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Charly Jordan once again leading the pack, this time in the women's 100m hurdles.
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Jul 31, 2019




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Bela Rosa
Bela Rosa 4 days ago
Daisy trying real hard to look cute and it aint working.
Elbaton Eht Ekul
Elbaton Eht Ekul 7 days ago
Do we mention all of them are bad in Hurdles? But actually, if they didn‘t try it out before... it is still bad
Claire Blevins
Claire Blevins 8 days ago
I can't beilive that people wasted a perfectly good career in sports (Daisy, Charly, Noah) for tiktok which will probs be shut down in a week lmao disclaimer- this isn't hate I'm just sharing my opinion and I respect theirs
RMJ 14 days ago
This idiots comenting knowing literally NOTHING about the sport, its embarrasing
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Month ago
this brings back memories of when I was taught in late primary school oh how to do these things properly, like once. there is so much more than just running and jumping. 3 was good just not great. 4 had issues with steps, they slowed down at the hurdle to get their right footing, and so drastically reduced their speed, it all should be a fluid motion, and counting how many steps one takes so their feet are in the right place when they get to the hurdle. 5 was perfect, she knew what she was doing. 6, well... just everything went wrong there haha.
IRAPROXZYY _ Month ago
Bro she’s in creative she was flying when jumping the hurdles lol
Eridani Mendez
Eridani Mendez Month ago
She’s a athlete of course she’s gonna win
Justine Fasakin
Justine Fasakin Month ago
IM SO SORRY BUT WHY DID DAISY JUMP LIKE THAT IM DYINGGGGGGGGGGGG i think some people should just stick with tiktok-
Luna cooper
Luna cooper Month ago
daisy has no talent what so ever why is she so famous
Ryza Medina
Ryza Medina Month ago
okay but its kinda high tbh and i dont blame her LMAO
LiveLoveBangtan Month ago
If Dixie D’Amelio did this she would slay
Damon Currie
Damon Currie Month ago
don’t act like u didn’t come here from ross video talking about dee winning amsot evrrything
R1980100 Month ago
who's the chick that ruined her body w/ all the nasty ink.
Frank C
Frank C Month ago
every expert talks but the day you run hurdles and trip face first ,you will be running like daisy but all pissed off!
Mora Colombres
Mora Colombres Month ago
Mora Colombres
Mora Colombres Month ago
im a track runner and this is strange to watch- AND IM SORRY BUT I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING AT DAISY LMFAOOO AHH-
Chqrlotte Z
Chqrlotte Z 2 months ago
If i was Daisy i was feel so awkward 💀
James Lasso
James Lasso 2 months ago
I tried hurdles once on a college track where they had set them up . Couldn’t do a single one.
TimmyJoe53 2 months ago
Eww, Paul's.
Hala Sabri
Hala Sabri 2 months ago
Put Charli D’Amelio in these!!
ellie borg
ellie borg 2 months ago
daisy wtf
Mariam Tehseen
Mariam Tehseen 2 months ago
I think tayler was wait charly jordan because she beat sommeray in this 😂
nk 2 months ago
i am so confused
Alex 2 months ago
She won cuz she tall❤️
Jessica Bird
Jessica Bird 2 months ago
Daisy is just a joke when it comes to sports lol
Sage 2 months ago
CrOwNeD k
CrOwNeD k 2 months ago
I feel like daisy would have been a little faster, still in last place probably, but a lil faster if she didn't stop her momentum every 2 seconds to fix her shorts.
Allison Gutama
Allison Gutama 2 months ago
Okay, Charlie is amazing, she is really an athlete.., Daisy, please. Love you but lmao
Allison Gutama
Allison Gutama 2 months ago
“Good thing he is rich he can afford a lot of microphone” okay, the way he dropped the microphone, that was so disrespectful
Kyrstenxo 2 months ago
julia gaskins
julia gaskins 2 months ago
I cant stop laughing at daisy and these comments-
iiKxren 2 months ago
No one Litterlly no one : They spell charlie instead of Charly
Molly Corbett
Molly Corbett 2 months ago
The first commentator sounded like Mike that stays with Logan paul
Isabelle Plowman
Isabelle Plowman 2 months ago
sommer running be like- 😬 🙅🏼‍♀️ 🩳 👟
Rosemarie Harty
Rosemarie Harty 2 months ago
Bro she like she was trying to look pretty while running
Yzabellah Vega
Yzabellah Vega 2 months ago
Yzabellah Vega
Yzabellah Vega 2 months ago
Kelly Lau
Kelly Lau 2 months ago
I have never wondered why daisy is so popular. honestly she’s not talented, she can’t do much.
Taylor and Addi edits
Put daisy ketch 😂😂I’m sorry not hating but I couldn’t stop laughing
Pickled Peanut
Pickled Peanut 2 months ago
Why did I not know about this channel earlier.
