Capitol Hill police officer breaks his silence after attempted siege l GMA

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In an exclusive interview with Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, Officer Harry Dunn describes being "absolutely scared" while watching rioters invade the government building on Jan. 6.
10-year-old's emotional letter reaches officer who was injured in Capitol siege: gma.abc/2ZE4ce5
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Feb 22, 2021




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Roger Armstrong
Roger Armstrong 2 days ago
How come the same outrage was not expressed from the left during the insurrection in Portland where police officers were blinded assaulted the same thing going on in a large part of the country over Gerorge Floids deth were people lost everything they ever worked for. And why didnt they wait to reveal all the evidence in that case. They call white people racists maybe the people saying that need to look in the mirror.
Yuri Burkel
Yuri Burkel 3 days ago
Scum MAGA zombies 🧟
Yuri Burkel
Yuri Burkel 3 days ago
Fox and Newsmax will say this is fake and don't believe him, he's a crack addict
jacob Linville
jacob Linville 4 days ago
I think everybody there that was there that day should be hung for treason
I quit watching around 5 minutes in when the narrator said "...five people lost their lives that day..." ONE PERSON lost their life that day. Supposedly she was shot (I saw a video where it looked scripted). The other three protestors had health issues. The one officer was not struck by a fire extinguisher as it has been reported by some. He made it home that day but passed most likely from health issues himself. I can't stand bullshit news. This guard called the protestors TERRORISTS. I bet he calls the BLM TERRORISTS that have been burning and looting cities all over the country, innocent protestors. Fuck this guy!
Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena 8 days ago
I voted for joe Biden too! Those Trump supporters think only their votes count shame on them!!
Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena 8 days ago
Thank you for your service Officer Dunn 💕
MarEXksz 8 days ago
The way he turned at camera with a firm statement "You failed."
Briggs Darryl
Briggs Darryl 9 days ago
The hissing gold comparably bare because mattock considerably realise aboard a sick powder. glistening glorious, slimy dream
Danae 11 days ago
Blue is for Tramp not the police or any black police officer. These two black officer were doing their job.
Jeannot Nelson
Jeannot Nelson 11 days ago
there was NO democracy on the 6th Jan and there still is not - 'fortified & dominion' election fraud !! truth
Jeannot Nelson
Jeannot Nelson 11 days ago
and the people were ANGRY because TREASON was happening before their eyes - is this not the bigger crime!!!!!! when do people have the right to take up arms then????
Noon 7 days ago
@topgrain This won't age well
topgrain 10 days ago
Don't look now, Jeannot Nelson, but Donald and crew lied to you.
Dark Bbwoman
Dark Bbwoman 12 days ago
One Cop Died, another lost 3 fingers, a cop committed suicide the next day and 10 Black officers were called "NI****R over 50 times. Some peaceful protest
Kare H
Kare H 13 days ago
Prayers to you Officer Dunn. You stay strong.
Dee John
Dee John 13 days ago
I'm sick . It was not about politics
Elysa M
Elysa M 13 days ago
And Republican politicians have continued to support that attempted insurrection and shifting the blame to Black Lives Matter. They have no shame or conscious.
topgrain 10 days ago
True. They truly are soulless.
Travelin' Ted
Travelin' Ted 14 days ago
Why do they have two different reporters; one in the studio and one on the scene say the exact same thing on the thing they are reporting? It’s annoying. Just get to the point.
Thomas Pridgen
Thomas Pridgen 14 days ago
"Is this America?" Wake up and smell the racism buddy. You work for the police smh
Nita Helton
Nita Helton 15 days ago
This man is telling everyone the biggest lie about what was going on in the Capital building that day so that he could look like a good person but he is a disgrace and is a joke for everyone who is listening to him knows that he is aliar and a coward
Dear Society
Dear Society 15 days ago
Proof the 6th was a psyops operation to under mine patriots and change the narrative away from the stolen election. I dare you to watch this. And no, I’m not a cospiracy theorist. U don’t bleed out of nose when shot in the neck. No exit wound? Nobody hit the deck or ran when gun went off? Gun trajectory couldn’t have hit her in the neck too. Fake blood (only a small drop?) all actors. Also they set up the stage with noose. Not the trumpers. They all flew in, how would they bring the wood and tools? Watch and share this now or we are ALL FUCKED for good. Take off your “orange man bad” goggles and watch it. You are being lied to. www.bitchute.com/video/MEvRiXiHlrvr/
Why the hell is their a Canadian flag at the riot?
