Captain America Arrives | Fortnite

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Armed with his indestructible shield and iron will, Captain America will take on anything thrown his way. www.epicgames.com/fortnite/news/captain-america-arrives-in-fortnite
Assemble in Fortnite this week and get The First Avenger… Captain America!
Debuting today in the Item Shop, Cap’s Outfit includes two items: his Proto-Adamantium Pickaxe and Back Bling. Wield the shield as your pickaxe, or display it proudly on your back.
Additionally, you can celebrate Captain America’s arrival with the Grand Salute Emote.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 100
max 6 days ago
Damian Jaimes
Damian Jaimes 7 days ago
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 8 days ago
Since I was 13 I've had great Marvel luck. Spider-man Far From Home came out on my birthday when I was 13, and this came out on my 14th Birthday. Wonder what's gonna happen this year. 🤔
Evil_ Memez
Evil_ Memez 16 days ago
Is he gonna come back to the item shop?
Miriam Castillo
Miriam Castillo 21 day ago
Scope Month ago
Eight-year-olds sing the avengers be like: OMG it’s a Fortnite in real life movie can’t believe they actually made one 😂
le_boi 69
le_boi 69 Month ago
Epic foreshadow
JackAttack1131 Month ago
This skin was amazing but the marvel dc stuff is getting boring
Always ruining great things
meme fan
meme fan 20 days ago
No, i haven't seen crossovers with apex yet
Sonic And Baby Shark
Who came here after Chapter 2 Season 4?
Jean Nguyen
Jean Nguyen Month ago
Me! 🙋🏻‍♂️
splixusツ Month ago
Stranger things: I has a skin DC: I has a poi Marvel: Well, I have a whole season! Star Wars: 😡
Larry Mooney
Larry Mooney Month ago
I remember when everyone saw this and was like OH THORS COMING NEXT!! And they had no idea what else was coming
Benny T. Adventures.
Huh...already 5 months.
Alex Ram
Alex Ram Month ago
Captain America: *Yeets of mountain* Also captain america: *KiLlEd tO fAlL dAmaGe*
That Gamer 1227
That Gamer 1227 Month ago
1 month 25 days later Thor and a lot of marvel characters come into Fortnite
ARMS Can Month ago
Remaining avengers Hawkeye and hulk
Instafilms Month ago
Wait, they teased the *Bifrost* for Season 4
sorosh78 Month ago
btw why is the map different 0:10
Tonini08 Month ago
I think it was because it was still flooded
Suman Johnson
Suman Johnson Month ago
Think captain America will come to help us defeat galactus as the other avengers came to fortnite Island in the same way
Chad Platz
Chad Platz Month ago
Hail hydra
Mr. Jellybean 9
Mr. Jellybean 9 Month ago
Crappy skin
Ivan14XYU Month ago
Captain America: **Releases during DC Season** The Joker: **Releases during Marvel Season**
Gogorilla 18 days ago
Actually his trailer was just leaked during season 4. The pack was released for everyone in season 5.
Martin Guzman
Martin Guzman 29 days ago
I know right LOL what a coincidence🤣🤣🤣
tiagomike Month ago
Here just a few day away from Galactus event
The Bombastic Bomb Squad
This trailer is incredible
JohnGG Month ago
yooooo its that tia bifrost
Chewie Mcfly
Chewie Mcfly 2 months ago
0:17 Now, that bifrost mark have sense
araverdiツ 2 months ago
Bruh everybody was like is Thor coming to game because it showed is Bifrost but look now
Eaz Ethan
Eaz Ethan 2 months ago
Me look how cool this map looks it looks flooded. 5 seconds later we’ll I’m a idiot
Memed up Gamer
Memed up Gamer 2 months ago
We were thinking we were just gonna get a thor skin or something later or cap was just a 4th of July celebration. Little did we know what next season would be...
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 2 months ago
This was fortnite giving us hint about the marvel season before it even released!
dab On it
dab On it 2 months ago
Add a lazerbeam skin plz
Chocolate Rulez1
Chocolate Rulez1 2 months ago
Back then when captain America was first out and that was a hint huh of the new season 4 released when captain America appear with Thor hammer I didn’t get it but because we were at season 3 still
Bowser Junior
Bowser Junior 2 months ago
Fun Fact: Captain America is the only avenger besides Thor that can hold Thor’s hammer
AdvBad 2 months ago
Is Captain gonna be a part of the next marvel season, cause it would make a lot of sense.
