Cassette adapters are remarkably simple

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It's a real lost opportunity that we didn't call these Cassettepters. It's not-at-all difficult to say! OK, maybe Cassepter would be easier but isn't that, like, a sword or something? The descriptions are getting weird.
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Jul 13, 2020




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Kris Knabe
Kris Knabe 2 hours ago
I have one of those adapters but don't use
consuelamister lemon pledge
Interesting, most early 2000'stoyota /lexus tape decks hate these cassette's is there a reason why?
GX 9900A
GX 9900A 6 hours ago
My first XD radio in my car used one of these The sound was amazingly clear, and I hadent had it fail. The radio died before this thing did, and I was able to use it on the replacment radio (since it didnt have this adaptor being so new) I'm pretty sure it's still working even though the car is no longer operational even.
Sajal Shrestha
Sajal Shrestha 6 hours ago
The Gamer Mihai
Kipkay made the casette mp3 player
junoguten Day ago
6:00 That is not completely useless. It'll let you "pause" your casette recorder and use one of those programs that takes an audio of people speaking and cuts out all the silent parts to get rid of the pauses in the audio file. If only there was a proper program that let you take notes like an audio casette recorder/player where you don't have to fiddle with audio files every single time you need a thinking break while taking notes, I guess then it'd be useless.
Iruparazzo 2 days ago
"sweet sweet AUX JACK"? that's now your romance novel love-interest name
Oh Mr James
Oh Mr James 2 days ago
Great! I've learnt a lot from your videos. Thanks so much
Double Monkey
Double Monkey 2 days ago
The bluetooth version would only be interesting to me if instead of having to remember to charge it up it was instead capable of charging itself by utilizing the movement of the deck turning the dummy spools. I'll just stick with my wired adapter for now. :P (My car is a 1988 Range Rover with the original tape deck XD )
david bass
david bass 3 days ago
Modernising an old car is like adding an SSD to a windows 95 PC. It's very fast for data, but very inefficient and impractical for most other tasks a PC would be used for.
Tom Nendick
Tom Nendick 3 days ago
You mean the Bluetooth ones AREN'T powered by a tiny generator converting the kinetic energy from the 'drive shaft' of the tape deck?? Because never having to charge one of those would be so much cooler!
Hayden Tuttle
Hayden Tuttle 4 days ago
You could also just stick a heaphone in your deck and it did the same thing
Tomaz 6 days ago
For the bluetooth cassette adapter, why have anything dangling outside of the cassette form factor at all? Why not make it all internal (inside the cassette form factor)? Even a USB connector can be inside it.
Liam 8 days ago
This video made me want to get a car with a cassette deck just to use this adapter.
Stieg Lenin
Stieg Lenin 8 days ago
That’s the least jazzy jazz I’ve ever heard
fuge74 8 days ago
here is a joke, a CD-radio and 6cd changer with no audio jack.
Al3X & Cal
Al3X & Cal 13 days ago
Yep. We got a car from 1998.
robotguy4 14 days ago
Could you put a bluetooth enabled cassette adapter in a C64 to give it basic bluetooth support, provided the right software?
Dankel Teufel
Dankel Teufel 14 days ago
9 minutes is simple? How long do your videos usually go😅
Aa Gg
Aa Gg 14 days ago
Your MP3 cassette player i presume: www.alibaba.com/product-detail/MP3-Cassette-Tape-for-car-Player_60312633792.html
Lianhua Xin
Lianhua Xin 15 days ago
I can imagine the loss of fidelity in that. It's two heads shooting analog signals.
Nightcore Warrior
Nightcore Warrior 16 days ago
Used to have one made from General Electric in my moms grand caravan
Naughty Narrator
Naughty Narrator 16 days ago
I still used one of these with my mp3 player on my system in the house 😁
Brandon's Garage
Brandon's Garage 16 days ago
Magnets? how do they work?
Moop 17 days ago
So sassy
Walmart Fatass
Walmart Fatass 18 days ago
My phone says the video is 9:32 long
Erald M.
Erald M. 18 days ago
I used this with my iPhone XS Max. I had this hooked you to a Bluetooth to AUX dongle. And connected my phone wirelessly to that. The sound quality was unreal compared to the Bluetooth to FM devices I have used. Unfortunately the tape deck in my car died.
Walter Brown
Walter Brown 18 days ago
7:24 A nod to They Might Be Giants and a ton of great info! Thanks!
John Cleland
John Cleland 18 days ago
But... you said it would be simple! If it's so simple why can't I understand how magnetic tape works? I'm simple so I should clearly have an unfair advantage!
Rene D
Rene D 18 days ago
I used to rip out the gears... cause of the noise they'd make... gears were completely unnecessary.
