Cheesy Rice Balls Using Leftover Rice (Arancini)

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Rice Balls Using Leftover Rice
These rice balls are so flavourful with a crispy exterior and soft & cheesy center. These crispy balls are such a satisfying treat and best served warm when they are creamy and cheesy in the center.
Ingredients & Full Recipe👇👇👇

10 Minutes Tiramisu (No Bake & Eggless): ruvid.net/video/video-rp7SR3hBqx8.html
5 Minutes Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe | Chilli Toast:

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Comments 80
Rima Tiwari
Rima Tiwari 6 days ago
Instead of egg what can we use?
Andrew Church
Andrew Church Month ago
Forget coronavirus, this channel should be shut down for public health reasons You honestly don’t think your friends and family deserve basic professional food handling safety standards? And those exaggerated sloppy food sound effects sound as appetising as grandma’s 👵 diarrhea - let’s get the microphone 🎤 close up of that! Yumm!! Wanna drop us a hint on deep fry temp? Na why bother, obviously designed for food fights not eating.
Adhora Upoma
Adhora Upoma 2 months ago
Apu kotha bolla chara vlo lage naa
Zunairah Rizwan
Zunairah Rizwan 2 months ago
Despite the recipe I love sound and video making quality .Excellent editing and videography . this beautiful way of video making forced me to watch your other videos....Keep it Up
Alka Amin
Alka Amin 3 months ago
Very easy recipe pai apnar thake So,thanks
Dorae Mon
Dorae Mon 4 months ago
mugenishere 5 months ago
My rice balls are constantly breaking while making them. Please help! How to make them stick together more?
ikkyu san
ikkyu san 5 months ago
Use another egg
Aashima Malhotra
Aashima Malhotra 5 months ago
Can we cook it without using any eggs?
wang jiani
wang jiani 5 months ago
Nice cook
Lema Rahman
Lema Rahman 5 months ago
Brent Duganiero
Brent Duganiero 6 months ago
At first I thought “Why isn’t this Guy (or gal) talking?!?!?)”... then I clicked and watched another... and then another... in pretty dang hungry now but I love the videos! Oh! And I subscribed too!
U-Tech Revolution
U-Tech Revolution 6 months ago
Very nice recipe and thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe
Dhaka Kitchen
Dhaka Kitchen 6 months ago
Nice, stay connected 👍
Samina Cooking bd
Samina Cooking bd 6 months ago
congratulations 1 m. nice video
Coffee Craze
Coffee Craze 6 months ago
so yummyyy☺
linta Sabikunnahar
linta Sabikunnahar 6 months ago
Yummy recipe......
Lovely Bones
Lovely Bones 6 months ago
সেই অপূর্ব কণ্ঠস্বর কোথায় গেলো? মুখে তালা লাগালো কে? ঘটনা কি?
Refat Kabir
Refat Kabir 6 months ago
Fruit semi recipes dian
Averdeve βαn
Averdeve βαn 6 months ago
Might as well call em *Lunchaballs*
Mzaharan Siddik
Mzaharan Siddik 6 months ago
Which camera used
Arko Pal
Arko Pal 6 months ago
Lips smacking Recipes and Awesome Cinematography
Akhil Anand
Akhil Anand 6 months ago
please make something veg.
Maisha Ali
Maisha Ali 6 months ago
Food ASMR at its finest :]
Subash Sd
Subash Sd 6 months ago
Thank you for the recipe. Great job. What would be an alternate for eggs please? Thanks in advance.
Palak Malviya
Palak Malviya 6 months ago
Use flax seeds paste
Suha's Kitchen
Suha's Kitchen 6 months ago
Mashallah darun recipe
md salim
md salim 6 months ago
আপনার ভয়েস ছাড়া ভালো লাগে না,,,,,😥😥😥😥😥😥
Juthikar Rannaghar
Juthikar Rannaghar 6 months ago
Nic recipe frnd. Sty cnct.
Sayma Mumu
Sayma Mumu 6 months ago
I cooked it.... Its really yummy 😍😍😍
Farhana Haq Lina
Farhana Haq Lina 6 months ago
আপু সুন্দর হয়েছে💕💕
tahnin nasrin
tahnin nasrin 6 months ago
Just wow 😋😋😋
LizzyPika 6 months ago
Almost 999 likes and 69 comments ༽΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵༼
Kajol Ahmed
Kajol Ahmed 6 months ago
Kotha keno bole na. Onek din jabot shudhui written. Keno?
tommaso_asr 6 months ago
This is like the italian arancini and supplì
Symon Ajam
Symon Ajam 6 months ago
It's really yammy &crunchy.
Najiya Choudhury
Najiya Choudhury 6 months ago
Forhad Hossain
Forhad Hossain 6 months ago
Almost 55% comments are "CONGRATULATIONS FOR 1 MILLION"!!!!!😅😂😅😂
Coffee Craze