mohammad amin nassari
00:18 its like season 4 thor summoner
Chivon James
Chivon James 2 months ago
I got the captain America skin in Fortnite
Meowscles 2 months ago
the fact they use bifrost is crazy because it hinted towards more marvel heroes coming
Guadalupe Valdez Morales
no lo e dejado de ver
UltraBusGamePlayZ 2 months ago
I seen it I liked it I bought it I got it
Itz_ an4fiz bro
Itz_ an4fiz bro 3 months ago
Add creative plz so I can 1v 1 my brother ADD CREATIVE PLZ SO I CAN 1 V 1 MY BROTHER
Jacky Tran
Jacky Tran 3 months ago
Cap worthy his hammer
LeviGhost178 3 months ago
I want it to come backkkk
Laderekonx 2 months ago
@Sara thanks because I need a Marvel superhero bought in the item shop
Sara 3 months ago
It will
Juan Diego Idarraga Moreno
I never knew this was a small teaser of season 4{
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 3 months ago
Man, can you guys make him available again???
SilverSceptile 3 months ago
HEY! think you could bring him back for a 3rd time? I kinda forgot to get him
Efor YT
Efor YT 3 months ago
So in the fortnite comics he was brought back so therefore this trailer is canon to the season 4 trailer and the storyline?
Agam Playz
Agam Playz 3 months ago
Please bring back captain America
Agam Playz
Agam Playz 3 months ago
Do u have captain America
Efor YT
Efor YT 3 months ago
@Agam Playz so the last day of the season is November 30 so maybe it will come out November 28 or the last week of the season
Agam Playz
Agam Playz 3 months ago
Captain America is my dream skin
Agam Playz
Agam Playz 3 months ago
But when
Agam Playz
Agam Playz 3 months ago
Andrew Carrisalez
Andrew Carrisalez 3 months ago
He got teleported here
Andrew Carrisalez
Andrew Carrisalez 3 months ago
Did you notice the By frost
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
Everyone noticed
miguel contreras
miguel contreras 3 months ago
Is possible back in shop? 🙏🏻 please
Efor YT
Efor YT 2 months ago
@Laderekonx ik
Laderekonx 2 months ago
@Efor YT its gonna come back...tf
Efor YT
Efor YT 3 months ago
Bruh it got brought back a couple weeks ago and they are not gonna listen to u
Leticia Silva
Leticia Silva 3 months ago
Captain America sucks
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
So do you
ctittle8 3 months ago
sonja ramsey
sonja ramsey 3 months ago
Marvel got their season
DoomBlazer 3 months ago
They shoulda added him in the battlepass instead of she hulk or storm
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 months ago
This wasn’t just to show the skin, it was a sneak peek of chapter 2 season 4
Aiden Curtsinger
Aiden Curtsinger 3 days ago
No one noticed until mjolnir was dropped on the island.
ULTRA GREEN FIRE! 14 days ago
@Alexmaste2018 i agree:D
Alexmaste2018 3 months ago
Eric Sargent
Eric Sargent 3 months ago
can you make a marvel punisher skin
Cap came in fortnite , fortnite got freedom
Mayhem Builder Bros
Mayhem Builder Bros 3 months ago
please bring this back again i really want the skin or make Captain America a boss
Santhakumari. M.V
Santhakumari. M.V 3 months ago
Santhakumari. M.V
Santhakumari. M.V 3 months ago
Marilyn Correa
Marilyn Correa 3 months ago
0:17 Thor sent him there. Oh it makes sense now
Noha Adawy
Noha Adawy 3 months ago
Captain America is the worst hero
MARVEL future
MARVEL future 2 months ago
@Wayne Deacon yeah l guess he never read a comic about him his a dc fanboy maybe
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
And your not a hero therefore he is still better than you
BlazejBoc 3 months ago
They teased season 4 about a two months before it
Alan games
Alan games 3 months ago
Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 why delite capitan america is marvel time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭💔
Fishy CZ
Fishy CZ 3 months ago
0:11 loot lake And tilted Towers.
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
I don’t see tilted
VenomSpring Bonnie
VenomSpring Bonnie 3 months ago
can you please start adding venom
maria fedakova
maria fedakova 3 months ago
it’s loot lake ???
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
Keyplayzgames 3 months ago
frexin 3 months ago
I really want a Time stamp.
Fishy flippers
Fishy flippers 3 months ago
Its peanut butter tabor time!!!!!!
dat boi patrick
dat boi patrick 3 months ago
Who's here after Captain America came back to the shop
Giannis Kiritsis
Giannis Kiritsis 3 months ago
Am gonna fight galactus with this skin
Xtreme Adi
Xtreme Adi 4 months ago
Who’s here from season 4?
