Charlie Chaplin: Easy Street (1917)

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Easy Street is a comedy film written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. It is the 9th film produced with Mutual Film. Easy Street was released the 22th January 1917.
In this film the Vagabond is recruited as a policeman. His target is Easy Street were the Bully (Eric Campbell) is wreaking havoc and destruction.

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Oct 23, 2013




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Comments 100
G V 13 hours ago
G V 13 hours ago
Poor charlie
Даржан Мекаева
Нужны субтитры на русском!!!!
OFEKA 4 days ago
This movie is 104 years old but i love watching this. This job shows how successful Chaplin is still. Thank you little mustache
Miguel Antonio Gonzalez
Miguel Antonio Gonzalez
LOM LOM 8 days ago
Вот эта бабка с мообилой которая с ребёнком пришла
behnam majidpour
behnam majidpour 15 days ago
Hernan Diaz Castro
Hernan Diaz Castro 16 days ago
Por siempre el mejor.genio jaja.exelente.chaplin inmortal
tankistt80b 27 days ago
в подвале портрет Николая II .
Dalila Month ago
Décembre 2020 🎀 J'adorrrrre ! Le cinéma burlesque.... Les acteurs et actrices sont tellement expressifs,
Susana Stenico
Susana Stenico Month ago
Susana Stenico
Susana Stenico Month ago
Personaje de varios bandos?
Mahmoud Al-Mashharawi
Javier Fueyo
Javier Fueyo Month ago
ALASBUENAS creo TÅ TÔ Claro el arte del Maestro a seguir disfrutando...y APASALOBIEN TÔS
Mustafa Karakurt
this is my Turkish poem ruvid.net/video/video-xPbp17ImnmA.html
Charles putnam1982
1.2k t-downs from the sick of this world
I love Charlie Chaplin and genius
ryad boulasbaa
ryad boulasbaa Month ago
Watching this 1 day before the film's 100th birthday (!), and laughing my a** off
Dejene Nemomsa
Dejene Nemomsa Month ago
Easy Street is a 1917 short action-comedy film starring and directed by Charlie Chaplin. In a slum area called Easy Street, the police are failing to maintain law and order. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easy_St...)❤❤❤❤
Nick Repins
Nick Repins Month ago
14:30 nice lcd
Marta Dos Santos
Meu Deus quanta violência
Raimundo Rocha
Raimundo Rocha Month ago
// tempos dourados com cine mudo!!//
Street toxicity
Street toxicity Month ago
4:05 music name?
Boldemort Guiles
Creo que al ultimo se inyecto heroina jajaja inches drogas desde cuando las usa el hombre,
Van Zegeith
Van Zegeith 2 months ago
the power of kicking ass 😅😅
Kostas Michelis
Kostas Michelis 2 months ago
iconauta 2 months ago
Hello, could you make greek subtitles for this movie?
Андрей Витальевич
Чарли Чаплин великий комик, великий гений юмора светлая ему память... ☝️🇷🇺👍👏👏👏❤️
Dak Daki
Dak Daki 2 months ago
subscribe my chanal please 😋😘
Dak Daki
Dak Daki 2 months ago
mera chanal subscribe kro ma ap ka chanl subscribe kro ga
Danrion 2 months ago
Charlie Chaplin movies are Universal. No need for dialogues to Laugh.
DJ gaming geiz
DJ gaming geiz 2 months ago
müslüm kötüz
müslüm kötüz 2 months ago
Ari Piispanen
Ari Piispanen 2 months ago
♪♫♥ ;)
Rajashri Dube
Rajashri Dube 2 months ago
No voice the legend still makes us laugh
Ayman nouini
Ayman nouini 2 months ago
val speziali
val speziali 2 months ago
Its so funny and makes me lough so much even though i have seen it hundreds of times.
yıldız su
yıldız su 2 months ago
Yes ı agree yoh
Josimar Agnus Pereira
Аида Мулюкова
Интернета и телевизора не было. Что делали мужчины? Правильно -дрались 😕
Oscar Panisset
Oscar Panisset 2 months ago
Brad Weir
Brad Weir 2 months ago
We used to have LAUGH A BITS on the ABC when I was a child and I just realised how much I missed it. We only had 1 tv channel out in western Queensland and I think in alot of respect we were better for it. It was the Australian ABC but we still got a good world view. I hope we can get back to basics because of this pandemic if we don't we lose everything. Take care and stay safe and stay well.
Catherine Roquais
Catherine Roquais 2 months ago
Il est toujours amoureux
Catherine Roquais
Catherine Roquais 2 months ago
Mon regrette charlot que tu es loin
giuseppe MANGILI
giuseppe MANGILI 2 months ago
GRANDE. Chaplin un NUMERO UNO..ATTORE indimenticabile
Fit4Life Nick Zagorov
Dudes ragdolling da cops like no tommorow lol!
jaser x1
jaser x1 2 months ago
David 2 months ago
Evangelization the Charlin way Charlin
Copokava82 Vitales
Copokava82 Vitales 2 months ago
Навёл порядок на районе😁 Чарли супер👍
Standard Tuning
Standard Tuning 3 months ago
The baby carried by Charlie is now 104 yrs old. 😊😊
Mmoo2019 Mmoo2019
Mmoo2019 Mmoo2019 3 months ago
I HabeHafla
moana momo
moana momo 3 months ago
الله انك حلو
moana momo
moana momo 3 months ago
له انك حلو
Franck Vule
Franck Vule 3 months ago
Aishath Ismail
Aishath Ismail 3 months ago
lucky status 17
lucky status 17 3 months ago
