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This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie
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Jul 18, 2019

#CatsMovie #Cats




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Comments 94 014
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 2 minutes ago
I want a boyfriend. :/
Estela Segura Valz
Estela Segura Valz 6 minutes ago
What are the songs which the trailer shows?
RetroPopstar 6 minutes ago
Furries are fapping their little hearts out right now
Iris SodaPop
Iris SodaPop 13 minutes ago
this movie makes the sonic movie actually look good..
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 20 minutes ago
Do you think i could ever be as amazing as her?
lIx Stryker xIl
lIx Stryker xIl 38 minutes ago
what the f u c k
Hugh Salin
Hugh Salin 38 minutes ago
This is what happens when people put their furry costume too long.
Randmbloke 41 minute ago
I... uh... wha..... Ehhhhhhhhh..........
Hugh Salin
Hugh Salin 45 minutes ago
This makes Sonic the hedgehog live action movie look like Sonic Genesis.
OfPanic AndPromise
OfPanic AndPromise 45 minutes ago
Wow this is.. this is fuckin stupid
Brendan Keller
Brendan Keller 55 minutes ago
Emoji Movie: look at all the dislikes I got on my trailer Cats: *hold my beer*
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 55 minutes ago
Think i could be as pretty as the girl?
and I oop
and I oop Hour ago
Kids were crying in the movie when this played for previews😂😂
Camila Delaney
Dontae Jackson
Guys... if 2019 starting to make shitty creepy movies like this, imagine 2020...
nevaeh quick
nevaeh quick Hour ago
i feel like it’s kinda rude to hate on a what 3 minute trailer, this trailer has TWICE as many dislikes then likes and i bet you that all those people are gonna see the movie and regret it, as a dancer myself i am super excited to see this movie i’ve seen this trailer about 20 times and i still can’t fit over it. don’t judge a book by its cover this looks like a great movie.
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I’m literally 10 seconds in and I am terrified
Alex Ob Cas
Alex Ob Cas 2 hours ago
Pleaseeeeee paint them the damn noses!!! that would help a lot..and the fluffier heads...come on, its not that difficult!
Spacebory 2 hours ago
I’m horrified
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 2 hours ago
Banana Man
Banana Man 2 hours ago
Would it kill to make another Garfield one please!!! *Releases Cats trailer* _excuse me what the fuck_
K00K1Baby 2 hours ago
Este es mi musical favorito desde los 9 años, actualmente tengo 16 y estoy realmente muy feliz y emocionada por la pelicula :(💘💘
Dayanara Padilla
Dayanara Padilla 2 hours ago
This is frikin creepy this prob gonna be trash but will see they shouldve just made what they did for lion king like lmao
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 2 hours ago
I want a boyfriend. :/
JustSpri 3 hours ago
ProteanGreninja 3 hours ago
We owe Sonic an apology.
starburn721 3 hours ago
Hell no, I ain’t see this because its horrible CGI. I choose: dislike. :(
Ashhh123 3
Ashhh123 3 3 hours ago
this gave me nightmares..
Its_Scarr 4 hours ago
Guys, the movie looks great! Don’t be so rude, maybe it might be good and you don’t know that.
Marwan El-Aghoury
Marwan El-Aghoury 4 hours ago
Very disgusting 🤮🤮🤮
IEF 1999
IEF 1999 4 hours ago
Who else believes that this would’ve been better as an animated film?
PETER PREVTIY 4 hours ago
Why does everyone have to over do it with the CGI in movies.
Ethan Slusser
Ethan Slusser 4 hours ago
I understand that the musical had this style, but you can do something for a movie that's being released in theatres.
no one shhh
no one shhh 4 hours ago
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 4 hours ago
Looks like someone broke into hell and unleashed these "things"
Mario Gaming
Mario Gaming 4 hours ago
this movie should never exist, it makes me want to apologize to the sonic movie
Sonia The Dark Fox
Sonia The Dark Fox 4 hours ago
Not gonna lie, I'd rather see them in fur fursuits than this abomination.
Nyah_Chan 5 hours ago
Guys I'm scared
Cal Redwine
Cal Redwine 5 hours ago
Therapist: the live action cats movie can’t hurt you. It’s not real. Cats movie trailer:
KirbNinjaBoy 5 hours ago
Plague Produkshuns
Plague Produkshuns 5 hours ago
Still better than Batwoman. Much better.
Plague Produkshuns
Plague Produkshuns 5 hours ago
It could be worse. It could be Batwoman. Batwoman: *reads this comment* Batwoman: *makes cameo in cats* *IM A WHAMEEEEN*
mina aghaei
mina aghaei 5 hours ago
Think about all the people about to jerk to the white cat
Lex Brand
Lex Brand 5 hours ago
Absolutely love the score!