Cesar Munir
Cesar Munir 18 days ago
Omg "its not groovy" HAHAH i get the dad joke!
knusern 19 days ago
I have one of these in my old tractor , I was not aware of the bluetooth variant. I may get one before spring so i can use my phone with it again as it does not have a jack anymore
Brandon Chandler
Brandon Chandler 19 days ago
Thanks! for this vid. did not know about the Bluetooth cassette and it got me thinking, it turns out they also make bluetooth aux! I recently was forced to get a new phone and chose the iPhone but with not aux port on the phone I was having to make due with a usb port built into my car, this usb port is dog s**t and requires I have a song downloaded onto my phone and if I try to change audio it tries to auto play that song -.- gonna go get the aux Bluetooth and see if I've found my solution!
Sean O’ Deli
Sean O’ Deli 19 days ago
Had a cassette adapter that went to a portable CD player w a power adapter that to the cigarette lighter So my passenger seat was a tangle of wires cds a Walkman CD player Till yes someone broke into my ford escort and stole it
Ryan St. Clair
Ryan St. Clair 19 days ago
“Ever wonder how they work? OnLy AlL tHe TiMe.” I have the Bluetooth model of these and I legit have always wondered how they work lmao
ratrap1984 20 days ago
I have this really cool plug in LED nightlight in my bathroom. It's a promotional item from a senior living facility. The thing has been in constant use for 5 years and its still going strong. You should do a video on it.
XenonG 20 days ago
I remember those more advanced ones with internal battery that takes an SD card back in the early 2000s.
Wimpo Squirl
Wimpo Squirl 21 day ago
Here's the cassette mp3 thing you were talking about! (or at least something very similar) usb.brando.com/usb-cassette-mp3-player_p01122c035d15.html
Bob Roos
Bob Roos 21 day ago
I was just thinking abt how these work because I found one a bit ago and it’s so weird how this is in my recommended
8-Bit Central
8-Bit Central 21 day ago
I'm watching this on a raspberry pi lol
MrGrubee48cc 22 days ago
Imma be honest, I only watch these videos because the host is entertaining.
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt 22 days ago
Im listening to this video with one except its Bluetooth
James Ray
James Ray 22 days ago
I just found your channel, and you're really entertaining. Thank you.
Victor Mandala
Victor Mandala 22 days ago
What is the exit song?
Argothgod 22 days ago
I imagine there are companies that still sell these, or at least have them sitting in a warehouse.
Silly Sad
Silly Sad 23 days ago
learning about things that you could never imagine existing in the first place
David Hall
David Hall 23 days ago
YT adds 1 second....and ruins jokes
Pete Quinones
Pete Quinones 23 days ago
We only had to use these for a few years until around end of 97. By then almost all cars came with CD players and a lot came with both. Our 2005 4runner still had both even though nobody had been using tapes for ten years or so. The MP3 player and iPod killed the CD overnight. We only had to rely on these CD to tape things for a year or so for all manufacturer to have CD players standard in everything. Car audio was huge and it was super common to switch out your head unit rather than buy a CD/tape adapter which felt antiqueted even when they first came out.
Daniel Brooker
Daniel Brooker 23 days ago
Ah the good ol cassette aux adapter! Back in the late 90's I installed an MP3 player in my car for a cross country road trip (this was back before most people even knew what MP3's were). I literally put a desktop PC tower, CRT monitor, and keyboard in the back floorboards of my car and wired it to my car stereo with a DC to AC inverter lol. At the time, it was one of the largest collections of music to ever be access in a vehicle.
The Actual Everest
The Actual Everest 23 days ago
Any body know a good one
Markell II
Markell II 23 days ago
I remember someone saying that when cds were the only other option they preferred the car with a tape since it didn't bounce and break up sound on bumps or jumps
mike osted
mike osted 23 days ago
"although its not groovy, its particular" *face palm*
Niv Sito
Niv Sito 24 days ago
mikeshouts.com/mixxim-mixxtape-cassette-tape-mp3-player/ This is the MP3 player/Cassette you were looking for. I found it by searching "MP3 storage cassette" :)
ShinyShandera 24 days ago
The magnets joke was true genius, well done.
gsilva220 24 days ago
Just take the cassette player apart and put an auto switching input jack between the player's head and the circuit board. you can rig the mechanism's interlock switches in a way to completely bypass the mechanism, eliminating the need for a tape to be inserted. to play a real tape, just pull out the cable from the jack.
Bors Farago
Bors Farago 24 days ago
Nearly a million subs!
Addler Martin
Addler Martin 24 days ago
"it's not groovy" - man I love these puns
yash mandla
yash mandla 24 days ago
You could say their going "head to head"
djfmitv 24 days ago
TC: "This tape gag is over, Johnny - this tape gag is over!" Rambo: "NOTHING IS OVER! YOU JUST DON'T TURN THE TAPE OFF!" ;)
Hobbes Tiger
Hobbes Tiger 24 days ago
7:01 What *unholy* creation is THIS?!
Hobbes Tiger
Hobbes Tiger 24 days ago
I knew what it's called an 'ox jack' the moment I first plugged that cassette adapter in my old cars' radio. Then I got a cheap but excellent Sony!
zkeepah 25 days ago
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
Petr75661 25 days ago
The heads kiss to play the Kiss.
