Catching GIANT Bass on BIG Worms (Bank Fishing)

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In this bass fishing video I go fishing with big worms for enormous bass while bank fishing! Big worm fishing is a great way to get ahold of a giant bass. Have you ever went fishing with big worms for giant bass? Have you ever caught a fish while fishing big worms? What is the biggest bass you've caught while fishing big worms? Do you go bank fishing often? If so what kind of bank fishing areas do you fish? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / big worm bass fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the bank fishing videos / bank bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some enormous bass while bank fishing with big worms!
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 80
KickinTheirBASSTV 8 months ago
Thank you all for the support!!! What video would you like to see next??🔥
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 7 months ago
Bro I'm replying to your question at beginning of video. In my opinion Kayaks should be out on the river or small lake exploring places you can't reach by land. I can hardly stand to watch you fish where you can cast to the other side of the pond while looking at all those houses in your backyard. Dropping a kayak in their again makes no sense. Ruins the experience of fishing if you are not surrounded by some nature. I can understand fishing in your backyard when you are very busy and want to show something quick. I was happy to see you went to another big pond. I enjoyed hearing you talk during the video and not only record the casts which catch fish like some other tubers. Love you're channel, seen every single video you have made, only trying to give honest answer to inspire more of your other amazing content. :)
Jackson Rigney
Jackson Rigney 8 months ago
Live bait!
Joshy P
Joshy P 8 months ago
KickinTheirBASSTV let’s see a nice creek video.
Craig Macomber
Craig Macomber 8 months ago
Yo you need to do a video fishing at Shasta lake and lake California huge bass contact me bro let’s fish
dylan fournet
dylan fournet 8 months ago
send it in the yak bro
Cayden Leonard
Cayden Leonard Month ago
Larry Busch
Larry Busch Month ago
Love the Big worm 🐛 fishing 🎣 you called the gator 🐊-Larry-Gary-Jerry , great 👍🏻 video !
Jo Ann Steuwe
Jo Ann Steuwe 3 months ago
i love to fish for bass
kevin10870 5 months ago
Feed dem bass!
Sebass 16
Sebass 16 7 months ago
What size weight do you use
Kari Smith
Kari Smith 8 months ago
Noah:”Larry!! No” lol idk why I laughed so hard at that
Jesse Jimenez
Jesse Jimenez 8 months ago
Nice combo
Dudley Burke
Dudley Burke 8 months ago
Lovin the kayak videos. Bring on the Big Bass Energy!!!
amador molina
amador molina 8 months ago
Just started following your channel and cant stop binge watching 🔥🤘🏼
ural harmson
ural harmson 8 months ago
can you send me some fish bait
Chance Esquivel
Chance Esquivel 8 months ago
Anybody know the name of the red lure he uses in this video ? Can’t seem to find the link for it in his description the one he says is %10 off
clipsclipsammo 8 months ago
Dude we just caught a 5 pounder! Scale: Oh so fuck me right?
Jolene Dixon
Jolene Dixon 8 months ago
#BIGBASSENERGY #TEAMKTBTV I ordered a Navy blue hoodie with you logo on the front! Can't wait to get it! Thanks for the tips! Keep making your own rules!
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder 8 months ago
Fuck he dont care about the comments douche fucks stop buying his shit and you'll see i ca out fish that fuck any day....
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder 8 months ago
Hit me up juice.
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder 8 months ago
Bro you switched the kilogram on the ALMOST 5 LB. FISH....ARE ALWAYZ FULL OF SHIT? come to redding cali and ill show you fishing. Have you ever been to lake cali?
Rowan Thomas
Rowan Thomas 8 months ago
can you make a video on how to cast a baitcaster
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 8 months ago
I tried to tell everyone. 7-10” Berkeley power worms the real Juice!
Kent Lewandowski
Kent Lewandowski 8 months ago
Nice video and very nice 5 lb fish at the end. You didn't know 1 Kg = 2.2 lbs? C'mon man. Also, PLEASE don't put your baitfish into ponds and other bodies of water!!! I don't know how it is by you, but it states where I have fished (WI, CA) that is ILLEGAL. Unless it's a private pond that belongs to you? That's not the impression I got.
Ruben Montanez
Ruben Montanez 8 months ago
What model of Lew casting rod and reel outfits are you using? Are there any great lew's reels that are not very problematic for backlash???
Golden Family
Golden Family 8 months ago
Sure, more kayak videos!!!
Antonio Patrick
Antonio Patrick 8 months ago
What about a crankbait challenge. Good colors you pick but a shallow, mid, deep, lipless challenge. That pond at your house would be good for it. You could also discuss cranking tips too
Antonio Patrick
Antonio Patrick 8 months ago
Stock the pond and yak fish it!
Red Williams
Red Williams 8 months ago
Put the kayak back in it
Carter Tucker
Carter Tucker 8 months ago
If you turn loose bait fish in there. You are gonna turn that into a carp Paradise
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 8 months ago
Caught my PB today on a Berley Choppo 90
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 8 months ago
Yak videos man. Hop in a tournament
slab hunter
slab hunter 8 months ago
Whered you get your bait casters? All i find is left handers and im looking for right handed bait caster reels?
wildlife explorers
wildlife explorers 8 months ago
You vids are awesome
wildlife explorers
wildlife explorers 8 months ago
Which knot do you tie again and can ii please have the link for the video on how to tie different knots
Izzy rod
Izzy rod 8 months ago
“You DONT always gotta throw what other people throw” Switched from 13 fishing to Lee’s cuzz lojo throws it 🤣🤔🤔🤔
Jerry Carson
Jerry Carson 8 months ago
Used to fish that same pond and catch monsters
Bryan Inglis
Bryan Inglis 8 months ago
I like fishing kayak videos!
aaron ocheltree
aaron ocheltree 8 months ago
getting that #bigbassenergy back. very nice
Maw Man
Maw Man 8 months ago
Chumming is illegal lol
TheKushmanz 8 months ago
Bro please dnt turn yo back to that water while larry is in there. Those things are very smart. But other that love the vid...
