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Join Carla Music in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes baked eggs in tomato. The trick is getting the eggs cooked so that the whites are set and the yolks are still jammy-starting with room temperature eggs is key, so soak them in hot water for a few minutes if they're cold from the fridge.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/30-minute-shakshuka-with-yogurt
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Carla Makes Baked Eggs in Tomato | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
random person
random person 4 days ago
it’s shakshuka 🇹🇳🇹🇳not eggs backed in tomato! THE DISRESPECT
lAir l
lAir l 4 days ago
Guys common it’s a shashuka...
phlarrdboi 7 days ago
i feel like a lot of weed is consumed by the professionals in this series. ETA: confirmed. listen to what the dude says in the last second of this vid.
MrBristolian 8 days ago
me: pan lid Carla, an intellectual: evaporation preventer
POC POC 9 days ago
We've got ghaey, purgatory, like like like like ya know like, nonsense speech, a lack of definition in directions, uhhh... like like like uhhh...blooming and like....meaningless commentary. Cooking shows used to be interesting, informative, an experience, ...adult. Now there are 35 year old children speaking like 20 year-old children . You've all been talked to/ treated like children.
rico567 10 days ago
Is the name of the dish an attempt to make “Shakshuka” more attractive to English speakers? Hint: it helps to think of English as ALL borrowed words....
jonah marmorstein
jonah marmorstein 10 days ago
This is shakshuka
cindy q
cindy q 12 days ago
Telur balado 😁
Fayre Fitness
Fayre Fitness 18 days ago
"Deli-cat" is 3 syllables.
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober 19 days ago
All the Carla episodes are so chaotic
Geraldine Abilo
Geraldine Abilo 23 days ago
who tf is talking in the background?
Wayne Hong
Wayne Hong 27 days ago
I think... this is probably the recipe that made me fall in love with Carla
ringosis 28 days ago
You know something I can't stand in cooking videos. When they go "Which is around about 2 and a half cups", with a wavey hand gesture meaning "Use your own initiative, it's something like that". If I wanted to use my own initiative I wouldn't be Googleing how to do this, would I?
Simon is a fork.
We used to make this in Iraq all the time
t12345642 Month ago
It’s interesting that in my neck of the woods fried bread is basically a Johnny cake (cornbread) cooked in the pan with oil and butter.
Aaron Lim
Aaron Lim Month ago
I love how she describes her cooking. So therapeutic and calming 😂
Tierra Moore
Tierra Moore Month ago
Why isn't she just calling this chakchouka?
Madi thrasher
Madi thrasher Month ago
“You have to send ur eggs there to think of what they done on earth”
agntsyd Month ago
I just made this and it’s honestly life changing. This recipe took me straight to flavor town 😤
pushpa prashad
pushpa prashad Month ago
the tomatoes are soo cute
pushpa prashad
pushpa prashad Month ago
didi ganja peena band karo... kuch bhi bolte rehti h bewajah
DoxyLady Month ago
OMG. PLEASE stop saying "situation".
amy anderson
amy anderson Month ago
Carlas my fav
amy anderson
amy anderson Month ago
This is my favorite thing to make !! Love adding chorizo and then a sprinkle of goat cheese when it’s done (:
Mae Jee Desendario
Sad that no more cherry tomatoes available.
Megan Hoggard
Megan Hoggard Month ago
Can’t wait to try. Might have to wait until cherry tomatoes taste good. I bought some the other day and they were not tasty. Does anyone know the season for cherry tomatoes? Northwest Florida. Thanks ;)
Allison Marble
Allison Marble Month ago
I LOVE Carla's hair in this
ShadyLady Month ago
Why not just call it Shakshuka? 🤔
Rachel Vasquez
Rachel Vasquez Month ago
Why have I never learned to fry bread? That's genius.
Jasmine Williams
This looks do delicious. Although I don't really like runny yolks. What would someone recommend to do to get the egg yolks cooked in this?
Rupali Thakur
Rupali Thakur Month ago
This turned out amazing !!! 👌👍😋 I wish I could post a picture of my dish!
Livy lacoss
Livy lacoss Month ago
Wow I love this women
Cristhian Perez
Cristhian Perez Month ago
I would melt some mozzarella cheese on top of the eggs before taking off the stove 😋
Leo Alanya
Leo Alanya Month ago
Caro V.
Caro V. 2 months ago
I just made this for dinner for my family of four and everyone really enjoyed it! It's definitely going into my easy dinner repertoire, Thanks, Carla!
Ascent 2 months ago
Did that egg look on the medium side? Because the whole I was thinking I wouldn’t care for this dish. I hate poached eggs because they’re runny and I can’t stand any kind of runny egg. But if the dish is still good with a medium cooked egg, I could definitely go for that.
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 2 months ago
Good thing I am a fearless rebel.