Ava jolee
Ava jolee 2 months ago
Is it just me or when they showed the faces daisy and case I think were just smiling then Charlie was so focused and angering looking then the other girl was like this is fun
Marija Tukša
Marija Tukša 2 months ago
i am laughing so hard i'm sorry but-
Char 2 months ago
Daisy’s me trying to run in track 😂
Char 2 months ago
Daisy was so bad Omgg sis should’ve just stayed home
Savanah Jones
Savanah Jones 2 months ago
She is so pretty lol and she did great her first try
amelia ayaz
amelia ayaz 2 months ago
i can stop laughing at the way daisy jumped daisy sorry not sorry
Jamie •_•
Jamie •_• 2 months ago
I expected more from daisy
David Perez
David Perez 2 months ago
I didn’t even know daisy did this but holyyy she did so bad I was laughing
LillianPlays Roblox
LillianPlays Roblox 2 months ago
Omg it’s Logan Paul and Jake Paul together for the first in forever
Ιωαννα Παπαχρηστου
You can say that daisy had no idea what she was supposed to do by her beginning position and they way she jumped
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez 2 months ago
Bro daisy be looking like a child after 50 sour patch kids
Ruby Ochoa
Ruby Ochoa 2 months ago
As someone who runs track... this is a JOKE 😂😂😂
Abigail Clinton
Abigail Clinton 2 months ago
I'm cringing at Daisy bcos it's me when I'm doing hurdles
Brooke Eberhard
Brooke Eberhard 2 months ago
Daisy is literally me in Track omg
amelia harvey
amelia harvey 2 months ago
Daisy comes in 6th bahaha
Alana Alexander
Alana Alexander 2 months ago
Omg daisy sorry but you a little Um... slow
haley :D
haley :D 2 months ago
DAISY SUCKS AHAHHAHAHA atleast she tries 💀
josie 2 months ago
Ellie French
Ellie French 2 months ago
I don’t even know what this is but that daisy girl should not be running races
Ashley Kate Pabuhat
Ashley Kate Pabuhat 2 months ago
why is daisy even there?
Claire McCann
Claire McCann 2 months ago
k...i cant stop laughing at daisy
Nicole Wu
Nicole Wu 2 months ago
funny how the title was named that. cant stop laughing
emma 2 months ago
daisy can't even run bye
Tracy-Ann Barnett
Tracy-Ann Barnett 2 months ago
Daisy is all the way at the back while Charly make it look easy
Juliana Slattery
Juliana Slattery 2 months ago
I didn’t know daisy was a runner edit: LMAO THE WAY DAISY KEPT JUMPING SHE BARLEY WAS RUNNING
Mayara Tajina Amat
Mayara Tajina Amat 2 months ago
Daisy be havin to much plastic in het body lmaoo
ethereal 3 months ago
What the heck was daisy doing 💀
Rachel Hoogerhyde
Rachel Hoogerhyde 3 months ago
um i love daisy but was this her first time???
Enzo 3 months ago
daisy keech rlly tried xDD
tiana makepa
tiana makepa 3 months ago
she’s so pretty omgg 😭😭
Christine Ru
Christine Ru 3 months ago
lmao we really gonna ignore the fact that the person on the stage really said Pam PAUL
Yeppp Yeee
Yeppp Yeee 3 months ago
Oh dear daisy
Brianna Alaniz
Brianna Alaniz 3 months ago
Saying she belong on the olympics boyyyyy they would dust her so quickly
Lauren Yoon
Lauren Yoon 3 months ago
y do pple hate daisy she's literally so pretty and confident and sweet
An Trinh
An Trinh 3 months ago
Wait this is the same founder of the hype house right?
Officer Doofy
Officer Doofy 3 months ago
2:46 almost awkward
GoHorns 3 months ago
Daisy. The most unathletic fit girl ever.
Tara-Jade Williams
Tara-Jade Williams 3 months ago
Why didnt Daisy just stay home😂😂😂
Yatika Sharma
Yatika Sharma 3 months ago
Im cringing so bad at daisy.. i cannot stop laughing 😂
x Bumble Bean x
x Bumble Bean x 3 months ago
2:47 when I tell you I felt that
x Bumble Bean x
x Bumble Bean x 3 months ago
Charlie is really good, but she was the only one who knew what to do, you’ve got to have a specific form to jump it
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah 3 months ago
They are all hottt
Lilian McAdams
Lilian McAdams 3 months ago
k but like Daisy is slow af like anyone could beat her but man Charly got the skill
Jazmin Lacroix
Jazmin Lacroix 3 months ago
Idk who Charlie is and i didn’t before today but she is a v v beautiful woman from the inside ans the outside
Solange Barbier
Solange Barbier 3 months ago
omg I just CANNOT stop laughing at daisy
Eli Gil
Eli Gil 3 months ago
Daisy was literally me trying to do hurdles at school.
dom kwesh
dom kwesh 3 months ago
Try Sally Pearson, you'll see flames,lol
D D 3 months ago
daisy Keech looked like she should be part of the special needs competition
shozab Gill
shozab Gill 3 months ago
Wat would happen to daisy if there was a zombie apocalypse 😂
Hanna Nemeth
Hanna Nemeth 3 months ago
morgan mirabella
morgan mirabella 3 months ago
logan: happy birthday! his mom: i love you too!
シnathaly 3 months ago
daisy elemeyo
LVS kittykat
LVS kittykat 3 months ago
Am I the only one who gets anxiety just from watching a video that reminds me of track and field?
Latifah Napoleon
Latifah Napoleon 3 months ago
Wow!! The power if long fuckin legs
Sharai McIntosh
Sharai McIntosh 3 months ago
I hope y'all know this is just a youtube track event lmfaooo y'all acting like some of these people ever did track or hurdles in high school💀
ACE112ACE112 3 months ago
may 26, 2020. recommended
Nina Rossi
Nina Rossi 3 months ago
daisys jump 😂
Bruhh slow tooo slow for me can I join
Cierra Downing
Cierra Downing 3 months ago
What is this a social media games
Exfinite 3 months ago
Like anyone cared
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