Cerebral Palsy Can't Stop This Bodybuilder

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When he was 11 months old, Wade McCrae Washington was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He also has severe scoliosis and was told by doctors that he wouldn't live past 10 years old. But Washington was determined to overcome these challenges, and he took up weightlifting. He's now 45, and recently received his professional card for bodybuilding. He has no intention of slowing down.
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Comments 80
Great Big Story
Great Big Story 18 days ago
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Dreygelauf Hour ago
He should take steroids, it can help him ALOT.
Emperor 3 hours ago
Good job! Respect! 👏
raluila chupa
raluila chupa 3 hours ago
luego dicen que dios no castiga dos veces
Igor Tomczyk
Igor Tomczyk 5 hours ago
He’s a god, ultra respect
edu MMA
edu MMA 8 hours ago
This just made my day much respect 🤟🏻
can we get 100K sub with no video
He is literally SCP-096 he look skinny and weak but is very strong
Ravi Prasanna Kumar Gourabattuni
Respect ♥️
Parikshit Rajput
Parikshit Rajput 19 hours ago
Respect ❤️
בן אדם
בן אדם 20 hours ago
Alex JonezyC
Alex JonezyC Day ago
Very inspirational, and motivated , touched my heart there Sir, much love from Alaska
Muhammad Sohaib
30 days body transformation . ruvid.net/video/video-ii1WoMblBzg.html
Josh Walker
Josh Walker Day ago
Bro I think we all need to respect this man and when we’re all down just think of how amazing each and every one of us is, he’s been through a lot in his life and he can become a bodybuilder so always believe when your trying to achieve!
Ezberleten Gaming
I just Reliezed that: DO NOT EVER GİVE UP exestis sry for my bad EN
That Guy
That Guy Day ago
So does no one talk about the duty of the work that his "Girlfriend/trainer" does?
shippie2 Day ago
Humbled by his pure grit.. Thank you
Dhairya Sharma
We shouldn't show sympathy... Instead learn something from his guts and will. Respect+++++++
Jan ŁBORODO Day ago
Vyas Pratik
Vyas Pratik Day ago
Great work
Balázs Bálint Cseresnyés
This guy is amazing! He looks like very strong inside..
Yaqub The Humble
*No one:* *Literally all the doctors when they meet a guy with a serious disease:* You are not going to live longer than 0.00002 seconds
izzydjinn76 Day ago
Every day there's amazing people that show you that obscured corner of your life that you can't seem to get a glimpse of.
Devin Barnett
Devin Barnett 2 days ago
Ayyyeeee H-TOWN !!
Pablo Romero Gutiérrez
Nothing is impossible except death❤
Benjamin Asamoa
Benjamin Asamoa 2 days ago
he looks like frozone from incredibles
farmoboy83 2 days ago
Sometimes the will of living can even delay a certain death and defy science. For all of us, lets make every day count and stop bitching about irrelevant stuff of our lives. This guy not only lives and fights with a terrible disability but also inspires the life of many others with such happiness
Ermuun GG
Ermuun GG 2 days ago
Diogo Eiras
Diogo Eiras 3 days ago
Asernity 3 days ago
Homie has more visible abs than me
Henry Amaya
Henry Amaya 3 days ago
I feel better for him
RaviDZN 3 days ago
thats really impressive dang
vivo official india
He cant handle medal weight its too heavy for him
thunder Concoles
thunder Concoles 4 days ago
He needs Marijuana it can lessen his disability.
thunder Concoles
@Samu3l Tee clinically and scientifically proven
Samu3l Tee
Samu3l Tee Day ago
thunder Concoles wtf😂
John Rex
John Rex 4 days ago
I bet this guy comes home and says "Honey? Where is my super suit?"
Kimo TV
Kimo TV 5 days ago
my lazy ass can't even lift 50 kg and this man with an condition lifts more than 100 kg.... i feel dumb
KARMA YT 5 days ago
Здоровье этому челу
Rupom Ali
Rupom Ali 5 days ago
Amazing brother.. Amazing ..
