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The crew discusses the lack of results in the Democratic Iowa caucuses.
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Comments 80
The Bull Sh*t Starts Here
And now we just had the rumble in vegas, bloombugs KO. by an old lady, this show is really exciting, you guys should take turns lighting firecrackers under each other's asses. It would double your subs,
John Croyle
John Croyle Month ago
The republican party are not sowing any undue discord. But they are guilty of the same thing they're accusing dems of.
Alexander Ruiz
Alexander Ruiz Month ago
*One of many examples of why leftist/socialists should never be in the White House. Along with what Nancy did* This is why people should never allow government to rule every aspect of their life.. God how people to see what's up. John 3:16
Dank Audio Stash
Why does this have so many downvotes?
Lucy Month ago
Dank Audio Stash It’s political; no matter what there will be the knee jerk dislikes
Last in line
Last in line Month ago
Fact is the Democratic Party was trying to tamper the numbers of vote to reflect in their favor but even better Bernie Sanders the Old Socialist Sellout was the clear favorite.. Damn embarrassing when a loser like Socialist Bernie the Sellout that beat out the Democratic Favorite.. Seriously stop voting Socialist or Libtard just stop .. Those particular political views is not a fresh breath of air when it's actually a Pandemic Mental Health Disease which consistantly causes more Destructive behavior..
Gcode Mfg
Gcode Mfg Month ago
Fivethirtyeight is just not unbiased, a bunch of guys high on caffeine talking about nothing.
iron lawson
iron lawson Month ago
Hard not to talk about nothing when you are provided with nothing to talk about
reddirtuk Month ago
What is it these presenters don't get, Its not a flawed design in the app , its done what it was designed to do = undermine Bernie Sanders
Cegesh Month ago
Pete and Cliton hacks paid the app. Also Sanders won the popular vote.
Jake Biddlecome
Jake Biddlecome Month ago
I still don't know what the Scottish teens are exactly. I know it's some kind of inside joke because it doesn't come up in Google searches but I still don't get it. Am I too dumb for this?
Jake Biddlecome
Jake Biddlecome Month ago
@AndorianBlues Thank you! I've been listening to them for awhile now and trust them more than anybody in political podcasting. I go to Pod Save when I need a liberal echo-chamber, and I go to 538 to get the real deal. I've learned so much from them, especially when to say I don't know in regards to things like online polls and betting markets.
AndorianBlues Month ago
It's a joke about betting markets. Whenever people reference betting markets as if they have any kind of ability to make predictions Nate points out that it's basically just randos on the internet that shape those markets, there's no real reason to think they know better than a statistical model. I don't know why it' Scottish teens in particular that he picks on, but I do know making online bets (including politics bets) is a lot easier in the UK.
Keyvon Green
Keyvon Green Month ago
Bring Harry Eaton back...
Nolan P
Nolan P Month ago
Just seeing Nate's face when the Buttigieg tweet comes out - flabberghasted.
JayRodsVideos Month ago
Why are people disliking this en masse like 538 had anything to do with it?
HyperActive7 Month ago
Bottom line, nobody cares about caucuses anymore or the fact the democrats are walking disasters to begin with!
Josephsf1 Month ago
When 4 lefties get together and can't even begin to fathom the obvious: this was a fucking shit show, and it was on the Democrat watch.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Month ago
Schiff and Schumer said it’s the Russians fault.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Month ago
It’s the Russians fault.
The Doctor Professor
Is Nate balding or did his barber just run a razor across the top of his head?
jeffh287 Month ago
I'm just gonna say it - I've never been a fan of Micah. He reeks of coastal elitist liberalism, and makes no attempt to hide it. Nate is the awesome lovable nerd, and the reason most of us found FiveThirtyEight initially. Clare is thoughtful and insightful. She really tries to see the other side and to understand differing viewpoints. Galen is just Galen. I really miss Harry. He left and now we're stuck with Micah. Harry is like the ex that got away. I hate you for what you did to me, but I would accept you back in an instant. Please come back Harry. Things aren't the same without you. P.S. I think Nate secretly dislikes Micah too. But is diplomatic about it because they're colleagues. But that's just my hunch.
