Cast Away (But With Social Anxiety)

Ryan George
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Ayyyyy where my fellow introverts at?! At home? Me too.
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George 11 months ago
Ayyyyy where my fellow introverts at?! At home? Me too. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram though: twitter.com/theryangeorge instagram.com/theryangeorge
Momba250 8 days ago
I don't think you realize how that comment holds up nowadays haha
BearBoy 2.0
BearBoy 2.0 9 days ago
I can't be any other place
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Notthemaster the New Republic is even making the ghosts social distance.
Notthemaster 13 days ago
@General Obi Wan Kenobi can a force ghost catch coronavirus, hell can they even social distance
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Ryan George we’re all at home now!
Alicia Escobar
Alicia Escobar 3 hours ago
Introverts for the win
Davin Bobb
Davin Bobb 14 hours ago
Ya I'm so shy and anxious I have trouble asking my grand parents fora food when I stay at their house
J. Weatherford
The easiest way for me is to ask if I need to go over where everyone is to get the fish, then after they say yes, just walk into the fire. It's a win-win.
Eric the X
Eric the X Day ago
And then he did a backflip, snapped anxiety's neck and saved the day
Merlyn Mac
Merlyn Mac 2 days ago
Ticket counter at the airport. "Have a good trip." "You to." Damnit!
Kayleigh 2 days ago
This is so true😂
YurioNice -
YurioNice - 4 days ago
As a person with social anxiety, I can confirm that I'd rather die than talk to a stranger and accept food from them.
Gato 4 days ago
I have watched every single video of his (I'm talking about The first guy to (so and so)
Maria Ordonez
Maria Ordonez 6 days ago
That is me in every situation, but I'm not only an introvert, I do it as self-punishment for being the worst.
Jozu Kurosaki
Jozu Kurosaki 8 days ago
I was an introvert that became more extroverted. Made people mad. Became an ultra introvert.
Nuggly 8 days ago
You look a little bit like Rick Devens - He played in Survivor: Edge of Extinction.
IdleWorker 8 days ago
As an adapted introvert, it took me a second to get this. but when I got it, it all came back to me.
8 days ago
That "you too" reminds me of this one time I said "hello" to someone and she replied, "fine. And you? because people in that part of the country were used to saying/hearing "hello, how are you?"
chris Froat
chris Froat 9 days ago
As a socially anxious person, this hits so close to home XD
BearBoy 2.0
BearBoy 2.0 9 days ago
That was good I really enjoyed that
CrazyLizardGirl 13 days ago
Introverts the type to be dying and be like “ah nah i’m good no need for an ambulance” *continues to cough up organs*
CrazyLizardGirl 13 days ago
Lmao that is so true it hurts
CrazyLizardGirl 13 days ago
Creeper Knight
Creeper Knight 13 days ago
Boiled my whole life down to 47 seconds. Good job!
Zack Miller
Zack Miller 13 days ago
But in Cast Away only one person was left stranded on an island?
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens 14 days ago
This would be me and it’s sad
Grace’s Snakes
Grace’s Snakes 15 days ago
Me though
Octopus Confirmed
Octopus Confirmed 17 days ago
What song is that?
Hungover Jesus
Hungover Jesus 18 days ago
Me AF 😂
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 19 days ago
Antifa camp found ruvid.net/video/video-P495u-ZapHE.html
Krash Landon
Krash Landon 23 days ago
NASA wastes a feckton of money doing studies on how normies handle isolation for future long spaceflights to Mars and such. But all they really gotta do just train some introverts and give them a tv with acess to database of movies tv shows and videogames for the trip. Nature already solved the problem lol
Nico Martinez
Nico Martinez 23 days ago
The First bit of dialogue sounds like a John Malkovich impersonation
Whitleypedia 24 days ago
that guy just needed to get allllllllllll the way off his back
MattMann 2001
MattMann 2001 24 days ago
Now, I don't think that it's social anxiety. I think it's social distancing.
