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This recipe is from Carla's new cookbook, out now! amzn.to/2Y60isv
Join Carla Music in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes meatball subs! We like the combo of spicy and sweet Italian sausage, but use any uncooked sausage you like-merguez or chorizo would work.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/sausage-meatball-sandwiches
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Carla Makes Meatball Subs | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Mar 23, 2019




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gerry 2 days ago
Well right off the bat I can say BS. Meatballs are typically made out of beef not sausage meat. You can use sausage meat but then its not a classic meatball. Beef, eggs, garlic, onion and bread crumbs and S and P is an Italian meatball. You can make them in the oven but again a "classic meatball" is fried in olive oil. I love ATK but you guys got this one wrong. She burned the rolls !
Aidan J. Stewart
Aidan J. Stewart 3 days ago
She made a pistou not a pesto
phlarrdboi 4 days ago
As it turns out, pesto is any ... smacked around ... bunch of ingredients - CARLA FER THA WIN
J T 6 days ago
tomato sauce can ruin your cast iron seasoning. remember to neutralize the acids when washing and reseason
ultraviolence 6 days ago
okay but swedish meatballs >>>>>>>> italian meatballs
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer 9 days ago
Of course that's pesto
Citizen K
Citizen K 10 days ago
Tut tut tut... SMH, Oh Carla why are you always scorching buns, you did it with the smash-burgers and now these too... Love your recipes but I must say "it is a bit of an anti-climax to the presentation when sandwich/burger bread is burnt 😞
Jacob Sweeney
Jacob Sweeney 10 days ago
When I saw her start with a sausage for a base I instantly clicked off
KnowledgeNerd 11 days ago
I'm really starting to appreciate all of the personalities on this show.
TheCampRandallKid 44
I wish Carla was my best friend
Code Deb
Code Deb 13 days ago
I hate garlic 🤢
b 19 days ago
I just love Carla! She's so natural and comfortable.
Joseph Gorbacz
Joseph Gorbacz 23 days ago
brushing the outside of the rolls with unsalted butter will help them not burn.
Jacob Niemeier
Jacob Niemeier 23 days ago
Why use canned WHOLE tomatoes? Why not get canned DICED tomatoes if we're just gonna rip 'em up?
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 25 days ago
elina craft
elina craft 25 days ago
Carla is so sweet. Not my favourite recipe though
Thomas Artero
Thomas Artero 25 days ago
This is the prequel to Chris' reconstructing show in the BAcinematic universe.
Nick Koffler
Nick Koffler 26 days ago
she burns everything
Samantha Martínez
Samantha Martínez 27 days ago
I made this and its deliiii
DoxyLady 28 days ago
Why can't you just lower the rack?
Sarah Putrus
Sarah Putrus Month ago
GUYSS!! This video was filmed after reverse engineering. Idk why I got so excited but the jokes that Carla and Chris make now make so much sense.
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson Month ago
Anybody remember the way subway cut their bread way back in like 95, they did that U gouge that the meatballs just snugged in perfectly and then they put the bread strip on top like a hat. I miss that.
shawolmblft Month ago
the tomatoes she used...
Jerricka Jackson
How do you burn the bread lmaoooooooooo.
There are two types of cooking personalities. Those who eat the scraps and those who eat the best for themselves. Carla and I are the same person. 😂
John Hayes
John Hayes Month ago
Carla burns stuff bc she talks so much. Geez, stick to the recipe.
Ylan Chung
Ylan Chung Month ago
I'm here for the green sauce.
Rohith Rg
Rohith Rg Month ago
Carla is a cool mom
hannaro Month ago
If it's in New York, you're not allowed to call it a hoagie roll. Important.
hannaro Month ago
Oh, and especially not if she's cutting them along the top like a lobster roll. Just cultural slaughter right here.
sophie green
sophie green Month ago
I’ve got no money for food, so I’m spending my days torturing myself with Carlas cooking until i can get some ✌🏼
Igor Tanaskovic
Igor Tanaskovic Month ago
Sheena Henson
Sheena Henson Month ago
When the broiler burn is a problem for houses across the country.
garcipat Month ago
Is this ment to be eaten one sandwich per meal or two?
