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Want to make brick oven-style pizza but lack the equipment? Well, fire up the grill because it's about as close as you can get at home! The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen's very own Carla Music shows you how to make the only grilled pizzas you'll ever need!

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/how-to/article/how-to-make-grilled-pizza
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Carla Makes Grilled Pizza | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Aug 2, 2018




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Comments 80
Melinda Tan
Melinda Tan 8 days ago
when the camera zooms into the leaves on Carla's ear, I rewind the video and I can't believe the leaves have been there for so long
a 9 days ago
DoxyLady 9 days ago
No garlic on either? 🤔
DoxyLady 9 days ago
Did i miss something? Where did she make pesto?
FireNyourHOLE 19 days ago
Omg, sneaky!!!
Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan 24 days ago
trapezium yo
“She looks funny but she’s Delicious!” Lord Carla is awesome! The world (aka the channel) needs more Carla and her witty banter! :D
GenBloodLust Month ago
last day of finals is the perfect time for a pizza party
Joe Collins
Joe Collins Month ago
Taylor Weatherford
How is no one saying anything about the impossibly loud transition music?
Nikolas Zivanas
Nikolas Zivanas Month ago
It's a trapezoid...
bruh Month ago
Carla explains things so well
Iroxinping 2 months ago
those cuts and editing were very good should have done a pizza with a bbq base
Pia Frank
Pia Frank 2 months ago
Omg, I need that green n’ white pizza 🤤
Cody Rosen
Cody Rosen 2 months ago
Nicole Page
Nicole Page 3 months ago
Ceo of cheese opportunities
Dyanne Abobo
Dyanne Abobo 3 months ago
The basil boutonnieres 😆
Lorenzo Lewis
Lorenzo Lewis 3 months ago
Bon Appétit, I love you guys but please normalize your audio! I turn up the volume to hear the wise words of Carla but then get blown away by transitions and music and then I’m too deaf to hear the gracious Carla again.
Javon Emosewa Smith
Javon Emosewa Smith 3 months ago
I am low key crushing on Carla
Yasmine M
Yasmine M 3 months ago
Is this a restaurant? So many cooks working behind you...looks nice, vut a bit distracting, specially when one or more of them butt in... not being rude, just saying.
Gonietube NYC
Gonietube NYC 3 months ago
aaronflameboy 3 months ago
"She looks funny but she tastes delicious [with barely concealed glee] that's what they say about me"
Brian Baastrup
Brian Baastrup 3 months ago
Psychiatrist: So what do you want in life? Me: I just want cheese opportunities and sausage in the neighborhood.
Jesse Hickman
Jesse Hickman 3 months ago
"Sausage in the Neighborhood" will be my band's name. Watch for our first single: "Cheesy Opportunities" off our debut album "No Soggy Bottoms".
Aaron McLoughlin
Aaron McLoughlin 3 months ago
Why does the volume go so Loud on the sound links? Sack the video sound editor. Love the pizza video though 👍.
PJ Fusco On The News
So hot in that Italian street corner way. The girl who hangs with her buds and you want her because she is fun to be with. But, the honey thing...fuggedaboutit. We don't do honey on pizza, EVER!
Maja Nikšić
Maja Nikšić 3 months ago
Sorry, is it a pizza or a pie????
Brian Grant
Brian Grant 3 months ago
:D Carla got to excited that Brad mmmm
E Jamieson
E Jamieson 4 months ago
When I was a kid we lost power for five days in the summer and made all foods on the bbq, including pizza, and it was deliiiiiicious 😊
Nyxie Black
Nyxie Black 4 months ago
God, Carla must throw amazing parties
9VoltKilowatt 4 months ago
Holy crap! If you wait long enough then you find out these people are in fact aware of cheeses other then parmesan/mozzarella!
MOCHI KINS 4 months ago
Cheeeeesee Opportunities
Aname Aname
Aname Aname 4 months ago
I'm with Dan Miller... That shape is *Nevada* LOL
Nathan Hunt
Nathan Hunt 4 months ago
Carla, I also really like black pep, but I really hope you were joking about the ice cream. Lol.
Cass Leach
Cass Leach 4 months ago
cheese opportunities is such a good band name
Gray Tambling
Gray Tambling 4 months ago
Who else is screaming TRAPEZOIDDDDDD at the screen? Geometry nerds? Just me?
I have never seen store bought dough, where do you find it?