Shusmita Dipti
Shusmita Dipti 24 days ago
Literally my most favourite person in the whole wide world
BartoHawk764 24 days ago
Glasses, a black shirt and a blue tie? Is that Logan? That's totally Logan
elisabeth moss
elisabeth moss 25 days ago
is that a ravenclaw tie?
James Crews
James Crews 25 days ago
Me irl
W 25 days ago
"You too" Its what I always say to the take away delivery guy when he says "enjoy your food"
The Ultimate Potato Production
So is he a Ravenclaw?
AmaDaX 26 days ago
"Hey a ship came after us, lets go." "No, nope im good -*Theres no escape..* "
Grean Skull
Grean Skull 27 days ago
I've been trying not to type this but I've finally found one I'm comfortable with... Mannn this video.. why can't I like things more than once?
mr. Hami
mr. Hami 27 days ago
Robin Theo
Robin Theo Month ago
I fucking hate this video. I hate how accurate this fucking video is lmao
Mystic Leo 14
Mystic Leo 14 Month ago
Why is this so accurate?
Deku Stoner
Deku Stoner Month ago
Social anxiety. Get out of your confort zone, being social is a skill like everything, practice it. Dont fear what others think of you, just be. Love the videos man
Nyneva Kyte
Nyneva Kyte Month ago
Stop filming inside my head!
DOSRetroGamer Month ago
First I thought he would be too anxious to talk to his volleyball
PloopusProductions 2008
2009 9x11 olive green scofolding chair
Sneakywolf Month ago
I actually have social anxiety, I fucking hate it
Mik Scheper
Mik Scheper Month ago
Have we all dated people like this, or have I just been unlucky?
Deanna Hart
Deanna Hart Month ago
I feel like this is less about social anxiety and more about how useless a 20 yr old would be trapped on an island without anyone 2 hold their hand...
I work at an airport and play a game where I tell people "Have a nice flight" and mentally track their responses. "You too" = +1 point Catching their mistake = +1 Point Catching their mistake and then commenting on it or asking how many people make that mistake = +1 Point Current High Score is 43 points over the course of 4 hours.
Goi Dogoi
Goi Dogoi Month ago
I would love to see Ryan working with Rowan, Alan, Adam, Ben and Eugene of VLDL channel. It would be like fish to water.
Robbie Keen
Robbie Keen Month ago
UM AKSHOOLALLY, the fifth day without food is usually one of the better ones. Days 3 and 4 are the worst, but 5+ aren't that bad, only like around Day 1 levels, at least until you burn through your fat and your organs start to dissolve as you waste away. -dude who has gone without food for two weeks
Akhil Madhunlall
Spends three days agonizing over You Too
Tmb1112 Month ago
My favorite thing as a waiter is switching up the terms: “Have a nice day.” And “Hope you enjoyed.” They start with the same letter and people come to assume one or the other, and most of the time it’s a variation of “Have a great rest of your day.” Which they respond to with: “You too.” So when I get them with the “Hope you enjoyed your meal,” right at the end, sometimes I get them saying “You too” back to me. It doesn’t work all the time, but I always make sure to give that half-look back with a small smile trying not to embarrass them but in the way that 100% makes people more embarrassed that someone has to pity them that much to try and not make it as bad for them that they acted so embarrassingly. I bet they spent the rest of their days thinking about it. Mwhahahahaha
SoshJam Month ago
When the unskippable add is longer than the video
Etaukan Month ago
Mmm, feels like even that is understating the case for a social anxiety sufferer. More like---"Oh, this is the side of the island you want? okay, I'll just be over there" Quickly walks to far side of island with head down, avoiding all eye contact and after that taking care to never again come within earshot of the outgoing guy, and avoiding all attempts at interaction (without making it obvious, if at all possible). Then comes the starvation, but that's still better than, you know, facing the other person and being judged not good enough because you weren't able to catch your own fish or start your own fire or avoid the whole stranded on an island thing in the first place (which totally feels like your fault even if it isn't remotely your fault). Sigh.
