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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Alarm Animated Short Film by Moohyun Jang and Jung-Woo Choo at Mesai. Featured on CGMeetup www.cgmeetup.com/
Snooze buttons, sunlight...the inescapable cacophony of alarm alerts: waking up in the morning is a battle between the present and the future state of mind. A dream-like fight with yourself and other objects that seem to take a life of its own.
Directors: Moo-Hyun Jang
Writers: Jung-Woo Choo
Copyrights by Moohyun Jang www.mesai.co.kr/
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CGI Animated Short Film: "Alarm" by Moohyun Jang | CGMeetup
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Jan 12, 2019




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Comments 3 434
JUwO 48 minutes ago
Yes this already exists
Nah man 👨
Puteri Niegeena
Puteri Niegeena 4 hours ago
*watch this when 5/7 yo* Realising it was 10 months ago -Am I dreaming rn?- Btw rn im almost 11 yo so yea
Yndhira Rodriguez
Yndhira Rodriguez 5 hours ago
lesson: never ever ever ever even ever ever have any alarm clocks
BlueMoon S
BlueMoon S 14 hours ago
If this had a series, I would DEFINITELY watch it.
Riley Cable
Riley Cable 17 hours ago
Antony Wu
Antony Wu 18 hours ago
1:33 *For his Neutral Special, he wields a Gun.*
Donna Singleton
Donna Singleton 18 hours ago
Why he have gun like noooooooooooo that’s bad bro
Connor Leon
Connor Leon 18 hours ago
Dropped your phone at least give to me
Jack McInnis
Jack McInnis 19 hours ago
Who needs to set alarms when you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Liam Kraft
Liam Kraft 20 hours ago
Also why the hell does he have a gun?
Liam Kraft
Liam Kraft 20 hours ago
When my dad says wake up
Jackgdssa 20 hours ago
Who pees and brushes their teeth what if they drop it one day
Jackgdssa 20 hours ago
Why is this in my recommendations and why has it been here sense this came out ?
Tania Bettencourt
Tania Bettencourt 21 hour ago
You must be a ninja of living in the modern society aka retired ninja
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 22 hours ago
Thank god I am deaf
LHplayz And vlogging
This dude has super speed
mc donald
mc donald Day ago
Is he a naruto character
T A Day ago
At least he heard the alarm
Adrianto Willico
He really wants to sleep/this is me every day
Adrianto Willico
Neighbor:Turn it off Him:donkey
D C Day ago
So many clocks can't handle it😫😫😫😫😫😫
Scrubs Slayer
This dude look like spike from cowboy bebop
annrosette Dorcely
8:24 why
Vaca C
Vaca C Day ago
El tío que creo esto es un proooooo
Kody Russell
Kody Russell Day ago
What do you mean you Thor it was a real g7n
Narutinho 2.0
Algum brasileiro tentando decifrar os comentários dos gringos?
Kody Russell
Kody Russell Day ago
Oh nice that's always fun
Lyra marie Norte
Name Princess Melonia Lyra
Karambit Man
Karambit Man Day ago
*when you pretend to like your grandmas gifts*
B Ꮢ Ꭼ Ͷ Ɵ 2 days ago
8:32 8:32 8:32 8:32
The gaming doge
The gaming doge 2 days ago
Alarm clock:-annoys me- Me:pulls gun out and shoots- Again me:This is America
dốt vlogs
dốt vlogs 2 days ago
helena lambert
helena lambert 2 days ago
if laziness was a human
GalaxyWolf M
GalaxyWolf M 2 days ago
Me : watching video * oh they made a story of a boy version of meh lol but I would use a gun to shoot all alarms uhhhggg I hate getting upppppp Guy : it listening* Me : pulls out gun* BOY WAKE UP!!! Guy: pulls gun* go to bed!
Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile
Are we going to question why he has a gun
Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile
The thumbnail is *BEAUTIFUL*
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