing
Mad-Hatter-ison Witkowksi
the way the announcer says Gordon is getting Anxious to keep the momentum going XD
Anway Pramanik
Anway Pramanik 9 hours ago
The video editors of this show are insanely talented!!!
Dont Subscribe
1:00 Lol
Роман Молчанов
1:47 Oh yeah, delicious...
simon ling
simon ling 2 days ago
1:47 opps somebody got caught.
NGAWANG DADAK 3 days ago
My sister eats tuna but she’s a vegetarian
Hassan Dabo
Hassan Dabo 3 days ago
Lets be honest. Theres plenty of "vegans" who still eat fish so cant blame him
The Jommunist the jommunist&the Jommunist
Is bread 🥖 vegan
Jesus Ibarra
Jesus Ibarra 3 days ago
Outlawmdhx 4 days ago
jess cuno
jess cuno 5 days ago
An exemplary service!
John Hall
John Hall 5 days ago
That camera man was zok Ed in on her boobs not the food
Dragonkingred 5 days ago
In my opinion if something lives, breathes, moves, and has blood it is considered meat. so tuna in a Vegetarian Salad, not a good idea
pinkpugginz 6 days ago
Strange how everyone is ok with someone verbally abusing people for entertainment.
deepwater-jew 6 days ago
"I still think she deserves to go home" *Tuna goes in plain salad*
Jessey Niepce
Jessey Niepce 6 days ago
4:48 1:48 😏😏
Dumpster Raccoon
Dumpster Raccoon 6 days ago
Yes, yes he should
carolean 6 days ago
1:47 Finally, some good fuckin food
Shrew 7 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about the zooming in at 1:48
Phetorics 7 days ago
Me seeing uncinnamoned applesauce--"ITS BLAND!"
Zanrakel Heifel
Zanrakel Heifel 8 days ago
Getting praise from GR... is like Getting praise from God himself lmao
Deaven Does Not Exist
Who the hell goes to a 5 star restaurant ran by chef Ramsey and only orders a salad
Caleb Niederhofer
A vegan , or vegetarian lol . I'm glad I'm not one .
Thomas Newling-Ward
1:48 - Yh lovely... salad
XChronicDeathX3 Official
Par Ma Zan
deirochimaru25 9 days ago
Pepeng Kaliwete
Pepeng Kaliwete 9 days ago
1:48 the lady agrees, DELICIOUS!!!
damn. 9 days ago
Everyone’s ego on this show is fucking sky high
GuaVaKジ 9 days ago
I sometimes imagine him yelling at a chef then one of them punching him dead to the floor 😂
Quinn Nguyen
Quinn Nguyen 10 days ago
Chef Ramsay: What does plain salad mean here in America? I remember in some season he asked chef Scott that same question 😂 not salad but other thing whether there is any cultural difference 😂
guppies23 10 days ago
Man says girl need to go home when man can’t make a vegetarian salad
Medibird 11 days ago
I don’t blame the Chef. I would be pretty mind boggled if some dude came in to Hell’s Kitchen to order a plain salad.
jeezuschryst 7 days ago
You're an idiot too?
NyiaSoSmoov Duhh
NyiaSoSmoov Duhh 11 days ago
1:48 shout outs to the camera man
AwaKe Nwton
AwaKe Nwton 11 days ago
vegetarians can eat fish, basically, just called pescartarian instead
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 11 days ago
The food that Gordon pukes out in disgust is probably better than anything I'll even eat in my whole life.
Philip 550c
Philip 550c 11 days ago
Random fact for the vegetarians/vegans on here. Not all beer is vegan. Many are filtered through fish swim bladders.
Philip 550c
Philip 550c 11 days ago
A lot of people think meat is just beef and pork. I don't know how many times I was asked if chicken or shrimp was ok when I was vegetarian.
Pj Branigan
Pj Branigan 12 days ago
Ramsey: one mixed salad Ben: makes salad Ramsey: ONE PLAIN SALAD!!!!
FullTimeSlacker 12 days ago
Tbh I get it. A lot of religions don’t consider fish to be meat. I grew up catholic and during lent we couldn’t eat meat on fridays so we ate fish instead
Mario Salami
Mario Salami 12 days ago
There's no such think as a stupid question until this
Chade Fallstar
Chade Fallstar 12 days ago
1:47 "Oh yea, delicious." My thoughts exactly.
Manolis Daskalakis
Manolis Daskalakis 12 days ago
1:47 "Oh yeah.. delicious.." Couldnt agree more..😎
cringy ass
cringy ass 12 days ago
1:49 delicious
Kim 12 days ago
lots of ignorant people in the comments rn so let me get this straight for you: VEGETARIAN: doesn't eat fish or meat PESCATARIAN: doesn't eat meat, does eat fish VEGAN: doesn't eat ANY animal products (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey etc)
Kevin Hagler
Kevin Hagler 12 days ago
To be fair, nobody knows that these people eat nowadays.
Lillah Gemini
Lillah Gemini 12 days ago
Gordon " WHATS UR NAME" me " yes chef"😟
JJYシャドー 12 days ago
my stupid friends ask me if fish is vegetarian i was what the fuck ....
Circle Jerk
Circle Jerk 13 days ago
I see you cameraman at 1:48, I see you xD
Jay 662
Jay 662 13 days ago
Tuna and fish aren’t considered meat for all vegans
Philip 550c
Philip 550c 11 days ago
Yeah it does. They aren't vegan if they eat fish.
Kid Fox
Kid Fox 13 days ago
He's right about Gordon though, he roasts the shit out of these chefs because he knows they're talented people who shouldn't be making these mistakes.
Katie Lee
Katie Lee 13 days ago
*”my goal tonight is to not give Chef Ramsay one reason to yell at me”* *a few minutes later:* *sHoULd I pUt TuNa on this PLaiN SaLAD ?* Edit : Can we get this comment to 200 !!
Mette Ødegård
Mette Ødegård 13 days ago
Gordan said, DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL him: its becuse he think am good
JackyBigSacky 13 days ago
“My thing is if you don’t know something ask” “Is there tuna on this non meat salad?” That guy is an incompetent donkey
Infamoushd 13 days ago
When the food looks actually nice Gordon: IT’S RAWWW GET OUT
Tsjarishe V
Tsjarishe V 13 days ago
To be fair... vegetarians don't eat meat. FIsh and chicken are no meat in a lot of opinions.
rota m8
rota m8 13 days ago
vegeterians can eat fish
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf 13 days ago
What do you mean the customer doesn't eat no meat? That's ok, we'll serve them lamb. 🤣
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf 11 days ago
@Brooke Tow 😂🤣😂🤣 yes!
Brooke Tow
Brooke Tow 11 days ago
@Niko Bella-Khouf we’re gonna need the lamb sauce 😏😏
J.R. Spingly
J.R. Spingly 13 days ago
He said 1 John Dorian, what does that mean?
Roblox Noob
Roblox Noob 13 days ago
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