Central Asian Food - TEARDROP SOMSA (SAMOSA) and HUGE UZBEK DINNER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

Mark Wiens
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Uzbekistan Day 2: Tashkent
Thank you to B. Hamzaev - Head of Marketing and Promotion of Uzbekistan Tourism. Check out Bekruz: goo.gl/M14aZW
Also check out Ravshan’s channel: ruvid.net/show-UClLf00Mg3N3g0Wo8_516tUA
On Day 2 of our food tour through Uzbekistan we were spent the day eating our way through Tashkent, the largest and capital city. The day before (Day 1) we were also in Tashkent, but there was still so much more to eat.
Somsa - Uzbek somsa, or also frequently called samosa, is probably the national snack or light meal of Uzbekistan, and of Central Asia. It’s something that’s so common, I don’t think I went even a single day without eating one or many when I was in Uzbekistan - the good news is they are incredible delicious. In an area of Tashkent called Minor, I think they make the best version, famous for their teardrop shape as they droop down in the tandoor oven. The little pockets of dough are filled with mutton, onions, and light spices. They are incredibly delicious.
Price - 3,000 UZS ($0.37) per piece
Mutton fry - Next Bekruz took us to one of this favorite restaurants in Tashkent, a place located above a car wash specializing in meat, lamb of course, and fries. You order by the kilo, and we got a kilo of lamb fried in lamb fat, and a kilo of fries. But before the main platter feast we ate some kebabs, which were spectacular as well.
Total price - 48,000 UZS ($5.89)
Besh Panja- 5 fingers kebab - Another interesting kebab to eat in Uzbekistan is the 5 finger kebab because it’s prongs with 5 skewers in the shape of a hand. It was another meat snack, and it was delicious.
Price - 44,000 UZS ($5.41)
Sheep organs donut - Since it was close by, we stopped for an Uzbek snack of what Bekruz called a “hardcore Uzbek donut.” Again a pocket of dough filled with a mix of chopped up organs, and deep fried. It was tasty, especially with tomato sauce.
We then on the spur of the moment took a detour and headed out to this meat market to sample some more lamb, chicken, pickles and potatoes. People were extremely nice, and it was very fun.
Uzbek Choyhona - Experience an Uzbek Choyhona was one of the most memorable meals of my entire food tour in Uzbekistan. Along with an entire table filled with food, the main dish was an entire oxtail cooked in its own melted fat. It was insanely good. Thank you to Baha and Rashad for putting on the feast.
Thank you for watching Uzbekistan Day 2!
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Oct 17, 2018

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Даша Азиз
Даша Азиз 13 hours ago
ООО МАРК!!!!)))
Jaguar Perkesa
I lové uzbék if you éat..rmémbér yourwifé & son..OKé
Micah Estes
Micah Estes 10 days ago
S-A-M-S-A.. yeah, sure sure... then spells it with an O...
TraVeL With Majid Cool
I love to visit Uzbekistan nice country and lovely people 🇺🇿🇵🇰
Марду Майдон
Узбекни обрусини кутараёдган мехмонни кутиб олган ёнида юрган йигитларга рахмат офарин 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Петя Петрович
Узбеки на столько тупые что не понимают что в юва еда не жирная для них это стрёмно, кушать жирную еду.
Петя Петрович
UZengineer где язык тупица?
UZengineer 17 days ago
sledi za yazikom tupoy
Asim Aqil
Asim Aqil Month ago
Watch To learn about the history of Uzbekistan/Central Asia and origin of the Turks - Like share subscribe ruvid.net/video/video-Ihg2K6zCiew.html
Asim Aqil
Asim Aqil Month ago
Watch To learn about the history of Uzbekistan/Central Asia and origin of the Turks - If you feel it’s beneficial to people do share it ruvid.net/video/video-Ihg2K6zCiew.html
Talgat Month ago
It looks like he has no joints in his jaw. Almost as if he could open his mouth and swallow a lamb whole, like a giant snakeman.
Simanta Kashyap Kalita
In india it is samosa and it is oil fried and fill with boil potatoes and peas instead of meat.
Elmurod Sadikov
Elmurod Sadikov Month ago
Welcome to Uzbekistan my friends!
Mel TC
Mel TC 2 months ago
At the Mens Club, I wish you were able to show who cooks all the food and prepares the meals. Looks good and looks to be an open air table.