Tone Bassin
Tone Bassin 8 months ago
My dude I prefer you on the bank or a yak. I dont own anything so I can use the bank fishing videos lol so tha k you my dude as always great video
DaVita Baker
DaVita Baker 8 months ago
I'd like to see a video on line choice. The do's and dont's of choosing proper line. Also, rod and reel maintenance. (lubrication, cleaning, storage).
Bassin’Assassin 8 months ago
When did you get a pro TI?? You get that from ya boi Lojo?
Matthew King
Matthew King 8 months ago
#bigbassenergy #teamktbtv
Matthew King
Matthew King 8 months ago
I would love to see you livebait fish in your pond
YNOT OILIGRIV 8 months ago
I have been using the same worm for like a month and is deff a fish catcher
Allie Kyzer
Allie Kyzer 8 months ago
all the names he called that alligator😂
Tyler Sexton
Tyler Sexton 8 months ago
Who won the give away?? From the last video
Zex 8 months ago
Stock the pond
Zack Patterson
Zack Patterson 8 months ago
When I catch a little bass like that 8 inch one you had I just wish they could actually grow from the worm 😂
Kyle Mary
Kyle Mary 8 months ago
Damn I looked through your merch and some are pretty fire gonna pick some up next paycheck
Mako Gaming YT
Mako Gaming YT 8 months ago
xPFGxSkully 8 months ago
Larry wanted to be your PB lol
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 8 months ago
Yoyo bring out the yak
Twitch NRLax12
Twitch NRLax12 8 months ago
Top fall baits for pond. Or maybe some tutorial for newer pond fishers and baits for them
Salty joe's fishing
Salty joe's fishing 8 months ago
Do the kayak bro, I would enjoy watching👍
family girls
family girls 8 months ago
Im down to see you in the kayak
L Y 8 months ago
Catch some bass on a light pound line
Matt Bones
Matt Bones 8 months ago
Hey man you shouted me out on this video from ordering from ktbtv.com I ordered a hoodie like 2 weeks ago and I never got an email telling me they shipped it out yet just worried my money didn’t get through
mike delacruz
mike delacruz 8 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 Vid Pimp ✊🏼🧐😎🤙🏼!! And you busted out the Scale on the Haters 💪🏼😉👌🏼
Teddy Richards
Teddy Richards 8 months ago
We're are the giants?
Eric Collins
Eric Collins 8 months ago
Caden Carson
Caden Carson 8 months ago
Please go out on the pond with a kayak
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 8 months ago
Albeit a brief introduction and conversation at the Charlotte airport glad to have met you and putting me onto your video content. Enjoy your passion. Looking forward to some boat video.
Jayson Brown
Jayson Brown 8 months ago
Yo brother, you have some of the best potential of any of the "Fishing RUvidrs ", I am a serious fisherman and I live pretty close to you, I have 24 acres of land in western NC on a beautiful creek, it has a small pond but I want to make it a few acres and stock it up with monsters and awesome genetics and baitfish! Hey if you need a camera man/ fishing partner/ anything that we can do to make the channel better guy! For real man. Hit me up bro! # KTB TV, # BIGBassENERGyBABY! #BBE! # LetsGo! ,# Let's go fishing sometime bro!
Moses Miller
Moses Miller 8 months ago
Clay Eitelman
Clay Eitelman 8 months ago
Use the mondo worm
VitaminDee TV
VitaminDee TV 8 months ago
Nice! Slow bite produces biggun's! Not often does it happen like that but most ppl would've given up and went home. lol
Hunter Ours
Hunter Ours 8 months ago
Definitely do some more kayak vids. I personally love them. Keep grinding bro👊🏻
DaReXifiy 8 months ago
@ 4:20 your welcome
Taylor Cardwell
Taylor Cardwell 8 months ago
Throw em in #BigBassEnergy
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 8 months ago
I wanna see kayak fishing
Jonathan Nedelisky
Jonathan Nedelisky 8 months ago
Love these vids...
Jorge Saenz
Jorge Saenz 8 months ago
Zach Aucoin
Zach Aucoin 8 months ago
The ol shwank which I bought after I saw it on one of your videos is a perfect crank for down here in south Louisiana about 9 months out of the year.
Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan 8 months ago
Hope you catch your pb. I caught a 9.6 on the whopper plopper. You the pro but you might want to try it.
Trever Wagner
Trever Wagner 8 months ago
i think the squad should have their own kayak fishing challenge against each other #kickintheirbasstv #lojo.fishing #fishingwithnorm
Ivy Moore
Ivy Moore 8 months ago
where are you fishing at where you guys got alligators at y'all are you in Florida or Alabama for Louisiana
Daniel Carver
Daniel Carver 8 months ago
Any tips on super pressured bank fishing?
Ivy Moore
Ivy Moore 8 months ago
bro I don't know if that's a good idea. well it's different I guess in every state but in Wisconsin they don't want you to put different fish from other places into the ponds and stuff like that. but I'm broke I would love to come fish with you guys you Lojo and norme. I'm in Wisconsin. you guys have a lot of Pawns a lot of big bass in your pond if I come out there and Fisher job and join your group that'll be the most coolest thing ever yo.
Tj Sheppard
Tj Sheppard 8 months ago
Hunter Becke
Hunter Becke 8 months ago
Put the yak in it
Dwayne Dunn
Dwayne Dunn 8 months ago
People from up north would get scared to death of seeing an alligator at the pond but Floridians just yell at them lmao
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