Caught On Camera: Rome Escalator Accident

CBS New York
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An escalator suddenly accelerated and sent people piling on top of each other in Rome.

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Oct 24, 2018




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Comments 26
Sam Holden
Sam Holden Month ago
So funny lol😂😂😂😂😂
14725800369 2 months ago
idiots! Such thing already happen 1977 in moscow metro and they changed all faulty escalators afterwards. How couldn't the Italians learn from that
Ecxel Asus
Ecxel Asus 4 months ago
I shouldn't have laughed. But I did.
AudreyTheSquid _
I was in Rome when this happened... yikes
xxSabriel xx
xxSabriel xx Year ago
Okay, but that guy in white 0:15? He saved that girl!
A BL Year ago
People in Rome are literally, DUMB! AF!!! Ignorant low-lives! Nobody knows how to act normal! Bunch of freaks!
Cindy Lim
Cindy Lim Year ago
TF did they do to you? Racist much. The N's in your name should be S.
Rasulbek Rakhimov
Russians did it. Literally 😁
Stephen Proffit
Is Ferrari the manufacturer? It was moving fast as f*ck!
Piotr Panic
Piotr Panic Year ago
That escalated quickly
Khelly Potato
Khelly Potato 2 months ago
Wait i don't remember saying that wtf
Amaan khan
Amaan khan 5 months ago
What the hell bro
Khelly Potato
Khelly Potato 10 months ago
budum *tssssssss*
Joaquin Praveen Vishnu
Use stairs people. It's definitely healthier
Jacc 6 months ago
Ann B the escalator broke, sped up and exposed gears at the bottom
Astralisk 8 months ago
Ann B ????? Are you dense?
A BL Year ago
Joaquin Praveen Vishnu More like, they need to use their brains and not trample each other, like a herd of mental cases! Kids are stupid in Rome!
Da Examiner
Da Examiner Year ago
Good fuck them people
Marley Ex
Marley Ex Year ago
IDK why people pack up in rooms or on stairs or on balconies and assume everything will be alright. Smh
rotsen995 18 days ago
Because they are supposed to pass inspections and not do that jack ass. This happened because who ever maintains this escalator slacked at doing a proper job.
A BL Year ago
Marley Ex Because they're ignorant!
Zeno Cavallari
everybody was jumping on the escalator
Ka Gala
Ka Gala Year ago
Marley Ex 🙄 Those escalators are supposed to withstand them and the city of Rome (or any city) is supposed to ensure that. There are plenty of metro systems in the world where they receive millions of people a day and this does not happen..
Tony Tee
Tony Tee Year ago
I bet the manufacturers sue the victims for capacity limits
B_GINA_MUA Year ago
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