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Celebrities With Weird/Hidden Talents!! Part 2

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Here is part 2 of celebrities with some crazy hidden talents!
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Artist featured: Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Rihanna, Zac Efron, Kevin Hart, and more!


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Dec 5, 2018




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Comments 15 894
Jolanta Krysztofiak
My hidden talent is twisting my tonge od and cracking my fingers
Madyson Blessing
1:10 steps out of green screen Editor:NEVER DO IT AGAIN
Ischa Bruynooghe
Ischa Bruynooghe 3 hours ago
Justin is good in everithing
Мармеладный Медведь
0:29 - 0:32 music pls
Full Of Boredom
Full Of Boredom 5 hours ago
Is spelling a talent?
Barry SellomMeepz
Barry SellomMeepz 6 hours ago
Ttl3 is a fucking nightmare
SourProToons 8 hours ago
Do you have a hidden talent? Like = yes Comment= nope
Fareena Ilisya
Fareena Ilisya 9 hours ago
Harry styles can juggle...........
Rachelle with Kai
Rachelle with Kai 10 hours ago
Holy cow
Enchantress312 11 hours ago
Why did the chicken cross the road?.. *Read more*
Tera Pratiwi
Tera Pratiwi 15 hours ago
3:13 who is he?
Veteran of the mrbeast Army
Well any mom can do that so like yeah
Angelia Martinez
Angelia Martinez 16 hours ago
When I was younger I had that same phone case as arianna Grande!❤
Lazy 22 hours ago
Is eating a crap ton of food a talent?
BananaBoi 22 hours ago
3:26 of course he can he used to act for spiderman
chloe ball
chloe ball 22 hours ago
So , I don't watch stranger things but I like the recap rap
Joey ZHENG 23 hours ago
Im also hyper extended
Stephen Bala
Stephen Bala 23 hours ago
3:03 where’s proof? 🙄
Ana Dutra Damasceno
Micheal Jordan hahha talent is ironing I thought it was something else
Màxý ģàçhà
The second clip has Jake the cheese string hair in the backround
James Wilson
James Wilson Day ago
1:20 should be a cleaning advert for vanish
Cherry Bunny
Cherry Bunny Day ago
Thanks for cutting every good part
Kendrah Terrell
My talent is typeing fast to omg i love 5th harmony im bored now lol
Kendrah Terrell
Kendrah Terrell
Nora does everything Cool
And I can fart on purpose
Nick Vlasto
Nick Vlasto Day ago
I move my ears too
xxx tentacles
I can do that with my thumbs too knocking them
Kaif Ally
Kaif Ally Day ago
Shawn Mendes voicecrack should be here😂
Dr Hyper
Dr Hyper Day ago
Jake Paul in the back of the second one
sam watkins
sam watkins Day ago
803 *warning* avoid putting any painted non food safe objects in your mouth because that could be harmful and carcinogenic. The paint or the materials the objects made out of could be harmful and fall in your mouth and enter your body. Even a small amount could be harmful
Lisa Coulton
Lisa Coulton Day ago
Celebrity: *raises eyebrow* Literally everyone: ”WOW i’ve never seen that before!”
Soph Playz
Soph Playz Day ago
1 like= one more minute Margot Robbie holds her breathe
Soph Playz
Soph Playz Day ago
How many talents, Cara Delevigine!!
Eashwara Sai
Eashwara Sai Day ago
2:34 in reality, she can't even talk properly while doing that.....
Alana Acosta
Alana Acosta Day ago
0:09 jake paul in the back i hate him
karla askew
karla askew Day ago
Cara delevigne though 😍
Megan Davidson
I can make my eye twitch c;
andrew solava
Am I the only one who knows how to shake the eyes
Rania Khan
Rania Khan Day ago
4:20 I can also move my ears
Sherall Alcee
0:46 I can actually do that😏
Gavin Devine
Gavin Devine Day ago
*6:22** I Found Victoria’s Secret!*
Sophie C
Sophie C Day ago
When I saw Victoria Justice in the thumbnail, I legit thought she was topless..
Kyky Playz
Kyky Playz Day ago
I can flip my tounge around Did I spell that correctly?
Is ironing a talent? BRUH
alex manole
alex manole 2 days ago
I am good at wasting money on useless shit
Ola Hashemi
Ola Hashemi 2 days ago
Wow Justin can play the Drums!!!! Great achievement 🤦🏾‍♀️
KralleFar 2 days ago
0:13 is that Jake Paul i see
Ananya Deepak
Ananya Deepak 2 days ago
My hidden talent is so well hidden even I can't find it.. 😂😭😂😭 Edit: I liked my own comment Cuz no one else will 😢
Lennox Edits
Lennox Edits Hour ago
queen it's gone now xD
queen Day ago
No one liked it cause you obviously copied the top comment on the video...
Miles Lambos
Miles Lambos 2 days ago
my talent is. . . Farting
Jimin Oppa
Jimin Oppa 2 days ago
For the 0:45,just tge same with rosé.Box language😂
SBTV_KARATE 2 2 days ago