Golden Shamrock
Golden Shamrock 2 months ago
Aala ( Excellent)🇵🇰.
nekruz shomukimov
nekruz shomukimov 2 months ago
I was watching it while eating burger from McDonald's.. ((
Spartan 99
Spartan 99 2 months ago
Babur, the first mughal emperor, was born in modern day Uzbekistan. I am Indian and it is so interesting to see how desi cuisine has been influenced throughout history (the somsa/samosa in the title caught my eye!)
Benzo L
Benzo L 2 months ago
You need your own food show on the Travel channel!
Blockman Go NEVER STOP
Visit Kyrgyzstan
Mohabat khan Malak
Mohabat khan Malak 3 months ago
Oh my! They do love very fatty meats in Uzbekistan. After having so much of it I think its best to go a couple of days as vegetarian.
N Vl
N Vl 3 months ago
They all seem SO friendly!
Beleatha Brown
Beleatha Brown 3 months ago
Enjoyed the video
Christina Holguin
Christina Holguin 3 months ago
6:45. They smell better than they taste. Lol
The Dead Night King
The Dead Night King 3 months ago
I want to go back and taste all these seet fruits and dishes oh.. i miss my mother country So damn long ago i was a kid eating all these delicacies and now i’m left with shitty swedish meatballs cuz swedes dont have any good taste in food not like us and i really wanna go back now and breathe that always meat smelling air and listen and hear all the cars beeping to one another and the drivers curses ahh No wonder that the sweetest times are the ones that have past P.S i live in Sweden now damn this cold and non Sweet country
Михаил Ким
Михаил Ким 3 months ago
На пионерскую возили ребята, там самый вкусный плов в Ташкенте был😍
Ev Kas
Ev Kas 3 months ago
Men's world...
Susan Velves
Susan Velves 3 months ago
Except for the fat.....everything looked good. Great video. Nice people.
Trinity Lopez
Trinity Lopez 3 months ago
Uzbekistan. On my list, it is now. Always loved central Asia. Love from India.
ika riska
ika riska 3 months ago
Really wanna go to Uzbek! But airplane ticket price tho T_T
Tom Mosquera
Tom Mosquera 4 months ago
When you see people standing just to eat the food, you know there's something good there. Wise words. So true.
Utkur Fayzullaev
Utkur Fayzullaev 4 months ago
Uzbekistan malades
Chailove Parcon
Chailove Parcon 4 months ago
Wow it makes me hungry for samosa 😋
sakina vora
sakina vora 4 months ago
One of the best vlogs I've ever watched!
iP0WER UZB 4 months ago
5:31 whoever never met/eat dis plate must go to uzbeck and have to eat it BADELY
iP0WER UZB 4 months ago
I live there its a awsome place to be born in
UzLaoWaiTV 4 months ago
Qashqadaryoliklar bormi?
Love Dogs
Love Dogs 4 months ago
None None
None None 4 months ago
Is that guy with mark a blogger himself? I love how enthusiastic he is.. Very entertaining..
Говорит, Дана。
Вова Вова
Вова Вова 4 months ago
Добро пожаловать Узбекистан друзья.18:00. Столь накрыт от души!
Houston S Vernon
Houston S Vernon 4 months ago
I love my Uzbek people 🇵🇰
desi makkar
desi makkar 4 months ago
Samarkhand history of great warriors from millennium's
Mervat Stiefsohn
Mervat Stiefsohn 4 months ago
Thanks for this wonderful video i think i will visit uzp.
Mervat Stiefsohn
Mervat Stiefsohn 4 months ago
So friendly 😍
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour 4 months ago
One word stunning God has made amazing places. People have such a big heart same as in india
Mike Mezias
Mike Mezias 4 months ago
Mark Wiens, no offense at all but was wondering how your blood work is after all the heavy meat and fat dishes. Love your videos man just curious about your health.
Ya Nafsi
Ya Nafsi 4 months ago
Мехмондуст Узбекистонликларга салом. Қозоғистондан.
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 4 months ago
Love you Uzbekistan
Zulya Esenkal
Zulya Esenkal 5 months ago
Ozbekistonga koz tegmasin...toshkentliklar mehmoni gap yok zor kutvoldila baraka topila....gap yok......💋💋💋💋
khaliena Alrashoo
khaliena Alrashoo 5 months ago
This ox tail drop my jaw!!!!it's really mouth watering Mark!!! Love this video!!!
