Charlie Chaplin eats his shoe for Thanksgiving - The Gold Rush (1942 version)

Charlie Chaplin
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Nov 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Bayu Dzannuril13
Adakah orang Indonesia disini?
Santy Ferreyra
Santy Ferreyra 3 days ago
Realidad de cuba, Venezuela, corea del norte, próximamente: argentina
Violet Afton
Violet Afton 6 days ago
because of my teacher i am hooked
ника бонд
Gribouillis d'Art
Et pour les amoureux de Charlie Chaplin je vous propose ceci : ruvid.net/video/video-p7zqfNmp6lQ.html
Afaf Alkhaled
Afaf Alkhaled 11 days ago
Shanto Islam
Shanto Islam 13 days ago
all type
all type 14 days ago
I can't stop laughing. After watch this video 😂
Za B
Za B 15 days ago
I love charlii
dany Souza
dany Souza 16 days ago
Só comédia 🤣🤣
Tub sawm pluag channel
OK 👍👍🔔🔔
Genesio A Pretto
Genesio A Pretto 22 days ago
Rajat Sharma
Rajat Sharma 23 days ago
Why I don't feel like laughing.. it's like he is trying to make me laugh by showing the helplessness and pain of some one with no food.
Sanithu Selana
Sanithu Selana 24 days ago
Who can tell witch day he died
Ghoroya Bangali Ranna
Wow superb
Susheel Rajput
Susheel Rajput 25 days ago
matt carnes
matt carnes 25 days ago
I wonder what food the boot was actually made of on set?
no name
no name 28 days ago
full vid please
Игорь Флегонтов
🖋👞👞Попробовал бы Чаплин отварить нонешние синтетической кожи ботинки😁
My Self ತುಳುವ
DISGUSTING. There is a limit for everything 👎
Janjila Tasnim
Janjila Tasnim Month ago
Undoubtedly this is the best moment in Film History.
Инал Алборов
Мечта вегетарианцев!!!Этож сколько животных можно спасти,если следовать подобному примеру.
Хурлиман Ерназарова
Сейчас Китайцы так кушает 😱
yaprak özbek
yaprak özbek Month ago
Bunu izlemistim çok çok güzel bi bölüm ve çok uzun
James Smithe
James Smithe Month ago
I hate the narrated version. Chaplin ruined his own movie.
кусь шмусь
Расияни, ни выкидуйти старыи сапаги и батинки! Ани фкусныи !
Whats the point for this movie? i just cant understand why one could like this and Charlie Chaplins crappy movies...
Peche January
Peche January Month ago
What a humor genius he was😂😂😂
ARUN DEY Month ago
Bengali movie
Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir Month ago
Arison Camargo
Arison Camargo Month ago
Bom demais né
Anis Mhamud
Anis Mhamud Month ago
একজন ক্ষুধার্থ ব্যাক্তি খাবার জন্য কিছু না পেলে কিনা খেতে পারে😨😨😨
Dominique Month ago
La chaussure était faite en réglisse.
Sawant Tech
Sawant Tech Month ago
""Any school and College students here""📖
Иван Иванов
Реклама тика тока в начале,у , сука,грёбаный ютуб
mohammed bouadjel
The Deitz
The Deitz Month ago
I didn't eat a shoe this Thanksgiving = My choice was and I had two hot dogs, chips with a big glass of water.
The man i scary to me😂
Debabrata DasBurman
Марина Нисс
Великолепно! Гениально!!!
Светлана Жигалко
Особенно, когда Чарли обсасывал гвоздики🤣
Luciano Malbec 777
Bilal Sardar
Bilal Sardar Month ago
only pure leather shoe can be eaten because leather is just cow skin which is edible.
yksadayı xx
yksadayı xx Month ago
Bu iyiydi. Dönemin toplumsal sorununa değinmiş bence burada.
