Wayne | Ep 1: "Get Some Then"

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Wayne, a 16 year-old Dirty Harry with a heart of gold, sets out on his dirt-bike from Boston to Florida with his new crush Del, to get back a s*** hot '79 Trans Am that was stolen from his father before he died.
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Jan 16, 2019




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Comments 22 354
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 2 hours ago
this, this is something else. I'm sold
Lady Q
Lady Q 2 hours ago
Sin pijama
Kam Warrior
Kam Warrior 5 hours ago
I am so confused
Akhil Jxn
Akhil Jxn 6 hours ago
Kaisa ha
Akhil Jxn
Akhil Jxn 6 hours ago
박준성 8 hours ago
Garyt Ortiz
Garyt Ortiz 10 hours ago
Okay which Wayne is this??
Papaboi 12 hours ago
That man got a girl faster than anyone here damn
null void
null void 12 hours ago
Assert dominance by biting off a dudes nose.
Terry Garcia
Terry Garcia 15 hours ago
This dude giving me some Drake Bell vibes
Kerry Newman
Kerry Newman 16 hours ago
Wild Wayne!
Original Will
Original Will 19 hours ago
Does anybody know what kind of yamaha bike that is.......
Brooklyn Jay
Brooklyn Jay 20 hours ago
I need more
Cringe Sause
Cringe Sause 20 hours ago
Im just a bit dissapointed but its still pretty good
SOLDADO DE OURO 金 22 hours ago
Que série foda man
MyTost 22 hours ago
Love it
MyTost 22 hours ago
Yo bro
Meow Mixッ
Meow Mixッ Day ago
Dude is this in new york they have an accent like that
rigor mortis
rigor mortis 18 hours ago
boston accent i guess
Omar psj
Omar psj Day ago
Drake bell??
emmaunel roman
Wayne should become batman
Mahibur Paik
Mahibur Paik Day ago
Joe C
Joe C Day ago
Students get premium for pennies. It's not that much anyways
jack36 Day ago
This show is horseshit.
Spacedog 456
Spacedog 456 Day ago
Del ain't short for nothin bullpoop Del = dellorlol
brokencrown 84
She has a thick Brooklyn accent
terore daman
terore daman Day ago
thats la troy from the next step
Debendra Bag
Debendra Bag Day ago
Ģrlq2ä .0b 0a
T.O.M- Twist of Mind
14:04 is there another camerastand for shot
Paulo Eduardo
Por que as legendas não funcionam como deveriam???😡
Elías Chávez
I'm here for the "who the hell you think you is" add
Simon Jeffries
It’d be cooler if the trans am was from 72 not 79
cindys baby
cindys baby 2 days ago
This is full on ceime
Itz EnzoYT
Itz EnzoYT 2 days ago
You allow this on RUvid, but demonetise Rakaraka?!
Sergey M
Sergey M 2 days ago
А че нет на русском?
Boss1 2 days ago
*Who the hell you think you is?*
comrade bear
comrade bear 2 days ago
There were so many ads for this. Eventually I caved in and here i am now
freekin oof
freekin oof Day ago
Preeti Singh
Preeti Singh 2 days ago
Its a really cool series...:)
Timi Dutta
Timi Dutta 2 days ago
Is it dc?
Roberta Simon
Roberta Simon 2 days ago
And Dels dad plays the car thief in the Allstate commercials**😁😁
Epic 2 days ago
Yo Mayhem does Allstate cover your nose
jilani dastaan
jilani dastaan 2 days ago
7986309074 my WHATSAP searching gf
Michael Wargo
Michael Wargo 2 days ago
Stephen Gauthier
Stephen Gauthier 2 days ago
Love this show
Luiz Fernando Oliveira
Muito bom,lembra muito eu !
Graiben 2 days ago
Blade Mail
Blade Mail 2 days ago
This is the garbage that appears every time as advertising, which does not let see what one really seeks.
Sofi 2 days ago
Ciara Bravo are u?
Rubens Manoel de Oliveira
Ali madri
rafael Angel
rafael Angel 2 days ago
subtitulos en esopañol 👑🔶🔹
Asang Jamir
Asang Jamir 3 days ago
Awesome series!!!👍 I love the character of wayne..he's cool and hard-core.😎 Its interesting to watch the whole episodes of season 1...can't wait for the Season 2. I hope he gets reunited with his love a.k.a Del again.💕😄
mystic ADHD
mystic ADHD 3 days ago
I clicked on this because it looked like Dan the diamond minecart
urtypicalasian7 3 days ago
Bruh this makes no sense
Sofi 3 days ago
i like this serie
Alex Werner
Alex Werner 3 days ago
А тут можно потянуть английский Спасибо Ютуб
Livblooden 3 days ago
*_Now who the he’ll you think you is?_*
Qsgz_ _ UNKNOWN 3 days ago
I need to watch the other episodes but I don't have Red or a card
L delivery man
L delivery man 3 days ago
Is that girl the voice of the little girl on fugget about it
Azoo Bhai Azoo Bhai
You cool men
Ronalldo Barros
Ronalldo Barros 3 days ago
*Screw Off*
Gary T
Gary T 3 days ago
When he started dancing I was dead
Katerina Kubatina
27:28 a little unnoticeable detail: the landlord's been watching some shitty tv series in russian or a movie. You can hear a woman arguing with somebody. When he opens the door: "You've crossed the line... smth bla-bla-bla... I've told you!..." Awkward. I wasn't expecting to hear russian in this show at all. But it gives a little bit more info of a character though.
