Carla and Ina Garten Make Chocolate-Pecan Scones | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Carla is joined by the ultimate contessa Ina Garten to make chocolate-pecan scones. Scones can go one of two ways: they can turn out like hockey pucks or like light, flakey disks. Carla and Ina show you how to make the latter.
Buy Ina Garten's 'Cook Like a Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks:' amzn.to/2A7hiEH
Check out the full recipe here: bonappetit.com/recipe/ina-garten-chocolate-pecan-scones
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Carla and Ina Garten Make Chocolate-Pecan Scones | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Oct 29, 2018




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Comments 80
Carla Music
Carla Music Year ago
By far the biggest celebrity we've ever had in the test kitchen SORRY NATALIE PORTMAN IT'S TRUE
zinnialuvr Month ago
Aidan Rosengarth wow! Just looked this up. Thanks for pointing it out. Changes my whole opinion. An East Hampton prima donna
Ria Vallesteros
Ria Vallesteros 4 months ago
Carla Music how did you even keep your cool
len len
len len 4 months ago
Ron Schlorff
Ron Schlorff 6 months ago
Seriously? You actually wrote: "biggest" celebrity we've ever had! Oops! ; ) LOL.
Rosette Pine
Rosette Pine 9 months ago
Love watching you fan girl!
Adam Margolis
Adam Margolis 2 days ago
Can you do this without a stand mixer?
DONNY LYNN 11 days ago
can you make me a chocolate lava cake?
Hewan Assefa
Hewan Assefa 12 days ago
I fell in love of cooking because of Ina!!! I have been watching her for long long time!!! Thank you Ina!!! My family appreciate you!!!
Jojanneke Vervloet
Jojanneke Vervloet 16 days ago
There is no difference between "50 grams of chopped pecans" vs "50 grams of pecans chopped". Perfect illustration for why you should always measure by weight when baking, not by volume.
Paul Rekoeb
Paul Rekoeb 16 days ago
Instead of worrying how to get the same amount of flour into each measuring cup, why not just use a scale and throw away the cup ? Maybe switch to the metric system while you are at it.
Susana Zambrano
Susana Zambrano 17 days ago
Receta en español o cantidades a un lado al estar haciendola por favor
Camilla Chandra
Camilla Chandra 18 days ago
*Sees them talking about how to best scoop flour for the ultimate precision* *Sees them discussing the difference between 1 cup of CHOPPED pecans and 1 cup of pecans, CHOPPED * Me: *laughs in the metric system*
P T 23 days ago
Flour or anything should be measured by weight/ozs/grams. Baking has to be very accurate and the scoop and level method is not accurate. Period.
Mn Bz
Mn Bz 23 days ago
Love love loveeeed to see Ina in the BA kitchen. Such a wonderful woman!
Swaminathan Mali
Swaminathan Mali 28 days ago
I love her 😍😍😍
Tahsin Fairooz
Tahsin Fairooz Month ago
Carla for sure is NOT having the best time of her life, getting schooled by Ina! :v
Sheila B
Sheila B Month ago
I love scones !!
Sheila B
Sheila B Month ago
I prefer walnuts over pecans !!
Julie Harris
Julie Harris Month ago
They look like cheeseburgers!
Anonymous Person
The way ina is trying not to panic about getting the scones in the oven before they warm up
Jaimee-Louise Warner
Measure by weight and not volume. It eliminates potential issues such as the compact flour problem and recipe wording/punctuation confusion.
Pinksnyc1 Month ago
We want to make it eggless but not vegan. What can we substitute the eggs with?
Deria Maple 2755
I loved Ina’s show growing up! My teenage self watching her show getting inspired and then replaying on the tv in the kitchen looking then looking for ingredients like “ooo my dinner party (of one 😂) is gonna start soon let me set the table!” She made these biscuits for ice cream that cook the dough on the stove then you bake it and it just puffs up with one big cavity in the center for you to cut open and add ice cream. That was the first recipe of her’s I ever tried.
Missy Mckay
Missy Mckay Month ago
Carla, your joy to be cooking with Ina brought a tear to my eye! What a dream!!
norberto vicente penchi dinella
Maria Ponce
Maria Ponce Month ago
Ina Garten is a great listener cause she kept correcting her🤣
Erinn Krausz
Erinn Krausz Month ago
this warmed my entire heart right up. ina is the absolute best.
Teresa Bertalot
Teresa Bertalot Month ago
Love and miss Ina on tv
Chris Month ago
Why are they called scones? Because you reach out for another and they're all scone! (Aka Gone - said with an English accent by my late uncle)
tomatojuice12 Month ago
Carla, Ina says around 9:55 that she does a wash with water sometimes - really? What would just a water wash do?
lawrence labitad
Love Ina Garten! 🇵🇭😇
Sara Soto
Sara Soto Month ago
my childhood food role model and my adulthood food role models collabed and I could cry
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson Month ago
Ina Garten is an American treasure.
Hayden Jay Yoon
Hayden Jay Yoon Month ago
What a legend, Ina is a hero
I LOVE this recipe!
Paul D Mills
Paul D Mills Month ago
Bring Ina back for more episodes, please!
David Story
David Story Month ago
All the measurements are in this recipe except the butter
alison0313 Month ago
Me: It's 2020 and we are in the midst of a pandemic. 2018 Ina: Let me just contaminate this whole bin of flour by leveling it with my hand!
Mrs.Casey Month ago
Can’t wait to make these!
Andy Lu
Andy Lu 2 months ago
oh this is way too salty I don't know why
Victoria Ly
Victoria Ly 2 months ago
Ina, you're the coolest
Susie & Elaine Solution
Ina and Jay Leno have the same stylist
meglr 2 months ago
ina garten is and always will be a gem
duinsophie 2 months ago
Surely weighing the flour is the easiest way to ensure you get the right amount is each time?
