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After the end of "The Annals of Liyue", a member of the audience stands before a painted screen of mountains and rivers, as if expecting to hear echoes from the past.
But the painting on the screen remains silent, for that was a tale from three thousand years ago.
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Nov 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Kharl Marlou jimenez
Kharl Marlou jimenez 8 minutes ago
I'm still waiting for a trailer that can rival this one. Hopefully xiao lives up to the hype
Awesome Ryan
Awesome Ryan 29 minutes ago
I swear the Narrator sounds like Jiraiya whilst the actual character sounds like Hawk Moth
Hayo Lho
Hayo Lho Hour ago
Wow 9m
Yang Jensen
Yang Jensen Hour ago
9 million already omg
Daddy Archon
Daddy Archon Hour ago
Can we agree that this trailer is the best so far?
雲雀恭弥 Hour ago
Everytime this is in my recommendations, I can't help but click on it. It's truly a masterpiece. For a character demo, this for sure will always have a special place in my heart... Even if new character trailers come and go, this will remain on top of my list.
Midgur Hour ago
lmao this was just 8.6m views the other day
SteKlo Hour ago
do u see these 9 million views? *6 millions of them are mine.*
Popcycle aka Lacy
Popcycle aka Lacy 2 hours ago
Sinan A Karim
Sinan A Karim 2 hours ago
9 million views!!!!!! I guess we are the * listeners*...not zhongli
Pluto 2 hours ago
I hope they bring back this banner I really want Zhongli😂😭
Yoon Gi
Yoon Gi 3 hours ago
Holy crap 9 million views! damn this trailer is just too good, the song, voice and scenes are just perfect.
Junior Ye
Junior Ye 3 hours ago
Ok guys! It has been like one month already and I am here again
Drift Scenario
Drift Scenario 4 hours ago
Still don't get how this handsome man can go to battle alone but is a support.
《Night Wølf》
《Night Wølf》 2 hours ago
That handsome man is one of strongest gods in the lore and in the storyline but the game devs thought it was a good idea to make him a support in the game's meta, but don't worry meta is temporary and can be changed but who he is and what he could do is eternal.
Stella Inlucem
Stella Inlucem 7 hours ago
Most viewed character demo up to date. This guy even has the most beautiful gacha art compared to others’ minimalistic art. 🤘🏼
Ahmad Sya'bana
Ahmad Sya'bana 7 hours ago
9m views guys
Joshua Terence Duyag
The best trailer ever!
Graciehyo 8 hours ago
His trailer has the most views...ITS JUST SO ADDICTING
Kte Fish'nships
Kte Fish'nships 2 hours ago
@mimamo yes, but theirs was like released 5-6 months earlier ^^
mimamo 2 hours ago
Actually Xiangling (19 million views), Qiqi (15 million views) and Kaeya (12 million views) have more, but Zhongli sure is on his way to top those. ;)
iHugGojo 8 hours ago
i keep coming back to this trailer..an unhealthy amount
emma aspinwall
emma aspinwall 9 hours ago
whats a non sexual sound that turns you on? me : 1:16
DaKoksi 9 hours ago
The song, the editing... everything of this trailer... a masterpiece!
lisa 9 hours ago
mihoyo please release the full music used for this i am begging on my knees
Aravind Rajkumar
Sype Artz
Sype Artz 10 hours ago
Here Before 10 Milion Views
Maskorama 10 hours ago
Lycoris Aurea
Lycoris Aurea 10 hours ago
Yeah I'm still not over this.
NaoMC2711 12 hours ago
Taki 12 hours ago
10M soon
StaleCroissants 13 hours ago
They say that before he set out, he spoke these words: Uh! Huh! Fweh! *HMMMMMM-DUEH*
Jason Jebaraj
Jason Jebaraj 13 hours ago
I find it hilarious how the Zhongli trailer has a higher viewer rate per day than the latest Ganyu trailer yet Mihoyo done Zhongli so dirty with him in game 😂
jesss lol
jesss lol 12 hours ago
Zhongli is the best!
senshi edits
senshi edits 13 hours ago
fun fact, Zhongli shares the same voice actor as Nazeem from Skyrim.
Abby _0_5
Abby _0_5 14 hours ago
Fun Fact: Zhongli’s voice actor here is the same voice actor who voices Hisoka in the dub of Hunter x Hunter.
Lyan Heartale
Lyan Heartale 16 hours ago
Hi simps
KiraAsakura14 16 hours ago
When it's been 15 mins and the waiter still hasn't given you the Menu. 1:17
Nova破太透 16 hours ago
Let it reach 10m views guys
Nettle 17 hours ago
POV: this is not your first time watching this trailer
Loop Yay
Loop Yay 17 hours ago
We need more buff !!!
JJC 17 hours ago
Can we have that backing track please?
Christofer Polyecsko
Mia 17 hours ago
I need this demo music, please release. It’s sooooooo damn good. The best best demo ever
Rong 19 hours ago
35k views left till we reach 9million
katie small
katie small 19 hours ago
I feel bad, because all I hear are anime characters ;-; but this voice actor is the best of the best soo... I don't really mind
Sunoo Zao
Sunoo Zao 19 hours ago
wow, zhongli's views is 9m.. :O
Bradley O'Connor
Bradley O'Connor 19 hours ago
Can't beat Mr.Zhongli's trailer
J374338 20 hours ago
The last after ZhongLi banner was offline, it was 4M, then 2 weeks later = 6.9M.... now 8.9M..... jesus, i wonder how much more will it go, considering rumors of ZhongLi banner will return in v1.3(Feb) along with Xiao, and will Xiao trailer has the same popularity as ZhongLi? since they both look hot.
Rong 18 hours ago
That ain't true brother hehe
Touyu - Genshin Impact
Here for my daily dose of The Listener.