Henry Playz
Henry Playz 4 days ago
Just came here to leave a lovely dislike. Give creators equality #freerakkarakka
Giiih batata
Giiih batata 4 days ago
Pqp ksksakakksa amei
BlueYoshiKid 4 days ago
"You wanna go cut some snakes in half with a shovle?" True romance
p i n k b l a n k e t
Red band society huh
Sandra Laraux
Sandra Laraux 4 days ago
Ice. The power of God. You have every right to explode
Sandra Laraux
Sandra Laraux 4 days ago
Learn to lie
Manja Küster
Manja Küster 4 days ago
Sandra Laraux
Sandra Laraux 4 days ago
What would you do for cookies
Alex V
Alex V 4 days ago
I laughed so hard when he started dancing
Ranu Singh
Ranu Singh 4 days ago
King Nightrus
King Nightrus 4 days ago
CAn I get ep 2
Tue Quach
Tue Quach 4 days ago
I hate your video 😫😡😠
Dominus Sātomé
Dominus Sātomé 4 days ago
I'm still trying to make sense out of the beginning, you stare at 3 guys, one throw a cigarette at you and throw a piece a big piece of snow on his bike than he throws a rock at the convenience store, the 3 guys said he did it, got his asswhooped and than throw another big piece of snow and walk away???🤨
Black Phoenix777
Black Phoenix777 4 days ago
Hope they make a season 2!
Alexis McAuliffe
Alexis McAuliffe 4 days ago
The worst Boston accents wtf
Panchito Chancay
Panchito Chancay 4 days ago
little potato man
Very cool
Despajacob Is surviving
Why are comments disabled on the other vodeos
Osmar Ariel Orué Ojeda
Yt premium?
wolfie skyys
wolfie skyys 5 days ago
This is flippin amazing
Cineption 5 days ago
por qué recién ahora me acabo de enterar de esta serie?
The Ohtorian
The Ohtorian 5 days ago
5:35 I bursted out laughing
Björn Ennemoser
Björn Ennemoser 5 days ago
Every Single time someone says "f*ck" you have to drink - Cheers
Eliane Lima Ferreira
Feio ķkkkkkkkkkkkkkkķķkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Die 5 days ago
I love their accents
So So
So So 5 days ago
Brockton is a town full of too many black ppl irl
tommy labors
tommy labors 5 days ago
Wayne's dad looks like Billy Martin.....R.i.p
Aj Gonzalez
Aj Gonzalez 5 days ago
6:47 what a savage
Rise Rose
Rise Rose 5 days ago
Wait this show is so good oh my god
hm hm
hm hm 5 days ago
*I thought this was like Bruce Wayne*
Sandro Souza
Sandro Souza 5 days ago
Dublado em português!!!
Madison Forsey
Madison Forsey 5 days ago
Me:*gets into show* Me:Better go watch the next episode!!!!!!☝️ Epiosode: gotta have RUvid red to watch it Me: bloody hell
Flx Gld
Flx Gld 2 days ago
You:"need to spend the 9.99 for the month (hopefully it's your first time that way you can get the free trial)
Victor Badilla
Victor Badilla 5 days ago
Para cuando doblado al español??
Alexis B
Alexis B 5 days ago
Is this really the same girl that played Kendall’s little sister on Big time rush 😂. Dang she changed
Bhanuprtap Kushwaha
J j j j
Alexis B
Alexis B 4 days ago
ninetailgoku Deku
Vinicius Gabriel
Vinicius Gabriel 5 days ago
second time watching
Ares Langer
Ares Langer 5 days ago
Am I not alone in the fact that whenever someone does something stupid I just wanna yell “WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU IS”
Jacky Dandan
Jacky Dandan 6 days ago
How this even possible to make without a lawsuit
Dilip Yadav
Dilip Yadav 5 days ago
Jacky Dandan xcd
George Jojan06
George Jojan06 6 days ago
Damn it I thought RUvid were going to make a Batman series
Meme - azing!
Meme - azing! 6 days ago
The Man with a heart of Gold, This is gonna be good
SOMEONE ! 5 days ago
Pastadon 6 days ago
Like father like son! This show deserves to be nominated man. Not even joking i only watched the first Episode and i can tell this is fixing to be a powerful and emotional series. So answer me this tho is he supposed to be based on Dirty harry as a kid?
Alisha Marie Moonraye
I grew up In Brockton MA. Its ghetto AF lmao.
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