Kenny Schell
Kenny Schell 19 days ago
He says they failed I ask you failed at what showing a bunch of armed people with flag poles overran the most guarded building in DC in a matter of minutes without firing a shot failed at what showing that is a truly armed force with firearms could've overran and killed everyone in that building if they wanted to because a force of hundreds of armed officers couldn't hold them back I don't like what happened on the 6th but it was a clear warning that the people will only take so much before they stand up and fight back they were standing up to a election that was stolen 100 percent by Democrats and their backers people say no it wasn't so ask you notice how only in battleground states where the lights went out or a water line busted or whatever else happened where the vote count was shut down for a few hours ate the only states where these things occurred only in strategic areas that would change the election results did water pipes bust and all the other crap that went on also only in battleground states where this crap occurred did state and county officials change the voting rules a couple days ahead of the election and under the constitution it clearly states and election laws or rules change must be done by the electors of that state that means the they get together bring up the change and vote on it but nowhere in the constitution or US law does it give the power to change election laws to mayors,secretary of states or any other county or state official they clearly violated the constitution and it was ignored by our government and our supreme court so what good is our constitution if we can pick and chose what laws in it we want to follow that fits their agenda and gives special interests or political groups the outcomes they seek if we can't violate the constitution any time its suits our political leaders wish list than we might as well wipe our asses with it spit in our founding fathers faces and toss it in the trash because it's not worth the sacrifice lives lost and blood spilt throughout our history to uphold it
kahlildopeboi 16 days ago
Dude stop, you sound stupid ass hell
Kenny Schell
Kenny Schell 19 days ago
And yet with thousands as he puts it ready for a fight but none of them fired a shot
Kenny Schell
Kenny Schell 19 days ago
The only shots fired was the one where a unarmed woman was shot and killed
kahlildopeboi 15 days ago
@Kenny Schell she was breaking and entering, the door was barricaded. She was committing a crime.
Kenny Schell
Kenny Schell 15 days ago
@kahlildopeboi not true she ccx wasn't forcing the door open she was standing outside the door the person fired through the window and killed while I might add other law enforcement officers were standing just a couple feet away with AR15s and wasn't even holding them in a manner that they felt threatened that woman was shot and killed in cold blood and was unarmed
kahlildopeboi 16 days ago
A woman. With a backpack breaking into a building with an angry mob behind her
Sheryl Sasko
Sheryl Sasko 19 days ago
We sure did fail because the election was stolen and we have a bogus president.
Toni Dal molin
Toni Dal molin 20 days ago
It was all planned to be blamed on Trump and his supporters.ask Nancy.
Parrish Phillipd
Parrish Phillipd 20 days ago
This only going to get worst.
Ilona Morland
Ilona Morland 20 days ago
Most of your police officers let them in, there was videos showing them waving them in, you may not have been privacy to it but many of your officers were, this was an inside job, those in authority within the capitol set this up !! That's why pelosi and her side kick refused back up. You cannot deny the video it's as plain as day, they were opening up around the side calling them in. Why are these not being shown?
Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston 20 days ago
I watched videos on RUvid in Canada about "Antifa" and "Black lives matter" and others that we're going to mix into the Rally and disrupted the rally. They spoke about how they were to identify each other by how they wore the Maga Hats and what combination of colors they would have on. Provocateurs always seem to be organized by the same community organizer groups. These people were very well funded. They spoke of where they would meet and when they would strike. This happened about ten days before the 6th. We talked about what they were likely going to do between us who watched these videos.
kahlildopeboi 16 days ago
The fbi already debunked your talking points
Jim Niven
Jim Niven 21 day ago
Shot fire by them and murdered a woman. Funny how other tell a different story. But got to keep the narrative going to control.
Joe Seda
Joe Seda 21 day ago
Kimberly Beck
Kimberly Beck 21 day ago
Once again I'm not going to finish listing it is because you're exaggerating the numbers of people that stormed at Capital there was not thousands of people and they were not the Patriots or the trumper's it was your antifa black lives matters propaganda BS not feeling sorry for you
PAT CILOCILO 21 day ago
There is no democracy when they cheated the American people of their rights of Suffrage,and the reason they were there because of the corrupt Washington Swamps.. Thats my opinion, if the election was not Fraudulent this thing never happen.
Cathleen O'Connor
That’s what Antifa does well!!! Capital police let them in & officer Sicknick wasn’t murdered either!!! Bear spray from Antifa & BLM org John Sullivan aka Insurgence USA paid for by CNN, $37,000
Sherry Yarger
Sherry Yarger 21 day ago
Sounds like Antifa tactics. They had thought antifa might dress like trump people and cause problems so Trump would be blamed.
