Celebrating America hosted by Tom Hanks | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021

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Tune in for our "Celebrating America" Primetime Special hosted by Tom Hanks. Featuring remarks from President Biden and Vice President Harris and includes remarks and performances that represent the rich diversity and extensive talent America offers.
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Jan 20, 2021




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Snowman374th 5 days ago
They're all TRASH to me. I can't wait for snipers to get busy. BACK and to the left!!! Ring any bells.?
SPS 15 days ago
I still get goosebumps and emotion when I see this beautiful inauguration. And I'm telling you as a Spanish person. I wish you the best, President Biden and Vice-president Harris. A big hug for USA from Europe! 💙
Mekagoen Mimadri
Mekagoen Mimadri 13 days ago
Pues claro que si, Tio. Ahora veras la conversion de EE UU en... Amerizuela..! La persecucion de camiones de basura, para recoger los desechos para comer. Claro, que Si..! Esplendida gobernanza del Siglo XXI; Claro, que Si..!
Pooch Tuna
Pooch Tuna 29 days ago
The sign language 🤟 lady rocking out was my favorite part
timmy Month ago
1415 days to go 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
F Tabz
F Tabz Month ago
They should have included a video of Bill, W and Barack dancing to Lovely Day! That will bring the house down me think.
OrbbKlesk Month ago
Tom Hanks = Neil Breen??
Taras Month ago
What's the name of the first song?
Stephi Jackson
Stephi Jackson Month ago
Will this ever be available for purchase as a DVD?
Bagus Utoyo Kerto Projo
Republicans, from Lincoln (Hero) to Trump (Zero)...
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Month ago
This is fake rating and the rating is not consistent with similar videos. I accessed this video and it had overwhelming of 14k dislikes and 3.4k likes with few short hrs!!!
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Month ago
RUvid changed the rating of dislikes and likes! 10hrs after the inauguration I accessed this video and it had only 3.4k likes but 16k DISLIKES! This is CHEATING!
Proud American
Proud American Month ago
Well I guess we now know who owns WASHINGTON DC... and HOLLYWOOD.
amy w
amy w Month ago
Traitor Joe Biden....welcome to West China
JuseBeats Month ago
Tom Hanks looks strange here....
diana rubio
diana rubio Month ago
Nils Vranken
Nils Vranken Month ago
I See Tom Hanks rather celbrate america then paying taxes in america
Mary JK RainsCloud
democrats are responsible for all the unrest in America. Release the ballots for vote verification, what are you hiding? Words are hollow when you live a lie.
hardlines4 2 months ago
Biggest POS fraud ever
Mike W
Mike W 2 months ago
Let’s all celebrate the loss of millions of American Jobs.
terry walker
terry walker 2 months ago
Now The evils just put up the price of much needed medication. The Democrats are the party of death. Gods about to expose a lot of things regarding these people.
Cabanni Cubensis
Cabanni Cubensis 2 months ago
i thought Hanks is in jail.
dieselrotor 2 months ago
Can't help but notice everyone is more impressed with the sign language translator than Biden. Just saying.
Leopard Cup Pup Kryky
What a joke.
Andrew Kincare
Andrew Kincare 2 months ago
This was awesome!
aperson22222 2 months ago
I wish the sign language interpreter weren’t there; she and her margin take up way too much space on the screen. Deaf people would be able to follow along just as well with closed captions.
Bob The Snail Animations
Foo Fighters at 38:40 😁
Not Impressed
Not Impressed 2 months ago
The money spent on those fireworks could have fed the homeless. Sad day for America. Miss President Trump.
SLAM! RBLX 2 months ago
amazing performances and speakches. side note tho. the DJ at 1:06:00 isn't actually DJing, he has the players there. but they arent playing anything. If a song was playing then the green ring around the play button on the players would be solid. not complaining just pointing it out.
Anya S
Anya S 2 months ago
This is sad. Demonicrats will bring America down.
mcheartw 2 months ago
Are the viewers here real? Why they only comment on the sign lady? I guess it is a faux administration. That's why.
timmy 2 months ago
1447 days to go 💩💩💩
Estelle Malone
Estelle Malone 2 months ago
It was hilarious the he built a wall around him but we cant have a wall around our country. Plus he needed the national guard to protect him and harris but no one was there! They are so fake!
Estelle Malone
Estelle Malone 2 months ago
Where are Biden’s/harris’ 80,000 thumps up??? Did they just not watch? Bc the the rest of us consider him as the commander in thief.
Estelle Malone
Estelle Malone 2 months ago
Where are their masks on Federal Land?
Benjamin Carlson
Benjamin Carlson 2 months ago
“Hi, I’m Tom Hanks. The US Government has lost all its credibility, so they’re borrowing some of mine.”
