CHECK OUT THIS 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ - In Bianco Phanes!!!

Heather Ballentine
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Heather Ballentine, Lamborghini sales specialist gives an overview of an Brand New 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ LP 770-4 Superveloce Jota in Bianco Phanes.
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Songs in Order:
Modes - Cushy
Filmed & Edited By: Marc Esteves
Lamborghini Uptown Toronto
230 Sweetriver Boulevard
Vaughan, Ontario L6A 4V3
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 87
NAARVY2 Gaming
NAARVY2 Gaming Month ago
Every time a see a Lamborghini I always think of me driving and owning and if I see a Lamborghini I always dream of it when I’m sleeping because Lamborghini aventdor super velocé Jota because that’s my dream car and I want to own one when I’m 18 years old
Kevin Toth
Kevin Toth Month ago
I can't choose between Bianco Phanes or Giallo Beleneus...I like this white better but the gold yellow is more eye catching. Simply unable to choose. I'm sot sure how can a customer choose without seeing these colors in real. Every video I've watched has different lighting. Even pictures have different tones....I've seen this white and was shocked how beautiful this color is in real but the yellow suits more to a Lamborghini. To many white cars on the road and the yellow stands out. If any Lamborghini buyers can share how they decided which color to buy. Thank you
Partha sutradhar
Partha sutradhar 3 months ago
Love u mam
Partha sutradhar
Partha sutradhar 3 months ago
Lovely car
Ryan The Remarkable
Ryan The Remarkable 3 months ago
Heather: Prices in 778 CAD Me: Below 1k? Sign me up!
Manny E10
Manny E10 4 months ago
Best one yet
Nelson Fountain jr
Nelson Fountain jr 4 months ago
Heather Balentino you are a Very Sexy Lady as Soon as i hit the Florida Lottery i am going to Fly just to buy a Lamborghini from you order it Brand New Black With Black Shinie Rims With Red Brakes Calaboos. just because you know your Job as a Sales Lady.!"
knight wolf
knight wolf 5 months ago
Is it me or is that beat straight fire.
Eric Serin
Eric Serin 5 months ago
a very beautiful this lamborghini adventator V12
superfast30 5 months ago
White Aventador's are the business. Great video as per usual!
Gary Lee
Gary Lee 6 months ago
Beautiful like Heather🔥🇨🇦❤️🇺🇸
GerardPedrico 7 months ago
In Japan, some would go as far as putting on low electricity consuming LED illumination strips in the interior along the edges or rims of the dashboard layout, the doors, and the foot wells so that the combination of those LED strips give a gaudy light show accent inside the car like a discotheque on four wheels. Oh dear...
Kit Kat & Twix Lover
20K for matte White for that price they should add some pearl to it LOL 😂 🤣😂 💀
DAVID A 8 months ago
Beautifully spec'd out! $778,000 wow! Heather I'm kinda curious do you need to own a Lambo before owning a Aventador? I know with the Centenario you need to be invited to own one..
Heather Ballentine
Heather Ballentine 8 months ago
No you don't! I had a client that showed up in a mini-van which I featured on this channel that purchased an Aventador ;)
Aliaz Kallang
Aliaz Kallang 9 months ago
For me, at my eyes, i dont like looking a that 'fish nose', i don't know why.
James Rae
James Rae 9 months ago
Thanks Heather, another great video..
lane Moran
lane Moran 9 months ago
RFF Garage
RFF Garage 9 months ago
Awesome Video as always Heather!
shape world15
shape world15 9 months ago
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin 9 months ago
Not a fan of matte or satin colors
Jon Hutto
Jon Hutto 9 months ago
Looks good. Love the color/accents. Definitely not base. Generally.. If you are spending $500,000 USD on a car, might as well spend $600,000 USD and get it YOUR way, and special. Never understand people getting a car like this in a base configuration. Really that is any exotic.
Rodney Falls
Rodney Falls 9 months ago
20 bands is a little far fetched but looks so smooth and sexy
steven nazar
steven nazar 9 months ago
OMG, beautiful, awesome!
