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Join Carla Music in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes a grandma-style sheet pan pizza. If you prefer a spicy pie, use twice as much hot soppressata and none of the sweet type.
Check out the dough recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/grandma-style-pizza-dough
Check out the soppressata pizza recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hot-and-sweet-soppressata-and-fennel-grandma-pie
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Carla Makes Sheet Pan Pizza | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Jun 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 11 months ago
Yep, a Saturday publish. Want more weekend videos? Let us know what you’d like to see on the weekends from BA
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong Month ago
The recipe should be updated on the site
aitzaz ahmed
aitzaz ahmed 6 months ago
Why not remove all those rings ....
MrTheJackThePerson 7 months ago
Don't rush anything, I love every video you guys put out. Everyone's personality is so great and funny and quirky in their own ways. I guess the more international food dishes the better, I saw someone asking for African cuisine and realized that Hawa's video was the only one I could think of. She was great but if she can't be a regular on the channel for some reason, I'm sure you guys could find someone special that specializes in that cuisine as well :)
david david
david david 8 months ago
Claire. Chris. And more Carla.
TheIkaika777 9 months ago
How about making the perfect Tiramasu?
Samantha Espinoza
Samantha Espinoza 13 hours ago
I'm with Molly and Carla here. If you aren't going to get blisters on you mouth, why eat pizza?
william mcneil
william mcneil 2 days ago
um is this the devils pizza ? sauce goes first, cheese goes last and why so few toppings ?
william mcneil
william mcneil 2 days ago
um why did you put it in the fridge ? when i make the dough, it sits out, to rise, for 2 to 3 hours.
Kevin Derosier
Kevin Derosier 4 days ago
I love Carla
Adrian Chávez
Adrian Chávez 4 days ago
omg she hates onions, bell peppers and pinapples on pizza, i frikin love her
Adrian Chávez
Adrian Chávez 3 days ago
oh ok
rhn94 3 days ago
she's fine with onions
Niko Cabrera
Niko Cabrera 5 days ago
Guess what Carla??? I’m putting pineapple 😈🙊
rhn94 3 days ago
Phillip L. Marotta
I have such a crush on you Carla!
Amanda Odawa
Amanda Odawa 9 days ago
How much flour
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz 12 days ago
10:20 unintentional bill cosby impression
Sunny Kay
Sunny Kay 13 days ago
This is basically like a thin Detroit Style Pizza.
login415 14 days ago
i made a smoky mess cuz the oil overfloweth
jamez 14 days ago
...the way she throws those ingredients on, -)
kingikiller 17 days ago
Carla: I’m gona put it not on the stove but near the stove. Carla: lets check the pizza. *gets it off the stove*
Lee Wei Shiarn
Lee Wei Shiarn 20 days ago
Why put bell peppers when you can put celery? 😈
yuhc 22 days ago
carla is 100% correct, only monsters eat their pizza with pineapple!!!!!!!!!!
lcuhing 23 days ago
what does BA have against pineapple on pizza :(
Kiwi Siwi
Kiwi Siwi 23 days ago
So this is Neapolitan sauce on a Sicilian style pizza crust !! “?”
sharon olsen
sharon olsen 23 days ago
"Don't put pineapple on the pizza .. only a monster would do that" ... hmmm... should I ( the monster) raise my hand now... or just keep that guilty little secret to myself ... ? (possibly too late) ; ]
Braaidude 23 days ago
I think there's more olive oil in her hair than in the pizza...
A M 23 days ago
But I love pineapple on my pizza.
El Andru
El Andru 26 days ago
I'll put my idea in the comments. Dont profit of it, if so at least credit me. Topings: roast some bell peppers, get tiny char marks on it. In the same pan soft crisp some bacon and let the flavors know each other. Do a little fresh not-so-chopped cilantro after baking, sprinkle it, cut it. Delicious
AtmaDragoon 26 days ago
Look. All I'm gonna say is that the best pizza I personally ever experienced was a Hawaiian style one; it featured pineapple, Canadian bacon, and BBQ sauce instead of tomato. If you haven't tried that particular combination before then...I mean, you're just doing yourself a disservice.
jesper dahl
jesper dahl 26 days ago
If pineapple is not allowed, can I put gyro meat, lettuce, fresh tomato, cucumber, onion, and garlic salad dressing on my pizza ?
Cabbage 28 days ago
bell peppers in pizza is the best \(angry face)/
Jay W Rittenour
Jay W Rittenour 28 days ago
Carla do you do that dough voice at parties?
Alu Ces
Alu Ces 28 days ago
I don't eat pizza without pineapple. It's like a bland bread without it.
Tammy Dearth
Tammy Dearth 28 days ago
How about a great fried chicken
KillerRaiin 28 days ago
Wait a minute... was that the theme to charlie and lola. In the beginning? Lmao or something child cartoon related
Codosho 29 days ago
I came to see this video to make this type of pizza... WITH PINEAPPLE!
