Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

Cody Ko
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Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers
Cody Ko

Published on


Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 10 793
Very Irrelephant
“Mucus bros” I died💀
Thepcmaster 1.0
Zośka Sz
Zośka Sz 2 hours ago
'Dobre' means good in Polish ill let you figure that one out
Eli Brezak
Eli Brezak 14 hours ago
hey man i did not know you used to be a diver! I am too. You just inspire me to keep working hard!
Dizzle •
Dizzle • 15 hours ago
You know what it is and what’s it dozzin 😂
Pwofessa 17 hours ago
Pwofessa 17 hours ago
3 letters *gucci*
Ashley Pugh
Ashley Pugh 17 hours ago
Lmao ok so the beginning when you were talking about parents making you spell things or they wouldn’t buy it. It reminded me of when I was little. I’m dyslexic and I was in speech therapy so already fucked. Well any time we were in the car my parents would make me read billboards but we were driving so I could never read them fast enough. They thought that it would help me read faster but it didn’t and if we went on trips I had a notebook to words they would give me.
Logan 19 hours ago
I know the “they probably don’t pay taxes” thing was probably a joke but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case with lots of big RUvidrs
Louis ii
Louis ii 20 hours ago
Damn every brother fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down .
F L A M E XO 21 hour ago
Am convinced the accumulated I.Q of this entire family is -1.
Comparison Component
How do you have ads
Aaron A420
Aaron A420 Day ago
I just call them the Do Bros to save time.
Cowboy Wbug
Cowboy Wbug Day ago
That black and yellow car in the window is the lamborghini centenario, one of the latest ones made. And its not 1 mil... try over 2
young Donkey Kong
Why has Cody cheese became my best friend
MSStudios Day ago
next time when we check in on them they'll be able to talk and have a soul and enthusiasm
dbabylara 2 days ago
I haven’t actually laughed out loud constantly during a video in a long time.... thank you 😂😂
Le Tiki
Le Tiki 2 days ago
That phone call Cody got towards the end of the video 😂😂😂😂
Becksnnc 2 days ago
I just googled them and it says their mum was an Olympic gymnastics world champion holy shit.
Becksnnc 2 days ago
Why do they sound tapped in the head when they talk😂
Jobe 2 days ago
Jesse Duncan
Jesse Duncan 3 days ago
Looks at yellow Lamborghini Aventador* Mom: “No I don’t want that one” 30 seconds later being “surprised”* Mom: “oH mY gOd ItS a BeAsT”
Ragnarocker 3 days ago
Spins a 3....Wants Gucci flip flops. What....
JustAnotherGrunt 3 days ago
Ew... that’s creepy.
Aboudy Khaddam
Aboudy Khaddam 4 days ago
Like if autism is the cure cancer
TomBoi Struggles
TomBoi Struggles 4 days ago
They used to be so awesome when they were in Team 10, the old team 10, but now the money got to their head and are boring as shit now
Om Abdulla
Om Abdulla 4 days ago
Kill me now
Chase Newman
Chase Newman 4 days ago
Boi Videos
Boi Videos 4 days ago
15:31 she should’ve said men
Raea 4 days ago
This is probably the hardest I’ve laughed at a Cody ko video and it’s nowhere near his most popular 😂
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 4 days ago
Capitalism has gone too far.
LadyIchinago 5 days ago
Coming back here after the meet and greet video
Julianna 5 days ago
u should do a vid with u and noel and kelsey, drinkin some beers and makin fun of some dweebs. id love it but ill love any vids u make. ty codee
Ava Elizabeth
Ava Elizabeth 5 days ago
imma sit through those ads so cody can afford his razzmatazz
Desirae Vang
Desirae Vang 5 days ago
That video was on trending. Wtf 🤣 I honestly don’t even know what to say about the video. I’m speechless. Don’t know what to think honestly
StrangeProfile 5 days ago
11 letter word: ‘Koenigseggs’
V.G. DLC 5 days ago
3:48 is what yahll came for
Venom Andrew
Venom Andrew 6 days ago
"There ya go, Marcus, or.. Lucas.. yenno what I'm just gonna call you M U C A S"
Joe Mclocklin
Joe Mclocklin 6 days ago
Speech classes are cheap as fuck
ImNotChris 6 days ago
“You’re gonna turn into a flip flop” I FUCKIN CHOKED
Rachel L
Rachel L 6 days ago
Dobre dobrick wish I was a do
Rachel L
Rachel L 6 days ago
O n why the fuck they talk like they fuck 4 years old they sound so fucking dumb but whatever wht do I kno it obviously work for them smh so crazy
Rachel L
Rachel L 6 days ago
BTS Bitch
BTS Bitch 6 days ago
*Mr beast joined the chat*.
Good Nut
Good Nut 6 days ago
I just realised this mans neck is very long.
Hayden_shonk 6 days ago
Bro I just bought a pro scooter for $80 and I’m hyped as hell and these dudes are out here annoyed they have to buy a lambo
Ana 7 days ago
he landed on 3 letters and asked for "gucci" lmfao
arielle faith
arielle faith 7 days ago
Mia Mcaree
Mia Mcaree 7 days ago
My favourite thing was you pronouncing Dobre like 30 different ways in this video 😂
Eddi Paasi
Eddi Paasi 7 days ago
Dober broskies
Nem ef
Nem ef 8 days ago
they slur there words so bad
marxmed 8 days ago
5:06 hahah mucus
Vibhu Guda
Vibhu Guda 8 days ago
“What are those flip flops”- proceeds to wear the same flip flops
Mourjana Al-Makt
Mourjana Al-Makt 9 days ago
Cody should definitely be bffs with shayne topp
algerian nonesense
i can't tell which is wost JP vlogs and challenges or these bros so boring please slap me ...
HouseOfLeaves 9 days ago
3:31 (fuck my life) don’t worry about it you didn’t miss much
Dj Vinatieri
Dj Vinatieri 9 days ago
I like a more truck style car....that's an SUV.
CJ Blomberg
CJ Blomberg 9 days ago
Bruh anyone else notice how when the one guy wanted new Gucci flip flops mucus is like “what are those flip flops” but he’s wearing the same pair but white.😂😂😂🤢
Tiny_09 9 days ago
To the dad... Helicopter...is a 10 letter word...
Sam Braun
Sam Braun 9 days ago
Dude that black and "gold" "Lamborghini" was actually just a McLaren Senna
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