Pete Month ago
Bernie won - this is just the DNC trying to screw him. Mayor Pete's campaign donated $34000 to Shadow Inc the voting app company that screwed Iowa...Shadow Inc is also full of Hillary Staffers...
Zekholgai Month ago
Nate seems really mad about how this screwed up the model
dregeye Month ago
16:31 Nate Silver USES tennis champion NAOMI OSAKA as an example of one whose legitimate moment of recognition was stolen by a losing competitor inappropriately throwing a tantrum on court, YET Mr. Silver 'feeds' that INJUSTICE by IGNORING US Open Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka's name and only mentioning the name of the poor-sport losing competitor.
utterbullspit Month ago
*RIGGED!!!* Just tell people the truth! The DNC can't believe Bernie did so well and now they're trying to rig the results *ONCE AGAIN!*
Merle Keller-DIckey
So we can expect all kinds of sloppy ( illegal ) counting .....I suggest we stop all mail in ballots except from the military ...
dee Pea
dee Pea Month ago
Takes time to rig an election. Keep voting for Democrat slavers. #LiveFreeorDie
R SR Month ago
Its trumpian??? Who is still whining about the 2016 election??? Fk u douch
K M Month ago
Trump 2020
Shane Foster
Shane Foster Month ago
Can we get rid of Claire? She's more suited for Dem Now or some left-screaming site and does not fit on a group of data analysts and historians.
the last wild one
Running on Empty
The DNC will do anything to stop Bernie. We will have to fight with everything we have to get him elected.
Sean Pan
Sean Pan Month ago
Jinxed by impeachment. What do you expect?
Sean Pan
Sean Pan Month ago
Don't tell me they have already threaded the paper ballots.
Sean Pan
Sean Pan Month ago
Prediction: 2024 Iowan Primary will be on a super Tuesday.
Raven Rock
Raven Rock Month ago
I remember from last night about y'all talking about Iowa caucus being a complete shitshow. It brought up a quote from one of my favorite cheesy films, Kingpin, "Hey everybody there's a shit cloud coming! Run for your lives!" Can that be one of your headlines for when this is all said and done?
Captain1 Jones
Captain1 Jones Month ago
I don't think Bernie is being screwed over. But unfortunately that's the story that will be hanging over the remainder of this election.
Ezikeal Month ago
He says "There is some confusion" Really when wasn't it.
CCW Noob
CCW Noob Month ago
The majority of results have been promised by 5:00 EST! So all you minorities ... s.o.l.
jumping jack
jumping jack Month ago
The Disney hacks
Dadelijk plak ik m op je muil.
The app was not swampproof.
motoputz Month ago
JoeBroShow Month ago
Calm down people, the entire Iowa Caucus process is managed by the Iowa Democratic Party, the DNC has absolutely nothing to do with it.
night hawk
night hawk Month ago
DNC: so anyways, I started blasting
Chew Manfoo
Chew Manfoo Month ago
this video looks like it was shot through a dirty fish tank. Maybe get a filter? Or move the camera out from behind the guppies?
art morgan
art morgan Month ago
Dem example of running things. Can't even count.
M P Month ago
Democrats need more time for the dead voters to vote.
Liam McHale
Liam McHale Month ago
The chief executive, Tara Mcgowan of the company (ACRONYM) which founded and spun off the Iowa-app developer (SHADOW INC) is married to a Buttigeg advisor and huge fan of Mayor Pete. The company Acronym is a Washington based political/tech 'non profit' with unknown funding and an associated superPAC, 'Pacronym'. Acronym has significant resources as evidenced by a $75 million dollar digital advertisement campaign late last year. (readsludge.com/2019/11/06/whos-behind-dems-new-75-million-ad-campaign/) 'Prior to founding Acronym, McGowan spent four years as the digital director of liberal hybrid super PAC Priorities USA Action, which received big donations from wealthy Democratic Party donors such as Haim Saban, James Simons, Soros, Donald Sussman, and the Emerson Collective, the LLC run by Laurene Powell Jobs, in the 2016 election cycle.' On their website (now only visible in archive) Acronym writes that they have 'launched' SHADOW INC in 2019 (twitter.com/Ravagiing/status/1224608821055836161/photo/1) however Tara tweeted last night that the 'non-profit' Acronym was merely an 'investor' and had no idea of operations(twitter.com/taraemcg/status/1224591572458668032). A SUPER PAC WAS IN CHARGE OF THE APP USED IN THE IOWA CAUCUS. 'QUALITY CONTROL' TESTING WAS CONDUCTED BY A FIRM CO-FOUNDED BY ROBBIE MOOK. (twitter.com/lhfang/status/1224561674679488513) THE 'DEVELOPER' TEAM AT SHADOW INC CONSISTED OF A SMALL GROUP OF FORMER CLINTON CAMPAIGN STAFFERS INCLUDING CEO GERARD NIEMIRA, FORMER HILARY FOR AMERICA DIRECTOR AND GROUNDBASE CEO. THE EMPORER HAS NO CLOTHES.
