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In this video we show you Celebrities Surprising Fans (Tom Cruise, Nicki Minaj, Robert Downey Jr., Kobe Brayant, ++ )
A compilation of the best moments where the fans and public are surprised by their idol celebrities.
💕 *I hope this video put a smile on your face!*
Arnold Schwarzenegger- 0:05
Will Smith - 0:33
Adele - 1:04
Tom Cruise - 1:32
Kylie Jenner - 2:12
Robert Downey Jr. - 2:57
Tom Holland - 3:51
Katy Perry - 4:21
BTS - 5:00
Micheal B. Jordan - 5:49
Mo Salah - 6:16
Nicki Minaj - 6:53
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 99
Arulalan Vanan
Arulalan Vanan 14 hours ago
I love the boy that shake too much
Anjong 20 hours ago
Wait, how is Kylie Jenner a "celebrity" again?
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 18 hours ago
Oh and also banged some rappers
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 18 hours ago
Daughter of a transvestite
Ingersoll sta maria ii
michael v witj robert downey jr
CN Broadcasts
Michael just said "Aey, wassup!" and got mobbed...epic. :D
Carlo Prosper Cagaanan
Michel v of pinas hahaha nakita ko
Never Gonna Terminate You
ruvid.net/video/video-eH20pfJ8D1E.html Never Gonna Terminate You LOL
Devan Syah
Devan Syah 2 days ago
What is song to play vidio
Stefan Bojovic
Stefan Bojovic 2 days ago
Who are those Japanese boys
Unknown :
Unknown : 2 days ago
Mo salah ❤️❤️❤️
Neil Wallis
Neil Wallis 2 days ago
These are so old off here
Eckhard Block
Eckhard Block 3 days ago
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE CHANGE - song ruvid.net/video/video-4Ma9Spq7uG0.html . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
August Martin
August Martin 4 days ago
калл 👎
Sign Up
Sign Up 4 days ago
Macchione LeylaGreys
ruvid.net/video/video-bOVRjwSo2uE.html Jerusalema funny
Megumin-Chan 5 days ago
toma no cu bts é o caralho unico coreano que salva é o faker pau no cu do resto
The Darkcel Podcast
Look at all these pedophiles.
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 5 days ago
Jajajajaja Michael B Jordan sobrevivió?? Jajaja se le fueron todos encima
Raven PH
Raven PH 6 days ago
man in wearing jacket 3:25 is filipino comedian artist Michael V
Personal Adventures
Good man
Chriss Lamb
Chriss Lamb 7 days ago
They're just people not gods... People act crazy...
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 6 days ago
This is where we're at as a society. Sad.
Suren Chetty
Suren Chetty 7 days ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise and Will Smith are the only real stars. Michael B. Jordan and Tom Holland are just building their careers. But, the others,especially the pop stars, are talentless wannabes. It's just plain sad and awkward!
pratik kanekar
pratik kanekar 7 days ago
Katty Perry my crush ❤️😘
PGS JOINT 7 days ago
Nestor Laorca
Nestor Laorca 7 days ago
No se quienes son los coreanos...pero Tom Holland es un CRACK MUNDIAL!!
Adam Abdillah Hanafi
3:41 the girl who suprised by R. Downey is Fathia Izzati from Indonesia
coma white
coma white 7 days ago
why would you tell people that?
Stephen Agustin
Stephen Agustin 8 days ago
do you know one of the fans of robert downey is an artist in the Philippines the boy who wear sunglasses named michael v
ruds barz
ruds barz 8 days ago
omg bitoy meets one of the avenger cast...
zemog gomez
zemog gomez 8 days ago
@2:12 that lady never blink her eyes keep staring of tom cruise eyes
DHANA Sekaran
DHANA Sekaran 9 days ago
Nassim Nasser
Nassim Nasser 9 days ago
3:48 Celebrity Ng Philippines Michael V 😄
David Ramos
David Ramos 10 days ago
Who’s Kyle Jenner???
I love infinity Adele.....so much much much much...........beautiful girl i , ve ever seen.i wana marry her its my wish but unfortunately i, m not rich but i, ll make happy Adele if she marry me.promise from heart.