The Green Queen
The Green Queen Month ago
“If you don’t like spice, use a sweet Italian.” (If you have any food aversions or don’t eat red meat, gluten, dairy, etc. don’t even think about a job at BA)
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger Month ago
The meatball miscount might be a matter of the scale's precision. If it only goes down to ounces, but not tenths of an ounce, then after that many two ounce meatballs you could definitely come up one or two short or... long. I like metric for stuff like this. There's 28 grams in an ounce, which means a digital scale is going to be more precise* in metric than imperial. *Not necessarily accurate, as precision and accuracy are different things.
Lok Tung Woo
Lok Tung Woo Month ago
watching this episode made me understand why I got Carla in the which ba chef are you quiz lol. she is so relatable
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Month ago
It's not pesto if you cook it
ragusajr100 Month ago
for the tomato's , I would put in large bowl and crush with potato masher....lol...but I am pretty lazy...
Kyle Kasper
Kyle Kasper 2 months ago
Is this not really a sausage sandwich?
TheNuclearferrit 2 months ago
your meatball subs don't have enough meatballs.
traveljunkie 2 months ago
the amount of salt
Julian Jacobs
Julian Jacobs 2 months ago
and so they started putting Chris's super tasting abilities to the test. thanks for that Carla.
Devon Wilson
Devon Wilson 2 months ago
"It is amazing how vegetal and garlicky it is without even being seasoned" - she says, while tasting a sauce that is basil, garlic, and oil.
Nick Gagnon
Nick Gagnon 2 months ago
anyone else make a weird face when she said "everybody gets 3 meatballs." like, I just put however many fills up the hoagie, rofl...
Christopher Christopher
my favorite part is when she burns the bread because i burn the bread all the time, as my girlfriend allllllllllways reminds me thanks carla
Josephine Des Rosiers
Plot twist, Carla's Grandma did what she did and was too full by dinner to eat a full portion
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 2 months ago
I’ve just realized that Carla looks like my mom... I think thats why I like her, especially since she usually has the Italian food videos, which coincidentally was my mom’s fave kind of food.
François Blanc
François Blanc 2 months ago
What's the point of doing meatballs if you don't add anything to the sausage ? Why not put slices of sausage in the sandwich ?
miso 2 months ago
What’s the details on that white pot? It’s so pretty!
Jakathera 2 months ago
Little does Carla know that her grandmother did the same thing ^_^
Sofmo 2 months ago
Watching this now makes me realise how much Chris has aged in a year...
AverageJune 26
AverageJune 26 2 months ago
I love everything Carla makes! She’s my fav by far
DoxyLady 2 months ago
Never made pesto without pine nuts .
ISHA 2 months ago
watching carla’s video always helps me relax lmao, idk why, but maybe it’s cause she’s so laid back and calm. she just takes things as they come and I love that about her.
Jacob 2 months ago
*Precisely and mathematically works out 12 meatballs* "theres only 10" *reworks it" *NOW THERES 13*
C B 2 months ago
ok, so burnt buns aside, and too much sauce made, you couldn't eat this, cut the meatballs in half before putting in the roll, then you might be able to fit it in your mouth???
Tanya. 2 months ago
Carla you remind me of my amazing Tia who is just a wholesome, strong, inspirational, and beautiful woman. Thank you for being you and sharing your passion of cooking with the world ❤️
Alicia Gergely
Alicia Gergely 2 months ago
Are u not Italian? The core of the fennel is the best part with lemon
Sj Randol
Sj Randol 2 months ago
BEST MEATBALL SANDWICH EVER. Pesto is the besto, no joke! Totally recommend and what I learned the first time making was to be sure and slice the fresh mozzarella THIN, otherwise it takes a bit to broil and get crispy (which is also what happens to the rest of the bread). Ironically enough, I burned one side of my buns, too. haha
doctor jungla
doctor jungla 2 months ago
The officev
Maka Shibuto
Maka Shibuto 2 months ago
White Buffalo
White Buffalo 2 months ago
chris only stuck around pretending to do stuff with garbage bags just so he could get in on a sub.
jaakkokorhonen 2 months ago
Meatballs out of sausages. That's ridiculous in so many ways.
