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Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

Get the recipe: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/the-ba-smash-burger
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Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Carla Music
Carla Music Year ago
Guys: I didn't burn the buns.
Christian Prince
Christian Prince 13 days ago
Snarky . Live lmfao
wright96d 21 day ago
I feel like you're just trolling us at this point.
IkilU95 Month ago
I hate that you wasted those buns
Andreas Casablancas
@Mau Murdock what a terrible fan you are that you haven't seen other videos of her burning. I'm not pointing out rare occasions she either love burnt food or she's pretentious, and you definitely uneducated.
Vinny M
Vinny M Month ago
@Snarky . Live I think there's a cream for that.
Alec P
Alec P 2 hours ago
I like buns like that
Michael poe
Michael poe Day ago
smash the burger down, now you have a global food item, give me a break.
Kyle Harmon
Kyle Harmon Day ago
She legit screwed all this up
Kyle Harmon
Kyle Harmon Day ago
Bruh this ain't a smashed burger at all. What are yall doin
Nadeem Alia
Nadeem Alia 3 days ago
this is not a real smashburger just sayin.
Colton Wancho
Colton Wancho 3 days ago
Those are not smash burgers way to big of patty
Nathaniel Wilson
Nathaniel Wilson 4 days ago
The only way to make a hamburger
Siddharth Subramaniam
I could help you break that password.
Scott Kendrick
Scott Kendrick 5 days ago
Making a burger has never seemed so possible. I wonder if she ever worked at shake shack? 😄
Noahwashere 6 days ago
Guys...Those buns aren’t burned. They’re really browned, and it looks burn, but it’s not. I do that to my Grilled cheese sandwiches all the time , but it’s not burned. It just adds to the crunch and taste.
garcipat 6 days ago
I think there are ways to crack word document passwords
TheZombieNixon 7 days ago
The buns 🤮
Queen Prisme
Queen Prisme 7 days ago
i love how they didn't edit out that she burned the buns
Mickeya Moore
Mickeya Moore 7 days ago
He can say sauce to me alllll day 😏 sawos 😂 ❤️
Mickeya Moore
Mickeya Moore 7 days ago
The whole time she talking I’m like ‘the bunnnnnnn’! 😫🤣🤣
chrisvberg 8 days ago
c'mon...the buns were perfect, there's texture there!
ena81xx 8 days ago
I can make better burger...host me for one of those episodes and I will show you.
saadamiens 9 days ago
everything is wrong, you are just hiding the poor quality of that burger underneath the cheese
Martin Blake
Martin Blake 9 days ago
She just burned everything 😂😂
Marcus Santander
Marcus Santander 10 days ago
she smashing the burger with a spatula with holes.......and she just burned the buns..........for sure she never did a burger before in life....... this is not a smash burger..... ,3 Milion views for this.........my god 9 min of my life for this video, she need a cooking course first
geegeezlouis86 10 days ago
Does the test kitchen sanitize everything someone touches after they handle raw meat? I got so stressed watching her touch the meat and then grind pepper.
000phill000 11 days ago
"That was close you guys" - What, close to NOT being burnt?
Jade Muyan
Jade Muyan 11 days ago
I just want potato buns with my whole soul but they aren't a thing in australia... I dream about trying them, i imagine what they might taste like but alas, cannot experience them. I also suck at baking....
Me Me
Me Me 12 days ago
OBJECTIFICATION ALERT: Came for the burger lesson, stayed for the buns. Super fond of Andy's tutorials but having him working behind Carla was the unexpected yet perfect addition to this simply great demo. Kudos to all involved.
joseph Giordo
joseph Giordo 12 days ago
your over cooking the patty 😉😉😉
Justin K
Justin K 13 days ago
A burger without cheese is blasphemy No hamburger for me please I'll take the cheeseburger thank you
Justin K
Justin K 13 days ago
Honestly I'm not mad at those buns it might add a bit of crunch to the burger other than the pickles
Christian Prince
Christian Prince 14 days ago
Feel like she put way to much salt on the ground chuck
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar 14 days ago
I may have to try this. I say I may is because I get rave reviews on my burgers (cheeseburger for me with better cheese than American cheese) and always make homemade chips.
Joseph Gorbacz
Joseph Gorbacz 14 days ago
I prefer 27 perfect fat. It shrinks a bit more, but when it comes to flavor it makes all the difference.
Paul Peciak
Paul Peciak 14 days ago
Inability to toast a burger bun is why Carla is no longer employed with Shake Shake
Traycel 15 days ago
omg it is so easy to crack passwords on word docs :o
Cyn McCollum
Cyn McCollum 15 days ago
I need a smash burger. I have the chuck, but need to make it stretch farther than a burger. And I need red onions on that, please.