Coffee Craze 6 months ago
Bhojon Rasik
Bhojon Rasik 6 months ago
Nice recipe
KitchenCooking 6 months ago
Nicely done.. congrats on your million subs👍
KitchenCooking 6 months ago
@Bhojon Rasik thanks.. ☺️
Bhojon Rasik
Bhojon Rasik 6 months ago
Your channel is also very nice
Afsana Islam
Afsana Islam 6 months ago
১ মিলিয়ন হওয়ার উপলক্ষে আমরা তো একটা স্পেশাল এপিসোড পেতেই পারি নাকি 🤔🤔 ??? আপনাদের কি মতামত ??
Kulsum Kulsum
Kulsum Kulsum 4 months ago
Aakhlak Russel
Aakhlak Russel 6 months ago
So yammi food 👍👍👍
서연식당 Seoyeon restaurant
Aakhlak Russel ;-) 👏👏😁
Tahlia B
Tahlia B 6 months ago
Can you bake this instead of frying it for a healthier alternative?
Matbee 6 months ago
Arancini? Not very well no
Mriganka Banerjee
Mriganka Banerjee 6 months ago
Official Abid
Official Abid 6 months ago
Plz sobai k bolen amar channel ta k subscribe korte
Aagun Al Mumin
Aagun Al Mumin 6 months ago
কথা ছাড়া ভিডিও, নুন ছাড়া খাবারের মতো
ub arni
ub arni 6 months ago
congratulations 1millions 🌹🌹apu bd te kobe asbe,bd asle pls amader aktu time dio,love u api
Angela Mondal
Angela Mondal 6 months ago
Congratulations for your new success. Can you please share some Christmas brunch and dinner recipes.
Elizabeth Husser
Elizabeth Husser 6 months ago
I'm gonna make this hold on
Yummy cooking Bangla
Nice recipe apu
Tzivia Margolis
Tzivia Margolis 6 months ago
RAZU FOOD BUZZ 6 months ago
Looks so delicious 😋
Roman Rains
Roman Rains 6 months ago
WoW! Your editing quality have reached another level!👌😍 So satisfying to even watch! Congrats for 1 million, tho. Was waiting for it! 👏✌
Arfan Ashfia
Arfan Ashfia 6 months ago
Pls open an ASMR eating channel.
Kashish 6 months ago
Hi,what can I replace the eggs with?
Furty's Cake & Sugar Art
Etto mojar mone hosse. Kalke banabo. You are awesome Apu. Love your recipes.
Mita Dia
Mita Dia 6 months ago
Congratulations for 1M subscriber. Wish you happy journey more & more years .God bless you. ⚘⚘❤❤
Mariam Dadar
Mariam Dadar 6 months ago
so much 4 left over rice??? just eat nxt day 😂
Sima Islamia
Sima Islamia 5 months ago
Or make kheer
Mother & Daughter's Kitchen
Nadia Nadia
Nadia Nadia 6 months ago
Congratulations Dear.1M subscriber great..💐💐
Shahin Khan
Shahin Khan 6 months ago
Apu are you don't want to share your happiness with us then why don't u share any video for 1 million subscribers
Afsana Nily
Afsana Nily 6 months ago
congratulations for 1M subscribers.....
Noor Nab
Noor Nab 6 months ago
Special Thanks for the item😘
Noor Nab
Noor Nab 6 months ago
@서연식당 Seoyeon restaurant nope
서연식당 Seoyeon restaurant
Me too;-) It looks really good.👏👍🏻😁
Sanzida Sharika
Sanzida Sharika 6 months ago
Apu khubee darun hoyese....
SHAHID SHAHID 6 months ago
1m তী হয়েই গেলো।।।।আলহামদুলিল্লাহ।।
Fahmida.shoylee Shoylee
Congratulations!! following you since you just had 5k subscribers! You deserve a lot more
Full Kitchen
Full Kitchen 6 months ago
Congratulations on 1 million
Full Kitchen
Full Kitchen 6 months ago
Awesome idea!! I always have leftover rice.
Himu Alam
Himu Alam 6 months ago
Wow nice recipe,👌👌👌
Lau Azum
Lau Azum 6 months ago
Mmm, riquisimo!!!!!
Samir Saad
Samir Saad 6 months ago
wow si selo rcp ta..
Taunusree Dhara
Taunusree Dhara 6 months ago
dear it's teasty too much l realy like this recipe
Alex Guerrero
Alex Guerrero 6 months ago
Dammm boiii! Dat crunch though!
Dilini Madunika
Dilini Madunika 4 months ago
Fatema's Cooking School
So yummy food making you are . I like u always thanks for share . Keep it up
Jade Cummings
Jade Cummings 6 months ago
Love this channel so much!
SOUPTIK BISWAS 6 months ago
Congratulations for 1million subscribers! You deserve it
Masrur Ahamad
Masrur Ahamad 6 months ago
Ahhh lovely recipe Choto Apu. 💖
Couple Vlogs
Couple Vlogs 6 months ago
তোমার ভিডিও গুলো খুব খুব ভালো লাগে 😍😍😍
Jahanvi Mishra
Jahanvi Mishra 6 months ago
Congratulations on 1 mil! You deserve every bit of it ❤️
Rawha Naznin Jeneya
Rawha Naznin Jeneya 6 months ago
Apu Bangladesh a ashba kobey?? Wait kortese😚😚😚vlo thako😍😍😍
MAN VS WORLD 6 months ago
Support my channel sir
Prawal De
Prawal De 6 months ago
nice, where do you buy cheese from the good kind?
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