Carmelo Anthony never had the teams LeBron, Dwyane Wade had | First Take

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Carmelo Anthony talks with Stephen A. Smith about the rumors of him possibly joining forces with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat in 2010, and how close he got to joining Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls. (1:50) Carmelo also discusses not playing on championship-caliber teams like LeBron and D-Wade had. (3:29) Carmelo adds his thoughts on his friends in the NBA that are clamoring for him to be on a roster.
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Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 5 025
Melo: i didnt have a team Team: has 2 other all-stars in mr. Bigshot and Amar'e Stoudemire
Tony tony Chopper
"never had the teams lebron and wade had" ---- did he forget that he played with westbrook and PG in Oklahoma? harden and cp3 in houston?. Amare Stoudemire in NY? back in denver he had Camby, Martin, Iverson and Jr. Smith, chauncey Billups? Melo is a cancer straight up it doesnt matter who you give him. lebron carried the CAVs and lose to ORlando in EFC and really bad CAVS lose to Warriors in Nba finals.
Eaze Drop
Eaze Drop 3 days ago
Should've went to Chicago when they we a SF away from a Championship
Joseph Horacek
Joseph Horacek 3 days ago
Melo had a chance in denver 1 chance but he didnt have another scoring option it wasnt only him. His second was j.r. smith the guy who couldnt read the scoreboard 2 years ago. And an old billups to bad it wasnt richard hamilton
Green Lantern
Green Lantern 6 days ago
Is Melo wearing capri pants?
MadManFN 8 days ago
You never had the teams LBJ's had? That first Cav's team LBJ took to the finals was GARBAGE!!! Carmelo is lazy! Now he's begging for a job. You've completely fucked yourself Melo. No one want's a cry baby, has been, lazy player on their roster thinking they DESERVE to be here. You gotta earn that job, every night.
freshcaller 14 days ago
I think owners and coaches don't want to deal with the attention melo requires even as a bench player.
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson 17 days ago
I feel sorry for Melo, but it looks like he loved living in NYC more than winning a championship. Its obvious Melo is a good guy, but he's not a leader..
GARY Gwin 18 days ago
Too much smiling while constantly losing. Now there is too much hungry, faster, young talent to pay Carmello the big $.
Caleb Mateo
Caleb Mateo 19 days ago
Yo man this hurts me. He looks hurt when SAS names all these players and things they’ve done and the money the getting and all this other stuff and he just looks hurts man. 😕 The NBA treating him wrong man.
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 20 days ago
Same year Shumpert, Jr. Smith, Delividova leave nyk to cle LeBron had them in the finals.
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 20 days ago
You had Westbrook and Paul George tho!! That wasn't a good team?!?!?!
Angelo Rodriguez
Angelo Rodriguez 21 day ago
Come play here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 we will welcome you more than a legend! Carmelo still got game!
Oscar G
Oscar G 21 day ago
Srephen A Smith pitching slow, easy, straight balls on every question...
seangibson3054able 26 days ago
To be fair lbj didn’t have those teams either early on And still made the finals
The Real Red_Hawk3000 lmao. Well shouldn’t melo individual stats be better since he was on weaker teams as you say.
The Real Red_Hawk3000
seangibson3054able the point I was making melo had the better career when he had the better team ONCE ... since their initial teams bron has had the better teams since they both left their first teams ... stop ignoring that
seangibson3054able 23 days ago
The Real Red_Hawk3000 who had the better team as a rookie? You turning into a who’s better,when I simply said bron took a weaker team to the finals,witch makes Melos comment not valid
The Real Red_Hawk3000
seangibson3054able lmfaooo knew I was talking to some kid 🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂😂 melo made it his rookie year with a better year and somehow bron won rookie of the year🤦🏾‍♂️ he was robbed
seangibson3054able 23 days ago
The Real Red_Hawk3000 you taking this in a whole different direction. Melo said he never had them teams bron had and bron first finals appearance was with bums. Then you say melo made playoffs before bron what was the point of saying that?? Compare melos rookie team vs brons
Esteban Lopez
Esteban Lopez 28 days ago
Mera pescao tu tuviste tremendo equipo en Denver y tremendo equipo en NY
Treeezplz Month ago
You know that's one really good thing about sticking to one franchise rather than moving around. If you stick to one team over the years that team and that fanbase wouldn't allow you to leave. There's a certain loyalty that comes with it. Like other players that may have been past their prime but still played because that team they played for year after year had their back. And that player was a staple.
Bmore24 t
Bmore24 t Month ago
LeBron would've took that Denver team to the finals though.
Timmy Johnson
Timmy Johnson Month ago
LeBron carried scrubs to finals a couple times.
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
DWade won a title vs Mavs.
Real In the Field Gaming
Stephen a smith is realy bashing melo on some slick shit he is wrong for even talking to him in this manner. Stephen A basicaly said you suck melo just give it up. I hope stacks calls stephen a smith out for this
Mr. Tooles
Mr. Tooles Month ago
Melo full of shit but would’ve been nice to see him in a bulls uniform vs the heat back then shit wouldve been epic.
Iyham Dolfin
Iyham Dolfin Month ago
STILL CANT BELIEVE HE IS COMING OFF THE BENCH ?!? HAHAHAHAHA this guy really has a big EGO problem ! no wonder no team wants a piece of his liability .
