Charlie Chaplin - The Kid - Fight Scene

Charlie Chaplin
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• A classic scene from "The Kid" with Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan. © Roy Export SAS
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Oct 12, 2020




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mikail hamza 6 hours ago
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Netranof Netranof 9 hours ago
Sullivan Cuellar Rivas
Phuon Nguyen
Phuon Nguyen 13 hours ago
علي العراقي
عراقي 😘
avinash Dunna
avinash Dunna 20 hours ago
Iam still watching 2021.6.16 i love it
Samir Samir
Samir Samir Day ago
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Shan Day ago
Who is watching this in 2022
Pain °
Pain ° Day ago
Who's watching this in 2021
Mehmet Ks
Mehmet Ks Day ago
the funniest: Kemal Sunal, Charlie Chaplin.
Nazneen Afroz
Ye h asli comedy and laugh
Eamen Aljabri
Jamin Loosha Samossha Ryan ist die erste große Herausforderung und ist für uns die 8 6
guillermo cingolani
Chaplin - el hombre que más ha hecho reír al mundo
Harringtone Wellingtone
Felix Pontzen
Felix Pontzen 2 days ago
zu schön...sowas bekommen die heute gar nicht mehr hin :-)
N0Q 2 days ago
Pir Muhammad
Pir Muhammad 2 days ago
Mukesh Chowdhary
Mukesh Chowdhary 2 days ago
Legends are watching after 8 months
cute animels
cute animels 2 days ago
doaremon gaming
doaremon gaming 2 days ago
The one who watch this in 2080 what feels you after watching this. I'm commenting this in 2021🤗
shafna febilin
shafna febilin 2 days ago
Most favt one.the 🔥 legend
GAOLIYA SOBI 2 days ago
Very very nice 👌👌
FF KANZO 3 days ago
Inilah film gua yang lalu
XD PUBG 2 days ago
Versi kartun
joe smith
joe smith 3 days ago
A lot of the humor and behavior has stayed same after all these years.
HAITIAN LIVE 3 days ago
@haitian live
HAITIAN LIVE 3 days ago
Mishika Chawla
Mishika Chawla 3 days ago
Comfort from pain in head India's great comedian Kapil Sharma & his team; a political person & thief & women beater & hater who is well-supported by the CM of the state;Arvind Kejriwal.
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•switchy• 3 days ago
Charlie Chaplin:willy wonka but dumber Mr bean:a poor opera woman
The Journey of my Life EDO
😂 😂 I love watching this
حـ,ـڒٍنミ 3 days ago
G. D.
G. D. 3 days ago
María Insignares
1921-2021 100 years of the kid 🎥
Ricardo Vargas
Ricardo Vargas 4 days ago
El tremendo Lucas 50 años adelante
Mason Washington
Mason Washington 4 days ago
this is a 100 year old movie
Abo Najem
Abo Najem 4 days ago
Who is watching in 2121. 🤗
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In June,2021
Karima AitMbark
Karima AitMbark 4 days ago
Chkon kaytfraj f2021
FranciscoSousaFerreira Ferreiea
Muinto bom,foi o melhor artista da época
Ramiz Feğeri
Ramiz Feğeri 4 days ago
Ragini Akki
Ragini Akki 4 days ago
Awesome that kid 😍
Shibin M
Shibin M 4 days ago
Sahad's vlog
Sahad's vlog 4 days ago
Malayalis come
kawtar elalaoui
kawtar elalaoui 4 days ago
kawtar elalaoui
kawtar elalaoui 4 days ago
UnknownPH *
UnknownPH * 4 days ago
Good thing I still have the ORIGINAL CD of Charlie Chaplin The Kid film in a good condition thankfully my Father kept it with his Charlie Chaplin complete Series on CD NOT PIRATED
Preet 5 days ago
Almost complete 100 year to release this movie Wow man🙌
Emad Azez
Emad Azez 5 days ago
It's a amazing actors for ever
bhoopathy balasubramanian
Who taught him this type of acting,he lived this character.He was doing on his own, Wow ,yet to see such a self thinking ,versatile actor in the current film industry of the whole world- No actor Can even imitate like him,Genius .
Samim Khan
Samim Khan 5 days ago
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fabio wiljo
fabio wiljo 5 days ago
Mohamed Yousef
Mohamed Yousef 5 days ago
Martha Carrillo
Martha Carrillo 5 days ago
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KVD1V 5 days ago
2:25 😂😂😂
Kritam Baram
Kritam Baram 5 days ago
Who is afternoon watching this video. I like it .its so funny.
Elise Noël
Elise Noël 6 days ago
Sunnite ľve seen👍👍👍👍👍👍😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
hamid lamfaddel
hamid lamfaddel 6 days ago
زينب زينب
كلش حلوو تمثيلهم ❤😂😂
Sayed Muhammad Saad Ali
I think kid that kid also won't be alive like charlie chaplin
Harry Edufoli
Harry Edufoli 6 days ago
Why it's sound like old dbz music theme thou?
Fatima Ibrahim
Fatima Ibrahim 6 days ago
Most funny movies past time. Years back time love that movie .
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Fayisa Kedir
Fayisa Kedir 7 days ago
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Asilievichgunderia PAZ
Meninos: Davi X golias. Charles Chaplin X golias.😍😂😆🙌👏
Noor Alasde
Noor Alasde 8 days ago
Reyhanalviansyah7 _
akshat saklani
akshat saklani 8 days ago
Oh god... what happened to today’s people we just all forgot this legend
Cheesy Maccool
Cheesy Maccool 8 days ago
When he kept on hitting the guy with the brick 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...... Pure genius!
Heshan Fernando
Heshan Fernando 9 days ago
Your funny so much
Sam G.
Sam G. 9 days ago
Samuel Fielding
Samuel Fielding 9 days ago
The original child
Hamid Kocht schnelle Rezepte
Actors come and go. Popular today, forgotten tomorrow. He will always be popular and remembered forever !!
Pramod Sah
Pramod Sah 9 days ago
So nice 😍😍
Lawen Duski
Lawen Duski 10 days ago
Pauliram Gomes da Silva
Pauliram Gomes da Silva
I am
Devid Alonso Soibam
Roberto S
Roberto S 10 days ago
Genius! Thanx Sir Chaplin!
Amit pal
Amit pal 10 days ago
St-cyr Jerryfer
St-cyr Jerryfer 11 days ago
Jose roberto Espirito Santo
The boys was good actors. There 100 years ago.
Jose roberto Espirito Santo
The king of the Movies Cinema
Watta-Fôrssôut Boy
Voilà les meilleurs acteurs comédien. Que leur âme repose en paix
Ruben Marçal
Ruben Marçal 11 days ago
Ruben Marçal
Ruben Marçal 11 days ago
Hamood Almatry
Hamood Almatry 11 days ago
السروال اكبر منه 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
María de luz Montes de oca
Chaplin VS Keaton
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