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Catching exercise balls at Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland.
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A huge thank you to Ticino Tourism for helping to make this happen! We had an epic time visiting this incredible part of the world and filmed heaps of new videos that are coming soon. Do yourself a favour and go experience Ticino for yourself, it's amazing! For more info check out www.ticino.ch/en/
What's the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video ruvid.net/video/video-AyLPMhp7qbs.html where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out: cmpsn.co/howridiculous
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Nov 9, 2018




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Comments 80
Sarah Briffa
Sarah Briffa Year ago
Duchess from the Aristocats
Hypernova Pizza
MADD MAXX VLOGS 2 months ago
tiktok suckscock why
MADD MAXX VLOGS 2 months ago
How Ridiculous what’s up
claudia Dominguez
claudia Dominguez 2 months ago
claudia Dominguez
claudia Dominguez 2 months ago
Hypernova Pizza
Awful Owl !!!
Awful Owl !!! 12 hours ago
6:36 what the heck, is he trying to catch a fish or something?🤔
Jason Polmateer
3:46 😂😂
Jonathan Rex
Jonathan Rex 2 days ago
Presley Donaldson
Will pin ya
Thatcher Donaldson
Will pin ya
Lia Leal
Lia Leal 9 days ago
That first hit I died 😂😂😂
Jordan White
Jordan White 10 days ago
Kyle Quick
Kyle Quick 10 days ago
streetkickers 08
streetkickers 08 14 days ago
Galaxy 17 days ago
those shoes are terrible. might as well be on a sheet of ice.
Blu77 YT
Blu77 YT 18 days ago
gounson has the same ears to
Miguel Angel Gárcia Gónzalez
where is there?
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 21 day ago
What is wrong with the guy in the back????!!!!
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 21 day ago
That slow mo though
domoclerkin86 23 days ago
domoclerkin86 23 days ago
Peppa pig
Thesa 80
Thesa 80 23 days ago
3:46 I love how he's still smiling
Brock Runyan
Brock Runyan 24 days ago
Bowl A strike from the dam please !!!
Brenden Korecki
Brenden Korecki 24 days ago
Like how he smiled the whole time he was falling in slow mo lmao
Jarred Wise
Jarred Wise 26 days ago
I just realized in these videos they are on the old river bed aren’t they?
[TB] Brian Jasperson
At 3:43 why does it look like the slow-mo replay is just a ragdoll physics game?
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins 27 days ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol lmao you pooped yourself
GTi_Connors_75 Month ago
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez Month ago
How the hell did you drop the tennis ball?
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez Month ago
Now that’s dedication. And btw, funny as shit (pun Intended).
Nate C
Nate C Month ago
Gaunson got so lucky this whole video
Rebecca HyperJump
He had 6 go’s but it hit his hands only 4 times
mizadi2017 Month ago
Poor Stanf
Zachariah August
Poppy pants
zero the boxer
zero the boxer Month ago
its funny but disgusting how Stanford slipped in a turd
Yeetprodude Month ago
Guinea pig bridge
Luka Meadows
Luka Meadows Month ago
Rylan Horning
Rylan Horning Month ago
grand very grand
K Webb
K Webb Month ago
Patrick Raymond
Patrick Raymond Month ago
Kim Moore
Kim Moore Month ago
Kleyder Barrera
Kleyder Barrera Month ago
11:30 what?
Kenda Mallory
Kenda Mallory Month ago
Hmmmmmm a ginepig
Alex Tran
Alex Tran Month ago
goo fishing
Alex Tran
Alex Tran Month ago
on the other side of the dam and make it a competion
AmloGaming Month ago
Fill IT with water
demarogue Month ago
Absolutely vintage Gaunson this episode
Finn Anderton-Vink
This was great
Dylan Ireland
Dylan Ireland Month ago
Try catch a marshmallow from 165 dam
Hanad Omar
Hanad Omar Month ago
Is his name Stanford or Brett?
Gage Mcgrannahan
Hanan Benkacem
Hanan Benkacem Month ago
صصصصص بببب كككككك ههههههههههه
FORTNITE BOY 2 months ago
Space Caesar
Space Caesar 2 months ago
I’m a little curious how long it takes to get to Switzerland from Australia.
Trick Shot Heaven
Trick Shot Heaven 2 months ago
Next video: catching Stanford from 165 metres in the air
Thomas Rafferty
Thomas Rafferty 2 months ago
Poop Song
Poop Song 2 months ago
His pet is named Magnus
Mor Far
Mor Far 2 months ago
Tre name was Molly
Dieter Spurgeon
Dieter Spurgeon 2 months ago
The guy in the background just glitched 5:10
Alex Wiese
Alex Wiese 2 months ago
8:15 he's taking a dump
Benjamin Bermiller
Benjamin Bermiller 2 months ago
I love it when Gaunson’s winning. It happens so infrequently that his reactions are just amazing!
Jeremiah Lynch
Jeremiah Lynch 2 months ago
What’s the song called that they play for the first few minutes?
It’s Tessa
It’s Tessa 2 months ago
Duchess from Aristocats
John Dough
John Dough 2 months ago
I don't dance I make money moves
I love your videos can I please please be be notified in one
I don't dance I make money moves
I love your videos can I be shouting out in 1
josh palmer
josh palmer 2 months ago
3:47 why does this look so funny
DJ Coke
DJ Coke 2 months ago
Dog In leaves
Dog In leaves 2 months ago
Duchess was ur name of pet #1
Lexi Mayes
Lexi Mayes 2 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone wonder how they get to Switzerland from Australia so easily
ree kid 2000
ree kid 2000 2 months ago
JonnyZuma 2 months ago
Another super long episode from the Australian giant teethed people
Charlie84nm 2 months ago
His first pets name is Gerald
Speed Art World
Speed Art World 2 months ago
3:46 I love this, it looks like they trimmed him out, put him onto a green screen and moved him around using computer software
Eric Menut
Eric Menut 2 months ago
Poor Stanford
Hunter _H2O
Hunter _H2O 2 months ago
5:08 lol
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat 2 months ago
Dune his name was dune
Kash Johnson
Kash Johnson 2 months ago
Alex Le plain
Alex Le plain 2 months ago
Who’s watching this during the quarantine
claudia Dominguez
claudia Dominguez 2 months ago
Corgi Girl
Corgi Girl 2 months ago
Jennifer Erin Gregg
Jennifer Erin Gregg 2 months ago
P.A. Arrington
P.A. Arrington 2 months ago
2:07 your welcome
Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony 2 months ago
Chicken nuggets
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