Wayne | Ep 1: "Get Some Then"

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Wayne, a 16 year-old Dirty Harry with a heart of gold, sets out on his dirt-bike from Boston to Florida with his new crush Del, to get back a s*** hot '79 Trans Am that was stolen from his father before he died.
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16 янв 2019

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Комментарии 15 919
Sean Hardy
Sean Hardy 2 часа назад
This show is insanely good, please watch it so youtube can make a second season!
ВАДИМ ЗАРУДНЫЙ 4 часа назад
Русские есть?
BANG KASBUN 4 часа назад
Add Bahasa Indonesia PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexander Preston
Alexander Preston 5 часов назад
This is one of the best dark humor shows I've seen since "The end of the f***ing world" (or even better). Season 2 is a must.
Marcio Ramirez Costa
Marcio Ramirez Costa 7 часов назад
Someone know the song who plays on 33:23? (final) and the first?
Нехорошева Тамара
Нехорошева Тамара 7 часов назад
Bape _ Son
Bape _ Son 8 часов назад
*I thought RUvid had a family friendly rule*
Peter A
Peter A 9 часов назад
so he does have a bat 35:00
Emanuel Barajas
Emanuel Barajas 10 часов назад
That's child abuse 30:30
Саша Стручков
Саша Стручков 13 часов назад
Coonie Coonie
Coonie Coonie 13 часов назад
Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aubrey McCullough
Aubrey McCullough 15 часов назад
Alvaro Vasquez
Alvaro Vasquez 18 часов назад
la wea buena
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 18 часов назад
15 mins into this this show and I love it!!
Laury Jasper
Laury Jasper 22 часа назад
Emi Nem
Emi Nem 23 часа назад
It feels weird being from Brockton watching this 😂
Will Buckner
Will Buckner День назад
That's where I left the nunchucks
Kyle The cook next door
Kyle The cook next door День назад
Pretty dope show...i approve of this. You must enjoy this show with a bottle of liquor and some bud
Izz Az
Izz Az День назад
is EP 2 out ?
feep love
feep love День назад
Teryn Shackett
Teryn Shackett День назад
Not sure why but for some reason i dont wanna admit that this is a good show
Drake Hendeson
Drake Hendeson День назад
Yeah like this is even "Family friendly" beating up a 16-year-old kid, cursing everywhere while Racka Racka was the first to create this kind of content and you people just kept hiding their content.
Amanda Sarah Husein
Amanda Sarah Husein День назад
Why we have to buy this? RUvid just add some advertisements in video Good series, peple would love it and much viewers
Adam Hernandez
Adam Hernandez День назад
william combest
william combest День назад
wow angry white boy, never seen that before in a show
Amanda Sarah Husein
Amanda Sarah Husein День назад
Please add Indonesian subtitle
DR. NELSON 4 День назад
5:30 when I show my epiliptic friend flashing lights
Eve Jasper
Eve Jasper День назад
Edit:(I thought I’d put this at the top because I’m an idiot for realising this) I just realised that this might not actually be about Batman. You’re 👏 not👏 David 👏 Mazouz 👏 he’s 👏 the 👏 only 👏 teen👏 batman 👏
Nehir Mendes
Nehir Mendes День назад
John Jagmin
John Jagmin День назад
yo that his half sister or wut
Gülşen Seferli
Gülşen Seferli День назад
Wheres ep2
Vanessa Ghrayeb
Vanessa Ghrayeb День назад
zl yu
zl yu День назад
I like his attitude towards life.
Sasha Popovic
Sasha Popovic День назад
this show is GOLD despite the "family friendly" agenda hypocrisy this displays
Vicente González
Vicente González День назад
*Top 10 anime characters that can beat shaggy even with the 100% of his power*
Rafael Pinho
Rafael Pinho День назад
tem que dublar
Sageof60 День назад
I wanna watch the whole thing over again
No strings attached
No strings attached День назад
Really good TV series
amina miah
amina miah День назад
Re-watching this before my free trial is up.
Йордан Вълев
Йордан Вълев День назад
So RUvid Premium isn't available for my country wich means I can't watch more episodes *Dissapointed Sigh*
Kommander Kosmos
Kommander Kosmos День назад
Very good show. To bad its on RUvid premium …..WILL NEVER PAY RUvid FOR ANYTHING. SJW Socialist pissant pricks
Chazbot День назад
The obnoxious twins get better and better as the show progresses.
Chazbot День назад
The thing that makes his character more than a badass or edgelord is his outraged sense of justice and his ability to STFU. Wayne is a literal SJW. Real edgelords just cannot stop yackking about themselves.
Chazbot День назад
This is a great show, full of memorable characters, snappily edited and very well performed. Mark McKenna is the next thing out of Ireland and he's already a better actor than Aiden Gillen, who he resembles.
FabriKnight12 Tou Moreno SK812
FabriKnight12 Tou Moreno SK812 День назад
el tipo consiguió novia Genial Like :D
Manoel Araujo
Manoel Araujo День назад
A legenda não está sincronizado, impossível acompanhar a série assim
Krayton 86
Krayton 86 2 дня назад
MEGÉRI VÉGIGNÉZNI! SÍRVA RÖHÖGTEM! De nem csak vígjáték! Azért van benne egy pár komoly gondolat is!