Jack -MBSalt 2001
Thank you for your service.
rr 21 day ago
Adolph Hitler was a military veteran, although not American he was a decorated WWI hero for his bravery. Kamikaze Ashli and Timothy McVeigh were both military veterans. Lt. William Calley Jr and the American Soldiers at the 1968 Mai Lai massacre and group gang raping of a whole village of women, children and old people in Vietnam were military veterans. Damn Military veterans scare me. "When the looting starts, the shooting starts." - Donald J. Trump, 2020. If Ashli was black, instead of rendering aid they would have cuffed her and put a knee on her neck. Darwin Award! Down the rabbit hole one last time, now you eat dirt Ashli Feed yer Maggots, try to push that dirt off u now. Good riddance! Until god judges, bury her in the memorial with all the Nazis, Timothy McVeigh, John Wilkes Boothe. She tour the capitol, meet Lincoln and JFK all the same day!!! Its too late to deliver her to Lord Jesus, Ashli died for Satan, its too late to repent, her license to riot has expired. lmao OK it wasn't a storm it was a bum rush. After you watch the video you will discover you are unaware of the facts and mistake in your conclusion. . . . Ashli pranced around anticipation a violent entry and assault on an inner chamber of the United States Capitol around a bunch of police tasked with protection property. as soon as the violent intruder Ashli had access to a broken window. She bum rushed it. She bypassed the metal detector and refused a pat-down. Her pack could have contained arms or bombs, but she refused to reveal what ti contained, or if it was mostly empty so she could fill it in her looting spree. Trump; “When The Looting Starts The Shooting Starts”. Ashli should have disclosed she had tampons in her pack, to plug the bullet holes. Said she had a ticket for front row seat to a shooting.
Edward Puddy
Edward Puddy 22 days ago
Do they really think we believe this shit.
David Whalen
David Whalen 22 days ago
Shots fired??? More fake news
Michelle Le
Michelle Le 11 days ago
An officer killed Ashli Babbit.
Alli Ellis
Alli Ellis 22 days ago
So many people thinking they can bust into the National building WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCES... Some kind of "Privilege", to know they wouldnt be stopped.
Ryan B
Ryan B 22 days ago
They did not say that, you liar!
Ryan B
Ryan B 22 days ago
Photo at 0:56, it's almost as if he's throwing out the "hidden hand" Masonic gesture, but just has no coat on to hide it in. This guy is like a Lifetime background actor. Harry Dunn, are you kidding me? From Dumb and Dumber...hello?? That was Jeff Daniels' character. That's how dumb they think we are. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤢🤮💩
artsynova 22 days ago
The LEFT disguised as Trump supporters!
Michelle Le
Michelle Le 11 days ago
No they didn’t lol. My parents friend drove people to the capitol and his friend broke her arm and leg after she has tear gassed on the steps of the capitol. Also, my parents have mutual friends with people who stormed the capitol.
Marcella Pratt
Marcella Pratt 22 days ago
Another very sad day in 🇺🇸 thank God for His mercy on this officer and his heroic duties, and challenges, prayers and condolences to All lives lost that day, these People were he'll bent and bread on Evil, hate and racism, no immediate help to the Capital and it's workers, so horrible this had nothing to do with democracy only hate and to incite a war, at the orders and direction of out ex President, who cowardly hid, what a Horrifying sad day to remember in Our History.😪😪😪
Carnell Music
Carnell Music 22 days ago
Lmao “Blue Lives Matters” don’t matter now huh?
Shmuel Zetham
Shmuel Zetham 23 days ago
He did not win they stole the election
RadRich 21 day ago
Too bad. Maybe next time your team will lie cheat and steal harder. Quit crying.
KARMAH 23 days ago
Yeah buddy.. fuck the police
Kristal Macleod
Kristal Macleod 23 days ago
AS a Canadian that WITNESSED this I just can NOT Believe the Ignorance of 75 MILLION cult follower's their leader a Man of NO Morale's, WHO ridicule's a Man BORN to a disabilty or belittles a War Hero OR Lies STRAIGHT to Your Face's Gets CAUGHT and you still respect it mmmmm' Your Value to HUMAN kind is a BIG Farce trump is NO good as a FATHER (RIGHT GUYS and his Favorite favour ivanka) and he says it on camera, OVER A half MILLION dead DEAD BECAUSE birdbrain trump hid info of theKILLER Virus trumps a MASS MURDERIER . HE IS IN over his HEAD 29 charges against him now probably FEW more coming.
