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From “Chrisley Knows Best”, Chase and Savannah Chrisley are striking out on their own and moving to L.A. Today they swung by to tell Steve how it’s all going.
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Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 112
Cecilia Russo
Cecilia Russo 4 months ago
JuggiBeanx 5 months ago
Mars Green
Mars Green 5 months ago
Savannah, your teeth are much too big for your face and mouth. Looks odd. Kinda like a horse/donkey.
Austin Wolfe
Austin Wolfe 6 months ago
Lmao " he's gonna go to jail " I mean with all that's going on now maybe 🙄🙄😂😂😂😂
Hi There
Hi There 6 months ago
I love Chase
Cra-zy Vi-bez
Cra-zy Vi-bez 7 months ago
Savannah chrisley has her father's attitude🌌😁😄
BROOKIE BROOKE 7 months ago
Wow. Its a horribly, scripted wannabe family sitcom...if u cant tell here, they couldn't act natural if they tried. I just watched the ship slowly sink, cringe!!!
devin weber
devin weber 7 months ago
steve u not that stupid.tell god you got a plan
Rae 10 months ago
Todd makes that show funny, I wonder if they can pull off a spin-off. Wish them best of luck though, if the Kardashians can do it...!🤷🏽‍♀️
TEE BANKS 10 months ago
Juanita Cage
Juanita Cage 10 months ago
Lol chase. Yeah, you going to go to jail!! 😂😂😂 Steve is crazy man. But I love you guys..
Margaret Ferland
Margaret Ferland 10 months ago
B azaazaazaaaf.
Amelia Hola
Amelia Hola 10 months ago
Love this family can’t wait to see the new show yay 😀 biggest fan ever
Carmen Jackson
Carmen Jackson 10 months ago
I just love them. Yes and dad is the truth for sure!!! Gotta love dad and mom. Don't forget grandmom Faye!!!
Seven P.
Seven P. 10 months ago
Is it me, or is Savannah looking a little fuller in the face!? Still beautiful
Gloria Castillo
Gloria Castillo 10 months ago
Savannah shas a little southern and ghetto in herrrr i love that!!
Latoya May
Latoya May 10 months ago
Steve look bored the whole interview
Athena griego
Athena griego 10 months ago
They should have had Nanny Faye on.
Simon Huey
Simon Huey 10 months ago
California is going to turn Chase into that twink.. He low key likes the D🍆🍆🍆... (He a cutie)
Taylor Wise
Taylor Wise 10 months ago
Simon Huey 😂😂😂fr
Trinity Pratt
Trinity Pratt 10 months ago
They don't understand. When Nanny passes away, these are memories they won't get back. I miss my grandma so much!! On the show, they said they understood, but clearly they didn't 🤦🏾
Jhanae Jones
Jhanae Jones 10 months ago
Why is this interview so awkward 😕😕😕
Ann Chovey
Ann Chovey 10 months ago
Steve looked so bored at 2:27. The dad is what makes the show.
A Blessed Woman
A Blessed Woman 9 months ago
Ann Chovey I just saw it! Yeah he looked bored for a minute... lol
Michelle Cordeiro
Michelle Cordeiro 10 months ago
What the he'll does she have on
Kay Jewels
Kay Jewels 10 months ago
I love this family . They’re all so funny !!! They were meant for tv. Good clean family television
Little BIT of Everything
Savannah is a sweetheart but she wears cake face that's unnecessary!
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 10 months ago
Yessssss lord
Rosa Mystica
Rosa Mystica 10 months ago
They are wholesome. I love them. Yeah the show may be scripted but it's all clean fun. They ain't no thotianas like the Kardashians. So am here for it💯
Bailey Cox
Bailey Cox 10 months ago
Damn chase is for sure on drugs
Bailey Cox
Bailey Cox 10 months ago
Rosa Mystica Yes actually I am.
Rosa Mystica
Rosa Mystica 10 months ago
speaking from experience?
K C 10 months ago
Now we need to hear Todd's take on the situation.😂
kimmie pie
kimmie pie 10 months ago
Why was the audience acting like that
kimmie pie
kimmie pie 10 months ago
He is coming soon indeed
Mishka G
Mishka G 10 months ago
Very dry audience
Lanicia Stanley
Lanicia Stanley 10 months ago
That suit is fly Steve🔥
FeliciaDeverow Butler
FeliciaDeverow Butler 10 months ago
Imma need them to edit some laughs in because these awkward silences kill me
JoMoe G.