Danny Pilay
Danny Pilay 2 дня назад
Ya vi toda la temporada recomendada prros
Dino Kim
Dino Kim 2 дня назад
Hard rock st
FIRE 2 дня назад
dash 2 дня назад
Кто из Рашки лайк
_ BetitoThePlayer
_ BetitoThePlayer 2 дня назад
Weirdest start to a episode ever, man starts off by throwing stuff and breaking windows and getting beat up, then to crazy dancing and already asking out a stranger
Jevansh gaming123
Jevansh gaming123 2 дня назад
best show ever
Suspected Alien
Suspected Alien 2 дня назад
They from my home state of Massachusetts and they tried giving them our Boston accent and i laugh at how stupid it is considering its sorta ok
Mosammat Akther
Mosammat Akther 2 дня назад
Wayne reminds me of Holden Caulfield. Wished both characters existed.
Smokes Emjay
Smokes Emjay 2 дня назад
man I should have been paid for and been watching this from day one. im so upset for missing out on this shows experience
Jessie Castro
Jessie Castro 2 дня назад
That was fun
melanie sosa.
melanie sosa. 2 дня назад
Wayne is fine asf no cap😬😋
Isaac Shur
Isaac Shur 2 дня назад
Well, he uses a variety of tools in a creative fashion to beat up people who deserve it. So I guess he's kinda like Bruce Wayne?
river 2 дня назад
Isaac Shur my favorite is the gnome on a chain
William Harris
William Harris 2 дня назад
I have a hammer
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem 2 дня назад
this is depressing 😟
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem 2 дня назад
*he ripped off the fathers nose with his mouth* 🥺
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem 2 дня назад
girly’s being abused by her father :(
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem 2 дня назад
poor guy found his dad dead i’m- 💔
Shaya Starkidlover
Shaya Starkidlover 2 дня назад
JustAnotherVideoGamer 2 дня назад
I know this is the only free episode but this series is getting good
MODY 2 дня назад
Show box
Keahi Duarte
Keahi Duarte 2 дня назад
Looks like young Drake from Drake and josh
Omarr_v _
Omarr_v _ 2 дня назад
26:26 kinda bike does he have
Kid Arachnid
Kid Arachnid 2 дня назад
An autistic badass... lol
Triggered 2 дня назад
This should be a comic
the life of camdoom
the life of camdoom 2 дня назад
wayne : this ain't my stuff other kid :obviously there's actual books in there
Future Deathgun6
Future Deathgun6 2 дня назад
Wayne is John Wick if he was 17
Raphael Lavios
Raphael Lavios День назад
I saw him as a boston version of batman
Johnesha Tyler
Johnesha Tyler 2 дня назад
How do i continue to watch the next episodes. Its keep saying premium. Wtf. Thanks in advance
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem 2 дня назад
You have to get RUvid Premium, it’s free at first but then you have to pay
Ezio Mist
Ezio Mist 2 дня назад
16:38 Lmao was that a COD hitmarker sound!??
taut strings
taut strings 2 дня назад
am i the only one who sees ciara bravo as nOt the girl from big time rush but as emma chota from red band society?
Spartan 117qz
Spartan 117qz 2 дня назад
Can the support for the show stop for one second and realize the character of "Wayne" here is f u c k i n g a u t i s t i c ?
Ellen SHOW
Ellen SHOW 2 дня назад
When he danced I had a seizure
WIKDPISAKIX 2 дня назад
there from Brockton not Boston people Brockton dont talk like her, Im from Boston
alex roberg
alex roberg 3 дня назад
The girl Just toooo cute💓
Lachy Chills
Lachy Chills 3 дня назад
Hey youtube good job with the whole making rules that dont apply to yourself👍
Алексей Дёмин
Алексей Дёмин 3 дня назад
This "hero" beats the weak, but can not protect the girl. He did not even try. Degradation of society. In Russia, these are called schmuck
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 3 дня назад
I was literally thinking not the kids
Elijah Kilday-Williams
Elijah Kilday-Williams 3 дня назад
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski 3 дня назад
This reminds me of my friend.
Sarah Wiman
Sarah Wiman 3 дня назад
Adult hate lmao
tonytrulove 3 дня назад
This series is just Ray Donovan as a kid
Daniella Martinez
Daniella Martinez 3 дня назад
Finally a good series on youtube
The Shy Gorilla
The Shy Gorilla 3 дня назад
This show is so weird, i love it
luis pratts
luis pratts 3 дня назад
they better make a second season this show is awesome
Avery Hebert
Avery Hebert 3 дня назад
"Are you looking at my breast" "Yes ma'am"
Damien Chavez
Damien Chavez 3 дня назад
Best show but kinda sad but I like it
matheus yuri
matheus yuri 3 дня назад
Esta série foi a melhor! Quando chega a 2ª Temporada ???
skinny 3 дня назад
_"or whatever"_ haha omg
catstronaut love
catstronaut love 3 дня назад
Her dad is just like mine
catstronaut love
catstronaut love 3 дня назад
Wayne it spicy👌
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix 3 дня назад
His dad slightly reminds me of john wick
seth varty
seth varty 3 дня назад
Am I the only one who thought this episode was sad
misa misa
misa misa 3 дня назад
this show is amazing, go watch it you cowards.
Cupcakes R My Life
Cupcakes R My Life 3 дня назад
Wayne is the perfect guy for me i wish i was dell
belivinbeaumont x
belivinbeaumont x 3 дня назад
what accent is this ksks
Derek Hall
Derek Hall 3 дня назад
Boston I think
Sasha-Oliver 3 дня назад
ok i loved it but the thing with the nose was just too much and felt like forced gore as in "look how hardcore we are"
ThatKidUnderTheStall 3 дня назад
Wish it was easy as saying "wanna be my girlfriend?"
Meliodis 3 дня назад
It is
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