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 9 months ago
Heather Vallentine you need to Marry Me!!!!
GerardPedrico 9 months ago
The Japanese love to modify the exterior body of their cars with LED light strips that they can buy cheaply in the Akihabara area in Tokyo... but that is like going too far. Phosphorous paint strips would be more reasonable. TRON Legacy madness.
KGS SUPERCARS 9 months ago
KGS SUPERCARS 9 months ago
KGS SUPERCARS 9 months ago
KGS SUPERCARS 9 months ago
Young Simba
Young Simba 9 months ago
Love this spec.
Hehachi Minachi
Hehachi Minachi 9 months ago
can i lick it..lol
Rafael Rodriguez Moreno
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year 2020 to both you and your beloved family. 💖
dgb751 9 months ago
Heather, were you in an episode of In Living Color with Jim Carry?
Melkbone 10 months ago
Nice chalkboard. Do they even make those any more. Worse sound fingernails running down it. Nice spec.
Phil Rodrigues
Phil Rodrigues 10 months ago
First time seeing svj this summer at Boston Lamborghini amazing cars
The One
The One 10 months ago
Fanborghini 10 months ago
The red details really give this car the extra eye-catching properties.
Supercharged Steve
Supercharged Steve 10 months ago
LOVE the matte white paint! For a car in this price range, $20k is worth it. Stunning example of the SVJ!! PS: LIKE MY COMMENT HEATHER!!! 👍
T&M Diecast reviews
T&M Diecast reviews 10 months ago
Very Very Nice!!:) Hope you feel better soon!!
Samuel Egunlusi
Samuel Egunlusi 10 months ago
I love Lamborghini's especially in white.
Ronny Hansen
Ronny Hansen 10 months ago
Fantastic car in the right color
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 10 months ago
Beautiful!! That for you and the specs on this car!
Ethan Ok
Ethan Ok 10 months ago
Are the hardcore seats really that uncomfortable?
tulip 10 months ago
I love all the Lamborghini cars you had show us, every time I watch your videos I always imagine I'm the car's owner and driving that car. If I win lottery I will buy that car to make my dream come true, hehe
Johnny JP
Johnny JP 10 months ago
It’s a very good looking Avantador SVJ I like it a lot with this setup thank you for the video 😉
Portugal Automobile channel
Kitterll Singleton
Kitterll Singleton 10 months ago
The new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is really nice with its enterior package 😎😎✌🏽✌🏽
Remi Abram
Remi Abram 10 months ago
Do you want to se tesla
Cecilio Candel
Cecilio Candel 10 months ago
Amazing white Lamborghini. Thanks from spain
Vipstarizm 10 months ago
very clean spec
La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara
Heather ballentine...pake lamborghini masi standar original...klo bisa modivicasi racing yang 1000cc jadi 1.500cc mungkin ada suku cadang yg original yg oil bisa menambah power energi lari segi lain keseimbangan larix jelas beda dari standar....klo women.driven dia lebih cendrung modivikasi lamborghini harucan di modivikasi memang larix beda starx juga beda jangan cuma promosi lamborghini aventador....
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 10 months ago
OMG!!! Simply beautiful!!! I'm in love!
Kiraan Sehgal
Kiraan Sehgal 10 months ago
NOW That's a To Die For SVJ.......................!!!
Seema Dee
Seema Dee 10 months ago
Sweet Video, Keep it up and Keep motivating me to getting closer to my dream, purchasing a Lamborghini #workhard
1ls376 10 months ago
Awesome . What is the exchange rate for the US? Checking if I can afford.
A.L.F. 10 months ago
You should never have to apologize for not putting out videos every week. It's not only a lot of pressure, it's also a lot of work. Family first.
BENK CHAFIK 10 months ago
Exotic Cars Of Ontario
It looks even better in person😏 the contrast between the matte white and gloss carbon is🔥
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 10 months ago
This SVJ does LOOK SICK, however the Arancio SVJ w the gloss black accents that u had in a previous video is A WAY BETTER LOOKING SPEC😎👌🏻.