JoMoe G. 10 months ago
I wish steve had stayed in Chincago, this LA audience is stuck up n boring
nybsbfan18 10 months ago
I think Chase is testing the limits while daddy Todd is across the country...
TrollinYouNiggas 10 months ago
They so country 😂
ReggieHalbert 10 months ago
I loooooooove Savannah!!! Both of them are hilarious but she keeps it real!
Tirivashe Shamhu
Tirivashe Shamhu 10 months ago
She used to go to Lipscomb University
Tirivashe Shamhu
Tirivashe Shamhu 10 months ago
@Bo Love what?
Bo Love
Bo Love 10 months ago
Eyen Ola
Eyen Ola 10 months ago
Steve: have you found the special one? Chase: I found a lot of special ones Steve: ...... ya you going to jail Lmao 😂😂😂
M H 4 months ago
Except he said “things”
Morrice Turner
Morrice Turner 10 months ago
Uncle Steve: to chase you going to jail 😂
Audrey 10 months ago
I'm pissed I don't get that channel.
Diana 10 months ago
Noor Almutairi
Noor Almutairi 10 months ago
BRING BACK TODD 💔... I need him to do something with Steve, cuz whenever those people get together YOU KNOW IT WILL BE A BLAST 😂
Tha truth hurts
Tha truth hurts 10 months ago
Can anyone answer this do they have fake teeth??? Not bashing just curious because all actors have identical teeth
The Tech Princess
The Tech Princess 10 months ago
Most of them have porcelain veneers. Caps over their real teeth that protects them and makes them pearly white
Suzy Dave
Suzy Dave 10 months ago
She just look like her dad,beautiful.
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 10 months ago
Aye, Savanah’s getting a little thicc I see 👌🏽
dance4life1208 10 months ago
They try to hard to be funny or relatable, they seem boring as hell
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 10 months ago
dance4life1208 Pretty sure they’re just weird
Jit 10 months ago
What is she wearing 😭😭😭
Rosa Mystica
Rosa Mystica 10 months ago
@Christopher Cummins 🔥🔥🔥
Christopher Cummins
Christopher Cummins 10 months ago
Something decent
Ra Souldier
Ra Souldier 10 months ago
What do you call a hen on a lookout patrol? hen-a-see 😁
Roslyn Marrero
Roslyn Marrero 10 months ago
The real southern American girls be looking so much older than there age I’m 24 and I look younger than Savannah lol
Susan V
Susan V 10 months ago
Roslyn Marrero Koo
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 10 months ago
I'm 38, and I also look younger, not fair.
Christy Louis
Christy Louis 10 months ago
We need Chrisley back on the show!
Big Dreamer
Big Dreamer 10 months ago
I love this entire family!! Nanny Faye is my girl! ❤️
maryann vincent
maryann vincent 10 months ago
I LOVE them ! Can’t wait to watch
funnyfun2014 10 months ago
The chrisleys are back😁😁😁
Diedrie Gibbs
Diedrie Gibbs 10 months ago
Savannah is a combo of her mum and dad. She look like she put on a bit of weight in her face and arms. Looks good on her. Chase, well, he looks about the same, just a petite little guy 🤔🤔🤔. Love their family, if their attitude and personalities are real as portrayed, you know they are the bomb dot com.
Chaela Grey
Chaela Grey 10 months ago
Marissa A no she isn’t pregnant 😂
Marissa A
Marissa A 10 months ago
I thought the same thing so it's not just me I'm glad to know that I like she gained a lot of weight and looks puffy in her arms face in chest. Overall she still gorgeous at any size she ain't pregnant by chance?
Boo Thang
Boo Thang 10 months ago
she looks like her daddy. splitting image.
Plan-B TV
Plan-B TV 10 months ago
Funny. They are Amazing
Latonya Gipson-Bowman
Latonya Gipson-Bowman 10 months ago
I Love this family...Will be watching.
Tammy Coatsworth
Tammy Coatsworth 10 months ago
Chelsea Bella Gallo
Chelsea Bella Gallo 10 months ago
Todd is definitely the king of shade.🤣
kimmie pie
kimmie pie 10 months ago
Phillips Watson 😂
Phillips Watson
Phillips Watson 10 months ago
Chelsea Bella Gallo 😎 SWEETIE...QUEEN OF SHADE😜
Grace O3
Grace O3 10 months ago
You guys are too cute! 😉
Shanelle Warner
Shanelle Warner 10 months ago
I swear Savannah has always been so beautiful and I love me some Chase. He has always been so funny. I loved watching there reality show
Mars Green
Mars Green 5 months ago
Her new teeth are much to big for her face...looks like a horse when she smiles.
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