Micheal JORDON is the 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻best
蓝光Blu !
蓝光Blu ! 2 days ago
I never thought Ironing and Cleaning is a talent.
Vanessa Hook
Vanessa Hook 2 days ago
When Neil Patrick started eating the card I realised he was Count Olaf in a series of unfortunate events
Ibraheem Nazir
Ibraheem Nazir 2 days ago
That was spit too!?!?
Luv u xxx tentacion
Sl Lindagaming Lin
Wow… Justin Bieber can play soccer What a talent (I honestly don’t think that’s a talent not to be rude)
Light 111
Light 111 Day ago
Sl Lindagaming Lin yeap I agree, I think it’s more like a skill or ability, I’m good at drawing and a few things but personally don’t think of them as talents since It’s something you can learn with time
Natalie O'Brien
Natalie O'Brien 2 days ago
Omg this needed to happen Obama vs Justin is soccer
Marissa N
Marissa N 2 days ago
Astoria Malfoy
Astoria Malfoy 2 days ago
shaun mcmahon
shaun mcmahon 3 minutes ago
It's Taylor luraunt
Sunshine Lester
Sunshine Lester 2 days ago
I think we can ALL move our eyebrows like that
mtumwa ahmed
mtumwa ahmed 4 hours ago
Sunshine Lester not really
Wad Ayman
Wad Ayman 2 days ago
Oxi gold has left the chat
JoReXX26 2 days ago
6:58 rihanna do ahegao face
Wolfie Playz
Wolfie Playz 2 days ago
At 3:02 I have the exact same talent, I can talk while typing too.
Anne_ Payn3
Anne_ Payn3 2 days ago
Other celebs:impressionates hamster, can spell, hula hoop, play the guitar behind their back,can type fast. Ophra: STAIN REMOVAL IS MY HIDDEN TALENT
Emily rose
Emily rose 18 hours ago
Tarik/Mh Elbhaj
Tarik/Mh Elbhaj 3 days ago
0:13 Jake Paul
Stephanie Lukumwena
What the heck ion
Stephanie Lukumwena
What the heck ioni
Nix 1960
Nix 1960 3 days ago
Justin Bieber's drumming is shit!
Carterclash 2025
Carterclash 2025 3 days ago
Yes he can do a wheelie iiiinnnnn a dirt bike
Ben Ashard
Ben Ashard 3 days ago
My secret hidden talent is.............???? Raging soo much I break everything and go into red hulk
Ben Ashard
Ben Ashard 3 days ago
I never get likes if I get one I’ll do a giveaway for a free cookie 🍪🍪🍪
Ben Ashard
Ben Ashard 3 days ago
Oh mine was glitched and no
Ben Ashard
Ben Ashard 3 days ago
Mine is 🖖 and first?
Margarita Costin
Margarita Costin 3 days ago
0:47 omg thats the best one
Stella Kelly
Stella Kelly 3 days ago
Lotte H
Lotte H 3 days ago
U can actually hold your breath underwater for 23minutes if ur a pro.
ginger_ wxlfie
ginger_ wxlfie 3 days ago
3:13 Me:*does the same sound* Person: are you to siblings?? Me: HA HELL NAH 😂
Allie Ella
Allie Ella 3 days ago
3:46 im laughing
extrasophia h
extrasophia h 3 days ago
I could do the toe thing at 6:32
BRUH BREH 3 days ago
0:03 Damn Charlie Puth is a Good Memer
Donna Carlyle
Donna Carlyle 3 days ago
am i the only one that thinks justin beberkrk is a gay cunt motherfucker an id fucking smash him
aaron 3 days ago
aaron 3 days ago
aaron 3 days ago
aaron 3 days ago
emily xoxo
emily xoxo 3 days ago
my hidden talent is so hidden that I also don't know about it 🌚
BinCC 3 days ago
James Charles can do whomp whomp whomp
Imy Abbott
Imy Abbott 3 days ago
I have an hyperextended arm
Your Moms Toothbrush
7:05 So can I 😝 I know every word on Hamilton ℓмασ
Jessy Bondad
Jessy Bondad 3 days ago
4:03 what a very nice talent you got there Kylie🙂🙂🙂
David Merlino
David Merlino 3 days ago
What you doing girl is turning me on oh my God
Nabi ßella chan Plays
My hidden talent is USING MY MOUTH TO TOUCH MY NOSE!
Adrian Ghost
Adrian Ghost 3 days ago
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__ itz.missy __
__ itz.missy __ 3 days ago
of course andrew garfield can do gymnastics. he’s spider-man 😂😭
Ben Kraft
Ben Kraft 3 days ago
(Girl)Do you think I'm pretty? (Boy)NO (Girl)Do you want to be with me forever (Boy)NO? (Girl)Would you cry if I walked away? (Again the boy said)NO She heard enough and was hurt, he walked away tears ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm and said: (Boy)- You're not pretty, you're BEAUTIFUL (Boy)- I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever (Boy)- and I wouldn't cry if you walked away... I would DIE!!!! (Boy whispers)- Please stay with me (Girl whispers)- I will
x_n.atalie _x
x_n.atalie _x 3 days ago
0:42 it's not fake I can do that. You do that with your mouth and say "girl"
Alex Adam
Alex Adam 3 days ago
Well it definitely not secret no more
catrica marquez
catrica marquez 3 days ago
my hidden talent is so hidden i dont even no mine but i think my hidden talent is to twist my tounge i dont know???
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