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon Month ago
VOTE PAPER BALLOTS ONLY !!!!!! Silicon Valley PROVED last night that they can steal our elections. They intend to steal the entire NATIONS ELECTIONS this fall.
Lacey Pelham
Lacey Pelham Month ago
i've tried to be civic minded and keep informed so i've reached the conclusion that this is yet another example of why people tune out.
Lacey Pelham
Lacey Pelham Month ago
that's it, then. we've reached the point that everything in government is funny and what we all deserve. what a surprise, given that we've had trump for what feels like a lifelong nightmare.
Raymond Cook
Raymond Cook Month ago
Adam Schiff: "It is all Trumps fault. We MUST Censure him and impeach him again after he is re-elected." The rest of the country is laughing at the Democrat party because there was no glitch. They are merely rigging who they want the candidate will be and then follow thru to NOVEMBER. My money is on Bloomberg because Hillary Clinton paid off $46 million in democrat debt to be the "CHOSEN ONE" and Money talks. Sanders is so Socialist/Communist, the Democrat party will not pick him or anyone else. Warren lied about being native American and America is tired of voting for liars. Besides, Every video I see of her or photo shows her screaming at the camera. America doesn't want someone as president who has anger issues. Medicare for all? Up to $50 Trillion dollars will bankrupt America. All of the other plans costing Trillions of dollars only benefit DEMOCRATS, not Americans in general. Please everyone. I am Laughing at the House Democrats wanting to Censure the president now, knowing they will not get him removed. Since the 1960's America has never had 2 dozen people of one party running for president. Please VOTE in November. Don't feel Complacent your vote doesn't matter. That is how we lost the House. We all know the Demorats will go all out to get every Democrats to register to vote along with the dead people and illegals to vote Twice in November. Call everyone you know, REGISTER to vote and get out and Vote in November.
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Month ago
this is nothing more than a bunch of stupid democrats stalling until they can figure out a way to steal another nomination from Bernie.
Rob K
Rob K Month ago
They are using Electronics and APPS to record results. Have they never heard of hacking..? REALLY..? They say they are concerned about election tampering. Why not eliminate the possibility by requiring a ballot. And make sure every voter is identified to make sure one person doesn't put in 10 votes. They Talk about Democracy... Yet they don't practice it.
Bryan S
Bryan S Month ago
More thumbs down than up, ah ha ha ha ha ha
Bryan S
Bryan S Month ago
The Liberal Dem Iowa Caucus is a National Joke now. This show is a Liptard bunch of real beauties at the table. The guys are like nuters and the Woman acts like holier than thou man hater and probably a lesbian. Well isn't that just great. TRUMP 2020 LIPTARDS
Rob K
Rob K Month ago
The Democrats have found new ways to manipulate the actual results... Ask Bernie how that works...
Trisha Kraybill
Trisha Kraybill Month ago
You can't trust computers anymore. Need to get back to paper votes.Computers get hacked.
AK Month ago
Part of me really hopes Bernie does come up on top if we ever get the Iowa results.. Mostly because I can't wait to see the reactions from the Bernie bros who are already screaming "RIGGED!"
Chris Neville
Chris Neville Month ago
The Iowa Democratic Party is in contact with Broward County Florida officials on how to fix their mess.
