Cassette adapters are remarkably simple

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It's a real lost opportunity that we didn't call these Cassettepters. It's not-at-all difficult to say! OK, maybe Cassepter would be easier but isn't that, like, a sword or something? The descriptions are getting weird.
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
this is what turned my ride into a whip
TheGloriousPotato 4 hours ago
I found the cassette MP3 player!! Here's a link to the store! mixtapeboss.com/
TheGloriousPotato 23 hours ago
This was a question I've always had. Thanks for answering it.
sac48738 Day ago
Your videos continue to fascinate and entertain. Thank you so much for doing these!
Stephen Day ago
I feel like I’m watching NPT again at my grandparents house after school... it’s pretty great
Jay Mac
Jay Mac Day ago
I think the phrase you’re looking for is “interesting possible fact”
akush55 Day ago
my Radio/ Cassette deck reject an eject the fake. the deck want some tension or slack on one free spool speed too fast. an tension cassette cartridge trigger eject
CG Tommy
CG Tommy 2 days ago
"96 civic" close, 93 accord for me lmfao
Dean Ford
Dean Ford 2 days ago
Two heads getting close and personal huh?
Marian Cyber
Marian Cyber 2 days ago
Alright, youtube algorithm, I gave in. I always wondered this anyway.
SpotOn 2 days ago
I had that exact Mini-Disc player. I worked all summer to save up $330 for it lol
Digital Footballer
I can do one better. My first car didn't even have a cassette deck, just AM/FM radio. I bought this little device called a "Sound Sender", which plugged into a cigarette lighter port, and you could tune your radio to a selection of lower, lesser used FM frequencies like 87.9, 88.1, etc, and the other end of the Sound Sender to the headphone jack on your device, and it would play your device over that frequency. I used a portable cassette player. This was groundbreaking in 1992.
GoPro 2 days ago
This might be the cassette shaped mp3 player mentioned at the end of the video. www.mobilevenue.com/cassette-mp3-player-06030827/
dirtrider88 3 days ago
thats so cool that they have bluetooth cassette adapter things. I have absolutely no use for one but damn thats cool.
Nomnomnomiana 3 days ago
WOW!! Thanks 😊 this was really cool! I really liked your magnetic field drawings
Jesse Mess
Jesse Mess 3 days ago
Thanks to this vid I got a new adapter for my car!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 days ago
Lol that "Magnets" ICP reference was so well placed I almost missed it 😂
EX-TV Ratings Guy
Can you do a video on how Nielsen TV Ratings work, and how they pay homes based on race and/or age? I don't know of any other company that pays specifically based on race and/or age. I think it would get more traction if you do a video. I made a video explaining the basics here of their pay for LPM, but maybe you can do one that's more interesting? Thank you. ruvid.net/video/video--j0KAxzkkFA.html
Kellanium 3 days ago
MrDustpile 3 days ago
Actually I would use one of these to copy slightly worn records with a hissy scratchy sound to CD via a cassette deck from a not very modern record cartridge, just to use the Dolby to temper that scratch. That was 20 years ago before I got my hands on more sophisticated PC equipment.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 days ago
The two heads are next to each other? Cassette adapter and cassette deck sitting in the tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g! 😅
djChives95 3 days ago
I was always scared the cable would get stuck
jesdadotcom 3 days ago
I bought a Digisette MP3 tape adapter at Radio Shack years ago. Capacity wasnt much but the idea was brilliant for being something from 20 years ago.
jesdadotcom 3 days ago
The best sound one is made by Philips. Find one if you can.
Slacker Man
Slacker Man 3 days ago
I always think of magnetism as the alignment the atoms along the field lines, rather than just 'magnetized'; but I suppose delving into the atomic level would have brought the video back to normal length : )
Jose Juan Rivera Reyes
4:05 And when it's loaded in the cassette deck the two heads get real personal with one another. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Trako 4 days ago
I found a reference to the Rome MP3 player that is inside a cassette form factor, but haven't seen it available for purchase.
Philip Bushdiecker
0:37 That's such an obscure gag. I dare say more obscure than "Rolls-Royce Silver Shred".
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 days ago
4:55 how dare you turn the cassette with your finger rather than with a ball pen !
Last week i was thinking about buying one for my dads car
ANANT To infinity
I was just hold mobile playing song near head and it shows same effect
Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes 4 days ago
Took me a while to work out what 'ox' connectors were... Did you make Bluetooth cassettes up?! I'm pretty sure they don't exist here in the UK. But then I haven't seen a car with a cassette player in decades, so I guess there's no market for them. Is this yet another cultural difference between our countries - are cassettes still a thing over there? I wanted to play one the other day (it had something on it I couldn't find anywhere else), but none of our radios, hi-fi units, etc play cassettes. Eventually found an old boom box in the cellar. Somewhat ironically, it was there because the CD player had broken. But it was only when rescuing this that I realised no one plays CDs any more either!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 days ago
I always wondered, magnets behind the magic again
MissKittyStar 4 days ago
Knows loads about tapes - doesn’t know the pencil trick to turn the spools...