Kristal Macleod
Kristal Macleod 23 days ago
IF they had GOTTEN mc connell THEY WERE hanging him ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD for Sure he was a Goner' there was NO logic at that STAGE'
ingfig1 23 days ago
Not fair or true to tar everybody with the same brush .. there were many peaceful protesters there who were not far right, nor far left .. just ordinary people who wanted to protest about the manner in which the election had been conducted, with no accountability by the organizers who failed to ensure no access to the ballots without representatives present, and who failed to quarantine the counting machines pending any challenge of the count. People felt that the democratic process had been violated or that there was potential for it to have been violated BECAUSE of this failure by those responsible (yet unaccountable) for the election results. THAT is why there was a protest in the first place; had there been measures in place to protect and enforce the democratic voting process, the protest (and hence the rioting) would not have happened.
Anthony Gilbert
Anthony Gilbert 23 days ago
First thank you sir. You were put in a impossible situation. Remember when people were defacing/ pulling down confederate statues and Trump had the GOP rush thru a bill making it a federal crime to damage and ten years prison time. Trumps people destroyed plenty of property at the Capital. I haven't heard of any receiving the ten years. This law was just for people of color?
praizzzeGod 23 days ago
I saw footage of a capitol police opening the barricade to let people in
Micheal Klee
Micheal Klee 23 days ago
Give him 2 gold medals 🏅 🥇
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks 24 days ago
This is heart breaking. Sending love for healing to this wonderful man...
Simone R
Simone R 24 days ago
Shouldn't have stolen the election.
Gil Day
Gil Day 24 days ago
The names of the other 4 ? Not government workers, nobody
Robbie-Ann Wade White
I watched as the event was taking place and didn't see what was he said
Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery 24 days ago
i have talk to alot of people and most believe the election was a stolen nd i'm in a democratic state . it seems no one wants to investigate it . the democratic seem to want to make it e z to do it
Pera Hauraki
Pera Hauraki 24 days ago
How many people of the USA are ashamed, embarrassed and dumbfounded by their ousted president?
Brenda Minarik
Brenda Minarik 24 days ago
Pink oh he had time to ck out her shirt colour they are not racist 🙄
Brenda Minarik
Brenda Minarik 24 days ago
Here we go again oh please use the race card ur sick tell it right this is propaganda guns out?????
Stevenson Chambers
Stevenson Chambers 24 days ago
A black police officer being called the n word by a bunch of racist "patriots" is the very definition of America
C. T. Murray
C. T. Murray 24 days ago
Thank you to all the Capitol Police who sacrificed their lives to help save democracy. Yes the insurrectionists are terrorists and they will be held accountable. 20 years in jail each
Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery 24 days ago
what about the terrorists over this last summer
Chewie 13
Chewie 13 24 days ago
‪How about Brian Sicknick who died of a heart attack. The lie was that he was killed by a fire extinguisher during “insurrection”. Don’t be bamboozled ‬
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez 24 days ago
I don't believe him 😂
Michelle Le
Michelle Le 23 days ago
We saw a lynching set up. I believe him. Lynching is what they do slaves.
tabby hollywood
tabby hollywood 25 days ago
You people will never see the truth but this was all done for one purpose to turn America into communism so politicians can control Our Lives why do you think that there's fences around the capital as we speak
Allison Roberts
Allison Roberts 25 days ago
The Whites that called you and others racial slurs are ignorant, empty-headed bigots. I wish I could give you a hug and thank you for your bravery in person! You are respected by more people than you can know.
Ngo Tuyet Nga
Ngo Tuyet Nga 25 days ago
The honorable brain apparently dream because body partly wonder off a imminent beard. silent, verdant february
Brian Herrera
Brian Herrera 25 days ago
Looks at the camera. Y'all Failed
Jeff Strongman
Jeff Strongman 25 days ago
They had no weapons
Jeff Strongman
Jeff Strongman 25 days ago
Omg he was called names. Well lock everyone up. Are you kidding me? These guys are full of shit and are traitors.
Arthur Lacombe
Arthur Lacombe 25 days ago
for me he is just a blue scu... getting paid for his evil and for the other blue tra,,, abuses and the fun of this been attacked by the tra... he covered for I guess now some feel how the people they murdered felt with 10 on would not have been a big loss just an assassins getting paid back and receiving his evil
danny c
danny c 25 days ago
Dunn is right, it wasn't just politics; many there are/were just completely idiotic, pathetic racist. When will we all finally understand...WE ALL LIVE ON ONE PLANET...WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. GET OVER UR SUPERIORITY CRAP.
Kenneth Gibbs
Kenneth Gibbs 25 days ago
How Much was he Paid to Give FAKE NEWS
Sandra Walch
Sandra Walch 25 days ago
Infiltrated! Actors and agitators. It was all planned. AND Joe didn't win.