Vishtu 25 days ago
What would be really cool is if the Bluetooth one could charge the battery from the spools turning
Vasili 25 days ago
i used one of them with my mini disc so logo approved
chris smith
chris smith 25 days ago
SinfoniaSam 25 days ago
So much better than fm transmitters.
guitargodthor2 25 days ago
Now get a bunch of them and daisy chain them from Walkman to Walkman just to see how far you can do it before it's too indistinguishable from the original to understand.
StapleCactus 25 days ago
Meanwhile, driving along with my 8-track radio equipped truck, "Guess I should get one of them retrosound radios with the bluetooth built in."
IMLX H 25 days ago
...HOW did i know you liked TMBG
Aron Bowen
Aron Bowen 26 days ago
With a 1/4 adapter you could play an electric guitar through your car stero with these. Pretty cool back in the day.
Igo Further
Igo Further 26 days ago
You made a 30 second gag feel like 10 minutes.
jlwasmer 26 days ago
We tried a similar adapter on a 96 Tacoma truck but it won't be fooled into thinking it's an actual tape (which does work) and it keeps rejecting the adapter (faster in one direction, most likely bc it's not auto-reverse). I'm not sure what the adapter does wrong but I noticed the adapters gears are also connected to something that looks like a pinch roller that would press on the capstan but from the other side, i.e. from inside the cassette/adapter (I think your adapter has the same). That inner pinch roller seem to be moved into place (thanks to the gears) with the rotation of either reels and then drives that rotation based on the action of the capstan. I believe the truck's radio is sensing something not quite right.
ASVP 27 days ago
Definitely should have got this instead of an aftermarket stereo.
YesterdaysMoose 27 days ago
I was genuinely curious about this topic myself, now I know!
Justin K
Justin K 27 days ago
I love how they put the cable on the side on the cassette, so it would inevitably get destroyed over time.
Sensass 28 days ago
1:00 absolute comedic genius
Narokkurai 28 days ago
00:50 "No. Stop. That gag is over." Oh my god, if only more youtubers could take that advice. Your timing and wit are terrific.
overclucker 28 days ago
Nice ICP reference.
Space Coyote
Space Coyote 29 days ago
My old pickup truck has only a tape deck and an AM FM radio. I have used these a lot. But now the tape deck Has Broken. And they don't work anymore.
macfool17 Month ago
Is this what you were looking for? mixtapeboss.com/products/mixxtape-1
Sneaky Playz
Sneaky Playz Month ago
8;20 for death stare
Aaron weisler
Aaron weisler Month ago
In my '98 S10 (no factory tape deck) I went to the auto Wreckers, pulled a complete unit (tape deck, and cable to plug in to the rear of the head unit) and installed one of these adapters. I found out through trial and error that there were three wires out of the back of the head unit that could be literally directly wired to a 3.5mm plug. It was one of the easiest "complicated" mods I have ever done
Matt Gie
Matt Gie Month ago
You really missed a breaking bad reference chance when you said "magnets!"
Cesare Smetters
Cesare Smetters Month ago
So this is amazing. I can't believe how simple it is.
The sexy gaming channel
man, magnets are so cool
eye salve
eye salve Month ago
just cut the useless crap!
Ethan Grazier
Ethan Grazier Month ago
Mx Bice
Mx Bice Month ago
I just recently got a new used car with a cassette player. The car I had before came with a CD player, so until recently I never knew these adapters existed. They're still magic to me, especially the ones with Bluetooth. I didn't end up getting a cassette adapter, I got a different magical device that sends radio waves to my car's stereo. Honestly, going low-tech teaches you so much more about how things work.
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Month ago
I would love to know how those things work but I couldn't handle any more than 30 seconds.
Rhett Krecic
Rhett Krecic Month ago
Bluetooth ones would work great in old school boomboxes. Seriously.
Mystninja Month ago
Kinky head jobs
HaarigerKlumpen Month ago
My car is old enough to not have an AUX jack, but new enough to not have a cassette player.
William Month ago
Different shirts.
JonnyCrash Month ago
Glad I watched this video. I actually had no idea the Bluetooth cassette adapters existed. I’ve been using a Bluetooth FM transmitter, but the cigarette lighter it plugs into is always hot, so I always have to remove it when I park the car. The Bluetooth adapter looks like just the ticket for my 1990 Grand Marquis.
storypunman Month ago
I think you could skip the iPhone and likely buy that 96 Civic instead, for the same price, likely even less.
storypunman Month ago
Works in my 1991 Celica, good for MP3 music.
Xadithy Month ago
He has two shirts lmao
Theodore Bear
Theodore Bear Month ago
Did someone say "Cassette MP3 Player"? usb.brando.com/usb-cassette-mp3-player_p01122c035d15.html Or build your own - www.instructables.com/Cassette-MP3-Player/ Look, that took like, 3 seconds. 4 tops.
GnarTechReviews Month ago
Hmmm. The bluetooth casette is Rechargable. couldn't you use the the spinning gears inside the casette (when its inserted) to generate charge for the battery with the help of a small dynamo ?
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