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Join Carla in the Test Kitchen as she makes Instant Pot ribs. Pressure-cooking the ribs for a mere nine minutes makes them completely tender and succulent, but the meat won’t be quite at the stage where it slumps right off the bone. We think they’re the perfect texture for picking up and eating with your hands, with just the right amount of chew. After that, they spend ten minutes on a hot grill to get crisped up and glazed with a punchy hot-and sour-sauce. Play your cards right and you’ll be grilling on a weeknight.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/instant-pot-glazed-and-grilled-ribs
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Carla Makes Instant Pot Ribs | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Nov 2, 2018




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Comments 636
Carla Music
Carla Music 10 months ago
I made these ribs all summer-pressure cooking them first so they’re incredibly tender and juicy, and grilling for fun and fire. Go for it!
itsthebrod 3 months ago
I know and I don't care. Sometimes deliciousness is worth the cancer risk.
funknfritter 3 months ago
@Ben Gallaty i know its been a while since you asked, but since the mirin is in there for sweetness, i think a little cherry juice or even just apple juice would be good. NOT maraschino cherry juice, but the good stuff.
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 4 months ago
To all you people who grill and eat a lot of barbecue - - That 'great color' and char is CARCINOGENIC!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! 😄 😵 😷 👍
Michael de Guzman
Michael de Guzman 7 months ago
Pressure cookers are magic. Don't have the Instapot, but placing the ribs in a pressure cooker on medium-low for an hour with mirin and white wine was an important step for great ribs.
1boyerjason 9 months ago
Shut up. You yalk too much.
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart 14 hours ago
Yum yum yum. Right there, that's it. I love my instant pot. I made yogurt yesterday. Too easy.
Jennifer Rosenberg
We pressure cook, put a rub on with sugar, and then broil. If you include smoked salt in the rub, you almost don't miss the grill (I have zero stamina for grilling.)
kiltlvr Day ago
Checking to see if they’re poisonous happens in all families by all cooks. 💯
jeffmack57 4 days ago
No thanks
Jessica Barber
Jessica Barber 5 days ago
You look like Lady Gaga?
Jayson Stonne
Jayson Stonne 7 days ago
The directions of the instant pot say a minimum of 1 1/2 cup of liquid for 6 quart and 2 cups for 8 quart are needed. What did you use for the liquid minimum?
M BG 7 days ago
I thought it was necessary to use a cup 1/2 of liquid/ water with my IP?
Not Available
Not Available 10 days ago
Strange my Instant pot requires at least 1 cup of liquid for pressure cooking?!!?
Not Available
Not Available 8 days ago
@ShojoBakunyu 1/4 cup tops, even at half a cup it's still far shy of 1 cup.
ShojoBakunyu 8 days ago
She added at least half a cup of liquid to the pot.
john alt
john alt 14 days ago
Rodee1 17 days ago
More Carla!
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
Can she do a version of ribs that can start in the IP and finish in the oven? For us grill-less NYers
Shami Tomita
Shami Tomita 23 days ago
Daniel Kö
Daniel Kö 26 days ago
So about 20-25 mins in the pressure cooker and then grill them with a glace from both sides until they reached the wanted colour that's amazing.
nAffie 27 days ago
Rips paper towel to use 2 sheets... Just fold it!
Lia Ho
Lia Ho Month ago
Carla please make more instant pot recipes
john alt
john alt Month ago
Paolo Martini
Paolo Martini Month ago
Saved the broth. Great. Added sugar? What is it with this sugar thing on meat?
JVLN Month ago
is chris the guy with a hat at the back?
LetitiaCollins Month ago
Did you add liquid to the pot?
Uisce Preston
Uisce Preston Month ago
Hm, she left the membrane on.
joel lerman MD
joel lerman MD Month ago
I’m in love.
ZimFreak137 Month ago
9 minutes in the instant pot with 10 minute natural release is really short. I actually made ribs just now and followed this recipe just with baby back ribs. By the way, the brushing with oil before grilling, THEN brushing the sauce is brilliant. My ribs were cooked enough that they weren't pink but they weren't super tender either and I had a hard time pulling the meat off the bone. It was still pretty good but most IP Rib recipes online quote around 16-25 minutes on high pressure. 16 for tender with some chew, 25 for fall off the bone. And that's still with a 10 min natural pressure release after. I just thought I'd mention this for others. Next time I will pressure cook them for 16-18 minutes instead of 9 and see how they do.
Michael Little
Michael Little Month ago
This video could have been 5 minutes without this excessive blathering.
L S Month ago
What, pray tell, ARE Carla's top 13 spices?
mauisue Month ago
Should we remove the membrane?
Nathan Spain
Nathan Spain 2 months ago
Instant Pot ribs. In a pan. Oh and a grill. Smh
Timothy Leger
Timothy Leger 2 months ago
Oooooh the quote "I'm a carnivore !" I'm in love with this WOMAN !! SUBSCRIBING NOW !!!
Susan Schmitz
Susan Schmitz 2 months ago
You are awesome! Thank you for sharing this video!🤪😁❤️
isamieh 2 months ago
Is this a 6 qt?
