Challenger Cassiopeia Commentary | Vs Zoe | Preseason - League of Legends

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Jungler diff
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 41
PekinWoof 9 months ago
I didn't want to upload this video, but I want to hear your guys thoughts on it versus my other ones. To me it didn't feel very good, what do you guys think?
John Parish
John Parish 9 months ago
PekinWoof it was a very good game I hear higher elo players say there is not much difference but the plays in this game showcase your teammates awareness and the enemy team. How to play safe in all situations is the key to climbing, you could’ve been cocky and played more aggro but closed it out that’s what I want to see
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 9 months ago
i liked it. but mainly because i dont see many playing cass.
Redeagl 1
Redeagl 1 9 months ago
I personally would like to see more contested games or losses, as they add to the excitement and there's also a lot to learn from those too. Best wishes!
Ferdinand Martin
Ferdinand Martin 9 months ago
I guess what you mean is that you were kind of "off"? not sure how to say that in english but maybe a bit mindless, with your thoughts somewhere else? If so maybe but dw ♥
Noah Thornburg
Noah Thornburg 9 months ago
Not sure what you think is wrong with it. I appreciate you uploading actual high elo games and explaining your thought processes
Sander Koldenhof
Sander Koldenhof 8 months ago
How the hell was this in my sub feed, lmao.
mjreigne Re
mjreigne Re 8 months ago
I know that Pekin dis his best but I just can't ignore Pyke.
zaknafein254 9 months ago
The hell is this? Someone who makes amazing plays and doesn't scream "I'M A GOD"? Man, it has taken me way too long to find a channel like this one
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 9 months ago
Can you play Quinn? Edit: by can I mean could you play her for a video
Procrastinating and bored
Now every single quide starts like: so I took conqueror...
Johnny M.
Johnny M. 9 months ago
could you possibly make a video on a comprehensive list to push vs certain champs? i see a lot through your commentary or someone elses that its best to push fast under their turret because its hard for them to cs like anivia or malzahar etc does that game plan change if im ranged or melee (zed, yasuo, etc?) ty and keep it up!!!!
Suma 9 months ago
Love pekin commentaries. so humble and calculated u can actually learn something
The Wandering Shadow
Do you ever play Swain? I would love to see you play him.
The Wandering Shadow
@PekinWoof Fair enough, lol. Thanks for replying, keep it up!
PekinWoof 9 months ago
I don't because he isn't really strong mid at all right now
Ryodan 9 months ago
Man, upload whatever, win or loss, a game you thought is good or bad, personally speaking i'll watch any like i said earlier i don't even play midlane nor even face those matchups yet the commentary and your decision making is very valuable, keep going man.
Morthem 9 months ago
What i like about this video is to see how you manage your positioning to play agnaist Zoe. Two times she ults from way too close, and you could have trown a Q so she gets hit with it the moment she returns, but only noticed that happen only 2 times in the whole game. One, when you were may be too close to her tower, and the other, almost at the ending, but it was in the middle of a teamfight, so really don't think it matters. At 12:00 i know you can reset for an item because you have a lot of gold, but the Zoe is out of mana. I would have stayed to get one plate, but I guess that since the jungler is olaf, you can't slow him down if he ganks, and would be the equivalent of throwing the game. At 16:40, why didn't Zoe double flash to get away?
T1J 9 months ago
big fan of the channel. mid is my worst role and i think a lot of your commentary is helping me get a little better
Fahad , AKA : Fx
Fahad , AKA : Fx 9 months ago
maybe one day we can get the runes in the description
Viejitz87 9 months ago
woof squad! thanks for the content
Naeno 9 months ago
Ever gonna upload loses to learn from them, see what went wrong?
The Enki
The Enki 9 months ago
I'm in a dispute with myself now. Do i watch this now? Later before going to sleep? Or just twice as always? Aaah Pekin.. I am weak
oskar karlsson
oskar karlsson 9 months ago
Would u consider making a tier list video?