Rubel Ahmed
Rubel Ahmed 5 months ago
Very nice people and nice food of Uzbekistan. Hope one day I will also visit Uzbekistan and will enjoy their delicious food.Thanks Mark,You have made me greedy for enjoying delicious food of Uzbekistan. Love Uzbek brothers and sisters from Bangladesh.
Laylo Ergasheva
Laylo Ergasheva 5 months ago
I am from Uzbekistan I lived there for 8 years and I came to USA 4 years ago but I still visit it and it was pretty fun to watch this
sheher bano Bukhari
sheher bano Bukhari 5 months ago
Mark! Can i get a like from u plzzzzzz? Love from pakistan, hugs to mikka hi to yeng
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera 5 months ago
Saludos desde mi país Chile 🤗
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera 5 months ago
Que comidas MAS RICAS!!
P S 5 months ago
Dat guy feedin u 😂 so cute
Jean Parke
Jean Parke 5 months ago
Having visited Uzbekistan already, I can guarantee everyone who is watching this video: YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. GO TO UZBEKISTAN. NOW.
Mr LuckyGuy
Mr LuckyGuy 5 months ago
Uzbek taomlari har qancha maqtasa arziydi Juda ham mazali
Mei Y
Mei Y 5 months ago
The Samza looks amazing! Your videos of Uzbekistan is going to increase tourism to that country. 😁
Norreene Tirona
Norreene Tirona 5 months ago
Why do you always bring your wife and son when you travel? They don't want to stay home? Your son grew up travelling. Your wife don't work?
Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman 5 months ago
Look at Mika mark I’m sorry if I spell your son”s name wrong look at Mika 11:47
TRELAWNY 5 months ago
Omg they all want to strap you down to a table, how much did you weigh after getting home😆beautiful people♥
Gülzada mary
Gülzada mary 5 months ago
Какие молодцы наши парни как поиняли прям вообще восторге браво 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🌞люблю 🇺🇿
Austin K.
Austin K. 5 months ago
I love my Uzbek culture! People when they see camera, they know it’s gonna be on RUvid! Our union is never shy
48cocosheba 5 months ago
After watching all your videos, I feel as if I’ve been there. Tasted the food and smelled the different aroma’s. You represent so well! Thank you Mark 🥰
qmasoud 6 months ago
What a cool tandoor oven. They don't have those in Pakistan.
kourosh great 2500 Year. iran7000 Year
🇺🇿 💓🇺🇿💓🇺🇿💓🇺🇿💓🇺🇿👌👌👍
Julian Rae
Julian Rae 6 months ago
20:07 is this guy trying to get his own show?
m m
m m 6 months ago
Kevin 7HD
Kevin 7HD 6 months ago
Wow Uzbekistan has some really amazing food and people and their food is looking clean and fresh.
Hanoona's Kitchen مطبخ وبيت حنونه
Man that fat killing 🔥 am like nooo don't eat the fat nooi
Hanoona's Kitchen مطبخ وبيت حنونه
What a beautiful Muslims very generous and respectful people
Hanoona's Kitchen مطبخ وبيت حنونه
You're wife and son so cute
az M
az M 6 months ago
Guys, do you know that in Uzbekistan there are some uzbek fast food brends like Les Ailes (instead of KFC), Evos (instead of Makdonalds) and indeed these uzbek fast foods are much better than famous kfc and Makdonalds...
Flávia Gensem
Flávia Gensem 6 months ago
Micah ♥
Bridgett Leigh
Bridgett Leigh 6 months ago
The tourism representative can show me around anywhere 😁
Mamdusen Kiboko
Mamdusen Kiboko 6 months ago
Hi. Is anyone watching now while hungry. I hav a dream of visiting that place
sharleen kibue
sharleen kibue 6 months ago
If we had such a market in my country Kenya, then I would never buy dinner. Straight our of work, walk around and by the time I reach my place, I just take a drink and blackout.
arshiya iqbal
arshiya iqbal 6 months ago
I love the people of Uzbekistan..they are so kind n generous...May Allah shower his blessings on them...
🏴‍☠️Sarah Gold
Great video
Debbie Mcelhinney
Debbie Mcelhinney 6 months ago
Boba Frett
Boba Frett 6 months ago
There's a reason why the uzbekz/arabs/indians have lots of sons.... they ate so much meats......
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