Lumpy head
Lumpy head 4 days ago
HAHAHAHA IPOD! *slaps knee and wipes a tear* THAT'S A GOOD ONE!
Phil Peat
Phil Peat 4 days ago
Not sure if someone has already found this for you but I have been using this "Cassette MP3 player" in my car. I feel it is a better alternative to the FM style transmitter. Track selection isn't convenient but the remote works well enough. "Car Cassette SD MMC MP3 Tape Player Adaptor Kit With Remote Control Stereo Audio Cassette Player" www.aliexpress.com/item/32958659698.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000023.10.30ab660f5iO8uw And it works just as well as a stand alone MP3 player too! ;-)
épinards & caramel
The two heads are next to each other? Cassette adapter and cassette deck sitting in the tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g! 😅
Cameron S.
Cameron S. 5 days ago
What is this "AUX Jack" you speak of?
Master Chief
Master Chief 5 days ago
We still use cassete tape tech to store data Its called non-volotile storage Your tech magnetizes tiny metal rings and a magnetised ring reads a value of 1 and a ones that arent read a value of 0 Its how all data is stored and the magnetism can wear off in about 10-100 milion years
Steven Melgar
Steven Melgar 5 days ago
The puns. Oh god. I’m dying. This is literally my favorite channel
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky 5 days ago
Found something on amazon UK Search for "QUMOX Car MP3 Player Tape Cassette" either on amazon or google and you should find it.
Tibor Baksa
Tibor Baksa 5 days ago
7:26 Techmoan reviewed one of those MP3 players: ruvid.net/video/video-ppo3IgHWDzA.html
d6niii 5 days ago
Is this guy captain disillusion?
The Dominator
The Dominator 5 days ago
i love these things
Mike Dembkowski
Mike Dembkowski 5 days ago
0:03 unpossible!
Kjetil Frugård
Kjetil Frugård 5 days ago
I was literally thinking about the cassette adapter 5 minutes ago. RUvid knows me too well. Sooooo...can you do something similar to watch Netflix on a VCR?
Tisti Tistiyeaya
Tisti Tistiyeaya 6 days ago
Buys a cheap one. Decks continue to spits it out. WTF!! friend: why dont you buy a more expensive one? Okay, buys a more expensive one. Deck spits it out. ARRRRGHHHHH!
Tasman Jones
Tasman Jones 6 days ago
I always wondered, magnets behind the magic again
mustard roshi
mustard roshi 6 days ago
Who tf made that
Merxellus Gogou
Merxellus Gogou 6 days ago
Lookin Dr. Disillutionist
CrustySockPuppet CrustySockPuppet
Had one of those bluetooth adapters, when it worked it was great! but not long and its cheapness killed it.
Cley Faye
Cley Faye 6 days ago
Ah, I have one of those mp3 player as a cassette player. The one I have also have a neat feature where you can skip track by using fast forward on the tape player.
Johan Bogg
Johan Bogg 6 days ago
I remember when I was like 15 I built one of these from a set of old headphones, a cassette and a tape player just to prove to my brother it was that simple...
Holagrimola 6 days ago
How many turns do the coil that's the electromagnet have?
Darryl Jakobs
Darryl Jakobs 6 days ago
Rn I habe plugged one of those into a Bluetooth Transmitter to connect to my phone cause nowadays phones don’t have headphone Jacks anymore..
LordDebino 6 days ago
he sounds gay
Evil Koala
Evil Koala 6 days ago
Pops had this in his old box type car. A cd rom drive from a pc to a cassete adapter. That was freaking wild
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 6 days ago
rotates too slow to generate the amount current needed for powering the bluetooth chip?
Ruth Mills
Ruth Mills 6 days ago
Hmm, I wonder where the circuitry for setting the equalization curve is then? In the head in the cassette adapter itself? Guessing it just has a standard 120 microsecond EQ that ferric tapes have then, so it works in pretty much anything? If it didn't have the EQ circuitry in it (to boost the treble), then it would sound very muffled - as the tape deck's EQ circuitry will cut the treble on playback.
John Furner
John Furner 6 days ago
This video screams i have Aspergers
Flippant Solutions
I miss the old Technology Connections, when your videos weren't written like Borderlands dialogue.
mark beach
mark beach 7 days ago
Bruh it’s pretty simple how these work if ya know how a tape deck works
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