Leonardo Lauria
Leonardo Lauria 2 months ago
Does she ever cook INA GARTEN tho? Sorry
sarikatimmi 2 months ago
i need a stand mixer. makes all of this look much easier
TheButterflybeat 2 months ago
my two moms have finally met, these two women are the only reason i have not starved to death yet
Irene T
Irene T 2 months ago
I must make these today
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 2 months ago
Omg I want to make those!!! Cut them in half and spread some butter (maybe even some cinnamon surger) absolute heaven
Ariel Carson
Ariel Carson 2 months ago
Well my first problem is I don't have a flour B I N
FUJIE BARKER 2 months ago
Just watching her makes me feel I want to make it too. Love love her casual and easy going atmosphere ❤️
ThatDutchguy 3 months ago
You do know a Countess is mid Nobility, below High Nobility and way below Royalty and a Queen is above that as a Monarch. You've degraded her status quite considerably 😕⁉⬅that ain't a compliment yo 😂😂😂😂
Gabe Morgan
Gabe Morgan 3 months ago
two of my favorite queens together! i got so excited when i saw this thumb nail i love carla and ina
Dk R
Dk R 3 months ago
Quality wholesome content. Can we get Ina back?
Salvi218 3 months ago
Ina is so pure
UnBeAuTiFulGiLmOrE 3 months ago
I can't wait to make these!!
TheGPFilmMaker 3 months ago
Literally want to make these RIGHT NOW! Can't wake to try them later this week!!
Joseph 3 months ago
have never seen a scone recipe that requires a stand mixer... so unnecessary! just cut the butter into the flour with your fingers then use a wooden spoon or spatula to gently stir in the wet ingredients. if you mix the dough too much they can be too dense.
palebluedot 3 months ago
ina's recipes are very well written. you can tell a lot of care went into writing them because if you follow them to a t, you're always rewarded with a great result.
Its Chrisy
Its Chrisy 3 months ago
Anyone else had to make her theme song noises to make sense of the situation??? lol.. seeing/ hearing her in a non Food Network program freaked my brain out!
Lepa Peka
Lepa Peka 3 months ago
Missed the part how a scone is not a biscuit :(
not cool
not cool 3 months ago
Took a trip down Ina's wikipedia page. She's insanely accomplished. She wrote the budget on nuclear energy plans and policies under two different presidents while working on her master's in George Washington University. Literally the last sentence I was expecting to read today.
Lixin Xu
Lixin Xu 3 months ago
Tried this recipe and worked out very nicely!
Carlota. M
Carlota. M 3 months ago
Very good recipe! I made them today and they were delicious 🤤 I increased 1 tbsp of sugar and i used 2 tsp of table salt instead of 4tsp of kosher. The only thing that doesn’t make them perfect is that they spread a lil too much for my liking, instead of growing upwards. I will also put more chocolate next time 😊
Karen From Finasse
Karen From Finasse 3 months ago
i'm getting mad passive agressive vibes
not cool
not cool 3 months ago
I think that's just Carla's personality though
Eduardo Corrochio
Eduardo Corrochio 3 months ago
I've literally never seen an apron on Ina Garten. She has paranormal powers that keep the flour off her clothes.
Kalena Michele
Kalena Michele 3 months ago
God i love this woman. I need to have this energy in 2020!
Arno Basson
Arno Basson 3 months ago
Question: Why not just use a scale instead of these measuring techniques?
Maggie Méndez
Maggie Méndez 3 months ago
I like Ina, but flour on the chocolate and nuts is unnecessary. It's scones, not Muffins. Too dense/dry for things to sink.
Laura Espitia
Laura Espitia 3 months ago
Dear god she’s amazing.
Valerie Scull
Valerie Scull 3 months ago
Delicious recipe. Mine came out beautiful. Thank you!
Priscila G
Priscila G 3 months ago
I love this woman, I used to watch her on tv when i was 14!! I'm 22 now! jaja
Olivia Singleton
Olivia Singleton 3 months ago
this duo made me SO happy! Ina is so cute they way she chatted with everyone in the kitchen! love her and Carla so much
KerryLynnPryce 3 months ago
Ina is one of my favorite people who cooks on tv. It’s a bonus to be a the BA test kitchen. Best of both worlds.
richcox 3 months ago
You can’t go wrong with scones
BiggityBoggityBoo 3 months ago
What a waste. Why didn't you use the last bit of dough to make a small scone instead of throwing it in the bin? 😩
kim clarke
kim clarke 3 months ago
I always use Lindt for 15 years. You can never go wrong with Lindt.
Orion6699 3 months ago
Oh this is really cool!
Marcia Assis
Marcia Assis 3 months ago
I wish you would make a version with weights instead of volumes. Baking should be precise...
ppaganone55 3 months ago
Host is a bit annoying
Jamesy Bee
Jamesy Bee 3 months ago
I love you ina!
Tawne Osborn
Tawne Osborn 4 months ago
Made this recipe today and I have a few issues with it. It is a tad too salty and not sweet enough. To me it tastes more like a biscuit with pecans and chocolate rather than a scone. I think if I were to make this again I would decrease the salt by a tbsp and increase the sugar by a tbsp. Otherwise they came out just as they did on the video. The cooking time was accurate.
Gertrudis liit
Gertrudis liit 4 months ago
I want claire and ina
Ulas Onal
Ulas Onal 4 months ago
Ina Gartenın üstündeki gömlekten babannemde de var bhjaksldlfşvşşgşgşfşşffş
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