CeCe Jackson
CeCe Jackson 2 months ago
This is awesome i love eggs with some kind of tomato so this is perfect!
CeCe Jackson
CeCe Jackson 2 months ago
"Then its not purgatory, its just tomato town."
Mikko Argonza
Mikko Argonza 2 months ago
"A little more salt is not gonna kill anybody" *Looks at hypertensive people*
Totallyspies 95
Totallyspies 95 2 months ago
I tried it and I was hooked. So simple, yet so flavorful. The zest of lemon on top of the fried toasts is the perfect ending touch to it all. Must try it! 👌🏻
Francisco Berenguer
Francisco Berenguer 2 months ago
Eggs in purgatory, so makes sense to form a pentagram with the eggs 😈
AnthonyyRT 2 months ago
OMGiGi 2 months ago
So I made this is morning! One suggestion if you add everything but the bagel seasoning on top and sirarcha it changes the game :)
OMGiGi 2 months ago
You know I think I have all the stuff to make this for breakfast tomorrow
kingikiller 2 months ago
I for some reason always die when carla mentions Vortex
Maya Vogel
Maya Vogel 2 months ago
This is Shakshuka.....
Lucas Meier
Lucas Meier 2 months ago
"oh my god, what a day it would be" this quote made me love Carla even more, what a mood
Lormenkal 2 months ago
What else whwould you fry in?? I guess its too expensive for deep frying. Thats about it
Zandra R
Zandra R 2 months ago
no one: me, allergic to eggs: ah yes.. the perfect video for me
Issa A
Issa A 2 months ago
So... Carla makes the arabic dish 'Shakshuka'.. Got it.
Jesse Nguyen
Jesse Nguyen 2 months ago
“Rebirth story” ironic
Djooodie Amazeballs
Djooodie Amazeballs 2 months ago
They changed the title of the video.
Tman jangles
Tman jangles 2 months ago
Booger Uppercut
Booger Uppercut 2 months ago
Literally no mention of Brad whatsoever in the video: The comments: "Haha Brad!"
נועה שרביט
נועה שרביט 2 months ago
Shakshoka, not eggs in tomato sauce,shakshoka
vanissa aulia
vanissa aulia 2 months ago
why does dan (or whoever’s behind the camera) keep laughing?? its so cute
Natalie Teal Leonard
I love BA. I am eternally frustrated that the link to the recipe is often not the recipe made. The link has a very different ingredient list.
Sam Godsey
Sam Godsey 2 months ago
“Spicy tomato sauce...” So, salsa?
lenley de las Heras
lenley de las Heras 2 months ago
is this breakfast lunch or dinner?
HubbzZ 2 months ago
"Eggs living in white Jesus heaven"
dunderheadgood 2 months ago
i prepped off of the recipe and then watched this video and now i have a bowl full of chopped shallots and nothing for them to go in ._.
DoxyLady 2 months ago
God, she can really babble sometimes.
Nicholas McLean
Nicholas McLean 2 months ago
I just made this! WTF it's so yum!!!
badtz maru
badtz maru 2 months ago
I've seen tons of video variations on this recipe, Carla by far the most adorable to watch.
LORENZO ADAMS 2 months ago
are you saying eggs are bad because there always getting laid
Kristin Pohl
Kristin Pohl 2 months ago
I added a white onion to the garlic oil before adding the tomatoes and I don't see a way of not doing that in the future. It was so deliciously sweet with an added texture.
D.A. Flint
D.A. Flint 2 months ago
I made this before just like she did but had done it not really knowing what it was I just sort of threw something random together. But now all this needs is mozzarella.
Mike Canton
Mike Canton 2 months ago
Carla "The Situation" Music
letronchosier 2 months ago
I like the pan where the bread was fried
Bullit Cake
Bullit Cake 2 months ago
Umm it’s called Shashuka
craig lee
craig lee 2 months ago
Love Aunt Carla :)
pasindu uchiha
pasindu uchiha 2 months ago
Can we cut regular tomatoes into small pieces and use instead of cherry tomatoes?
Vinson Huynh
Vinson Huynh 2 months ago
The recipe linked isn’t exactly what Carla did.
Bork 2 months ago
Carla looks like she got a Deva Curl haircut!
Shrim 2 months ago
Carla a bit thicc tho especially that booty
rob wiso
rob wiso 2 months ago
so i just got into watching all the BA vids and my favorite person has changed multiple times now its carla
Τάνια Μακαρώνα
There's a traditional Greek version of this =)) at least my family does this at least 5 generations back. It's not hot, no chilis in. It has garlic, green bell pepper and a lot of basil =)))))
kwame nakumba
kwame nakumba 2 months ago
Carla is and will always be, awesome.
Kalei117 2 months ago
I like that my eggs had a backstory to explain the dish.
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