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Catfishing my Bestfriend to see if he's loyal!
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Jun 19, 2019

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Comments 5 100
Alison Adkins
Alison Adkins 6 minutes ago
Oh my ! I’m so nervous with this conversation
Niyah Powell
Niyah Powell 24 minutes ago
He rocking the purple 💜💜
Dezyrae Shryock
Dezyrae Shryock 51 minute ago
why she was acting like she already did sum wit him lmao
Makeup love
Makeup love Hour ago
PRÏñçëśś_ÑÄË Pope
When he mad he play with his hair😂😂
Beyonce Calixte
Beyonce Calixte 3 hours ago
On 15:52 who saw tears
Gwendolyn Reynolds
Gwendolyn Reynolds 3 hours ago
Yall so cute together
Cronic Johndon
Cronic Johndon 5 hours ago
When he punched the freaking closet I was dead lol
Princess Liyah
Princess Liyah 10 hours ago
"bitch thats what you doing hoe"💀
Fire Kirie Water Curry
Does jay like emily because she wqnted everyone to ask if he likes her so ask him please i could not comment on the other funnymike channel !?
Daquita Hardy
Daquita Hardy 10 hours ago
Welcome to an episode of cheaters 😂😂😂😂
Michelle Mayer
Michelle Mayer 14 hours ago
Why he hit Jaliyah
Jessie Miller
Jessie Miller 16 hours ago
Bro funnymike bro
Maurice Barnett
Maurice Barnett 16 hours ago
I like mykel and bam and i am going turn 9 and i am a Jamaican girl but i use my brother account that's whi u see maurice barnett the rison whi i like u case u guys cute love u mykel and bam
Toxic_ Lexiii
Toxic_ Lexiii 17 hours ago
young reezy
young reezy 18 hours ago
I wonder if funny Mike wheant on jerry springer or Maury
Tianna Daniels
Tianna Daniels 18 hours ago
LMAOOOO im weakkk that mane started twirling his haiirr .
nelson melo
nelson melo 21 hour ago
y u grab him 😂 u shoulda pieced him
Itzyogirl Kyky
Itzyogirl Kyky 21 hour ago
cardi marie
cardi marie 22 hours ago
" bitch that's what you doing hoe!? Huh bitch !?" ionn kno why but that shit be funny when dudes be calling each other that.
Songs by niyah Lovely
When that closest fell on him I died
Heaven 1106
Heaven 1106 Day ago
Ay Onia
Ay Onia Day ago
Jaaliyah: I’m scared Mac: I’m scared too Jaaliyah: YOU SCARED 👀 Mac: No I’m scared I might kill this dude 😭😭😭
Demorian Williams
Lmaooo "I'm tryna see you too I got u baby"
Riyah’s World
Ik Jaliyah password
llRed Dxciplell
23:55 “I’ve been expecting you” 😭😭face ahhhh
Dangelah Evans
When he got mad in punch the closet the closet got mad in made him fell
Corey Dodds
Corey Dodds Day ago
Runik needs to take boxing lessons
Jaquan Jarmon
Why he do this to himself 😂😂😂
Eva Gang
Eva Gang Day ago
How many people love mj family
Janslee Gonzalez
This hurt him bad he was abt to cry bro😥 20:19-20:49
pytkellyy Day ago
I’m sorry ii had to paused the video, when Mac got out that car 😱🤣🤣🤣
Ryana Young
Ryana Young Day ago
he getting so mad then he fell after he broke the door i’m so dead 😂😂
Trejure Johnson
The way he twisting his hair 😭
moneybagz show
18:22 I died
moneybagz show
That shit wasn't a prank they really fucking
Mariah Savage
I’m dead
Chris Bigelow
I have a question for Kam my friend said Kam and tham are dateing is that tuar
Zaveon Scott
Zaveon Scott 2 days ago
That mane said I can’t right now my nerves bad 🤣🤣🤣
jaleel coleman
jaleel coleman 2 days ago
Shareika Jenkins
Shareika Jenkins 2 days ago
i aint gone lie they kinda pranked me to till she said its a prank
Devante Celestine
Ashantee Sanders
Ashantee Sanders 2 days ago
“That’s my fuckingggg dawg”😭😭😭 he just don’t know 🤦🏽‍♀️
J GAMING 2 days ago
He broke the door
J GAMING 2 days ago
This was funny af, but mike dawg u a good nigga
imserious2187 2 days ago
Is that a crown Royal outfit??
Lucid Dream King
Lucid Dream King 2 days ago
Girls...don’t make eye contact w your mans bro 😂
S Will
S Will 2 days ago
“I’m a while killer nigga”🤣🤣🤣
S Will
S Will 2 days ago
Roken Ssj3
Roken Ssj3 2 days ago
Damn that smack sounded like it hurt
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