Carmelo Anthony has reportedly been working out with Nets players | First Take

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Will Cain and Domonique Foxworth weigh in on what reports of Carmelo Anthony working out with Brooklyn Nets players might mean for Melo’s future in the NBA.
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Published on


Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 1 101
ninjedi Month ago
melo to nets please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emilio Quintana
Emilio Quintana 2 months ago
11 25 19 .melo make 25 point 8 reb.
Emilio Quintana
Emilio Quintana 2 months ago
11 21 19 melo make 18 point 7 reb .the net have the chance to bring melo. know melo play with porland .
RIK ThePrick
RIK ThePrick 4 months ago
Melo can still ball.
LEON CHARLES 5 months ago
Cendo Tribez
Cendo Tribez 5 months ago
Melo is trash
Jemarloc X
Jemarloc X 5 months ago
Give this man a job got damit
the punisher
the punisher 5 months ago
Pls sign that guy, melo is my man😃💪
bb kingme
bb kingme 5 months ago
Lol. Media pushed the ACCEPT THE ROLE narrative for melo so much it made people 4get hes a star that could n should b a number 1. Or 2. Option on a team. 5his racist shit gotta stop. All them foreign horrible players who start. And trash white dudes. Melo better than kevin love. By far. But theres no accept bench talk for him.
Terrell Riley
Terrell Riley 5 months ago
I am a Melo fan. The reason I barely mess with the NBA is because of black balling. Ie I am also a(Chris Jackson LSU) fan. If he can play why do I have to pay to see less skilled players. I watch all of Dirk's career. All of Tim Duncan's. Either say he can't play or sign him.
jp and maduk family love ones our heart
They need give all older players there respect. He been in the NBA to long and a hall a famer. Let the man go out with a bang his personal life is his. His professional life NBA all-star . The disrespect is black balling. There are bench players not good as him. Just keeping it 1000.
Moe jAkl
Moe jAkl 5 months ago
Jason Cross
Jason Cross 5 months ago
He would fit there. As long as he’s willing to swing it and not jab step he clock out.
LifeOfLove 5 months ago
Yo she look like Aaliyah low-key. I'm about to write her a 4 page letter.
Raymond Santos
Raymond Santos 5 months ago
I will love to see melo get a deal with the nets!!!! Back to New York a city he loves, and the most exciting team in New York right now
Anthony Burks
Anthony Burks 5 months ago
I wonder what's the real deal, why he's not in the league? 🤔 It's something he had to do, that the NBA, is holding him accountable for...
Javon Rivers
Javon Rivers 5 months ago
Sign him
Nostalgia King
Nostalgia King 5 months ago
Yall keep saying replace her she fine but im tired of pretty air headed women
2cmajor 5 months ago
“That is not a situation Melo wants to go in.” They be so definitive... start a analyzing. Hate when I click and these shits just be strong opinions.
MACH VIBE PROJECT 5 months ago
Melo is so stupid, he should go with lakers where lebron is there with open arms
Sylvester Jackson
Sylvester Jackson 5 months ago
She fine af bring her back 😍😍😍😍😍
Abdo Jabboulieh
Abdo Jabboulieh 5 months ago
So sexy , send bobs 🤣
RAS DAN MAIAVA 5 months ago
Is it me or does this chick look like Aliyah?
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones 6 months ago
They might as well do it Tbh the nets aren’t making the finals if were being honest Sign him for a year and if he works bring him back and if he doesn’t oh well he’s outta luck
Sam Nabaso
Sam Nabaso 6 months ago
kyrie and Kd with Allen as their center is already a good build. melo will help nets I think melo right now will plays as hard as his early years in the nuggets the melo that his inside game is more of a threat than his outside shooting.
Allen L
Allen L 6 months ago
Shining and keeping benches warm i hope
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar 6 months ago
Melo will fit perfect with nets
Churific.com 6 months ago
That guy barely blinks... Those eyeballs scare me. 👀
Gerald K
Gerald K 6 months ago
This is a strategy tactic by the Nets, it's very dangerous but effective if done right. Melo can push KD to come back even stronger, and give Melo a chance to reclaim his title as an elite SF. On the flip side Both KD & Melo may end up great yet it may cause friction among team chemistry. Unless KD can be learn to be a more physical Forward & play the 4. Oh yeah, if they both come back strong and Melo comes off the beach eventually he'll be a starter again. If all goes well you have big 3.
Timothy Vickers
Timothy Vickers 6 months ago
souljagangster 6 months ago
who is this beauty thoo
William Dean
William Dean 6 months ago
I think she said in the beginning that he was playing in practices "in LA" with the Nets??
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 6 months ago
He hating LMAO, he gonna close with kyrie.then kd comes back next year. Stop hating lol
Benny Times
Benny Times 6 months ago
Melo will fit in with Golden State now all u sports fans no this he will fill that missing spot out there
kushman906 6 months ago
Ma looks like Luna Star😍
highofflifeforever 6 months ago
He is so desperately trying to get back in the NBA. Warriors give him a chance
Phillip Gonzalez
Phillip Gonzalez 6 months ago
This guy has the fattest widest nose I ever seen
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye 6 months ago
Jesus I hate the dude on the left annoying face
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 6 months ago
Who cares.. who is the lady??
Jay B
Jay B 6 months ago
What is the host name?
conflicc ricks
conflicc ricks 6 months ago
Bruh she looks like a lighter skin aaliyah...
Mindmatters 001
Mindmatters 001 6 months ago
Why do they hate so hard on melo? He has repeatedly said that he’d take a lesser role but they keep asking if he’s willing to take a lesser role! So asinine
Bra Nene
Bra Nene 6 months ago
Zombie KD
kamionkami1 6 months ago
Leave melo alone geez
Thanos Killer
Thanos Killer 6 months ago
Chinese governor don't give two shits about Carmelo past
OreoMask 6 months ago
You see that molly when the ppl who actually know wtf they’re talking about are speaking just stfu
A1since Day1
A1since Day1 6 months ago
This actually makes senses
SeanScatpack Fallon
SeanScatpack Fallon 6 months ago
When are people going to get it through their heads IF TEAMS WANTED MELO HE WOULD BE ON AN NBA ROSTER RIGHT NOW!!!! Sheesh
Vladimyr Bellegarde
Vladimyr Bellegarde 6 months ago
ESPN has the best chick in town...
Tivoli Front Desk
Tivoli Front Desk 6 months ago
Melo can easily still give you 16-20 points a night. If you gonna have him coming off the bench he gotta be in constant rotation even after missing some or a little less than a lot of shots to get his old ass warmed up lol
Bryant Williams
Bryant Williams 6 months ago
Good idea..wasted season...no KD.....
Travon Adams
Travon Adams 6 months ago
Click bait he gone retire
リ나刀巨 乍나丂工口刀
Anyone needs to pick up melo this is disrespectful
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown 6 months ago
I’m proud of the Brooklyn nets
deez nutz
deez nutz 6 months ago
Black dude look like a character from the old show "the PJs"
Marvin Greer
Marvin Greer 6 months ago
Why the fuck y’all don’t want Melo to eat 🤦🏼‍♂️😩😩😩😩😩all them fucken scrubs in the NBa ✋
ASTRO BALLERS 6 months ago
a true GEMINI switching it up on his own damn city.... smh!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris brown Son
Chris brown Son 6 months ago
One more year for melo then he can go just plz give him one more year to prove to us
m hazey
m hazey 6 months ago
That lady though 😍 !
The Duke
The Duke 6 months ago
Y'all got Melo out here looking like a groupie!!! 😂😂😂
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