Arthur Lacombe
Arthur Lacombe 26 days ago
the blue tra... bad-mouthing BLM would probably pray it was a BLM manifestation and not kkk and religious phoneys but at least one of the blue tra.... knows how it feels to be crushed by 10 over you to handcuff you
Karen Hermon
Karen Hermon 26 days ago
Mr Reporteryou need to fact check
Jerry Gose
Jerry Gose 26 days ago
The mean expert clearly watch because cook empirically protect besides a relieved animal. gainful, helpless animal
john rexx
john rexx 26 days ago
next time shoot the fucks when they storm the capital
Cathy Wilson
Cathy Wilson 26 days ago
Pay to play
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg 26 days ago
Oh the irony of “patriots” carrying confederate flags into the Capitol
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg 26 days ago
Blue lives matter is nothing more than some weak excuse for more division
Sylvie Carpentier
Sylvie Carpentier 26 days ago
Roy Lough
Roy Lough 26 days ago
The devil is in the details.. We all been deceive for so long most can't see nor feel the changes going on this world.. Time is short, God Bless All
Andrew Jack
Andrew Jack 26 days ago
Great interview!
Tony Joe Roach
Tony Joe Roach 26 days ago
Next thing they will say that the election was legitimate.
Scott Elkins
Scott Elkins 26 days ago
Day of infimaty lmfao
Lorraine Daliessio
Lorraine Daliessio 26 days ago
Thank you for speaking out.
Earlie Dennis
Earlie Dennis 26 days ago
Hopefully now white people can see all that " blue lives matter" crap was just that. Those folk assaulted police. Welcome to AmeriKKKa.
Billy Evans
Billy Evans 26 days ago
I dont believe his liar his 15 minutes of WHAT?
Charles Warner
Charles Warner 27 days ago
Race card
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 27 days ago
Attempted siege? It was a full blown siege on the capital! Seriously, call it like it is!
Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy 27 days ago
That whole so-called riot is like a 7th grade charade, intelligent people see right through it
Yuri Burkel
Yuri Burkel 3 days ago
U are that guy who loves Jerry Springer and drinks Miller High Life sitting 💺 in your Cracker Barrel rocking chair talking about I remember the time
KKnatural22 12 days ago
Seeing what the building being vandalized? People planting explosives near the Capitol? People threatening to kill people? People stealing things? People waving confederate flags? People wearing Camp Auschwitz shirts? Insurrection and terrorist attack are better descriptors
Hazel Johnson
Hazel Johnson 22 days ago
Are you trying to say that it wasn't a riot? Or that the rioters were like children?
Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy 27 days ago
That whole thing was staged they let people in, they had people planned out what they wanted to do ahead of time they would tell the police on purpose
G Bird
G Bird 27 days ago
This was gangs of extremists who planned this on FB. Pelosi was warned and troops were offered . Pelosi refused Troops. 99.999999999999% of Trump voters were appalled at Jan 6 2021. 99.9999999999999% of Trump supporters who were at the Capitol were appalled at what happened. These. People are pushing the terrorist label on all 45ers. Lie. That officer did not die in that seige . He died from a heart attack 2 days later. These were not Trump supporters. They were extremists . This video and these people have an agenda . An evil agenda.
Hunt Bancroft
Hunt Bancroft 27 days ago
lying race baiting bastards
Gardner De Aguiar
Gardner De Aguiar 27 days ago
"They were TERRORISTS! They tried to disrupt this country's democracy. That was their goal." "And you know what? (Turns to the camera) Y'all FAILED!"
nekko 27 days ago
You had gun,buddy. Why you didn't start shooting them???? I'll kill as much I can. They attacked Capital of USA and you were responsible for security. Fuck. Even you were scare to shoot white guy. I'm sure if they were BLM or..did we forget Occupy Wall Street movement and how NYPD bastards treated those kids??? USA Government is deeply infiltrated by Neo-Nazis. How many Trump left on different positions in Government??? They still work for him.
Theo Fulk
Theo Fulk 27 days ago
Eddie Bax
Eddie Bax 27 days ago
For the record 'blue lives matter' is NOT a movement, it is nothing but a sham and the capital riot proves it.
Cori Raines
Cori Raines 7 days ago
You’re both idiots
Donna Dayle
Donna Dayle 19 days ago
eddie...exactly! but i thought that when the 'stand your ground' legislation came about! i thought 'wait a minute'...'they are taking cops jobs away from them and giving their jobs to the likes of (can't remember the ASS that killed treyvon) and deputizing them and leaving the police to clean up the mess! the police have no power now but the ones who do...must be confused...
Ancient Rome in 20 minutes