FumblesOfDisgamer 29 days ago
So a traditional American Sicilian pie. What's this grandma pie malarkey? I'm calling shenanigans.
abcdefghisrael 29 days ago
I think its only the east side of the U.S that doesn't like pineapple on pizza haha
Wong Elfski
Wong Elfski 29 days ago
Up yours lady I love pineapple
niller 29 days ago
Why so much dough?
If We Won
If We Won Month ago
Pineapple is amazing on pizza Carla fight me
Michael Matchen
Michael Matchen Month ago
"Run down to the corner and get some yeast" wow those really were some simpler times
Ley Ramos
Ley Ramos Month ago
I guess I’m a monster
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire Month ago
This video was posted on my birthday last year, but I'm just now seeing it. I know what I'm making this year!
ant santoro
ant santoro Month ago
It’s a traditional Sicilian pizza this is based on 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Seth Brolsma
Seth Brolsma Month ago
The way she says Grandma pie reminds me of how they say grand papa in Heidi.
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Month ago
I just... I don't understand the hatred of bell peppers. They're so good.
Fira Syam
Fira Syam Month ago
give me a freakin mesurement omg
Juan Valadez
Juan Valadez Month ago
anyone else got a canned pineapple ad on this ?
Enkufka Month ago
Sorry Carla but I'm a monster who likes Chicken, Pineapple and Mushrooms on her pizza.
kungstu22 Month ago
Detroit-style pizza!
adrian molina
adrian molina Month ago
I'm very pleased with how pleased carla is in this video
Taylor Jade
Taylor Jade Month ago
i came for the pizza, but i stayed for the wonderful views of Andy's hams.
Ni Sa
Ni Sa Month ago
It's a focaccia with sauce basically :)
TheRealPicard Month ago
I love Carla !
RetroFritter Month ago
Anyone notice Gabby stocking up on paper towel pre -covid?
lovepurple88 Month ago
Awwww, remember when you could just get yeast at the store? Good times.
Westley Sarokin
Westley Sarokin Month ago
Ugh, the recipe has measurement by volume. How could you guys of all people miss this? Measurement by weight people, how hard is that? Was so hyped to make this now it's a pass.
Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor Month ago
Don’t dis pineapple!
Jack In The Bottle
Stop letting Andy wander around behind whoever is being recorded. It's too distracting! :)
Mark J
Mark J Month ago
I have not seen a sheet pan in any store rated higher than 450f temp, which is my sheet pan Max temp. Is the worst that could happen is my sheet pan gets a little warped or can I just cook this at 450 or 425? I used a little less than 2tsp of ady and my dough doubled in the first hour in the fridge. Making this tomorrow.
cristobal caro
cristobal caro Month ago
and the cheese does not split at that temperature?
Mari Pongol
Mari Pongol Month ago
James Williams
James Williams Month ago
This is basically Detroit style pizza
Super SwagMan
Super SwagMan Month ago
don't do bell peppers? Carla you're an IDIOT!
Ling Hui
Ling Hui Month ago
Carla is ma favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TV person. and Andy too
S.A. Warren
S.A. Warren Month ago
She would be a good friend to have
Janine Leach
Janine Leach Month ago
How much flour?
This Old Man
This Old Man Month ago
People boohooing on the website about them not using metric measurements. Use the internet to look up conversions....😯
SalvatoreDK Month ago
then basically ALL yeast ive ever bough is always dead on arrival... makes no sense
Bobby Westner
Bobby Westner Month ago
u talk too much and use all the sauce u idiot. wby make so much when just gonna springle a dab here n there.
J.J. H
J.J. H Month ago
No pineapple, great, but a few spots of sauce ABOVE the cheese? And chili peppers?! Who’s the “monster” now?
michael Month ago
i dont like videos often but the strong anti pineapple message reeled me in
Jay Quek
Jay Quek Month ago
Shoutout to that one comment that said they'll put everything carla hates on his pizza just to spite her Shine on you crazy star
Lefteris Xelioudakis
its definitely a sheet pizza
lahcim666 Month ago
and again atrocious, dirty baking tin! This is a disgrace!!
O. H. W.
O. H. W. Month ago
So ba is like, real pro cooks right? Why do they always feel like they’re cooking for the first time.
A Ereira
A Ereira Month ago
Did Hunzi edit this? It's got Hunzi written all over it.
amit batra
amit batra Month ago
C'mon man pineapple on pizza is love.
donedeal Month ago
Sorry, that is NOT a pizza, it's just some baked bread with cheese on it! Visit Napoli and call that thing a pizza they will choke you to sleep.
garcipat Month ago
Cant cook that. Dont have that much olive oil in my kitchen. Ever.
John Soukup
John Soukup Month ago
Fresh Mozz? No. Not a chance. Gotta go low moisture with Fontina and or Muenster for flavor.
Hyp3r R33L
Hyp3r R33L Month ago
This needed like basil pesto.
Daniel Carlsen
Daniel Carlsen Month ago
They make this Little Italy in Chicago, only it a full sheet pan .
Luca Innocenti
Luca Innocenti Month ago
It's overcooked come on. This is not pizza but a focaccia.
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