Catching up with my Sister - Childhood food

Bretman Rock
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May 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Sad Wrld
Sad Wrld 6 hours ago
I find it cute bretman messed up his edit about the garden LOL
CallMeSenpai 18 hours ago
So...Did Ramen copy them or did they copy Ramen? Lmao
Kim Sophie Vlogs
Kim Sophie Vlogs 21 hour ago
Bretman do you know how to speak Filipino
LENA Day ago
Brandon Faison
What is booookkooooss
Tazzle janvier
bahahaaha!?!?!?! what kinda garden was that???
Pia Dela Cruz
I am filipino but also a half chinese but i really really love pancit canton
Burnt chicken nugget 3.0
Bretman called it ruvid.net/video/video-8FchtMnGI0U.html
bacon booty
bacon booty Day ago
princess is the cutest!!!
Rachell Sesbreño
Literally thats my favorite flavor of pancit canton
AH 2 days ago
Princess looks so good she got that glow but you can also just tell her energy is amazing she's more secure and happier
Ava Bee
Ava Bee 2 days ago
Nice garden lol
Joshiiflower 2 days ago
I grew up on that stuff, the sweet and spicy was my jammmmmm
iiLovely Danna
iiLovely Danna 2 days ago
Why does bretman lowkey look like dat one fish
Brenda Romero
Brenda Romero 2 days ago
“Bitch wait till she finds out im bretman rock” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg i love u guys ❤️
Laura M
Laura M 2 days ago
Mexicans call this “sopa huevona” 💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻
Mahealani Hidalgo
Maria louis
Maria louis 3 days ago
20 with 2 kids. Jeez I thought she was almost 30
Ynna Karla Sierra
“He got it from amazon, now he don’t know how to act” IM SCREAMING
Princess Crile Talipan
POV: you're craving for pancit canton as you're watching/reading this Bc same
Nemesis 3 days ago
Does Hawaii water tastes different ????
Jandrex Bitun
Jandrex Bitun 3 days ago
Breatman has a BEAUTIFUL gargen😮 14:24
Vancomycin 3 days ago
No wonder Mae’s boob so huge, she’s lactating. Maeee, you’re glowing
Maya Darwich
Maya Darwich 3 days ago
''quranTINA" such a mood man i frken love him
Kicking It With Nae
HEYY small RUvidr here🥰! I would love the support 😘!
Nickicomehome 4 days ago
man i was so excited for his garden
jeffdaniell 4 days ago
Gonna grab a mother fucking fork : grabs a spoon
poopoo head
poopoo head 4 days ago
Aj Spellers
Aj Spellers 4 days ago
Me having a haughty moment thinking I'm someone bc I'm not the only one obsessed them!!!
Chelsea Bernz
Chelsea Bernz 4 days ago
Betch i put sauce first too
Akon Kong
Akon Kong 4 days ago
when she said " bRet WHAT tHe f*cK? i was deadd. xD
Meryll Divine
Meryll Divine 4 days ago
I love when bretman smiling
Danielle Castañeda
I looove pancit canton!!!
nancy tornero
nancy tornero 4 days ago
I'm over here wondering what noodles they be eating lol I literally was craving noodles 😫😭 but over all I love Bretman and Princess🥳
Ran Cinco
Ran Cinco 4 days ago
Bretman you can try the ginamos and bulad with rice mukbang with your sister and I swear your not gonna regret trying those shit it's just fucking amazing hahaha hope you notice this love lots mwa❤
Viridiana Garfias
I did not know princess was 20
Original CbabyX
Original CbabyX 4 days ago
him and nikita
Isang 4 days ago
Is it just me but Princess looks so gorgeous and I like it 😍
honey 4 days ago
these two always put me in a better mood.