Sidharth Sen
Sidharth Sen 2 months ago
is it too much for the cameraman/woman to hold the darn camera steady? It's so annoying as if the people on the video are on a boat or something....
Geoffrey Carpenter
Geoffrey Carpenter 2 months ago
She deserves that big fat diamond ring ! YUM ! ( the ribs of course )
Fred Frond
Fred Frond 2 months ago
Oh yeah Chinese hot mustard powder on ribs what a great idea. Mmm 😋 🤤 deliciousness.
Elias Tucker
Elias Tucker 2 months ago
K Smith
K Smith 2 months ago
'Chewy, tender, glazy, sticky, spicy, sour, and just sweet enough. Like me.'
Gabrielle Martin
Gabrielle Martin 2 months ago
I just was gifted an instant pot and although it seems great, I have no idea how to approach it. I'd love to get more videos using the instant potn
Burtonracingboard6 2 months ago
I think I'll stick to 35cent wing night
barbj672000 3 months ago
I just love Carla... ok and Brad, Andy, Chris, Gabby and Nick!! lol
barbj672000 3 months ago
@Kevin J Yes!! And Claire too!
Kevin J
Kevin J 3 months ago
Claire? 😎
beautiful things
beautiful things 3 months ago
i don't even like meat i just wanna watch a carla video she's so adorable
Jason Green
Jason Green 3 months ago
Bad recipe. Not enough cooking time for the ribs, unless you like them chewy.
Jason Green
Jason Green 3 months ago
instead of "fall off the bone" this recipe is "gnaw off the bone", beware.
itsthebrod 3 months ago
Just a tip to anyone who tries to make these at home. The recipe on Bon Appetit's site is wrong and twice now has resulted in my IP never coming to pressure. The 1/4 mirin is NOT ENOUGH LIQUID for a pressure cooking recipe, and just quickly turns into a syrup and prevents the IP from hitting temp and sealing. Adding ~1/2 cup of water fixes the issue. Taste-wise they're very good (once you figure out the error and how to prevent it).
Christine B
Christine B 3 months ago
i was wondering about that- thanks
Jessie DeVore
Jessie DeVore 3 months ago
Wow, Andy before he became unprofessional with ripped up shirts.
BldgWha7 3 months ago
How many times can you say “like”? We went from the movie “Clueless” being on the fringe in 1995 with its language of valley girl culture “like oh my god” which was the lowest level of communicative intelligence. To the present day it being everywhere you look and peddled as an evolution of language
Judi Dunham
Judi Dunham 3 months ago
No liquid? I thought you needed a minimum of one cup of liquid for Instant Pot to come to pressure. That’s what the manual says anyway. I do mine in one cup liquid for 30 minutes with a natural release. Comes out perfect every time. Then I slather in barbecue sauce and stick under broiler for 5 minutes. A lot less work, too. 🤔
Seth Ehrlich
Seth Ehrlich 4 months ago
Don't you need at least one cup of liquid in the IP? 1/4 cup mirin is not enough liquid to create the steam needed to generate pressure.
Aeoster 4 months ago
Carla, try a 15 minute slow-release and 20 minutes after glazing in a tented foil in a 400 degree oven. Who'd have thought that 60 minute perfect ribs were possible!? I've been doing this after getting my insta-pot 3 years ago and it changed my life. (The extra 20 minutes is for reducing the dry rub drippings, and transfers.)
Ken Danieli
Ken Danieli 4 months ago
" a mere 9 minutes" please share the amount of time it takes the pressure to build before the timer starts counting the 9 minutes.
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 4 months ago
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 4 months ago
Just a warning. Not a 'troll' criticism.
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 4 months ago
Why was my comment warning people who grill and barbecue that 'great color' and char IS CARCINOGENIC. DIDN'T GET ADDED TO THE COMMENT SECTION????
Benjamin Deal
Benjamin Deal 4 months ago
Hello Carla!!! I love all of your shows and your collegues shoes on Bon Appetit!! I think you all are hilarious. My question is how do you feel about putting a paper towel on top of the liquid to absorb the fat or oil from the juices you want to use?
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson 4 months ago
U can also bak never mind I almost told you my perfect way to make bbq ribs
David Messer
David Messer 4 months ago
"I have to make sure they aren't poisonous." Very selfless of you. :)
Certainly sounds like there's still a good bite to them. Looks great!
Susan King
Susan King 4 months ago
Definitely a selfless act! I would do the same!
schmeewho 4 months ago
I tried this method twice.. the first time worked perfectly but the second time the meat was not cooked after 9 minutes and natural release.... I don't understand
Shawn Sisler
Shawn Sisler 4 months ago
It's called taste testing Carla... It's a very loving and selfless thing to do... All of us caring individuals that cook for family and friends taste test the food before serving, it must be done for the good of the people we love... That's my story and I am sticking to it.
krystjan 4 months ago
Carla loves the instant pot -- new + point in favorite BA chef battle! Brad and Claire need to step it up
Wayne Gordon
Wayne Gordon 5 months ago
I do my BBQ flavour ribs in a very similar way.
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor 5 months ago
Carla needs to take that cartilage off the back if those ribs.
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