Arminda O-Rent
Arminda O-Rent 2 months ago
crowd size? Who cares its about the fireworks and katy perry ! i actually think this was the best inaugaration ever.......
BENITA HORN 2 months ago
Glorious in every way! :-) Godspeed to all.
Sally Vernon
Sally Vernon 2 months ago
g r o s s
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore 2 months ago
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!!!
P 2 months ago
SuperGlossary 2 months ago
Fantastic work
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 months ago
so we can thank them personally on twitter etc.
p fos
p fos 2 months ago
Amazing mind blowing fireworks! Amazing footage of front line workers, and totally amazing verbiage between our past 3 presidents! This humbled me. Thankyou America!
J C 2 months ago
Who’s here just to check rating? 😆
TheCristo68 2 months ago
Why are comments not disabled ? Is it true Joe Biden is the first president in history to wear a diaper ?
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 months ago
tom musik
tom musik 2 months ago
These people deserve nothing. Absolute worst of society, for everyone who is awake to see so clearly.
Dana M
Dana M 2 months ago
Beautifully made! Thank you for honoring the essential workers. Hopefully our gratitude for them will translate into better salaries under new administration.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 months ago
Thank you from Sweden and Congratulations to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the entire team and to the US and the entire world .
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 2 months ago
This is a joke!
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 2 months ago
I will never patron Bruce, Tim, GaGA, LOPEZ, GARTH, and Tom Hanks all American sellouts!!!
Not Impressed
Not Impressed 2 months ago
Avis Swope
Avis Swope 2 months ago
J C 2 months ago
Where are the dead 💀 people who voted for him? ? 😂
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 months ago
Erdem Külçür
Erdem Külçür 2 months ago
Great show
AJ Fenske
AJ Fenske 2 months ago
50:44 for Lin-Manuel Miranda
Frank Mintenig
Frank Mintenig 2 months ago
America is finally back: the land of hope and glory, home of the brave! Congratulations!
Pattie Anderson
Pattie Anderson 2 months ago
Kudos to everyone involved, from the producers to the performers to the presenters to everyone doing work behind the scenes, and especially to the ASL interpreters. I feel sorry for the hard-hearted individuals who clicked the dislike button, because how you could dislike this fantastic and heart-warming event?
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 months ago
This was medicine for my heart and soul.
Hon Ti
Hon Ti 2 months ago
tom hanks after adenochrome therapy? :)
Fatma Elbeltagy
Fatma Elbeltagy 2 months ago
I am not an American, but this celebration is very nice and unique showed me that love always wins. Keep being one big family, American people, and I wish u all a happy new presidency era.
neo 2 months ago
The cheaters are back in office. I swear I will not buy or rent any video's, movies or music until these corrupt people are out of the white house!!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 months ago
Thank you Lord Jesus for letting us have a normal life again with a normal president
L. Ecktrick
L. Ecktrick 2 months ago
IchbinSchalker 2 months ago
First they stole votes, now they are stealing dislikes on videos. It's pathetic!
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn 2 months ago
I feel PROUD to be an American again!
Silvia Panggabean
Silvia Panggabean 2 months ago
Better days, lovely days, at times like these
K M 2 months ago
I really enjoyed the whole show until the song in Spanish that has yet ruined the pure spirit theme of the show: to call for the American people to unite!! Just like jlo sang This Land Is Our Land in the Biden inauguration day and rudely inserted Spanish lines of her other song!! Well, American people would never actually happen to unite until these hispanics latinos people surrender their REPULSIVE ego to show TRUE RESPECT AND LOYALTY to this country that has championed and harbored their better lives here!! They need to realize and admit that Spanish language is NO MORE IMPORTANT than any other language in this country not because they are a majority to oppress other minorities!! Only when this honesty occur, the Americans would be honestly truly actually sincerely amazingly beautifully UNITE INTO THE HONORABLE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! And our great country evolution will come to the point to confirm our own National Language as American language, which is derived from American English.
K M 2 months ago
@VivaCohen fortunately you said you disagreed, if you put it in a different language, I may not understand. Do you see the problem right there? Not even talking about agree or disagree! Communication is key 🗝️🔐
VivaCohen 2 months ago
hmmm disagree
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
Jon Bon Jovi's performance was amazing... at dawn with the sun raising during the song...
bo ptah
bo ptah 2 months ago
AJ Rimmer
AJ Rimmer 2 months ago
"Undivided" should be played on every radio station in America.
AJ Rimmer
AJ Rimmer 2 months ago
Just like Tom Hanks did in Castaway, let's grab Wilson and build that raft.