藤澤たまえ Month ago
Nejat Köten
Nejat Köten Month ago
Tania Borile
Tania Borile Month ago
Eu sou de Cuiabá MT brasil sempre gostei de assistir ele
Shekhar Jadhav
Shekhar Jadhav Month ago
I love Charlie. In today's world. I will like 2 say that no one can take his place. Unremarkable. The WORDS we will used for him in his Apsend. Will be 2 SMALL for the person. I WILL SAY FOR HIM A MILLENNIUM STAR OF HIS WORLD
Bodigerel Bayaraa
Is he died now?
Charlie o Brasil te ama aonde estiver. Tu sempre foi e sera um Genio.
Yograj Giri
Yograj Giri Month ago
Singer Devdas Kirade
World liked Charlie j
Jorge Galván A.
Pues casi casi lo comprendo; yo alguna vez me comí un bistec que nada le pedía a esa suela de Charlie Chaplin, por lo menos el dio un por de mordiscos, yo al primero renuncié😂
Ham C:
Ham C: Month ago
Love the humour so original 🥰
Delcy Santos
Delcy Santos Month ago
Fantastic! I simply love this wonderful actor 👏👏👏👏❤
Serhio Shine
Serhio Shine Month ago
Surya Perkasa
Surya Perkasa Month ago
Happy thanksgiving y'all
luiz carlos de moraes Carlos luiz
I love charlie....good
Елена Калмык
Чарли с таким наслаждением уплетает башмак
Nalin QP
Nalin QP Month ago
Rena Cru
Rena Cru Month ago
Jj Month ago
This is reality for alot of americans these days 😟
MrWookie21 Month ago
Those times are coming back folks...
Samsung Video
Samsung Video Month ago
HotasChilli Month ago
Today there would be a viewer advice: Don’t try this at home, this stunt is made by professionals!
Raging Brainer
Raging Brainer Month ago
Buster Keaton would do this while doing a back flip
Nannungi Flavia Blessing
Hemin Chia
Hemin Chia Month ago
Beacause ewwww
Hemin Chia
Hemin Chia Month ago
I think its jelly its not real
Mohamed djema
Mohamed djema Month ago
The point made here: appreciate what ever little you have 🥾
Raghaveswara Rao
You are true sir!
ArMyDog Studios
ArMyDog Studios Month ago
I I Month ago
c'est touchant...
S D Month ago
As a child, I thought that Chaplin was not all that funny.
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze Month ago
I love this and all of his movies so hard!
Kamalesh Kumari
Kamalesh Kumari Month ago
Omg! How did he do this???😂😂
jupeshkv pangankv
These shoes made from genuine leather which is edible 😊
Manuel Santos
Manuel Santos Month ago
Não teve piada
Jannatul taslin Rumi
This is a great satire. Through this comedy, the real picture of common people’s is shown here. Actually maximum days which are celebrated as a special day, it significies nothing for the common people who lives in hand in mouth.though it is said that all the special days bring a equal distribution among the people. But real picture is shown through this comedy.
RRV Month ago
Sound is from 1942, but this movie is actually from 1925 :)
nani Tingu
nani Tingu Month ago
Parshant Choudhary
Charlie Chaplin is looks old
Comedy# Nights With Kapol
Woohoo.! Your mind-blowing ♥️♥️ Loved it a lot
Kaba Hriikaonai
Kaba Hriikaonai Month ago
I have watched this scene. It's so lovely.
Nací DIVA Monsalvo
Me encanta super cool 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍😅😅
มาร์ค มงคล
ผมกะมั้กพ่อใหญ่ซาลีคือกันคับ..ภาคอีสาน.ต้องเสียงอาจารย์คม ทีมงานอินทรีเท่านั้นคับ..ม่วนคั้ก
KaitenoTun Month ago
The stranger: the shoe is not for eat Charile: hold my beer
Aditya Niyogi
Aditya Niyogi Month ago
This flim shows, comedy can have a deeper meaning. Charlie proves that action speaks louder than words.
Marikit Month ago
Charlie Chaplin the founder of Mukbang 🥾
Добрый Вечер
Bravo! Chaplin.
Serious Guy
Serious Guy Month ago
How did he eat the shoe? Was it real?
Paul Zemanek
Paul Zemanek Month ago
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