Chesley Adams
Chesley Adams 2 months ago
hmmn, morocco wasn't into it, found that out at the end. that dude don't hafta be into it, it can still be good
Joe Shopper
Joe Shopper 3 months ago
Meatball Recipe: Buy sausage.
DEPUTY DOG 3 months ago
I need to get my cooking knives that sharp. It looked like she barely touched the sausage
thatphatqueen 3 months ago
i really want to try carla and molly’s food. they always look so good
haylbot 3 months ago
Spelunking is a word. It's cave exploration
Jenn Hammond
Jenn Hammond 3 months ago
Ever notice they can cut onions without crying? Are they mutants? What sorcery is this?
Lauren Bee
Lauren Bee 3 months ago
I think Carla is the second coming of sliced bread But this is a sausage parm sandwich!☝️ And I will die on that hill! But also, can I have one 😭
Untitled Item
Untitled Item 3 months ago
what kind of a cook are you supposed to be if you put them on the top row and can't predict them going all smokey on you
Stefan 3 months ago
So you risk the whole dish by not redoing the simplest part? Effort level minus 223 :D
Ibrahim Saleh
Ibrahim Saleh 3 months ago
You should've replaced the bread!! because most people would replace it in their homes it is not a camera thingy that you're trying to avoid. I know exactly how a burnt bread would ruin the sandwich this is not Gordan Ramsy's through away because of arrogance, it is because it tastes bad! really bad!!
pike666db 3 months ago
@Ibrahim Saleh and now I can't deny I'm a little bit aroused. lol. just kidding. tip off the hat, and have a good day, sir.
Ibrahim Saleh
Ibrahim Saleh 3 months ago
@pike666db next time u find me I'm sure I'm the one who'll be rubbing and u'll be the one enjoying it 😁
pike666db 3 months ago
@Ibrahim Saleh lol. well, excuse me mr. critic. I do love me some heavy metal. neither do i care for your taste in food. like i said, you do YOU. but i might look for you in the comments next time Carla burns buns and rub the burnt edges on your nose.
Ibrahim Saleh
Ibrahim Saleh 3 months ago
@pike666db I don't really care whether you eat charcoal or rocks or even heavy metals but if there is a content that is posted to the public on a channel that I'm enjoying I'll through my insights when the picture isn't pleasent to my eyes and I don't really care if u like my opinion or not it is not intended for you and even if you're the content maker this the critics deal with it not everybody is going to align with your ideas.
pike666db 3 months ago
@Ibrahim Saleh well, that's exactly what I'm talking about. not all people like their meat or chicken burnt, even if slightly. to some, it is sacrilege. don't be telling other cooks how to approach their technique or how to deal with less than perfect results. don't be telling other people how to enjoy their food. you do YOU. live and let live.
Justin Han
Justin Han 3 months ago
and use the burnt roll to build a sandwich..come on
Justin Han
Justin Han 3 months ago
so called 'pro chef' even can't toast the hoagie right
connor bogda
connor bogda 3 months ago
If the meatballs aren't cut in half its trash.
Todd Hurrell
Todd Hurrell 3 months ago
This is painful to watch. Seriously, is this hard math the get right?
Viking2Go 3 months ago
So sweet how Carla complements Chris' tasting skills. :)
Yvendous 3 months ago
Chris: "..I have to guess the remaining ingredientsSALT!👉"
Nikos Kamesas
Nikos Kamesas 3 months ago
No breadcrumbs in the meat? Huh? Won’t be nice and fluffy without.
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