ML ph Tv
ML ph Tv 10 days ago
That guy who surprised by Robert Downey jr is bitoy the guy who had sunglasses and black jacket he also a celebrity in phillipines actor,comedian aka bitoyski
Zell Dagaas
Zell Dagaas 7 days ago
Michael V pangalan nya
Zell Dagaas
Zell Dagaas 7 days ago
Devashish Gautam
Devashish Gautam 10 days ago
Katy pary's was my fav one
v. st. lord
v. st. lord 10 days ago
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Mônica 11 days ago
OMG Tom Cruise gets me everytime since TOP GUN @_@
Regina Jorge
Regina Jorge 11 days ago
Adoro Kathy perto e Robert dauni
John34 Baxter5555
John34 Baxter5555 11 days ago
Celebrities to me are just people , I am my own celebrity and I don't need to meet any of these so-called celebrities, look up to yourself and see yourself as a celebrity because each and every one of us is very very important in this world to God
Luna Loony Lovegood
@John34 Baxter5555 Lol ya I can see that. I can think of a few who annoy me as well 😂
John34 Baxter5555
@Luna Loony Lovegood that's a fair point, most of them annoy me 😁
Luna Loony Lovegood
Ok sure but some celebrities really influence people's lives and help them out of tight spots and are just amazing people but I completely understand why you could think that :)
Zayed Kurdi
Zayed Kurdi 10 days ago
You seem badly unwanted 😂
SrM4ze 11 days ago
Bruh the Katy Perry fan was scary
Paulinha Kuhnert
Paulinha Kuhnert 11 days ago
Tom,,, papitooooooo!!!!!!
Random Fails TV
Random Fails TV 12 days ago
nice videos .
Spider Channel - MP3 - قناة العنكبوت
suraj patnekar
suraj patnekar 12 days ago
The BTS guys look more gayish need to grow some beard .
Sudeep Hasda
Sudeep Hasda 10 days ago
You gay
fanfam 13 days ago
Imagine if your very last words on this beautiful planet where....''he what's up'' that sucks.
Raphael Ribeiro
Raphael Ribeiro 13 days ago
A dos japas ficou meio estranho
Maria amelia Pereira candido
Meu sonho. Ronankiating. Quem sabe um dia.Deus é bom
Fernando Romann
Fernando Romann 13 days ago
Os artitas que aparecem no video, merecem todo o nosso respeito. Os fans agradecem esse tipo de contato, mesmos os que não tiveram essa oportunidaade. Brazil.
Harry Cheng
Harry Cheng 13 days ago
Tom Cruise. Id love to meet him. So much I'd love to ask him. So much I'd love to know about the industry from him
Averie Nash
Averie Nash 9 days ago
Hes kinda condescending. Wasn't rude out right but I definitely knew i was on his time
Осколочно Фугасный
Повезло вам, в Америке много актёров с которыми можно увидеться, в России все не так
Astig 34
Astig 34 13 days ago
Michael V.😍😍😍
d0ng k0y
d0ng k0y 13 days ago
3:28 kuya bitoy!!! 🤣😂😆
MrYudara 13 days ago
3:26 Si Michael V.
Bianca Rogos
Bianca Rogos 14 days ago
Bei 01:34 Scientology Tom C. WÜRG
Daniel Zucaro
Daniel Zucaro 14 days ago
I will never meet my idol, unfortunately he commit suicide in 1945 in his bunker in Berlin, because a couple of communist wanted to shaved his moustache
zoya mustafa
zoya mustafa 14 days ago
Buenos dias papi
David Seals
David Seals 14 days ago
Tom Holland at the hospital for kids really got to me. That's class. Awesome.
miguel marin
miguel marin 13 days ago
Yes Tom Holland IS. My favourite without doubt
BNEX Gaming
BNEX Gaming 14 days ago
5:50 best moment
jacobsuresh 14 days ago
Omg Tom cruise ,I love him ❤️❤️💓
Elizabeth Reynoso
Elizabeth Reynoso 14 days ago
ahí si me muero de un sincope si se aparece Don Johnson
Sifu Kayusama
Sifu Kayusama 14 days ago
Glad to see Michael V. (Bitoy )Right there. He is a legend in philippines.
patay gutom
patay gutom 14 days ago
michael v.:) Bitoyyyyyy
bodo fröhlich
bodo fröhlich 15 days ago
realize stupids- they are also such humans, sometimes (not ever) with a little skills. there ist nothing more boring than such boy group when they all look like clones..
bodo fröhlich
bodo fröhlich 15 days ago
watch all the chipmunks with their mobiles in the will smith szene. i m sure in no period in manhood the people were this stupid !!!!