Siinnnuut Ualreadyno
Bretman really called out the fact that Princess used to have 'ukus'..𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚕𝚘𝚕
Neha Ramachandran
I love how they always match their clothes
Wholesome minion
Wholesome minion 5 days ago
honestly i did the same thing as princess when i was little. I just hated the feeling of morning showers
Niome Star
Niome Star 5 days ago
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far Princesses hair has come 😩
Mad Hatty
Mad Hatty 5 days ago
i wanna get those shampoos tbh. those look littttt :o
Mad Hatty
Mad Hatty 5 days ago
im A bAD bItCh nOw... ohhnnyyaaaaaa
David Saul
David Saul 5 days ago
That turtle intro gets me every time! 😂
Nathan Uy
Nathan Uy 5 days ago
Extra Hot + Mozzarella + Egg + Stir Fried beef
Lainey M
Lainey M 5 days ago
Bretman: function of beauty Those dead ass flowers in the back: 👁👄👁
Meadow Christmas
Meadow Christmas 5 days ago
“He got it from amazon now he don’t know how to act” 😂😂
David Garcia
David Garcia 5 days ago
Is it weird to eat Ramen with the water, I mean like not take the noodle juice out??
Angelica Richardson
I was really trynna see the garden lmao...😐
i’m really her
i’m really her 5 days ago
i love the relationship they have 😩😩
Megan Pinkus
Megan Pinkus 5 days ago
so is nobody gonna talk about how we didn't get to see his garden ://
Gianna Ferraro
Gianna Ferraro 5 days ago
watching you eat makes me want ramen
Nevaeh Luv u
Nevaeh Luv u 6 days ago
I’ll insert some pictures of my garden: *shows picture of tweet
amairani Dominguez
Where do you get the big cups ?????💓💓💓
jentrbersongcry 6 days ago
I really love Princess and Bretman. Like, they can have fun and be serious at the right time. They’re great siblings and really deserve where they are!
Remi 6 days ago
I thought princess is a Scorpio I'm confused
M I K E L 6 days ago
Where is the garden?
An Ne
An Ne 6 days ago
Itss Bree TV
Itss Bree TV 6 days ago
What’s the name of the noodles ?
adiso erso
adiso erso 6 days ago
None of that corona bullsh**😂😂
Lou Tomlin
Lou Tomlin 6 days ago
Pancit Canton tastes better when you add calamansi.
Tatianna Delia
Tatianna Delia 6 days ago
Name of the noodles?? 😩
jxwnskieee 6 days ago
bretman was off shrooms. 💀💀💀
Eugene Esposia
Eugene Esposia 7 days ago
Hol up Is that pancit canton? Like Sis I never had that for 2 years cause my naynay Stop sending meh theese noodles 😅
Eugene Esposia
Eugene Esposia 2 days ago
Kiwi 4 days ago
Omg same my mom banned it from my house and my grandma keeps trying to buy them 🤣😂
jennifer nguyen
jennifer nguyen 7 days ago
my favs 🧡
Remington Lee
Remington Lee 7 days ago
would like to mention that function of beauty is terrible for curly hair!
Riddick Rey Mon
Riddick Rey Mon 7 days ago
Hi bretman, I wanna see your brother in you future videos. 😁😊😍
Lance Lee
Lance Lee 7 days ago
are those real? you know what I am talking about.
outta here
outta here 7 days ago
yeska ramirez
yeska ramirez 7 days ago
Bretman,i love you so much ur my best favorite youtuber 💯ur so funny n so beautiful
Hessa Al zaabi
Hessa Al zaabi 7 days ago
are you boy or girl bech
Aaron Acaso
Aaron Acaso 7 days ago
I have watched this for the nth time but I still laugh when I rewatch this. My brother and I talk to each other like how they do. 💛💛
Joshie Camacho
Joshie Camacho 7 days ago
Just finish watching this shit. Now I'm cooking spam to add it with my pancit kanton
Steph_Gacha 7 days ago
tell me why after the break an ad came on -_-
Maria Espinoza
Maria Espinoza 7 days ago
bretman is me with all that ice lol
Sunny Chen
Sunny Chen 7 days ago
Deadass Bretman Rock is the only RUvidr WHOS commercial I would never skip 🎿
Natasha vassell
Natasha vassell 7 days ago
Y’all notice at 14:25 bretman didn’t show his garden but the same screenshot of Cleo 💀
Kakola Kalia
Kakola Kalia 8 days ago
I'm over here hollering because Bretman literally put the screenshot of Cleo instead of the garden
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