Chael Sonnen makes predictions for Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 | First Take

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Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen joins First Take to discuss the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246.
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Published on


Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 758
SIgSaucer 25
SIgSaucer 25 13 days ago
The segment would have been a disaster without Cheal.
Ted Bicard
Ted Bicard 15 days ago
Chael usually gets it wrong, never seen him get 1 right, once again wrong, unlucky hope he don't gamble, would of said Connor but other 2 did, Chael in the ring animal
Bill Sye
Bill Sye 20 days ago
Chael how good is Conor really
Phet Insixiengmay
Chael......is a joke
Joe Sheridan
Joe Sheridan 23 days ago
Typical of chael to talk so much and still get out predicted by a couple of non mma guys
The world king
The world king 24 days ago
Fixed fight 😂
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown 26 days ago
Chael has way too much makeup on here
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 27 days ago
Son em sonnen at it again
Tony Rockafella
Tony Rockafella 27 days ago
Thank you Steven- a, thank you Max and thank you Chanel
Madawg65 27 days ago
Conner in 40 sec
Tfatk Fan
Tfatk Fan 27 days ago
Hey Max? Chael who? lol 6:21
zTheBoss 28 days ago
I think Conor will win via Head kick in 40 seconds
Ayem Zoffat
Ayem Zoffat 28 days ago
Yeaaaah right!!! Mr. Smith, Mr. Kellerman and yes...Mr. Sonnen, 3 of the best game & fight predictors of all time!!! Gimme a break!😂😂😂😉😉😉🤕🤕🤕😎😎😎
R V 28 days ago
Chael fit right in with these guys :)
Vincent Corleone
Vincent Corleone 28 days ago
Chael Sonnen is like a Stock Analysis. He is always wrong. Bet against him and the house hahaha
Stan3k 28 days ago
170 pounds was just so he can fight again im a months time at 155, funny how experts comeup with 30 other reasons but miss the truth. Remember that fans everytime you listen to expert analisys of reasoning
J.C. Miller
J.C. Miller 28 days ago
That guy said that's why you dont have long undefeated streaks 🤣🤣🤣🤣 obviously hes a casual even tho hes reporting on the sport. Cause hes apparently never heard of Jon Jones, Kahbib, Tony Ferguson, Jose Aldo back a few years ago same with Anderson Silva and GSP in their primes and many many more.
John The Don
John The Don 28 days ago
so glad Uncle Chael is on here to make some sense of all this, & just makes me feel safe knowing he’s on the streets
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 28 days ago
Who's the girl in red? Shes hot.
Jeff Perteet
Jeff Perteet 28 days ago
You caught it as well huh, peekaboo dress is sexy
Munch my Ass
Munch my Ass 28 days ago
unchael chael always dominates the space hes in
Danie l
Danie l 28 days ago
This video was 12x longer than the fight
Tor Torsson
Tor Torsson 28 days ago
I have played against chaels predictions for one year now, and i am 7.000usd plus.
J Greenseed
J Greenseed 28 days ago
I'm predicting Conor wins in 1st round in about 40seconds.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts 17 days ago
No way this was actually posted before the fight... was it?
Sohrab Ahmadi
Sohrab Ahmadi 21 day ago
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature 25 days ago
Good call!
AsianAssassin 50
AsianAssassin 50 27 days ago
I'm going for 39
Mani Singh
Mani Singh 27 days ago
Haa... U Got that..Son of a Gun.
J Greenseed
J Greenseed 29 days ago
That's why you don't have long undefeated streaks... Khabib: Am I a joke to you?
josh z
josh z 29 days ago
Tony ferguson hold mywing Chung
BOA Channel
BOA Channel 29 days ago
Chael as always....don´t know SHIAT
filoflin 29 days ago
When is Chael getting the Clown of the year award?
Nautilus1972 29 days ago
How can that fool call Kebab the GOAT P4P fighter? He's only fought in one division and hasn't fought anyone other than an unfit Conor.
Sonam Dhondup
Sonam Dhondup 29 days ago
Just to remind u that cowboy precious two losses are with Toni and Justin... both of them are the most dangerous in 155lb devision.. title challenger...
Don Makaveli
Don Makaveli 29 days ago
These guys aren’t even mma fans, why are we here?
Knockda 8
Knockda 8 29 days ago
Great breakdown by Chael & Max
Esteban Nunez
Esteban Nunez 28 days ago
Knockda 8 yet Stephen A called it lol
Me Me
Me Me 29 days ago
Tappy is still delusion !
Me Me
Me Me 29 days ago
Cowboys 36 & waning - forget Habib mc tap can't even beat Ferguson !!!
Keith nunya
Keith nunya 29 days ago
I'm lovin that titty framing dress she's wearing.
Be honest with yourself
Thats why we dont have long undefeated streaks... Khabib joined the chat
kev b
kev b 29 days ago
Why are we still paying this idiot sonnen?
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 29 days ago
BRUH 40 seconds WHAT.....
Jay Tejano
Jay Tejano 29 days ago
Chanel sonnen left the group...
PromoTechs 29 days ago
Brutally Honest Basketball
Anyone here after the 40 second TKO 🤣🤣
LaxBboys 29 days ago
You gotta slap connor to to beat him
Michael Mullen
Michael Mullen 29 days ago
Conner 40 seconds
Low Tier God
Low Tier God 29 days ago
“Ring rust” yeah aight
RealMayhem 1
RealMayhem 1 29 days ago
How ironic is it that this was longer than the actual fight, like a lot longer, thank God I saved my money.
ugo ibe
ugo ibe 29 days ago
McGregor , was 40sec Sharp
Coyote Handsome
Coyote Handsome 29 days ago
The host is so hot ....those lips
Fully Hooked outdoors Fishing with : Derek wurzauf
Anybody else here after the 40 second TKO 😂😂😂 bad take MR. sonnen
Rip Em Gaming
Rip Em Gaming 29 days ago
Here after mcgregor dropped the ball in 40 sec
Yosef Almolaiki
Yosef Almolaiki 29 days ago
Who’s here after Conor won
Nafis 123 1_1
Nafis 123 1_1 29 days ago
Who's here after conner destroyed cerrone
Karl Wood
Karl Wood 29 days ago
Gone in 40 seconds :D
J Silvergold
J Silvergold 29 days ago
40 sec... He looked GOOD doing it
Erik franco
Erik franco 29 days ago
Except for the hot woman your shitty opinions are garbage!! STFU including annoying Chael
Johnny Blazem
Johnny Blazem 29 days ago
Lol 14 seconds all it took
FREE TAYK 29 days ago
Lol who's here after cerrone did all that training just to be finished in 40 sec💀
constantly_winning 28 days ago
And make a few Mill
jommel feliminiano
jommel feliminiano 29 days ago
Next rematch khabib vs McGregor need power ground fight for McGregor for knock out khabib.. this is my dream come true for knock out khabib vs McGregor..
Bennie JT
Bennie JT 29 days ago
Conor just KOed Cowboy in 40 seconds you jealous stupid Chael. So with all due respect STFU...
Kristaps Strūbergs
Conor in 40 sec
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