Carmelo Anthony never had the teams LeBron, Dwyane Wade had | First Take

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Carmelo Anthony talks with Stephen A. Smith about the rumors of him possibly joining forces with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat in 2010, and how close he got to joining Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls. (1:50) Carmelo also discusses not playing on championship-caliber teams like LeBron and D-Wade had. (3:29) Carmelo adds his thoughts on his friends in the NBA that are clamoring for him to be on a roster.
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Published on


Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 5 045
Chris Smoove Jr
Chris Smoove Jr 21 hour ago
now look at him!
Drew Meyer
Drew Meyer 3 days ago
As many selfish things as he’s done or has been accused of , I will say he’s right he’s never had the teams LeBron or Wade had.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith 5 days ago
Melo just dropped 18 points and 12 rebounds in Houston beating Rockets. Lol this is a revenge tour baby
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 8 days ago
well maybe you should have listened to Wade and took the 3 year deal instead of the 5 idiot and you would have got a ring but no you took the 5 year deal and Miami got Bush instead. its probably for the best
Red King
Red King 12 days ago
Lebron taking Knicks team to the finals.
Sede Farah
Sede Farah 13 days ago
Sorry Stephen he got his lake
Isreal Spear
Isreal Spear 15 days ago
This dude was tryna make LeBron responsible for another man foh Stephen a
Muhammad Taufan Rizaldy Putra
His Denver Nuggets era wasn't bad at all. He's just not a team player.
OG Gwaup_like
OG Gwaup_like 25 days ago
What did Lebron have until going to the heat melodrama didn't make it to the finals at all during that stretch.
OG Gwaup_like
OG Gwaup_like 25 days ago
You just played with russ an pg an chris an harden
Ikey Truner
Ikey Truner Month ago
Should have team up wit dwade n bron😭💯u would have 3 to 4 rings rn no cap💯but ya wanted da money ova rings 😒glad u playin again doe rs😇💯‼🔥
1lovemarii Month ago
lookin at it from his perspective the rockets should have laid his role out on the table from the jump before the contract is signed
Andre Brown
Andre Brown Month ago
That's what NOBODY'S trying to hear Melo needed HELP in NY🏀
anujR Month ago
Cristian Luna-Hernandez
He could have!? But he wanted the money instead.
MajorDude14 Month ago
2009 Nuggets? 2013 Knicks? OKC??? Those teams were contenders
Jaydenisout Month ago
Crazy he on the blazers now and he killing
Geraldo Estrada
Geraldo Estrada Month ago
What do u mean Lebron had nobody in the Cavaliers his rookie years and 2 years ago
10 Month ago
I would argue that Melo had better teammates than Wade and Lebron. I guess AI and Billups aren't elite guards. What is melo whining about?
My boy on a team now tho
Brian Ofori
Brian Ofori Month ago
I think Melo’s Nuggets team was great but he’s right
John Gaston
John Gaston Month ago
Hold on he gat a chance to play wit wade and Bron but he choose the money and bring his talent to NY
Lasherika Seay
Lasherika Seay Month ago
He had ai
Poozhikala Month ago
Not good enough players.. what about LeBron taking the Cavs to the finals... ?
Brent Caldwell
Brent Caldwell Month ago
I’m really happy that he ended up with Portland.
jmiogo Month ago
Always a victim. Never his fault.
Jonathan Cosby
Jonathan Cosby Month ago
If lebron had that nuggets team when he had iverson he would’ve went to the championship but he would’ve lost 😂
Lajoyce Hubbard
Lajoyce Hubbard Month ago
Melo loss to Kobe in the western finals!
Crystalis Chronicle
WRONG. WRONG wrong. CMELO was toxic and thats why he didnt win. and im from NY. i don't give 2 shyts about melo. he plays no defense, cannot grab rebounds. and is overweight.
Areesh Kirmani
Areesh Kirmani Month ago
Westbrook and Paul George is sufficient support but he still couldn’t get it done
Ankit Pasricha
Ankit Pasricha Month ago
Stephen a pushdd Jeremy lin out of ny. Could have done more otherwise smh
God Month ago
*2:26** lebron james took the cavs single handly to the finals and ECF by himself since 2007.*
Bob Dingleberry
Bob Dingleberry Month ago
Melo: I never had teams luke LeBron nad D Wade. Also Melo 2014: Declines offer from Heat bc he wants money in NY.
COOP TROUP Month ago
Negro you chose money foh.