Commando AMC
Commando AMC 21 hour ago
Who is watching this daily lol
Mohamad Akmal
Mohamad Akmal 21 hour ago
Fast miner lol
Maheee 22 hours ago
goddamit why is this so good. i don't even like zhongli ._.
Maheee 2 hours ago
@Christian i dont like his elemental skill ._.
Christian 6 hours ago
you don't like zhongli?why?
Mrinmay Kumar Das
Mrinmay Kumar Das 22 hours ago
Tbf, Zhongli's Ult has amazing animation. He just drops a fricking planet on enemies. Kind of remind me of Thanos💀
Christofer Polyecsko
It's a meteor but yeah, he's amazing
shining star
shining star 23 hours ago
Yeah... He's the man that fall in love with the Sand God
xiao 23 hours ago
commission: watch this trailer everyday
Louie Pamintuan
Louie Pamintuan 23 hours ago
I'm a straight guy, i don't know why i'm so addicted to zhongli's videos. Something's wrong with me, i don't know why or how.
Taki 12 hours ago
Be gay for Zhongli, we appreciate it
Jean Michel Teub
100 days playing Genshin Impact and I’m still watching this amazing video
*Enters a fast food restaurant* Zhongli: I will have order!
Udayan Mandal
best character demo ever
Elizabeth 2013
I have order to who?
Bizelek sama
Bizelek sama Day ago
The best
iichikah Day ago
How beautiful!
アイスICE Day ago
Waiting for 10M view
Park Mimi
Park Mimi Day ago
I'm waiting for the day Zhongli's trailer will reach 10 million views, king deserves it
Pratik Day ago
The voice and the music are captivating.
H.G. Bonk
H.G. Bonk Day ago
I've watched this so many times
White Wolf
White Wolf Day ago
I get chills watching these videos, I want to watch this in a series style xD (I know there's a manga, but videos o.o oOOOOooooAAAaaaaaaahh :3 )
David Kun03
David Kun03 Day ago
I come here to torture myself because I couldn't get zhongli
Aravind Rajkumar
Same ;-;
Geofer Ochotorena
Please buff the durability or endurance of Zhongli's Stone Stele. It cannot withstand a single spinning attack of a Whopperflower.
Childe - Eleventh Fatui Harbinger
1:29 woah that was very awesome!
yyy iistix
yyy iistix Day ago
probaby the best trailer in genshin ever
Lio Fotia's Wig
voice:drops meteor:drops bass:drops my heart:drops
Miya Day ago
I'm waiting for Genshin to drop the OST for this OTL
Zamas Channel
Siêu phẫm xem mãi đéo chán :3
Tony Wizdard
Tony Wizdard Day ago
Homie getting buffed soon!
So uh so this is what people r saying zhong li demo trailer is addicting? 👨🏻‍🦯
julian gomez
julian gomez Day ago
The music is just amazing in this and it goes so well with the rest of the trailer
PhantomHeit Day ago
anyone else stopping by here everyday
Yoga Permana
Yoga Permana Day ago
Letss Gooo 9 Millions Viewsss
Darknest Satan
У господина Чжун Ли такой классный голос
Efraim Josua
Efraim Josua Day ago
The best character demo ever
Sarah L
Sarah L Day ago
Zhongli’s background music is still the most unique of all the character demo trailers. I love ittttt
Oga Tatsumi
Oga Tatsumi Day ago
Fun Fact : The music sync with movement
Hector_99 Day ago
Ufff nadie supera la demo de zhongli, lo voy repitiendo mas de 50 veces jaja
Gentaro Day ago
Good luck MiHoYo you can make a beter video in the future after uploading this?
How to YEET
How to YEET Day ago
It’s just the fact that he doesn’t have that much dps, he’s a good supporter for defense but other than that he doesn’t do very good dps
Ej Wilson
Ej Wilson Day ago
All 8.8 million of these views are just probably 50 other people like me who watch this constantly
Master Jai
Master Jai Day ago
*I WILL HAVE ORDER* Of french fires and burger
Clinter Day ago
If only ads on the tv were like these. I wouldn't want to create an adblock for them.
Clinter Day ago
If only ads on the tv were like these. I wouldn't want to create an adblock for them.
the fact he's a dragon is what made me happy. plus his animations are fun. if a character looks fun to you for it.
AToothbrush Day ago
0:53-1:34 will never not be cool
Al Al
Al Al Day ago
Я его так и не смогла выбить ☹
Джек из тени
Please send me the link where the track is from. All I found was a different sound. Please.
Bullet Spartan
@Джек из тени ruvid.net/video/video-CWBBoOkRpcs.html It's not the official theme but it's a remix
Джек из тени
@isaac elric :(
isaac elric
isaac elric Day ago
No official release yet
Haruki Day ago
"They say before he set out, he spoke these words" Music : "EeEeEeEEEE"
Anjo Caído
Anjo Caído Day ago
Iida Day ago
Zhongli on the first few seconds: Verifies if what Iron Tongue says is ttue
Gladys Sim
Gladys Sim Day ago
best genshin impact trailer all the time 😌
Ивелтал Покемон
Dawn Otaku
Dawn Otaku Day ago
Tell anything but i love zhongli's trailer the most ╲   ╲     𒆙
blue Day ago
full song of the bgm come home pls-
it's a me
it's a me 2 days ago
best character demo
Firiya 2 days ago
Ganyu's banner dropped but I still can't stop rewatching this trailer. It's so badass.
Mohmed Ahmed
Mohmed Ahmed Day ago
Same thing
課金魂 2 days ago
1.3 BUFF 😂
Rosdi omar Rosdi
Rosdi omar Rosdi 2 days ago
Yeah 1.3 in 19 days left and i'm waiting.
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