One Time
One Time Month ago
Let’s call it like it is...Melo if u were 4 inches shorter you would of been flipping burgers
Bob Suma
Bob Suma Month ago
this guy dont fit in a team. if a puzzle peace dont fit to others its useless even if its a very good piece!
Alfredo Arevalo
Alfredo Arevalo Month ago
Dirk never had a Team Like LeBron or D-Wade and he won the Chip anyway with a lot of great players way past their primes.
Eva Month ago
nor the brains
bam3108 Month ago
This is another Allen Iverson case!
Salty Internet Guy
If he did have teammates he’d bitch about having to share the spotlight, like he did with Lin
COG COG Month ago
Somebody give this brother a job. He can still shoot!
steven Locust
steven Locust Month ago
Troy George
Troy George Month ago
Melo really messed up when he left Denver for a gutted New York Knicks team that gave up everything to get him and is still trapped today because of it. The fans in Denver loved Melo and the team was ready to break through but the NBA loves big markets and I remember hearing La La wanted to be in the NYC. He messed up for his wife and is still being destroyed by her. Melo needs to find a new woman (pick a passive introvert this time), get a try out with a team (Nuggets?), and be the best team player/boy friend he can be. Nuggets need help off the bench on the second line and a great marriage recovery counselor could really help.
D L Month ago
Ask him about driving linsanity out of NYC or Chauncey’s comment
shadapakap Month ago
Lin was extremely overrated.
Carlito Brigante
people in charge of the knicks did this dude dirty. he always wanted to stay with the knicks.
beforethemayflower manofhue
He shouldve stayed in denver
ask me
ask me Month ago
boohoo.. big baby.. get out of here
Your Average Guy
If Melo was in the Heat with Wade and Bosh, I honestly think they still would not win a championship.
Steven H Wang
Steven H Wang Month ago
People need to stop assuming so much and actually have some guts to go up to their teammates about what they think
hustle hardtv
hustle hardtv Month ago
He getting exactly what he deserves.....WAKE UP!
hustle hardtv
hustle hardtv Month ago
He didn't care about nothing but 24 points a game ...... that's what made him rich .....foh
Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger Month ago
You choose the money over the ring quit crying. We dont care melo. You old now.
Brandon Hutchons
I’ve always liked Carmelo he’s one of the greatest players to play, the nba needs to be sat down and talked to about this. It’s not fair to all the melo fans that are still out here that wanna see him compete
Brandon Hutchons
He’s a hall of fame player. He could of been doing what Vince carter is doing and Vince is older
steven Locust
steven Locust Month ago
He a bum
Louie Rios
Louie Rios Month ago
Stop playing just sing him
Daniel Kelegian
Daniel Kelegian Month ago
What about those Nuggets squads??
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez Month ago
Melo lookin hella overweight, is he trying to get signed?
Mo Money
Mo Money Month ago
Look he made his own decisions he chose the path he on
93King 93King
93King 93King Month ago
Look at how much lebron had to contribute to those teams cant forget about that
Wodz30 Month ago
Melo never had the teams that LeBron had. 2007 LeBron drags a JV high school dumpster fire into the NBA finals and gets swept 2018 LeBron drags another dumpster fire team into the NBA finals and gets swept For me those are the exceptions. Every other year that LeBron or Wade reached the finals they had good players around them either through the season, the playoff rounds, or in the finals.
Dwight Stewart
Dwight Stewart Month ago
Can he be great without being ball dominant?
Julian Dilonez
Julian Dilonez Month ago
I really feel bad for Carmelo Anthony. I dont want him to be like Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley never winning an NBA title.
Chad Dickey
Chad Dickey Month ago
Carmelo deserves a spot on an NBA team. Point blank period.
Ryan Turpin
Ryan Turpin Month ago
Melo Boutta sit here n act like he ain’t have some solid teams in Denver & a few seasons in New York?
shadapakap Month ago
Still, he was never in a superteam like LeBron and Wade. Denver was solid but wasn't good enough to win it all.
Ryan Turpin
Ryan Turpin Month ago
Damn I wish melo went to Chicago
Jerrelle Month ago
You definitely got to talk to your players. GM's and Coaches are going behind players backs and not really getting called out for the unprofessionalism. Yes everyone is going to slip up now and again, but If J.R. Smith can still have a starting role in the NBA, Carmelo should be given the benefit of the doubt.
BamBam Machida
BamBam Machida Month ago
Actually he had almost an identical squad to LeBron's when he was in NY. He had JR and Shump and Tyson Chandler and...Lin...and Amare
Casha Park
Casha Park Month ago
This is what happens when people get played with pride in their feelings or in the way and then you have negative press sometimes people get tired of you especially when you have bad press like cheating on your wife just get caught Slippin and you making all that money people start to think about your future within the basketball team are the basketball owners if he would have just stayed Focus and would have never got married are cheated his money would still be great but s h i t happens and if you don't ever have a back-up plan when you out there playing basketball you will always go back down to the bottom
Nuggets were loaded 2008-2010... you just suck
Jasmine Month ago
He never had a team??? Every Denver team he played on had more talent than lebron's first stint cavalier teams... ijs...
Bacolod Native
Bacolod Native Month ago
You have westbrook and paul george in okc
Mechoel Hayum
Mechoel Hayum Month ago
We love you melo
Jasmine Month ago
was dirty plus the media is slaying him not jus espn but tmz n lala too smh
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