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Catfishing my Bestfriend to see if he's loyal!
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Jun 19, 2019




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Comments 5 666
oh yeah ;
oh yeah ; 22 hours ago
hold up he needa watch how he treat her dont be hitting her even if its her arm its not hr fault
MK 10
MK 10 Day ago
Angie Ness
Angie Ness 2 days ago
He only said "it's a prank" to get away it. C'mon now. If he was pranking him he would have a camera or something. He just said that shit TO GET AWAY WITH IT
Prince Dior
Prince Dior 2 days ago
when a comedian get mad it be hilarious for it be hilarious
Prince Dior
Prince Dior 2 days ago
why did funnymike leave them 2 at dollar general damn that part was funny mike
True Success
True Success 2 days ago
Funnymike punch the door so hard that so funny when the door fell on him
Kamil Hickley
Kamil Hickley 3 days ago
Mac got in a fight with the closet door 😂😂😂
Juanita Flores
Juanita Flores 3 days ago
The dam closet omfg 😭😭🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Autumn AADT
Autumn AADT 4 days ago
so many dam ads cmon now
Nay&Gigi 4 days ago
Prank on Prank 😂😂
KeKe August
KeKe August 4 days ago
Annie Winters
Annie Winters 4 days ago
That was fucking awesome
Omarian Fuller
Omarian Fuller 4 days ago
What happens to dee the dumbest ?
It’s Areya’s World
That closet door fell😂😂
Carlina Phillips
Carlina Phillips 5 days ago
Kill him
Twinning squad
Twinning squad 5 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Don't kill him
Caleb Barnes
Caleb Barnes 5 days ago
Son when I seen this video im like Jaliyah has something to do with this
Ugly•Gatcha•Duck •
The way he kept twisting his hair. My dude if u want dreads you can just have a professional do it for ya 😂😂😂😆😆😆🤷🏻‍♀️
Julienne Talent
Julienne Talent 5 days ago
Jaliyah: I’m scared 😟 funnymike going to kill this dude Mac: don’t touch my girl nigga Runkie: I need to tell u something... Mac: what?? Runkie: its a prank 😂😂😂😂 Mac: nigga don’t do that **mac gets mad** ****mac drives off with Jaliyah car***
Kashera Brown
Kashera Brown 6 days ago
Love you mj fam Like if you love mj fam
Tr3 Way
Tr3 Way 6 days ago
When Mike hopped out dat car 😂😂
Tr3 Way
Tr3 Way 6 days ago
This was crazy 😂😂
Tr3 Way
Tr3 Way 6 days ago
Mike is hilarious 😂😂
curran house
curran house 7 days ago
am trying to see you too...lmmao i gotacha bae...omg..
Kayla Lewis
Kayla Lewis 7 days ago
Jaliyah:dun dun dun Mac: mane don’t du du du Lol this had me dead 💀
Dezeree Queen
Dezeree Queen 8 days ago
I love them frfr
Malachi Nirek Williams
Runki got a ball spot 😅😂🤣
Drew and lia Drew is one of my Boys that my friend
Mike beats him the fuck up
Jemira Nichols
Jemira Nichols 8 days ago
I fell out when the door fell on him lol hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
Jemira Nichols
Jemira Nichols 8 days ago
Team J
Jemira Nichols
Jemira Nichols 8 days ago
Haha lol ........... But ..... OMGG😶😶😶😶😶
Caleb Barnes
Caleb Barnes 9 days ago
This nigga mac stupid
BabyFace_ Khia
BabyFace_ Khia 10 days ago
19:01 had me dead how you break the door
Naudia Singleton
Naudia Singleton 10 days ago
Hi wont ar you doing right know. Love you and. See you tomorrow night
Dvahn Browne
Dvahn Browne 10 days ago
The part that kill me the most is when runik pulled up in the van! Lmmfao!!! He a dawg fa real! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Maria Kamara
Maria Kamara 10 days ago
Ocean means the 🌊 wave
Kimberly Letash
Kimberly Letash 10 days ago
Is this real ??? Plssss somebody tell me they still friends ?????
Ladii Sher
Ladii Sher 10 days ago
No way did he leave you with thu bayby🤐
Dezaria Bailey
Dezaria Bailey 11 days ago
Y’all both put y’all hand up at the same time
Lavonne Green
Lavonne Green 11 days ago
When the door fell on him I was dying
Curtis Banks
Curtis Banks 11 days ago
Oh you watch them too.
Curtis Banks
Curtis Banks 11 days ago
So when you get mad used twist your hair or let me say locks.😆😆😆
Larry 3rd King
Larry 3rd King 11 days ago
My heart was beating to every message response 😅
Wiliam Spann
Wiliam Spann 12 days ago
Something MJ family🙏😇🖕
Wiliam Spann
Wiliam Spann 12 days ago
Sorry about the middle finger images MJ family🙏😇
Zamaria Muse
Zamaria Muse 12 days ago
He punched that door and it fell right on his ahh😂😂😂😂
Zamaria Muse
Zamaria Muse 12 days ago
Brianna Besentie
Brianna Besentie 12 days ago
Don't touch women ok hear that
Amya Scott
Amya Scott 12 days ago
Implausible I’m 😐
Michael mcmuffin
Michael mcmuffin 13 days ago
This got to be fake because he's too loyal of a friend to betray you go behind your back and try and get with your girl
Jayla Littlejohn
Jayla Littlejohn 13 days ago
When that door fell on Mac 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tiana stagger
Tiana stagger 13 days ago
The closet sent me! 😭😭😭
savages tylighs
savages tylighs 13 days ago
18:59 to 19:10 had me dead laughing
Sandra Foote
Sandra Foote 13 days ago
Is it me or did jayilah say her password was her birthday 👇🏽 that's how many people think
Aliviah West
Aliviah West 13 days ago
When mike got out the car 😂 Mike: BITCH THATS WHAT YOU DOING HOE!?!!? HUH BITCH!!!!! Runik : I AINT KNOW!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Shayona Wimberly
Shayona Wimberly 13 days ago
Like dis comment up if ur favorite part was when funnymike punched da door and he fell 😂🤣😅😆
Cameren&Katie BFF FOREVA
The ocean mean drip like he wet or somein
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar 14 days ago
Bruh I dropped my hotpocket watching this
Baylee Williams
Baylee Williams 14 days ago
lN1XJ2Hl AGTS 14 days ago
2 most funniest parts : 1 when Runik was tapping out 😂😂 2 when that closet fell on Runik
demarquis Spingfield
You'll really I hope so shut the fuk up by beat your ass on the corner
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