Leslie Dugger
Leslie Dugger 16 days ago
She’s lost the passion. Happens to the best of us. Jk
Cotton Candy Sharks
The buns are perfect, we just don't see that side in our burgers typically because they come assembled. Crunchy and charred on the bottom, soft and buttery at the top.
guagua 17 days ago
Were is the secret sauce formula!? Asking for a tiny friend
Alex Tsalyuk
Alex Tsalyuk 19 days ago
Anyone who thinks those buns aren’t perfectly toasted is crazy
Doctor Mantis Tobagan
Why do they keep talking about potato buns in these videos like it's a common thing? In 34 years of life I've never seen or heard about a potato bun..
Cotton Candy Sharks
They're pretty good actually, my grocery store has them (:
Dee Girl
Dee Girl 20 days ago
I wanted to enjoy this video. She was saying a lot but not much at all.
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 20 days ago
I would throw away those burnt buns
GamersAlmanac 20 days ago
Every one of those buns is burnt
Muzzamil 21 day ago
She’s so bad
Meaghan Lamm
Meaghan Lamm 21 day ago
The cross contamination in this video as she’d touch the meat and then touch literally everything else gave me anxiety.
Red Chaos
Red Chaos 21 day ago
I love Carla, we have the similar tastes. I don’t like raw onion on my burgers, but grilled or caramelized are amazing. Tomatoes on sandwiches to me are limited to blt, grilled cheese, and other sandwiches with not much happening
CasualCoreK 11 days ago
Same, which is why I do a lot of Oklahoma-style onion smashburgers.
Louie 22 days ago
I like 2 2oz patties instead of 1 4oz. And double the cheese!
Vinicius Machado Rodrigues
dislike for the buns
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler 23 days ago
They look really delish! But smash burgers make me sad because I thought i invented them and now discover that I didnt ! However I make the untouchable burger,I open the package drop it on my griddle and smash it down, add soy sauce, Garlic powder, onion powder and pepper all the while squeezing it down flip and repeat, take it out and cut up to size! never ever touched the meat! used to do it in the firehouse for 15 Smoke eaters!
Danni H
Danni H 23 days ago
Hi I made this with small adjustments (because covid) and they were delicious!!!! Thank you BA
Gia Anh Vo
Gia Anh Vo 23 days ago
"Now that we've smashed"
Eric Moret
Eric Moret 24 days ago
Overcooked meat, the buns are all flat and burnt, it doesn't look good dear
ThePersianpimp336 28 days ago
Attention span of a squirrel 🐿
Susie Que
Susie Que 29 days ago
Johnny Lucas
Johnny Lucas 29 days ago
No onion?! Grow up
norberto vicente penchi dinella
Conor Shaw
Conor Shaw 29 days ago
I could make a better smash burger and those buns...
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma 29 days ago
Not thin enough!!!
Iwont Remember
Iwont Remember Month ago
If I weren't poor, I'd be happy.
Iwont Remember
Iwont Remember Month ago
Feeeeeeeeeeel me
Jason Scharf
Jason Scharf Month ago
How many buns did she burn at Shake Shack?
Maria Callous
Maria Callous Month ago
I use this technique now...thanks...I can make a replica of the perfect In n Out burger now.
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Barnes Month ago
I wonder how many buns where burnt at her Shake Shack location😳
G 50
G 50 Month ago
You don't need 80/20 for smash burgers. Throw on a strip or two of bacon before you make your burgers, the bacon fat will supplement 90/10 perfectly. Also, don't use American cheese, ffs. It's trash. Use Swiss, Gouda, or Monterey Jack
Akshay Sonde
Akshay Sonde Month ago
All I could hear in my head was Gordon Ramsay asking her to hold the buns between her ears and say what she is!
Mauricio León
Mauricio León Month ago
Jesus! She kept touching the raw meat and then everything else, the buns, the cheese, the pepper container, etc. without washing her hands first!
Private Citizen
Private Citizen Month ago
Literally nothing about this tutorial was done right. Sad.
Mr. Ouija
Mr. Ouija Month ago
This doesn’t look much like a smash burger. Just a regular one
Ryan FitzAlan
Ryan FitzAlan Month ago
comon dont throw shade at american cheese, Kraft F^#$5@#% it up but people are making it good again. its just a version of Chedder.
LunaticReason Month ago
I tried to make this style burger but I wasn't sure how smashed it should be so I didn't press it all the way, should I? My burger still came out pretty good though but it definitely could have been more charred and lacey. Should it be sorta paper thin?
Mind blowing
Mind blowing Month ago
What is the special sauce??
Kiwi NZ
Kiwi NZ Month ago
Kiwi NZ
Kiwi NZ Month ago
to much talkin, burnt, typical female
Anita Month ago
cant take it seriously when she cant even toast bread.
Angel Negron Velazquez
I would reaaaally like to understand Carla's veeery thin line between nicely toasted and burned LOL
Angel Negron Velazquez
6:21 ?
Love 3
Love 3 Month ago
They touch raw meat and touch other things without washing their hands 🤢
I B Month ago
How can you brun all buns :( the poor bread
WT IBT Month ago
What is the special sauce
Jeremy Month ago
anyone else completely fine with over toasted buns or just me
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