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Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping?
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Jul 17, 2017




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Comments 67 538
Florianek Piatek
Red vs dope perfect you the Yes like wow thanos
AnimeMemes AM
Um do ik it’s late to notice this but if you look carefully at 2:52 you can tell he’s using a credit card. He be using credit cards for most of the tricks.
Rodrigo Gomes
2:52 not card
Ayush Bhati
Ayush Bhati Day ago
Perfect .....😍
Aysheek Rahman
He should go to the movie "now you see me"
Nurul Fitri
Nurul Fitri Day ago
Thats awesome
Angelo Depaur
Dude perfect more like dude farted hahahaha!!! Looooossserrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
ohmyj3 Day ago
한글이어 어딨는가
King Cannabis
troll Day ago
DP had The Gambit as a guest.
It's ya boy smoke smoke YUH LES GO!!!!!
1:15 you might think its not cool But it was 1 centimeter away from peeling the face skin
Pranshu Suman
Cory : how do you i never see it coming?! Also cory : literally closed his eyes 10 sec. ago
Karloo Day ago
Real life twisted fate
Jahobo medina
No one: Literally no one Dude perfect: Military: bois we got some gun, we bouta pull up on some peeps Rick: *takes out card* Military: RETREAT RETREAT
Mkala Pandritadatu
wolf hunt bois
wolf hunt bois 2 days ago
2:52 is that a credit card?🧐
Justin Wilkerson
Justin Wilkerson 2 days ago
on 5: 43 i can't believe cory fell for that
Justin Wilkerson
Justin Wilkerson 2 days ago
Iba Liten
Iba Liten 2 days ago
This totally fake because its imposible dude
Can Özçelik
Can Özçelik 2 days ago
2.52 he uses a credit card
Irwin Crook
Irwin Crook 2 days ago
2:52 that's a credit card
Louie Cowmeadow
Louie Cowmeadow 2 days ago
He would be a real trickster as when anyone threw something he could a card in it
His face tho
Blaze 2 days ago
2:51 he threw a credit card
D Akash Madushanka
Subscribe me
ShadowSlashX 2 days ago
*I’m reporting him for aimbot.*
Gaming Roblox
Gaming Roblox 2 days ago
Hes hisoka
Anvil Ng
Anvil Ng 2 days ago
The Alpha Pianist
That's why he have so many subs.
fredy motoVLOG
fredy motoVLOG 2 days ago
kamera effect..its not real
Alya Doank
Alya Doank 2 days ago
Aditya Kori
Aditya Kori 2 days ago
Nice dude
Jared Mojica
Jared Mojica 3 days ago
I want another card tricks
Janejie chen
Janejie chen 3 days ago
anyone else notice that at 2:52 hes throwing a credit card
Cristopher Chao
Cristopher Chao 3 days ago
I think its time for Part 2
Arthur Borborema
Arthur Borborema 3 days ago
Vcs são muito bom
Mathews Biju
Mathews Biju 3 days ago
He’s Batman in disguise, flinging cards instead of his batarang.
Congo Is love
Congo Is love 3 days ago
Watch 6:17 in 0.25x and thank me later
Bam Eezda
Bam Eezda 3 days ago
Monthiel Santana
Monthiel Santana 3 days ago
Very crazy
Twistyyy so2
Twistyyy so2 3 days ago
His cards like cards Tara in Brawl Stars
Mojahid Gumander jr
Literally 135 million viewers and only 67k comments
ابو عرب *****
Lyrics Home
Lyrics Home 3 days ago
Is it a card or ....
LENUR ALIEV 3 days ago
135 милионов это как почти вся расея
gcs _ gaming
gcs _ gaming 3 days ago
Andry Walker
Andry Walker 3 days ago
mitchzara 3 days ago
Do it again
Vishrut Kakadiya
Vishrut Kakadiya 4 days ago
best cinematic shot
King Blox
King Blox 4 days ago
Worst part picking up cards 0:42
coolkidsam 4 days ago
2:14 Coby said OOH
Baba L
Baba L 4 days ago
Twisted fate?
Badmas Ladka
Badmas Ladka 4 days ago
Cheater atm cards are used liers
Æ PRO LEGEND 4 days ago
Is this edited?
Neophyte Virtuoso
Knife card
sass ints
sass ints 4 days ago
They so pro pls like to they pro
Vũ Minh Trí
Vũ Minh Trí 4 days ago
This is Rick's show
zombie gamers
zombie gamers 4 days ago
הכותרת בעברית?!?!
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