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This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie
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Jul 18, 2019




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GHOUL Crisis
GHOUL Crisis 7 minutes ago
Furries gonna love this because of how gay it is
Maggie Diana
Maggie Diana 12 minutes ago
2:23 my favourite part
Ewan H
Ewan H Hour ago
So scary !!!
Nikhil Animated
I think this looks good, why am I weird?
Shawn Hour ago
special effects are supposed to get better with time....not worse. CGI and SFX are horrible nowadays. Fake fires and explosions are so bad now.....green screens are ruining movies. This looks like it was made in 1978, not 2019
The Hip Hop Times
I see why Rick wanted to kill himself and Jerry was crying after scanning the Cats brain. This is what he saw lol
MrPeteragent 2 hours ago
I want anybody to tell me what the fuck is this.
kitty cat
kitty cat 2 hours ago
This is creepy as fuck
TheRawBabe 2 hours ago
Cats ain’t humans
Jacob Artin
Jacob Artin 2 hours ago
Fuck, furrys are getting worse.
Thalia Batchom
Thalia Batchom 2 hours ago
Why? I'll tell you why, cats are used as a symbol in the Masonic/Illuminati world... and that's why this movie was developed...
Enrique jaramillo
Enrique jaramillo 3 hours ago
I came back to dislike it again but I can’t /:
Layla Hearts cats
Layla Hearts cats 3 hours ago
I love cats trust me my profile picture is even my cat fluffy but enough about that the cats look so messed human or can’t I can’t tell like even sonic the movie looks better then this sorry but this is my true opinion
Noah Hollers
Noah Hollers 4 hours ago
Sonic wins
Kin 5 hours ago
A good example of how not to do Beastars in real life.
Whereabouts Unknown
I think I get why people hate the CGI now. It's the human face. The CGI itself is not bad, but the choice to keep the human face is weird. But if you just look past that, it actually doesn't look THAT bad. Just pretend it's humans with paint on their faces and bodies. It really isn't that bad.
Whereabouts Unknown
I am really amazed by all the hate this movie is getting. I mean yeah, it looked weird at first to me but after watching the trailer 3-4 more times, it's actually growing on me. I think this direction was a good choice because what would people rather have it as? Animated cats? Boring. Human-like cats but better cgi to make them EVEN more like cats? Maybe. But I think with this direction the audience can understand the feelings of the characters through the body language of both humans and cats. I think it's actually very interesting and different. Not fully rendering the actors/actresses into full-blown cats also allows us to see the actor's facial expression as though how it was on its broadway show, where we could appreciate that. So I think people should give this another chance. I mean, after watching it 3-4 times already, and not focusing on the looks so much, it actually looks like it's gonna be a good movie!
Shawn Hour ago
they are animated cats....with human beings pasted on them. The CGI is horrible. That is the problem. If you need to watch something 3 or 4 times .....you are in trouble mentally. You want to like something that is horrible too much. There is medication for that. You can love the music and the Broadway play....and absolutely hate this!
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
*Fucking burn it all to death, including Universal Pictures.*
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
*Fucking burn it all to death, including Universal Pictures.*
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
*Fucking burn it all to death, including Universal Pictures.*
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
*Fucking burn it all to death, including Universal Pictures.*
Noah LaMore
Noah LaMore 8 hours ago
The cats look like my grandmas dead cat
JJ Alchemist
JJ Alchemist 8 hours ago
The Greatest Showman : Cats Edition
Saimanda 11 hours ago
This is what Hollywood is like in the spiritual world. Thats how they act, this movie is about them lol. They worship moon gods and many others, they are cannibals, they clone and sniff each others butts by giving awards to each other. “Cats” basically give us a taste of the Hollywood star life.
Shawn Hour ago
that is why the US elected a Hollywood reality star as their leader.....you are 100% correct!
Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings 11 hours ago
Please leave me alone I have sleep paralysis every night and I see these things pls help.
Lewis McVey
Lewis McVey 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t look that bad
NitroJr96 12 hours ago
Sammy Dropkick
Sammy Dropkick 13 hours ago
Was anyone else waiting for “the cat in the hat” to show up?
Mario Acosta
Mario Acosta 13 hours ago
Jezzz this looks awful
Super Mario dante
Super Mario dante 14 hours ago
Freak no I rather watch the sonic movie instead of this scary carp
I am trying to change my profile
Tbh, this is already good, if they just follow how the original had their costumes, then this could've been better
Stando pawah
Stando pawah 14 hours ago
just leave the job to a japanese they could make better cat girls for the love of god just redo it
Fish 15 hours ago
People actually thought this was a good idea
NightM_95 Game Jolt
NightM_95 Game Jolt 15 hours ago
Furries: "OWO OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!" Normal species of the human race: "Wat da fuk is wrong with those pussies. Teknically if they're kitties, they can be provided as a meat source. I will buture those pussies on my Serbian BBQ. And you vegans can stop freaking out right now."
Taesthetic 16 hours ago
I just came here for the comments, they're better than the trailer itself.
Owen Bender
Owen Bender 5 hours ago
Anything is better than watching this trailer
This is taking hentai to a whole new level what the fuck
Della M
Della M 16 hours ago
So what is the movie actually about?
DramaLlama 16 hours ago
Meeper Mondragon
Meeper Mondragon 17 hours ago
The Cat and the Hat 2: Origins ft Taylor Swift
Miri 17 hours ago
Ok but in the musical they're suppose to be cats, right? Wouldn't it be much more interesting if the cgi were actual cats instead of weird... cat-people furries....?
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