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Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

Get the recipe: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/the-ba-smash-burger
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Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Carla Music
Carla Music Year ago
Guys: I didn't burn the buns.
Nunyo Bidness
Nunyo Bidness 22 days ago
You burned the buns. Very much so. Some people like black carbon. Yum
J co
J co Month ago
@W U I bet trump likes burned buns
W U Month ago
Trump 2020
J co
J co Month ago
@Slade Cooper yah and most don't
Hira ERDOĞMUŞ 6 months ago
Yes you did
ven mo
ven mo 12 hours ago
You need onion for that real oomf. Why are you so scared of the oomf, Carla?
May Day
May Day 13 hours ago
This was nauseating to watch
BAR Steph
BAR Steph 20 hours ago
not smashed.
jackpast 23 hours ago
Looks like a regular burger to me. Chefs tell us to handle the hamburger meat gently and then proceed to compress it? Sounds like fake news to me.
ThePlandaly Day ago
or she just makes a normal burger which is what it is
Vinny M
Vinny M Day ago
Those patties are way too thick to be considered smashburgers. Not enough thin, crispy bits.
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Day ago
Those buns were all burnt
Hum Tum
Hum Tum Day ago
Yummy Andy...😍😍😍
Lou Cyphs
Lou Cyphs Day ago
Me literally screaming at my phone "PICK UP THE BUN! PICK UPP THE BUNNN!!"
Linde E
Linde E Day ago
Look, BA puts out a lot of delicious recipes. But I’ve never ever had such intense food fomo as this video gives me. Watching this is like torture, those burgers look so good.
Gabriel Brumberg
Gabriel Brumberg 2 days ago
I know she's a good chef, but the buns were burnt and the patties too large for smash burgers. Not her biggest success.
Frank L
Frank L 3 days ago
People talking about the buns: 😳😩😱😷😤😓 Me: BRAD I SEE YOU BACK THERE BOYYYYYYY
Paulie Detmurds
Paulie Detmurds 4 days ago
Great to see the Lodge products in this. The founder of the smashburger doesn't use spatulas to press the burgers either.
Gold grinder
Gold grinder 4 days ago
Carla :"she just don't care" there's a song coming...
Gold grinder
Gold grinder 4 days ago
It's just me, but if I was on a cooking show seen by millions of people, I would have redone the burnt burger buns.
jkhan23 4 days ago
Checks buns. Buns black. Carla: looks good, not quite there yet 🤣🤣🤣🤣
jkhan23 4 days ago
Carla: I'm not overcooking the burgers. Everyone else: no but you are overcooking the buns
CC Cooper
CC Cooper 5 days ago
The bun thing was aggravating.
Jayme 6 days ago
Is it just me, or is she putting her hands all over the raw meat then touching the cheese, buns, then salt and pepper? Lol I love Carla, please don’t think I don’t.😂 But my OCD is in overdrive right now. Haha
Stellabully 6 days ago
Multitasking is not her forte
m b
m b 6 days ago
Can't order burgers in this quarantine oof the torture
Arjun Rajput
Arjun Rajput 7 days ago
Damnatis Sum
Damnatis Sum 8 days ago
my shack is run by a predator whos immune to repercussions
Dino Gonzalez
Dino Gonzalez 9 days ago
This lady is just annoying , big English teacher vibes. I can’t imagine this lady being my GM. I’m an executive chef with 2 degrees btw. Before y’all attack me
William keys
William keys 9 days ago
I have watched this a few times since it came out, the buns are burnt. Lying to yourself isn't pretty.
Mike K
Mike K 10 days ago
Every bun was black. Mmmm carbon
Unabonger420 11 days ago
does Carla know how to not burn food? your ground beef is beyond maillard, that's burned too.
be kind
be kind 11 days ago
I like my buns nice and firm
MAGACOP 13 days ago
Trump 2020!
gmgroucho77 13 days ago
In an ideal world cross contaminating the bun would mitigate burning it.
Jaime Bragg
Jaime Bragg 13 days ago
My anxiety just went thru the roof!
Gary Dennis
Gary Dennis 15 days ago
I think she makes mistakes on purpose so you think shes just like you.
raine corado
raine corado 15 days ago
Tell me Carla didn't stress you guys out with the dang buns!
YoniNadi 17 days ago
I think that I’ll use wild boar instead of ground chuck for my burgers!
Rachel 20 days ago
"when you dream about a burger, it's a smash burger" *offended in californian*
me__irl 2 days ago
What kind of burger would a Californian be dreaming of?? In n Out = smash burgers.
