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Join Carla in the Test Kitchen as she makes Instant Pot ribs. Pressure-cooking the ribs for a mere nine minutes makes them completely tender and succulent, but the meat won’t be quite at the stage where it slumps right off the bone. We think they’re the perfect texture for picking up and eating with your hands, with just the right amount of chew. After that, they spend ten minutes on a hot grill to get crisped up and glazed with a punchy hot-and sour-sauce. Play your cards right and you’ll be grilling on a weeknight.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/instant-pot-glazed-and-grilled-ribs
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Carla Makes Instant Pot Ribs | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Nov 2, 2018




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Carla Music
Carla Music Year ago
I made these ribs all summer-pressure cooking them first so they’re incredibly tender and juicy, and grilling for fun and fire. Go for it!
Eric D.
Eric D. 2 months ago
Yes. She said that she used a slow release.
itsthebrod 8 months ago
I know and I don't care. Sometimes deliciousness is worth the cancer risk.
funknfritter 8 months ago
@Ben Gallaty i know its been a while since you asked, but since the mirin is in there for sweetness, i think a little cherry juice or even just apple juice would be good. NOT maraschino cherry juice, but the good stuff.
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 9 months ago
To all you people who grill and eat a lot of barbecue - - That 'great color' and char is CARCINOGENIC!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! 😄 😵 😷 👍
Michael de Guzman
Pressure cookers are magic. Don't have the Instapot, but placing the ribs in a pressure cooker on medium-low for an hour with mirin and white wine was an important step for great ribs.
Southeastern777 3 days ago
Carla is the Little Sister that I never had.
Andrew Povinelli
Andrew Povinelli 4 days ago
Oh a pressure cooker...i thought, well, Pot Ribs were...uh, never mind. My bad!
IAMBOBBY 4 days ago
"meat Juices" yup 5th grade
Joe Marks
Joe Marks 5 days ago
All you guys and gals are just awesome!
Strate Shooter
Strate Shooter 9 days ago
Burned bbq sauce ? This is supposed to be a good example of the cooker and her expertise ?
Dean C.
Dean C. 11 days ago
Use the trivet carrier so the meat dosent rest on the bottom of the pot, also add more liquid, apple juice, beer, broth or more water..that makes them really moist and tender.
mag steel
mag steel 12 days ago
Why not use the insta pot saute for the sauce prep? save another dirty pan
Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt 15 days ago
woo545 19 days ago
"Test to see if they are poisonous"~Carla "These ribs are very poisonous, I'll have to eat the entire bowl to save everyone else" ~Me
Heidi Repp
Heidi Repp 20 days ago
Did you only use the mirn as your liquid to make pressure? Also did you place meat on trivit or in the liquid?
Heidi Repp
Heidi Repp 20 days ago
Did you only use the mirn as your liquid to make pressure? Also did you place meat on trivit or in the liquid?
Dath Mao
Dath Mao 21 day ago
I like the checking part...Lolz
Sean Bergman
Sean Bergman 24 days ago
This is cultural appropriation. Its very violent against Chinese minorities as well. Please remove video.
John C
John C 24 days ago
Good video I'm going to try this way
conrad kreyling
conrad kreyling 25 days ago
I usually grill the ribs first before pressure cooking. Try this, it makes the glaze more interesting. Lots of Maillard flavors. Glaze still works.
ThePicVan Month ago
That is why everyone asks why I'm not eating much after cooking. " I ate some of everything making sure you didn't get poisoned . Not that I ate the best parts when they were the best temp before serving! Your welcome!"
Melanie Fisher
Melanie Fisher Month ago
MY MOUTH WATERED & I'm not even hungry!!!
Legendary Lucy
Legendary Lucy Month ago
We must protect Carla forever.