Sean Zhang
Sean Zhang 10 months ago
Can we daily this one?
MpowerMike 10 months ago
Spending that much on a VW is 🤮 Ferrari is a much better investment and car
Flash 10 months ago
Wow. First time I have seen the new matte white and in such high detail. I'll take it. Thanks.
Raymond S
Raymond S 10 months ago
I wonder If people buy cars from here just to meet Heather
Atem S.
Atem S. 10 months ago
Looks amazing!
ScorchinScooter 10 months ago
I just have to say my mind is blown at all the options these cars have and how you really can spec it to your exact liking.....if you have the money! ;-)
Supercar Hunter
Supercar Hunter 10 months ago
This spec and the matte black SVJ63 are my fav specs. Not big on the orange or the matte green one.
Michael Swaby
Michael Swaby 10 months ago
I’ll buy this car when I become a orthopedic, one of my favorite
Michael Swaby
Michael Swaby 9 months ago
Liam that’s like 200k if I’m right
Liam 9 months ago
He clueless orthopedic earn enough trust me my brother is an orthopedic and he has a used 2018 huracan still very new...
Michael Swaby
Michael Swaby 9 months ago
L. A. How would you know that
L. A.
L. A. 9 months ago
As an orthopedic you won't ever earn enough to afford this
Liam 9 months ago
Goodluck buddy you will succeed your goal 👌🏼
Juan José Osorio Salazar
Heather you should do a collab with the StraightPipes, you two are my favorite channels.
James Williams
James Williams 10 months ago
Excellent video Heather
SierraSltGmc 10 months ago
I'm really starting to dislike the plain - Jane front end on these cars they've remained the same and boring look for to long. Lamborghini needs to step it up and at least put some eye catching vents in the hood or something. 10 yrs of producing the same boring look is a big turnoff for most people no matter who the manufacturer is.
Chris Michaud
Chris Michaud 10 months ago
Wow I wonder what you drive to call the aventador “boring”
Flash 10 months ago
The new Lamborghini should be revealed next year.
Sam Giles
Sam Giles 10 months ago
Utterly phenomenal! Such a gorgeous white 🔥🔥🔥
micah goncalves
micah goncalves 10 months ago
I’m coming up to Toronto next month! Will I be allowed in the showroom? It’d be cool to meet you and check out the inventory!
Vaughan Johnson
Vaughan Johnson 10 months ago
May I have the name of the instrumental please
Jamese Goldsteinjr.
Jamese Goldsteinjr. 10 months ago
Soooooo, clean & nice. Thank you for your videos.
Senshi Bat
Senshi Bat 10 months ago
una speciale
Mo Karney
Mo Karney 10 months ago
$778,000 CAD = $590,000 USD
Yellow Circle
Yellow Circle 10 months ago
I would love to see car deliveries like what you did a while ago✨
Keion Chase
Keion Chase 10 months ago
Octavia Selfie
Octavia Selfie 10 months ago
Hi heather i wanted to know what do u love the most about selling cars i want to do this and the futur and i dont know if i should being a woman and this industrie is it hard too? Thanks for the great video keep the good work !!❤️
Jermaine Brooks
Jermaine Brooks 10 months ago
Great looking car.
Iber Alex
Iber Alex 10 months ago
I want that lambo 😭😭
Kevin Rinaldi
Kevin Rinaldi 10 months ago
Tyshawn parries
Tyshawn parries 10 months ago
I really love this Lamborghini Aventador SVJ I can’t wait to get one
mixalis 10 months ago
can you get me one too :D
ScorchinScooter 10 months ago
Wow as always another great video and Lamborghini! ❤❤💕😍✔✔
Kinson Lau
Kinson Lau 10 months ago
never click in a video so quick and click like before watching it
079 LSG 40
079 LSG 40 10 months ago
I ❤️ this lady so much
Madhavram Chunchu
Madhavram Chunchu 10 months ago
First 😍😍
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