Daphne Holmes
Daphne Holmes Month ago
There's meddling in our elections alright but it's NOT the Russians, it's the DNC!!
stischer47 Month ago
The Number ONE thing you do NOT do with a critical software system is roll it out for a very important event UNTIL it has been checked, rechecked, tested for all possible problems, ESPECIALLY if you are going to be on TV. This is embarassing for those of us in software development...as well as Americans in general.
misantropology Month ago
What the hell is up with all these downvotes? Are the chapos too dumb to understand that 538 wasn't in charge of the voting?
Richard Mijangos
Cant blame Russia anymore. A Clinton backed tech company named Shadow, created this disastrously rigged app. You can't make this stuff up smfh
Bruce Haulley
Bruce Haulley Month ago
So, the first commentator starts off by saying it's a little "Trumpian to throw down on the process"? You immediately characterize a legitimate questioning of the incompetent handling of the Iowa democratic process as a personal "flaw" of the elected President? Wow, the Democrats are doomed. You can't even own your own eff-ups. And cannot be trusted with any election.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy Month ago
It’s appropriate no one won .. none of them will win in November either
DoobTube Month ago
"It's a little Trumpian to throw doubt on the process"... Seems like the process is flawed buddy.
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes Month ago
Yep, typical TDS symptom, blame Trump though he has nothing to do with it. Those people are deranged.
Daniel Dietsche
Daniel Dietsche Month ago
Can't believe I watched 2/3 of this...
Gary Hawkins
Gary Hawkins Month ago
6:39 Ok I'lll buy this explanation if long-term everything is tight as a drum
Stephen Barnard
Stephen Barnard Month ago
“iT wAs ApP fAuLt” ....this is how democracy dies
L Rodriguez
L Rodriguez Month ago
Well, don't blame the Democrats, it is not easy to count all the deceased people who voted!
rich mclean
rich mclean Month ago
Super delegates to the rescue
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick Month ago
We're continually told how important voting is. Roll out pop culture's biggest names for the latest "Rock the Vote" campaign. And for what? For this nonsense. Politics never changes. Even after this outsider was suppose to roll through Washington and drain the swamp---nothing has changed. Now, we just have a president who embarrasses us & lowers the moral standard for human decency pretty much every day he's in office with his offensive tweets & disgusting behavior. And it wouldn't be any better with Hillary Clinton and her brand of corruption in power, either. For the first time in a very long time, I actually care about this year's election. Because of Andrew Yang. He's a different candidate, in my opinion. But, last night CNN barely mentioned his name. This whole time you never see him mentioned when they cover the polls. It's always DNC approved candidates having their ugly mugs plastered all over the news. It's the same 'ol same 'ol. Here I am the guy on the outside, the guy who usually could not give a rat's ass about politics. Dear God shoot me in the head right now than force me to waste my time listening to this contrived drivel. I'd rather sit in the waiting room at my doctor's office. Jesus... And this is what I get. This crap. This ridiculous excuse for an election. What a fucking joke.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown Month ago
Nate Silver 2015: IOWA is huge! Nate Silver 2019: IOWA doesn’t matter Nate Silver 2020: Pete coming in second is the real winner.. and IOWA IS HUGE!!!!
And Me
And Me Month ago
they will blame trump and russia, both sides are good with the process when they win, when they lose they dont
Joe Madej
Joe Madej Month ago
If the tech is no good----then let's go back to the old way----that always worked!!
Joseph Jimenez
Joseph Jimenez Month ago
Regardless of what you think about the RNC, the DNC is far more corrupt. Trump had the same treatment by the RNC at first, but legitimately nominated the candidate the people chose. I’ll vote red until the DNC relinquishes the party to the people.. swamp scum
roc Month ago
indeed. the world is ruined by PC, nepotism, cronyism. culture of offense, lack of training and expertise, naive optimism and corruption
James Sandy
James Sandy Month ago
Maybe something great will come out of this eventually: The long-overdue end of the travesty of a first-in-the nation caucus being held in Iowa every four years.
Dave Lamson
Dave Lamson Month ago
Leftism find a cure.
dennis haessly
dennis haessly Month ago
Democrats run their city's the same way.
randy stevens
randy stevens Month ago
Bernie won and the DNC will do ANYTHING to stop that.
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