Chase Chrisley -- I'm Trading My Bible Tattoo for a Range Rover!!! | TMZ

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Chase Chrisley drives a hard bargain ... in fact, he'll be driving a range rover because of a horse trade he made with his dad over a gnarly Bible tattoo. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content....
Todd Chrisley -- I Don't Want to Drug Test My Son ... I HAVE TO! ruvid.net/video/video-O7F5c7JmR1Q.html
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Chase Chrisley -- I'm Trading My Bible Tattoo for a Range Rover!!! | TMZ


Published on


Mar 17, 2016




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Comments 59
Yanyan Libro
Yanyan Libro Year ago
is he gay like his father?
queen Maleficent
His kids seem passified somehow
Rolando Castillo
Big ass DONKEY TEETH!!!!
Frank Dasta
Frank Dasta 2 years ago
Great show !
Mary Ketih
Mary Ketih 2 years ago
He very cute
johnmichael2692 2 years ago
The kids an idiot 😝
Kathleen gora
Kathleen gora 2 years ago
peter bynoe
peter bynoe 2 years ago
chase has beautiful body
Destiny Gutierrez
Destiny Gutierrez 3 years ago
damn chase is bomb asfπŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦
lovelaugh53 3 years ago
Who else thinks Chase is hot lol
jvj Year ago
Me but I'm gay
jai billups
jai billups Year ago
lovelaugh53 meeeeee
Fianna plays Roblox
lovelaugh53 me all the way
gtfomaddie 3 years ago
Who doesn't think he's hot, OMG!
Anthony 3 years ago
yeah just get more into debt. great idea
kianna621 3 years ago
Chase is such a sweetheart!!!!
Dan Dicristina
Dan Dicristina 3 years ago
chase chrisley is a bitch lol
Destiny Gutierrez
Destiny Gutierrez 3 years ago
Dan Dicristina so are you
Stefanie with an F
Stefanie with an F 3 years ago
where was this? i didnt think there were paps in Atlanta
Bud 420
Bud 420 4 years ago
let's see what Todd thinks about how ugly it's gonna look after, he really gonna fuck his body up
xCrystal Cutiex
xCrystal Cutiex 3 years ago
You know Todd is his dad right
enemay 4 years ago
Got damn, get a tattoo and get a Range Rover as payment to take it off, yeah that's moral.
DumbFoundDead x
DumbFoundDead x 4 years ago
Chase is bae.
Isabella Petrusma
Isabella Petrusma 2 years ago
EGGACIONγ€ˆ3 4 years ago
Reply the last 5 emojis you used πŸ˜‚βŒπŸ‘…πŸ“¦πŸ˜Š Help me get 1 sub
Destiny Gutierrez
Destiny Gutierrez 3 years ago
xDFB βœŒπŸ’šπŸ•πŸ˜°πŸ˜•
Grace The Queen
Grace The Queen 3 years ago
Shannon Tack
Shannon Tack 3 years ago
GMHannibal 4 years ago
Isn't it a sin to get tattoos?
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 2 years ago
Everything is a sin
lovelaugh53 3 years ago
Im christian and im getting a tattoo(now im not here to argue just answering a question) I have a friend who is tattooed and her brother leads bible studies and they are both tattooed. In the bible it does say that, However a pastor did a study and you are to not get tattoes to remember someone whos passed away aka tattooes for the dead. There is nthing wrong with getting a tattoo and being Christian.
Flor 4 years ago
+DumbFoundDead x people in Egypt, Greece and Rome did tattoos and where there before the bible was written
DumbFoundDead x
DumbFoundDead x 4 years ago
@GMHannibal talk to me when you can talk facts of something that you saw with your own eyes, bitch.
GMHannibal 4 years ago
@DumbFoundDead x Except there are ancient mummies with tattoos on them, idiot.
Todd Manning
Todd Manning 4 years ago
ill burn the shit out of several bibles different religions
dance4life1208 4 years ago
he want that range
BH Paradox
BH Paradox 29 days ago
dance4life1208 who doesn’t
Ross Boss
Ross Boss 4 years ago
who is his dad?
BH Paradox
BH Paradox 29 days ago
Ross Boss Todd Chrisley
Derv 10 months ago
@dance4life1208 people can be so rude
Ross Boss
Ross Boss 4 years ago
@Edwin Campos Thank you.His dad must be a good designer,or well known at least.
Edwin Campos
Edwin Campos 4 years ago
+Ross Boss a fashion designer but their family has a reality show on the usa network
Ross Boss
Ross Boss 4 years ago
@dance4life1208 yea..but I've never heard of these people,if I was 2 guess.I'll say his father is a preacher or something.but who is he?lol
elijha grey
elijha grey 4 years ago
he is a grown ass man I can't I'm trying to can but I can't
DumbFoundDead x
DumbFoundDead x 4 years ago
+elijha grey (YoursTruly) lmfaooo @ im trying to can but i can't...i can't with u lol
imarima 4 years ago
you should talk about taylor swift and calvin harris in the beach
LaX Lax
LaX Lax 4 years ago
lax still Hustle look it up....please subscribe
AOG 4 years ago
AOG 4 years ago
First bitch ass nigga
AOG 3 years ago
+Inacio Centeio i was the first commenter though
AOG 4 years ago
+Jean-Luc Picard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you did get me on that one i cant lie
dafuq 4 years ago
+Pharaoh yep you are the first bitch ass nigga
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