GERBO The Gerbil
“I strain the pan sauce” Now try explaining that for 10 min, but use the word mirin five times.
ngoti8tor Iam
ngoti8tor Iam Month ago
No water added to the instant pot? Is that correct, or was it just left out?
mariadelaluz zilinskas
We need an crockpot series
Dsvid G
Dsvid G Month ago
Dsvid G
Dsvid G Month ago
Sp Goood
Carol Mauriello
Carol Mauriello Month ago
Out of all the recipes I have watched - this is the best - thank you
Bassman22 Month ago
Get a smoker and do ribs and wait the 12 hours and you’ll never cook ribs like this
ricky rice
ricky rice Month ago
1st time seeing your videos. I'm loving you and ur video. And I'm not even done watching it. Thank you. I love the back ground too.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Month ago
A chef after my own heart 💓! I also check to see if the ribs are okay to eat!
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Month ago
Quick question for you did you peel your ribs?
J Month ago
omg, you're the best. love your instantpot recipes.
Larry Armstrong
Larry Armstrong Month ago
I use the fat in the sauce... great emulsifier.
G Pow
G Pow Month ago
Less up-talk please... It is unbearable .
Tom Gannon
Tom Gannon Month ago
Beware of this recipe! 9 minutes is completely false. 20 minutes is the minimum. Also,. Instant pot Evo plus shuts down with burn warning with the amount of liquid this recipe states. She needs to remake this video correctly. You are wasting time and money if you make this exactly how she says to make it.
threezerol944t Month ago
....She left the membrane on...
Tony De
Tony De Month ago
it's fine
Mark Chavez
Mark Chavez Month ago
Beautiful.... ribs look good too
MrTrueFury Month ago
This seems like more effort than regular ribs
W. Dearth
W. Dearth Month ago
Nothing annoys me more than "fall off the bone" being an accepted descriptor for ribs.
elcidbob Month ago
I agree with you for beef or lamb ribs, but I love pork ribs that fall off the bone.
Joker Toker
Joker Toker Month ago
She looks like a poor man's version of Sarah Silverman. And a thicker version.
Richard Gentry
Richard Gentry Month ago
We made these last night. We will make them again and again! They were incredibly delicious!
michael xavier
michael xavier Month ago
That voice is like nails on a chalkboard
James Arthur Banta
Thank you Carla. Your conversation and presentation style is so charming. Great fun video!
wastegate Month ago
take off the membrane yo
Fliburg Ghett
Fliburg Ghett Month ago
Carla is such a jewel! Love her!!
Michael Hamilton
instant pots are junk
Samson Staats
Samson Staats 2 months ago
Why?? Wasted some good ribs there, need to smoke em on an offset smoker with real lump charcoal. If you're in a hurry you shouldn't be preparing ribs.
turbinepower77 2 months ago
I am such a carnivore❗
Johanne Beerbaum
Johanne Beerbaum 2 months ago
I love you, Carla, a woman after my own heart!
Ten Minute Drum Solo
david young
david young 2 months ago
she swallows
Peter Kizer
Peter Kizer 2 months ago
Why be a cook/chef? You get the best bits ;-) Why not be a vegan? Watch this video again.
Parallel Burrito
Parallel Burrito 2 months ago
Take off the membrane.
Jonathan Niccolls
Jonathan Niccolls 2 months ago
LOL! "I have to check to make sure they're not poisonous...ummph...definitely not poisonous!" 😂
John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago
RUvid has an anti-shake feature....USE IT. How annoying
roberpic 2 months ago
You didn't take the membrane off?
Georgios The Greek
Georgios The Greek 2 months ago
Excuse me sir, I'm sorry, the chef just told me that we are out of ribs.
ditto1958 2 months ago
If I don’t wanna go out and get mirin, what would be a good substitute?
Milostar2010 2 months ago
Those ribs look burned....
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 2 months ago
You are lousy at explaining things
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul 2 months ago
Gosh this girls annoying. Haha
7rays 2 months ago
Pontification vs. detailed explanation. Sheesh.
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