ToSpeedy4U 4 months ago
I got him on July and I. Have proof but now he’s back!? Cmon
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
@ToSpeedy4U yeah and it came back in the item shop
ToSpeedy4U 3 months ago
Yes i get that but it said ITEM SHOP EXCLUSIVE
frexin 3 months ago
@ToSpeedy4U If you comment, there's always someone that are reading it and like to criticize you. And that's me because you should not expect that a skin will turn rare when you buy it. You took your decision and buyed it, now that's your problem not ours and epic games.
ToSpeedy4U 3 months ago
@frexin Ok first off didnt ask second I BOUGHT IT FOR 25 DOLLARS and for it to come put again, That just wasting money i only bought it cuz i thought it wouldnt come out and i love cap but whatever
dat boi patrick
dat boi patrick 3 months ago
@Angel RiderYT he's not the one complaining about it
Paromita Ghosh
Paromita Ghosh 4 months ago
Captain arrives through bifrost lol
Gg epic
RevengeOTN105 4 months ago
Captain America has come back to the item shop! (September 19th 2020) (I know all of you saw it but it’s just for a reminder)
Dz Gameplayz
Dz Gameplayz 4 months ago
RevengeOTN105 0.00
RevengeOTN105 4 months ago
The question is, how many v bucks do you have?
MauiBiz_7 4 months ago
I really want to get it. But I am waiting to see if they make a black panther skin. What should I do??
Lost Mechanical Pencil
Did anyone notice the authority's walls were gone?
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
Yeah cause this short probably takes place in season 4
Blueames3 Chapolo
Blueames3 Chapolo 4 months ago
Captain returns... SALUTE!
RevengeOTN105 4 months ago
Cap is the first avenger to come to the Fortnite island and then the rest of other marvel characters came by Thor.
RevengeOTN105 3 months ago
I know that I still call the Fortnite island but maybe I am mistaken
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
@RevengeOTN105 you never specified chapter 2 you only said the fortnite island
RevengeOTN105 4 months ago
Black Widow was in chapter 1. She’s not in chapter 2 dummy. I know she’s the first Marvel skin but Cap was the first one to come in the chapter 2 island.
Lost Mechanical Pencil
No, The first was black widow
Steven Frank
Steven Frank 4 months ago
Is he possibly coming back this season?
LEON S 4 months ago
So basically this is where cap got teleported in the season 4 trailer, far away from everyone
Cube C
Cube C 4 months ago
go in the market capitan America
Lavon Hardy
Lavon Hardy 4 months ago
Custom wrap please
Kash Rainey
Kash Rainey 4 months ago
Sana Ali
Sana Ali 4 months ago
I need captin America ln the ltem shop
Aden Sanchez
Aden Sanchez 4 months ago
I saw Captain America and bought him from the item shop immediately. When I saw the Bifrost burn mark, I thought to myself "Are we getting Thor too?" Chapter 2 Season 4: You're getting more than just Thor.
one shomel2.0
one shomel2.0 4 months ago
Lets spam "COME BACK OLD MAP" if you miss OLD MAP and dont love New MAP. SPAM ON ALL FORTNITE VIDEO
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 months ago
They won’t bring it back and never will so stop complaining like a 2 year old
Trenton Marshall
Trenton Marshall 4 months ago
are they suggesting that cap traveled to fortnite thru the bifrost?? hmmm...does he have mjhnir with him??
Storm Gaming
Storm Gaming 4 months ago
Vantezo 4 months ago
Where's Captain America in this season's trailer
Glacier 4 months ago
Alright, I just wanna say it now. *Foreshadowing*
Super Quick Slash
Super Quick Slash 4 months ago
The bifrost waittttttttttt hmmmmmmm
Light Ghost
Light Ghost 4 months ago
Wait did thor send him in the fortnite map or how cause captain america was released earlier then thor
Light Ghost
Light Ghost 4 months ago
LEON SCHMOISMAN idk i dont understand fortnite stoyline
LEON S 4 months ago
Ruben Nunez Garcia it shows that he came with them canonically, but they hid them from the trailer
Light Ghost
Light Ghost 4 months ago
LEON SCHMOISMAN the comic shows no crap
LEON S 4 months ago
Read the comic
shachar movies
shachar movies 4 months ago
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 4 months ago
Who is watching from season 4,when marvel skins are on the batlee pass?
Captain Fortnite
Captain Fortnite 4 months ago
This theme music inspires me
Kixirekt 4 months ago
Bring him back please?
h m m
h m m 4 months ago
Bring captain america back
Axo 4 months ago
He was in the item shop for like 15 days
Rexernator 4 months ago
Nobody: RUvid: LeTs ReCOmEnD tHiS AgAiN
sergio 7
sergio 7 4 months ago
Return the skin please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Thomas Andre
Thomas Andre 4 months ago
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Itz_ Jermaine13
Itz_ Jermaine13 4 months ago
Thomas Andre wth that so random on a fortnite video why
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