Carissa McGinnis
Carissa McGinnis 5 months ago
I seriously love Carla. She’s so sweet!
Tim McRadu
Tim McRadu 5 months ago
Carla reminds me of someone’s cool Aunt.
Ninon Morel-Almonte
Ninon Morel-Almonte 5 months ago
Parmesan usually isn't vegetarian though (the stuff used to make the milk curdle is animal-based)! The second pie looks amazing but it's probably not 100% vegetarian :)
Jon Johnvin
Jon Johnvin 5 months ago
Cheese opportunities. I feel myself wanting to cook. Chile oil and basil fancy.
L J 6 months ago
Clair: standing by the oven minding her own business Carla: Clair will know she went to Harvard
Łukasz Fila
Łukasz Fila 6 months ago
Cancer in a minute...
Steven Zinn
Steven Zinn 6 months ago
I looove coarse ground black pepper, what measure of coarseness do you and the crew typically use? It always seems pretty fine, what's the reason for that?
joserro 6 months ago
Carla is a treasure
Michelleiscul 7 months ago
"Carla hungry, Carla grill pizza." 😂😂😂
that Dude happy Feet
Ahh the ole bowlll
Carolyn Cromer
Carolyn Cromer 7 months ago
Rhomboid lol
Phantom Warrior
Phantom Warrior 7 months ago
why would you salt the top of pizza if the dough, cheese and sauce were seasoned already.
Eudora Evans
Eudora Evans 7 months ago
I just love her!
Paige Tetro
Paige Tetro 7 months ago
I just took an informal poll Everyone wants lemon
Jonathon M
Jonathon M 8 months ago
in every video that she's in, Christina is always so supportive of what people are making and tries everything. I am down for that positive energy!
david david
david david 8 months ago
Some people do not like parsley. Those people should not put parsley on their pizza.
david david
david david 8 months ago
Carla always talking about being moist. La la la la la la la....
david david
david david 8 months ago
I didn't know that pizza is feminine.
david david
david david 8 months ago
Cheese opportunities.
Neil Beri
Neil Beri 8 months ago
It's a right trapezoid
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy Stone 8 months ago
Carla, you so sexy.
CM Doe
CM Doe 8 months ago
OMg that look so good.. I meant the pizza!!
Blue 9 months ago
Claire went to Harvard??? GOD I love her
Scott H
Scott H 9 months ago
august borne
august borne 9 months ago
"Cheese opportunities." Love the way she worded that!
kialiegh jade
kialiegh jade 9 months ago
claire going to harvard is not at all surprising
dstarkspp 9 months ago
hello Christina glad you stop by.....
Sophius Dynami
Sophius Dynami 9 months ago
This episode made Carla a gay icon!
crimfan 9 months ago
Charred chard? Ba-dum-bump... crash!
tyricia quinton
tyricia quinton 9 months ago
This pizza does not look good. The base isnt brown all over and there isnt enough cheese or sauce. There's usually no wrong way to do a pizza.......but this is it.
Lisa Seidel
Lisa Seidel 9 months ago
“sneaky Mancini “
guguigugu 9 months ago
cutiepie twinkboi
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 9 months ago
Is every guy that works there gay? Is that a requirement?
Rimuru 9 months ago
CLAIRE IS FROM HARVARD. That makes a LLOOT of sense
luvnerd50 9 months ago
I love watching Carla!
Alejandro Nasif Salum
Alejandro Nasif Salum 10 months ago
It's a trapezium if it has one pair of parallel sides only, a trapezoid if it has none. (In case you're wondering, it is a parallelogram if it has two pairs; that includes rombhi, rectangles and squares, btw.)
Riley Griffith
Riley Griffith 10 months ago
jonathan cruz
jonathan cruz 10 months ago
Love watching Carla make anything lol she’s funny and just all around enjoyable.
G Merkin
G Merkin 11 months ago
"You really just want to create cheese opportunities." I love Carla.
Imam Syafi'i
Imam Syafi'i 11 months ago
allwazze dabest
allwazze dabest 11 months ago
good looking salad.fucc
Kyle lehman
Kyle lehman 11 months ago
black peper ice cream!
Ria Weiss
Ria Weiss 11 months ago
why do you flip the dough? I don't get it. At that point it is not pizza anymore, but grilled bread with toppings. Never seen or heard someone in Italy does that. Is this american thing or what?
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