Oirich Entertainment
Me during quarantine
No U
No U Month ago
I feel attacked.
TommyTube YT
TommyTube YT Month ago
You know I have the volleyball with the handprint on it
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear Month ago
Safi サベージ
2020: What is Social?
servent Month ago
My skin turns red, my head sweat a lot if i talk to a stranger. Being soicial anxiety is a lot to take
Pink Snake
Pink Snake Month ago
Every day at the dinner table.
A video made by a man pretending to be 2 people that parodies a movie about a man who is alone on an island?
Cukito4 Month ago
Why is the tie still on 5 days later?
Super DataBase
Super DataBase 2 months ago
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HorseFan4 2 months ago
Daniel Von Whiteless Day
Yep that's basically me all the time when I'm leaving my apartment!
PinkMuffin 2 months ago
I don't know why but I expected him to be socially anxious around the ball from cast away 😅
Vroom Vroom Ferret Bitch
I mean... True.. But did you haaaaave to call us out?
Narrow Ben
Narrow Ben 2 months ago
I can’t believe how long this video is oh my godddddd!!
DarkGengar94 2 months ago
When the only person you know at a party is nowhere to be seen and you have to use the restroom
Svartr 2 months ago
This is my everyday...
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 2 months ago
Ryan George gets it
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ 2 months ago
Me in Minecraft with my friends.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 2 months ago
This is 100% accurate
tsopmocful 2 months ago
Wilson may have been less confronting, although his silent treatment while blankly staring may be absolutely horrifying and confidence shattering.
mikeyh0 2 months ago
You're too close! Put a MASK ON!
Earth Nation Ceramics
This really be some of yall
Dued12341 2 months ago
Being social has become SO much harder since quarantine, I at least had co-workers I could get myself to talk to, but now it's just Reddit and the RUvid comments section.........
mikeyh0 2 months ago
@Jack M Pure sarcasm.
Jack M
Jack M 2 months ago
@mikeyh0 Wow you sure showed him
mikeyh0 2 months ago
And we don't like you here, either. LOL
blakeamazing12! 2 months ago
Roa 2 months ago
I'm in this video and I don't like it.
sai hemanth
sai hemanth 2 months ago
Leunamex2 2 months ago
for me being social is easy.. barely an inconvenience.
Daynaris Barathion
Daynaris Barathion 2 months ago
Pure Ladled Gravy
The Playlist Guy
The Playlist Guy 2 months ago
In my house it’s always like “What?” “Nevermind” “No, *_wHaT dId YoU sAy?”_*
mineLost 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-uwutwiIZptI.html my youtube channel
Nylonix 2 months ago
Something happened that may change the RUvid website forever, you need to see this ruvid.net/video/video-ID_L0aGI9bg.html
TheModXd 2 months ago
Being social is super hard, barely a convenience
Laird of Misrule
Laird of Misrule 2 months ago
Lockdown was super easy, barely an inconvenience to my normal routine.
That Movie Channel
That Movie Channel 2 months ago
Producer guy: was it hard for you to catch that fish? Castaway: no. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience
Triang- LLL
Triang- LLL 2 months ago
Lee Boss
Lee Boss 2 months ago
"Hey, you bloody wankers, here's me face!"
Polly Sey
Polly Sey 2 months ago
That’s so me! Lol
WaqMan VR
WaqMan VR 2 months ago
47 seconds and such quality
Nina 2 months ago
Shabadoo Shabadoo
Shabadoo Shabadoo 2 months ago
Wow, I was gonna say. You got way too many of the social anxiety things correct to not have experienced it.
Jack Turner
Jack Turner 2 months ago
This is too accurate. Please stop.
my name is manic
my name is manic 2 months ago
That’s so me
Widchapon Jearaphunt
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