Marlilijntjeeh 6 hours ago
I get the criticism but this hate is a little overdone...
Plague Produkshuns
Plague Produkshuns 5 hours ago
I think there is a severe lack of hate
Fat Tv
Fat Tv 6 hours ago
What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Sam Brayson
Sam Brayson 6 hours ago
what is this........................................
Thatch 7 hours ago
What the fuck happened to Gandalf ?! 🤢
An idiot
An idiot 7 hours ago
Wait..... did they?.... Did they just deleted my old comment? GJ, now I hate the movie and your marketing strategy.
DaantjeSiskens 8 hours ago
My opinion: I would see this movie. Prove me wrong. And yes, I've seen the trailer ans yes I'm not blind. (I'm being paid to say this, please help me)
j bre
j bre 8 hours ago
Why are people hating on this so much? What else are we supposed to expect from a musical drama about humanized cats?!
Bobby j boi
Bobby j boi 8 hours ago
*Catwoman 2 linked trailer DC movie coming out in 2089*
kalirena69 8 hours ago
It sounds amazing. It looks Horrifying. It is like Cats - filmed badly on snapchat with filters. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. It is a shame that the CGI versus the original's makeup and costuming, spoils any chance that I would ever want to watch this movie. I feel bad for the excellent actors/singers that were done a disservice by the visual choices made by the director.
Bobby j boi
Bobby j boi 8 hours ago
I wonder how they got cats to act in a movie..?
Simone Cardinal
Simone Cardinal 8 hours ago
Honestly the effects are kinda cringe but I don't care. I have a soft spot for musicals so.....
sUiSaD 8 hours ago
is it me or this looks like a deep fake
Slow Ver.
Slow Ver. 8 hours ago
ебать вы отбитые дизлайки ставить.
Brian Schmid
Brian Schmid 8 hours ago
да это правда
Brian Schmid
Brian Schmid 8 hours ago
que rico cuerpo peludito
Bonbonthefurret 276
ApicalUnicorn 9 hours ago
SO, my parents got me a cat yesterday, and I wanted to see his reaction to the trailer... R.I.P. Quincy 😿
SNCharlet 9 hours ago
Your average furry convention.
Galaxy_Girl 1
Galaxy_Girl 1 9 hours ago
Now do the "Dogs" trailer!
paper prod
paper prod 9 hours ago
Honestly tho everything apart from the cgi looks amazing especially the choreography
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 9 hours ago
Do you think I could be as beautiful as her?
Who's Farzana?
Who's Farzana? 9 hours ago
Oh my..
VBLN 10 hours ago
This finna be the most beautiful corniest shit.
Demario Pagan
Demario Pagan 10 hours ago
Federal Bureau Of Ivestigation
Holy fuck
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 10 hours ago
Do you think I could be as beautiful as her?
BostonMurderer 23
BostonMurderer 23 11 hours ago
2019-Sonic Movie Bad Mid 2019-Cats movie bad 2020-Mario Movie bad 2021-Dogs movie bad
GearTractTM 7 hours ago
Theres a connection
Nachochzbruh 11 hours ago
ew furry
whitedamon68 11 hours ago
This movie look strange. It would be better to do a Musical on brodway with that...
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 11 hours ago
Hebstrixia 11 hours ago
I've seen a few people write that only non-fans of the original musical have a problem with this and I have no idea how they can believe that. If anything, if you're an actual fan of the live musical, you see more wrong here than someone hasnt seen the play. People who are unfamiliar with the original Cats are just disturbed by how the awful CGI made the actors look so weird. If you loved the musical you're probably wondering why Bustopher Douglas, who was originally a heavyset, yet sophisticated and dignified cat, is now a nasty oaf who spits food at another cat's face or why the film makers turned the sweet, maternal Jennyanydots into another dumb, stock Rebel Wilson role. Also,Old Deuteronomy is supposed to be a male! Its like the producers just wanted Judy Dench to be in their movie, couldnt find another role for her, so they decided "Meh" let's just turn Deuteronomy into a female...no one will notice.
dasia jarvis
dasia jarvis 11 hours ago
This is what a nightmare looks like 1:20
Stefan M.
Stefan M. 11 hours ago
Yeeaah, probably should have gone with the traditional costumes, or even just gone all-out and made it a 2D animated movie.
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 11 hours ago
Think I could ever be as pretty as her?
Jordan Rucksack 123
Jordan Rucksack 123 12 hours ago
Their faces look like the fruits from annoying orange.
Jordan Rucksack 123
Jordan Rucksack 123 12 hours ago
Why are such high profile people, and Jason Derulo, in this weird looking movie.
Luke Cremecheese
Luke Cremecheese 12 hours ago
who the fuck thought this was a good idea. like they saw this trailer and were like "yep, ship it out"
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