Nicholas Domitraschuk
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 20 days ago
She worked at shake shake? As what? A server? She can’t even toast buns
Loolee 21 day ago
Don’t Burn The Buns 2020
Nunyo Bidness
Nunyo Bidness 22 days ago
She burned those buns. BURNED them. Burnt anything tastes like burnt anything.
Jason Shackelford
Jason Shackelford 23 days ago
Ketchup mustard raw onion and pickle is the best combination on most burgers.
Jason Shackelford
Jason Shackelford 23 days ago
I saw my man Brad in the background!
evoandy 24 days ago
I am so glad there is a BA chef who doesn’t like shredded lettuce. I have literally discussed my preference of whole lettuce leaves on my burgers with my therapist. Shrettuce is a foul practice that must be ended. All that happens is little shreds of lettuce go everywhere every time you take a bite.
emma summers
emma summers 26 days ago
I'd be as big as a house if I worked there
VvXXXvV 26 days ago
4oz is wrong. Should be 2oz
SJ Vlogs
SJ Vlogs 27 days ago
What great content, thank you for this informative video! I would like to ask if I may, is American cheese the KRAFT sliced cheese? I've watched countless videos where all the burger experts claim you must use "American" cheese, but as I live here in the UK we don't get american cheese, we do get similar local store-made individual cheese slices, but I'm not sure if that's the correct one! Any info you could share would be much appreciated!
Eric Guzman
Eric Guzman 27 days ago
“It’s a CHEESE...PRODUCT...” *intense stare* is a WHOLE MOOOOOOOD 🤪😂
Yishay 29 days ago
She’s adorable
Sam Easton
Sam Easton 29 days ago
Y'all smack American Cheese, but can you tell me a better cheese for Philly Steaks?
Aaron Z.
Aaron Z. Month ago
Real smash burger is onions, mustard and pickles. No cheese, lettuce or ketchup.
vegeta6555 Month ago
Guga did it better.
U1timate1nferno Month ago
"Special Sauce" Its Fry Sauce and if anyone claims it's "special" are not original and *liars.*
B A Month ago
those burgers and buns were burnt af gurl 🤦🏻‍♂️😳 lol
Borden Webb-Brown
watched two videos with Carla now. shes two for two in burning bread!! lol
Carl-Éric Charpentier
It's a aight burger man
9929kingfish Month ago
I would have have to fail this demonstration of the smash burger or several reasons.
Asian Muffin
Asian Muffin Month ago
If you can, 25% fat and 75% lean is the magic ratio
The Slug Boi
The Slug Boi Month ago
Am I the only one who was yelling, "Carla. The buns are burning." at the screen while she was pushing down the 2nd patty?
Justin Schwake
Justin Schwake Month ago
Man, I frickin love Carla!
W U Month ago
TRUMP 2020
J co
J co Month ago
did y'all notice their faces when they tried the burger...like lol
wildernessman Month ago
No raw onions on the burger? It's a crime.🤣🤣🤣
Nicklas Pettersson
Is this how bread and burgers should be cooked? everything look burned in my eyes
Romir616 Month ago
I just had lunch, but I think I'm hungry again.
Alan Hale
Alan Hale Month ago
That's how I'd do it but what do I know... Edit: is there a wrong way to cook a burger!?
Chris Hoffman
Chris Hoffman Month ago
patties too thick
kyle dotson
kyle dotson Month ago
Shake shack is the king of burgers period
petersonjohnson Month ago
Everybody loves bon appetit because you guys keep it real. Carla can make me a smashburger any day of the week!
Karim Kassam
Karim Kassam Month ago
Andy, how can you not want onions on your burger!?
Shmuey Van
Shmuey Van Month ago
Burger and bun the Ron Swanson way
You know I can get you in that password protected Word document fairly quick. :)
Brian Donnelly
Brian Donnelly Month ago
Shake shack royalty 💃
Aaron Tester
Aaron Tester Month ago
Man do I miss Shake Shack...my first one was in Lexington, KY
Malik Sucks Ass
Malik Sucks Ass Month ago
Isn't that a fuckload of salt?
Citizen Human Being
Those buns were done at the start of the video................
Alina Plotnikova
Sorry, just cannot watch how one touches raw meat with their hands and then, all the kitchen utensils and... the buns. Ready-to-serve buns. Is raw meat sterile in the US?
Anders Estes Jacobsen
Carla is more of a theorist than a practitioner.
Vips Vipsa
Vips Vipsa Month ago
What an idiot
Kyle Simmons
Kyle Simmons Month ago
I like shredduce on my burgers. It's just that I like the texture and it doesn't slide around or anything like the huge pieces do. I've found that if I make it myself no lettuce can wilt in the time it takes me to inhale my burger. 😂
Brian Grant
Brian Grant Month ago
mmmmm shack it up with smashburgers very yummy
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