Sara Kadamani
Sara Kadamani 15 days ago
I love tom cruise very much. He is a very nice guy and a brilliant actor
TOP TREND 15 days ago
👇 Make sure you watch this video! 👇 20 TIMES CELEBRITIES SUPRISE THEIR FANS! ruvid.net/video/video-njbIeuIEexg.html
Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark 15 days ago
So anyone gonna tell us how all these fans were able to meet all of those celebrities??? I've never met anyone famous because it was planned but always by accidental chance(literally not looking the direction i am walking and walk right into them or they walk into to me) or passing right by them because I had shit to do so I was like "excuse me sorry i need to get by you real quick if you dont mind" well thats what i heard coming out of my mouth but what they heard was "coming through with a severe case of the "FUCK ITS" sorry that Im an asshole at the moment thank you preciate' it😁!"
Craig Gagnon
Craig Gagnon 15 days ago
spider man and the sick kids was great. Too bad the rest were publicity stunts or they were paid to do it. Since celebrities would not be celebrities without the fans, you would think they would give back a bit. If i was famous I would totally reach out to real people every day.
Angie Baui
Angie Baui 16 days ago
Dios yo me como a Tom Cruice si me lo ponen enfrente
Jimmy Green
Jimmy Green 16 days ago
Will Smith one was embarrassing, hi everyone look it’s me, prat
Keapon Laffin
Keapon Laffin 13 days ago
Man that was toe curling indeed
Yahya Barakat
Yahya Barakat 16 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-IhhlSwiVD68.html 1
Christopher hill
Christopher hill 16 days ago
They all knew it was WILL SMITH
Juju Bean
Juju Bean 16 days ago
Democrat Idols. Lots of stupid people on this planet 🌎
pedro olimpio valentini
i you love brazil
Rose Johnson
Rose Johnson 17 days ago
shorturl.ca/girlxxxx0n38hub sembrava insolitamente bella si dove chiesto Państwo zobaczyć, że to, co jest Billy zniknął
Maxi Premer
Maxi Premer 17 days ago
No "MO" Mohamed Salah 👍
John Doe
John Doe 17 days ago
Well at least they found some fans for Tom Cruise that were shorter than he is
John Isselhardt
John Isselhardt 17 days ago
The number of ignorant people in this country is insurmountable.
Человек Разумный
Jean carlo lamp
Jean carlo lamp 17 days ago
todo esse amor que eles recebe dos fãns são maiores que os milhões que eles recebem em cada filme que eles fazem
daniel j 8711
daniel j 8711 17 days ago
Slobodan Mihic
Slobodan Mihic 17 days ago
Could never undestand someone that's told how to act and what to say, is called a celebrity, it doesn't make sense.
Ellis Bonifacio
Ellis Bonifacio 17 days ago
Tom Cruise💪❤
Scot Hebert
Scot Hebert 18 days ago
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Александр Вавилов
Том Холланд,самый крутой! Посетить больницу, вселить надежду на выздоровление детям, исполнить их мечты, сделать это не для промо,а просто так!Уважение ему!!!
Bodhi James
Bodhi James 18 days ago
Had to look up some of these people.
Craig 180
Craig 180 18 days ago
Michael. B Jordan realised later his watch,cufflinks,phone and wallet had disappeared.
I STARTED A JOKE! 18 days ago
3:45 I see Micheal v. bitoy a Famous Filipino Comedian in the philippines 😀
Irma Young
Irma Young 18 days ago
Oh man! What I would have given to be them!
Hamilton Oliv
Hamilton Oliv 19 days ago
Queria ser bonito igual ao tom Cruise
noli dolteo
noli dolteo 19 days ago
Nakita ko si bitoy
Who is Tom Holand? I only know Tobby Maguire
Akshat Jha
Akshat Jha 19 days ago
"Hey , what's up ?"
agraulich2009 19 days ago
The kids swarming Michael B. Jordan had to have touched his heart.
Think Tank
Think Tank 19 days ago
WoW na extra pa si Bitoy 😂
Muhammad Almasi
Muhammad Almasi 20 days ago
2:45 i watched this part for more than 10 times😂😂😂love this guy
Gayle Perry
Gayle Perry 20 days ago
MC Hammer would have made a bigger splash than these so called stars. IT'S HAMMER TIME!
debbieann white
debbieann white 20 days ago
I would die if i ever meet Jackie Chan n Celine dion
Xyriel Tolentino
Xyriel Tolentino 20 days ago
i saw a pinoy fan and hes iconic here in the philippines
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