Charlie's comedy videos are truly stress reliever ♥️
Yasser Arafat
Yasser Arafat 3 months ago
vipin thakur
vipin thakur 3 months ago
LIVING HOPE 3 months ago
people new those times husband is the head so always right side but in modern times they don't care!!!
Ali ali
Ali ali 4 months ago
Martyn Booth
Martyn Booth 4 months ago
what musical instrument is that on background? it is euphonium or something? thanks
Martyn Booth
Martyn Booth 4 months ago
@iconauta wow good guess lol thank
iconauta 4 months ago
yes it's an euphonium
Сергей Б
Сергей Б 4 months ago
По сравнению с Россией 1917 эта британская улица действительно тихая.
Сергей Б
Сергей Б 4 months ago
@iconauta Это форма английской полиции. Такие каски носили полицейские Англии. www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/uk-police-bobbies-348x196.jpg
iconauta 4 months ago
I can believe you, but it's an american road
Pasha Kochevnik
Pasha Kochevnik 4 months ago
Чаплин forever
soisun 5 months ago
10:47 "Triumphal March" from "Aida" by Verdi
El Club de Maggie
El Club de Maggie 6 months ago
Ooiaaa ooiaaa
Svetlana Semuhina
Svetlana Semuhina 6 months ago
😂😂😂...Замечательно... 👏👏👏...Спасибо...)))...!
Hossiean Bagherzadeh
بواقع کلیسا و مساجد در سوئد واانگلیس هم اکنون چنین است با مل جدید و مدرنیسم
Hossiean Bagherzadeh
درود بیکران برچارلی چاپلین
Fernando Moreno A.
Fernando Moreno A. 6 months ago
Increíble perfomance para la época.
mandataruu 6 months ago
marco minelli
marco minelli 6 months ago
Una società puritana e bigotta come quella americana.........ancora oggi sicuramente razzista dopo l'ennesimo accanimento della polizia verso il "no white". Comunque sono 23 minutes of Masterpiece!
vision- ninja
vision- ninja 6 months ago
Oleg Galinsky
Oleg Galinsky 7 months ago
Maria Grazia Caglioti
Genio...Grandissimo..Unico ..Y love Charlie Chaplin.
Victor Victor
Victor Victor 7 months ago
Esse eu não achei tão legal, mas levou ainda assim o meu curtir porque agradar o público não é fácil
Victor Victor
Victor Victor 7 months ago
ainda mais como é de uma época antiga e tal
How to be a Potato
How to be a Potato 7 months ago
We did a film analysis on Chaplin and joker to draw similarities. What do you think? ruvid.net/video/video-VeX3mVuvsDk.html
jurriaan Adema
jurriaan Adema 8 months ago
New Ref
New Ref 8 months ago
What a beautiful end 💚
Игорь Анистратов
Да-а-а..Чаплин-это культурное достояние всего человечества.
Ruska Terentev
Ruska Terentev 27 days ago
В детстве он очень нравился... Было , что то типа мультиков... Увы , времена меняются.
Igor Kamen
Igor Kamen 9 months ago
14:39на стене над комодом у многодетной семьи TV LED )))
Copokava82 Vitales
Copokava82 Vitales 2 months ago
Всё новое, это хорошо забытое старое)
MrLinoventura 9 months ago
le plus grand !
Arff312 9 months ago
What an awful music!
John Mcclure
John Mcclure 9 months ago
it took me about 5 or 10 seconds for me to figure out why that other guy was having trouble in that little gas powered light enclosure, duh the lights used gas back than so funny
Christian Aagaard
Christian Aagaard 9 months ago
Chaplin is a genius!
alex korni
alex korni 10 months ago
ВИБАЧАЮСЬ але кінцівка все зіпсувала …
MrRouder 10 months ago
Все фильмы Чарли шедевральны!
Fatima Fernandes
Fatima Fernandes 10 months ago
ImaFnT-Rex 10 months ago
dude is like the Terminator.. except without guns :v
popo non
popo non 10 months ago
bad music
iconauta 10 months ago
give me your music, I will add it
ALICE 10 months ago
istván cseh
istván cseh 10 months ago
Becsüljük meg a 100 évvel ezelőtti őseinket,kik kigondolták.-Istent idehívni. Film zene sport.
Adam Zmijewski
Adam Zmijewski 10 months ago
Алёшка Емельянов
Gurunath Janagoudar
Gurunath Janagoudar 11 months ago
How one can dislike these charlies videos? Never understood.
MrKatajisto 21 day ago
The hypercapitalistic syndrome, according to which capitalism must not be dishonored...
JASON 11 months ago
kinda a weird sad feeling
IRAQ BABYLONIAN 11 months ago
Eric campel the big man died in the same year 1917, car accident, was drunken because of his wife and doughter death.
Искра Искристая
Чарли Чаплин ❤️
iconauta Year ago
trad.: Charlie Chaplin ti amo
Alyos Alyos
Alyos Alyos Year ago
Sai Misbah
Sai Misbah Year ago
Kouribga. City. Of. Morrocco. Said. Smerjel.
Amit Choudhary
no one can compete this one.
Percy D.Rojas
Percy D.Rojas Year ago
19:35 ya existia las drogas por inyeccion ?
iconauta Year ago
Someone can help me in adding new subtitles?
Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell 11 months ago
Ricardo Alegria
Chaplin el mejor de todos los tiempos de niño recuerdo ver estas películas en el teatro municipal de Popayan hoy dedicado mas al teatro hoy 2019 me hace reír este gran cómico del cine ricardo alegría zambrano popayan colombia
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