Grant Gabriel
Grant Gabriel 6 days ago
I mean we all buy that gym membership and never use that, and this guy with celebral palsy do the gym. No excuse now
OvxrDose 7 days ago
I dont want to mess with this dude not gon CAp He is the real life one punch but looks different In a UNIQUE way (He could beat 1 punch man in not even a punch... A glance)
LESLAMINO 7 days ago
i like ya cut g
When you have a glitch to cj in gta sa then :
Sushil Kumar Pandey
Respect master
Taran Singh
Taran Singh 7 days ago
Taran Singh
Taran Singh 7 days ago
Truck -kun
Truck -kun 8 days ago
Looking jacked looking shredded
dylan697 8 days ago
You see examples like this and you say to yourself "wow there really is no excuse"
Savage gamer
Savage gamer 8 days ago
He’s so nice and Beautiful
DrHo4x 8 days ago
No offense but If he can be called a bodybuilder, i can be called Mr. Olympia
Mohammed xD
Mohammed xD 8 days ago
If I have the heart of this man I would be on top of the world already.
Cozy BTW
Cozy BTW 9 days ago
This guy is the best example to do some sort of exercise, and not find any excuses. I am going to do some right now, and so should you. Have a nice day.
Game fans
Game fans 9 days ago
His so cool and neic
P Delow
P Delow 9 days ago
That's love! That's real love! Shot out to the people that have supported him throughout his life
Djfrankenstein 9 days ago
Damn he thicc
Barry Harry
Barry Harry 9 days ago
This guy and others like him are true inspirations to us all!!
Christian Hindsgaul
A strong man 💪
kkk ggg
kkk ggg 10 days ago
His trainer 😍
Yyoung Kris
Yyoung Kris 10 days ago
That neck game tho
IMTEZ 11 days ago
I love this guy❤
Rodrigo Dornelles
Rodrigo Dornelles 11 days ago
"It has improved a lot", I almost cried at that part.
Bent Ice
Bent Ice 11 days ago
This guy has a birth defect that makes him so weak he was predicted to die by age 10 and he has managed to beat the odds by working out day in and day out to get stronger. Meanwhile my perfectly fine ass cannot go to a gym because im too lazy.
Vibin Vinu
Vibin Vinu 12 days ago
qvindicator 12 days ago
ǝɹǝɥ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ƃuᴉɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ǝsnɐɔǝq suɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ɯoɹɟ ǝɹɐ sǝʞᴉlsᴉp ǝɥʇ sʎoq ʎɹɹoʍ ʇ,uop
gamedude 2006
gamedude 2006 12 days ago
This is a man who never gave up, whatever anyone said, he would still stand up to it.
Liam lc
Liam lc 13 days ago
So what is your excuse now?
Porg 13 days ago
keep getting stronger
Amina Lambarki
Amina Lambarki 13 days ago
manoj deep
manoj deep 13 days ago
You are inspiration for all human being....
Joellhpa Hnamte
Joellhpa Hnamte 13 days ago
Officially my idol now. I have no excuses. You are amazing
Ohmg i like this k Gy
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed 15 days ago
meanwhile my fat ass sitting here watching youtube videos with a bowl of cereal. i gotta get ripped like Wade
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness 15 days ago
Why is his trainer A female tho 😐
qvindicator 12 days ago
because we live in the year 2020 where women are capable of working out at the gym
haydensto 15 days ago
i hope hes alright durring the covid 19 outbreak
TheGamingLlama OG
TheGamingLlama OG 15 days ago
Anand kumar
Anand kumar 16 days ago
His coach #Respect she is a wonderful being, she understood the situation.
Shiki Uhrik
Shiki Uhrik 16 days ago
Dude got more muscle mass than me...
Joseph 16 days ago
Life is so hard....
Samuel Toomer
Samuel Toomer 17 days ago
So inspirational! You go Wade! Props to the personal trainer!
zakisama z
zakisama z 17 days ago
I need to reevaluate my choices in life.
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