Mr Del Rio
Mr Del Rio Month ago
I got love for Melo but i have to disagree. He has had teams better than LBJ in his 3rd season when he made the finals and got swept by San Antonio. That team might have been one of the weakest teams in the Finals i ever seen in terms of having the pieces need to compete. Melo had a good team in Denver, and at least one year in the NY, but still never made it to the Finals.Hes a great Scorer, Wade and LBJ are great all around players.
Ed Nice
Ed Nice Month ago
The coach threw u under too buddy
SlaM Ù
SlaM Ù Month ago
The money got to Melo when he was younger but time flew by he wishes he can go back and do it all over again but u can’t get back time now they want him out the league. How life changes
Denny Kaleal
Denny Kaleal Month ago
That’s Melos fault. Lebron wasn’t gift wrapped or drafted by a great team, he had to leave and make one on his own. Melo could have controlled his own career
yasin biggs
yasin biggs Month ago
Had Westbrook pg, allen iverson nd Chauncey billups
Toni Georg
Toni Georg Month ago
Carmelo never had the talent of Lebron and the courage of DWade tbh
Sheuron Graham
Sheuron Graham Month ago
He could have been in Chicago with D rose but you choose the money be real melo
Lupe Mendoza
Lupe Mendoza Month ago
Sheuron Graham just imagine the load melo could’ve helped carry .This was before rose got injured and it’s possible rose wouldn’t had gotten injured at all.what could’ve been.
B Humble
B Humble Month ago
I like Melo. But he doesn't have a championship cause he made the wrong decisions. He still could of went to Chicago an would of made it to the Finals at least.
Rob rain
Rob rain Month ago
Melo didnt have the teams lebron an wade had bc every team he went to he wasnt wasnt about anything other than money an 30 pts! Never elevated his game past that was rarely in shape passes you the ball with 4 sec on the shot clock. Melo was never the playmaker or teamate lebron is to even want ppl to play with melo
Mert Kumak
Mert Kumak Month ago
Carmelo Anthony never had the teams LeBron, Dwyane Wade had Ofc, if you always chose the money u fucking moron trash garbadge melo
Ihsan Rama
Ihsan Rama Month ago
It's because Melo lives in the west in his prime. Bron and Wade always in the east, that is why they go to finals and win chip.
Stephen ask him the real question what happen to you and Jeremy lin
anima099 2 months ago
Looking back on this. Melo saying he didn't have any of those teams when he played with PG and WB just recently.
Avon OBanner
Avon OBanner 2 months ago
He had amari he had Iverson he had great teams
Patrick Duncan Jr.
Patrick Duncan Jr. 2 months ago
Harden didn’t want him.....simple as that.
Patrick Duncan Jr.
Patrick Duncan Jr. 2 months ago
Melo “it always been me” 😐
Ice in my Veins
Ice in my Veins 2 months ago
He had the skills, he had the basketball IQ but he had bad attitude:( which keeps you into a team. Lesson learned. Its not about the skill and knowledge it is all about good attitude which he hasnt! That is the truth that GMs saw Carmelos flaw!
AX3 Ra1D3R
AX3 Ra1D3R 2 months ago
*signed with Portland*
Sid Michael Fajardo
Sid Michael Fajardo 2 months ago
Not the talent. Its your attitude man.
good vibes
good vibes 2 months ago
Melo has been in a elite team’s like Denver and OKC. But they cannot win a championship because of his bad defence and feeling like always the superstar of a team. So its like bringing the whole team down to lose.
hhh 2 months ago
Carmelo had Chauncey, jr Smith, Marcus camby, Kenyon Martin, gallinari, he has a solid squad
D Heisenberg
D Heisenberg 2 months ago
shut up melo! you got AI, Billups, kenyo martin, JR smith, juwan howard and birdman as a powerhouse team and you still failed beacuse of your ballhog plays!
anthony jack
anthony jack 2 months ago
this dudes ego gone kill em
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 2 months ago
Selfish player with big ego Thats the answer no one want him...
Jumar Hughes
Jumar Hughes 2 months ago
Melo had a team in Denver come on know
Metal RocksOn
Metal RocksOn 2 months ago
He must of forgot how he fucked up that great nuggets team and how his former teammates and coach's will tell you he's a stat guy who won't play defense! Just go away brother you blew it!!!!
Rich Zoe1804
Rich Zoe1804 2 months ago
LeBron did not have a good team when he won a chip with the cavs sorry try again
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