Dalton Wood
Dalton Wood 9 months ago
Thank you for making league content that isnt click bait. I have stopped watching so many creators because of their "100% BROKEN RITO NERFS INCOMING OMG"
H.47 9 months ago
that is exactly what I wanted to see.Can you do conq ryze as well?
R3TR0 9 months ago
man seriously, best league youtuber..... you admit mistakes, you learn and explain them, you explain all of yours plays so in-depth, from a silver player its so helpful to understand how to improve :) love the content man !
Red Riding Cape
Red Riding Cape 9 months ago
I've been playing some cassio recently, been considering starting sapphire with tp for a faster tear, what do you think about that? Also, I've been having trouble with kiting with cassio because of how you have to target E in between movement, on ADCs I can use A+click and not have to target specifically and it makes kiting so much easier and quicker, are there any tricks to cassio for this or do I just need a ton of practice and find ways to be more accurate and quick with my mouse?
Jorge Ortiz
Jorge Ortiz 9 months ago
Know that it isn't REALLY good, but can you show us a bit of Sylas mid? I used to love him in the Jungle, but he kinda sucks now. I still love the champ, so I wanna try him mid...
Go Throne
Go Throne 9 months ago
I like how the past few videos have been a transition from “this is a Christian Minecraft server” to an average of 1 fuck every .8 minutes. Also always like for first cannon.
Gabriel Dias
Gabriel Dias 9 months ago
Tarzaned as always stomping the jungle, the guys a freaking god. Great gameplay too btw
Martin L.
Martin L. 9 months ago
Omg 0 dislikes ! Never seen that before
amazing !
amazing ! 7 months ago
You jinxed it
BansheeNT-D 9 months ago
I love to see more Aurelion Sol 💜 And maybe a Rumble Match :p
Colby Longer
Colby Longer 9 months ago
This man’s content is fucking fantastic. Straight to the point. Beautifully done, my friend. No click bait, nothing. Just raw content and information.
Magick 9 months ago
Will you play some ryze conq? Its truly op when you prock it and heal like 120hp per one Q or E atleast after lvl6
1e23456789 9 months ago
Nice vids man, very informative. Salute from EUW
Anthony Zoldork
Anthony Zoldork 9 months ago
have you ever done a kennen mid vid?
PekinWoof 9 months ago
I have not
Ard 9 months ago
Meanwhile the melee creep at 1:59 has identity issues, holding a balloon has a lot of responsibilities you know.
Goilism 9 months ago
Nice Video you are very good with Cassio
Eccentrec 9 months ago
Any video of Zoe taking an L is worth watching lmao. That's the kind of quality content that I subscribed for.
John Flanagan
John Flanagan 9 months ago
I don't even play mid, but I feel that I am getting better at knowing the matchups and at the game in general! Keep it up man :)
TheBigs108 9 months ago
Great video pekin if you play any qiyana games can you upload them i want to see your view on how to play her with the new items
vet0 9 months ago
It would be nice if you ran down some of your League keybinds and graphics settings and why you choose them. I've been liking the daily uploads. Great work.
Gabriel M.G.
Gabriel M.G. 9 months ago
Hey Pekin, I just subscribed to your twitch channel because that's the only way I can see to support you. Do you have a streaming schedule or a preferred time that you stream?
Gabriel M.G.
Gabriel M.G. 9 months ago
@PekinWoof Thanks! Looking forward to it 👍
PekinWoof 9 months ago
I don't stream currently but will in the future - Also I will be posting about it everywhere when I do
Warlock 9 months ago
Almost missed the first Canon but he got it in the end y'all know what to do
RAVALOS 9 months ago
I enjoy these late night uploads a great vid to watch before bed. Keep up the good work pekin
Lord of Hatred
Lord of Hatred 9 months ago
I love when you do these control mages. Can you give us some more conqueror aurelion sol in the future? It feels just so powerful
Synth 9 months ago
@Torres he said some more
Torres 9 months ago
Pretty he already have one if you didn't saw.
Synth 9 months ago
PekinWoof 9 months ago
Yes it will come your way
Burt 9 months ago
Just as I’m beginning to shut my phone off to sleep at 1am. I see this in my notifications. How can I refuse some quality content.
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