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Russian soldiers have surrounded rebels in the southern Chechen village of Komsomolskoye, who are fighting on despite earlier promises to surrender.

The commanders say several dozens rebels are holding out and have attempted to slip past Russian positions to escape to the mountains but so far have failed.

Capturing the village, which is now in ruins after two weeks of fighting, is crucial to the Russian war campaign, as it lies at the entrance to a strategic gorge.

Russia, which says the war in Chechnya is winding down, has raised its flag over what is left of Komsomolskoye.

On Monday the remaining rebels offered a ceasefire which the Russian troops refused to negotiate and a few hours later 76 armed fighters surrendered.

The field commander Ruslan Gelayev was not among those who surrendered - his whereabouts are unknown, and no-one is even sure if he is alive or dead.

Now some 150 rebels who originally agreed to surrender are thought to remain holed up in the village with no escape route.

The Russian army says that 500 to 600 rebels and up to 50 Russian soldiers have been killed during the fighting for Komsomolskoye which has lasted for two weeks.

The bodies of dead rebels confirm it as one of the most desperate battles of the war yet.

On Wednesday Russian troops were seen deploying tanks and artillery in Komsomolskoye in what is being called "a tough mopping-up operation."

Russian officers say the rebels' resistance is pointless.

SOUNDBITE: (Russian)
"They went in attack here in a totally suicidal manner. In the first wave Gelayev (rebel commander in Komsomolskoye) sent his least trained men who he did not really need. They just kept on moving forward and were getting killed in scores by land mines and gunfire. But in their attack they wiped out our grenade launcher team as well. Then new waves of rebels came to replace those killed and again they were mowed by our fire."
SUPER CAPTION: Russian Officer

Russia's intense air and ground bombardment has driven all the civilian residents from their homes.

On Monday acting President Vladimir Putin said on a surprise trip to Chechnya that he would negotiate with the rebels if they gave up their weapons.

Separatist fighters have carried a number of ambush attacks well inside Russian lines this month, claiming to have taken 100 soldiers' lives.

A rebel website says that 70 Russians died in an ambush on Sunday near Shatoi, deep in the southern mountains, but Russia has refused to comment.

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Jul 21, 2015




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Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix 15 days ago
They got their Alahu Akhbar very well
Nnoitora Gilga
Nnoitora Gilga 12 days ago
You will receuve the hell wait till the day of judgment making fun of my family dying
Marek Pająk
Marek Pająk 19 days ago
Glory to Chechen heroes. Smierć szakalom z Rosji.
User user
User user 26 days ago
ChechenBall Month ago
Fuck you RUSSIA!
Catur Sanak
Catur Sanak 2 months ago
Long live Russia Greetings From Bali 🙏
Catur Sanak
Catur Sanak Month ago
250 short time🤣
Catur Sanak
Catur Sanak Month ago
@ari kurniawan dijajah sama lonte Jawa🤣
ari kurniawan
ari kurniawan Month ago
Kasihan Bali dijajah sama Jawa wkwkwk...
ari kurniawan
ari kurniawan Month ago
art8513 2 months ago
Покрошили бармалеев
neytro 85
neytro 85 2 months ago
раньше я вам сочуствовал а сейчас горите в аду те кто в Украине побывал !!!
strannik nochi
strannik nochi 20 days ago
Кому ты сочувствовал?
Андрей Павленко
Война это ад на земле.
Якубон Говядин
Так и надо их мляяя
MrMotherfuck123 11 months ago
Which YEar was that ?
ChechenBall Month ago
1994 to 2003
Osn Sbr
Osn Sbr 6 months ago
Arsene Who?
Arsene Who? Year ago
Russia's other Vietnam...
Grumpy young men
Grumpy young men 3 days ago
Devantian Ganis .S yeah, we lost Vietnam, st least I’m willing to admit that. But the first Chechen war was a Russia. Operational failure. They failed to quell the rebellion and took heavy casualties then were forced to withdrawal. The second Chechen war was a victory, but the first wasn’t.
Devantian Ganis .S
@Grumpy young men The result speak for themself, the war is won and the jihadist leadership are wiped clean off the face of the earth, meanwhile in vietnam the U.S lost 56.000 dead and the communist north Vietnam triumph to Victory !!!
Grumpy young men
Grumpy young men 28 days ago
Atty's Thoughts were talking the gist Chechnya’s war not the second
Atty's Thoughts
Atty's Thoughts 28 days ago
@Grumpy young men better than getting your entire army and leadership getting hunted down like dogs and killed
Grumpy young men
Grumpy young men 28 days ago
Atty's Thoughts yeah, having an entire brigade destroyed is victory
THIS MAN Year ago
Leaning Forward
Dead jahadi=good jihadi
Shadid Borz
Shadid Borz 27 days ago
Jooze Mane Caucasian means from Caucasus you dumb fuc. Caucasus are lands of native Caucasians. We are on on our lands, that belong to us since milleniums.
ali hamza demirtaş
ali hamza demirtaş 2 months ago
Hahahaha looosseeerrr rusiaaa, if they have honor they fuck their own ass, do you know how they lost the war? Big russian army has defeated in checenia
Selim TheKing
Selim TheKing 2 months ago
@Jooze Mane 95 percent of the rebels were ethnic Chechen you dumb fuck. They are the native white people of the Caucasus region. So keep your mouth shut and look up facts.
Jooze Mane
Jooze Mane 11 months ago
@Beaten by Rock Lol the caucasians ? All Europeans, and most of Russia is caucasian you dumbass. What i meant was that none of the jihadis, originated in the caucasus, they are mostly arabs, and invaders from the islamic conquests of the areas. So you can fuck off, and take your jihadi friends with you.
Beaten by Rock
Beaten by Rock 11 months ago
Jooze Mane like the russians in this area have to go home to moscow because caucasus belongs to the caucasian. So fuck off
Mlle Tajine
Mlle Tajine Year ago
Russia you are FUCKING ************ ******* ****
Wasn’t Prepared
Wasn’t Prepared 11 months ago
Mme Pikachu stfu kid
Steve Rzucidlo
7th Motor Rifle Brigade??
Жимайл Жимайлов
russia there is Terrorists!
semih koksal
semih koksal 4 months ago
@Kim Shaun Escolta these chechen are fighting for what's belongs to them. saying they got slaughtered with just 17.000 men against 70.000 russians, who got slaughtered lol
semih koksal
semih koksal 4 months ago
@MsLampalampa lol, Shamil basayev was the one who entered KGB head office too hahaahahahahah russians were definitly humiliated.
MsLampalampa Year ago
Фёдор Достоевский oh stfu it’s not a Russian place to teach moral. Everywhere you go you bring death and inhumanity. Chechens defeated you. I personally heard on the news how your generals begged Chechen fighter to not air the Russian humiliating defeat on news.
Фёдор Достоевский
Добегались бармалеи. Это вам не с беременными женщинами Буденовска и детьми Беслана воевать.
Sepp Majtán
Sepp Majtán 2 years ago
Lol, fried salafists.
Tadas Blindavicius
Tadas Blindavicius 2 years ago
With tanks and jet fighters and this what you call "Antiterorist operation? Fuck you russian invaders.
Sepp Majtán
Sepp Majtán 2 years ago
better torn some salafists to pieces with bombs and artillery than wasting lifes of infantry.
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