Merely 2 months ago
Those fireworks were honestly the best I have EVER seen! Props to Dave Grohl for his live performance. Not so much for BonJovi whose voice has really gone downhill, even with that lip synced Miami thang. Best to Joe and Kamala! xo
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
throwing themselves this extravagant party for getting the Democrats elected. They couldn't have pulled this spectacle off otherwise....
Susan Quillin
Susan Quillin 2 months ago
So sad to see those thumbs down here. You have to be kind of a grinch not to feel uplifted by this ceremony no matter who you voted for!
K A 2 months ago
"Congratulations to our new Commander in Chief."
J C 2 months ago
Commander in THIEF you meant 😂
K A 2 months ago
Fireworks. President Biden & First Lady Dr. Jill Biden watches from White House Fireworks. Vice President Kamala Harris & 2nd Gentleman Doug Emhoff watches from Lincoln Memorial.
Susan Quillin
Susan Quillin 2 months ago
What an incredible inauguration ceremony! The planners did an incredible job!
Adam A
Adam A 2 months ago
Thank you Lord Jesus for letting us have a normal life again with a normal president
Ana Moncada
Ana Moncada 2 months ago
Me encanta la traductora de señas se lo vacila completamente. Dice con las manos y con sus movimientos a ritmo de la musica
pida siouy
pida siouy 2 months ago
Yo yo ma had me weeping. He's been busy
S. Lee
S. Lee 2 months ago
And the best part is: Nobody cared about the size of the crowd...🙂
Hans Duchan
Hans Duchan 2 months ago
And the best sign language interpreter I ever saw on TV!
Busakorn R.
Busakorn R. 2 months ago
42:01 is lit 🔥
AljoniMusiCo 2 months ago
Bravo! Great production, performances, and messages.
pida siouy
pida siouy 2 months ago
of relief.
Karynn MacKinnon
Karynn MacKinnon 2 months ago
I’m so glad this video is available as I was working all day until 10pm on Inauguration Day and missed it all live. Thank you! This is fabulous!!!
Svenja R.
Svenja R. 2 months ago
Watching this gave me so much goosebumps, so inspiring. Really excited for the future, it can only get brighter❤ Also still speechless from Katy Perry's performance, really outstanding😍👑
James Church
James Church 2 months ago
The real reason why the National Guard were in D.C. in such numbers. It had nothing to do with 'Right Wing Extremists,' and everything to do with the Hollywood Leftist Elites throwing themselves this extravagant party for getting the Democrats elected. They couldn't have pulled this spectacle off otherwise....
silky smoove
silky smoove 2 months ago
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 2 months ago
Terry Sabine
Terry Sabine 2 months ago
I wonder how much the personal fireworks show cost?
Terry Sabine
Terry Sabine 2 months ago
The shots of the reflecting pool with the lights was amazing, almost like Joe's arms reaching out and wrapping around little girls and groping them.
timmy 2 months ago
1456 days to go👹
Claudia Valle
Claudia Valle 2 months ago
The ASL translator name is: APRIL JACKSON-WOODWARD. Thank you so much for an outstanding job.
Mani Rodriguez-Rey
Mani Rodriguez-Rey 2 months ago
Awesome job!! Which of the two?
Deneise Davidson
Deneise Davidson 2 months ago
G Amazing fireworks🔥
naturegirl51 2 months ago
The ASL translators were brilliant and in full swing of the celebrations... looks like everybody from all over the world loved watching them... please thank them from all of us around the world ~ I am from South Africa 🇿🇦 ... best wishes to all of America 🇺🇸
Waimeah Carina
Waimeah Carina 2 months ago
Boy... how D.T. Messed up BiG time!
Chaozhou Hoa
Chaozhou Hoa 2 months ago
And the country music is awesome!
Chaozhou Hoa
Chaozhou Hoa 2 months ago
This is the America that I know - multilingual, compassionate, generous, funky, and just plain old fun. I missed it so much in the past 4 years. I finally and slowly letting out a sigh of relief.
bananashaveice 2 months ago
This is an amazing celebration of America! Loved every minute of this inauguration day! We saved our democracy! I hope everyone remembers how important it is to vote...vote in every election!
chris krupinski
chris krupinski 2 months ago
So beautiful
novidian 1911
novidian 1911 2 months ago
Wow Congrats 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😍😍😍❤️
Josefina Garcia
Josefina Garcia 2 months ago
This will be remembered always
Linda/Bob Barber
Linda/Bob Barber 2 months ago
WOW......what a fabulous program of inclusivity, inspiration, gratitude and hope! The future is looking so much better now! Congratulations to Joe and Kamala!!
WOW OH WOW OH WOW! It's amazing how MUSIC & LOVE can bring you! Watch this joyful tear evoking 3-minute collage starting at the 10:40 mark. What is your experience? Remember to fast forward the video to the 10:40 mark and watch and listen for 3-minutes. Can you hold back the tears?
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